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Adorable numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. You think I look adorable.
  2. It was so cute and adorable.
  3. She looked adorable and warm.
  4. She was just entirely adorable.
  5. This kid is adorable, he said.

  6. Sue said, Panny is just adorable.
  7. There came his adorable laugh again.
  8. That Smile! He was simply adorable!.
  9. Sue was so adorable when she did this.
  10. He chuckled, thinking she was adorable.
  12. The adorable thing is that my baby has.
  13. He is handsome and adorable, as always.
  14. You're the most adorable kitty in the.
  15. He was adorable in his tightie-whities.

  16. Lydia instantly and the baby was adorable.
  17. Who could leave that adorable girl?
  18. Makes your adorable dimples stand out more.
  19. Jason took that adorable chin gently between.
  20. He couldn’t believe how adorable she looked.
  21. Joe acquired a spaniel pup, which was adorable.
  22. The most adorable girl we’d ever seen.
  23. An adorable British accent that she remembered.
  24. This one God is loving, glorious, and adorable.
  25. Sue said, He’s adorable! Bev hugged it.

  26. Half seduced, he looked more adorable than ever.
  27. I did not mind though; I thought she was adorable.
  28. Then I thought about Sue’s adorable little toes.
  29. Theo! Why don’t we have adorable stories?
  30. And with an adorable shrug of the shoulders, and an.
  31. She was exquisite again to him, adorable altogether.
  32. When grace is mingled with wrinkles, it is adorable.
  33. It was so adorable, she didn't bother to correct him.
  34. Her adorable children as babies, toddlers, teenagers.
  35. She’s adorable, Amanda said, her eyes sparkling.
  36. There’s nothing adorable in being sick or comatose.
  37. Her accent was adorable, and her grammar was improving.
  38. Pretty, (Sue grinned at this point) adorable and smart.
  39. She was just as adorable in person as she appeared to.
  40. He had a little house there, kind of adorable actually.
  41. Of course, she said, in an adorable British accent.
  42. He caught me staring at him and flashed an adorable smile.
  43. The word adorable came to mind before she closed her eyes.
  44. The adorable young girl, whom Marius, in his heart, called.
  45. Tobias had never been what Rochelle called adorable, but at.
  46. Which was adorable because he’s sure I wont turn him down.
  47. Even in the dark, I could sense his rather, um, adorable smirk.
  48. If he hesitated, she said, with an adorable pout of her lips:.
  49. I blink at him, and he smiles his adorable lopsided smile at me.
  50. I love kids, they are freakin' adorable, and sweet, so innocent.
  51. I forgave him instantly, as I always did when he looked adorable.
  52. He cleaned some adorable drops of ketchup from his mouth and waved.
  53. He started daydreaming about adorable puppies with big puppy eyes.
  54. It's a moan for his ears alone, and somehow he finds that adorable.
  55. He looked at the adorable little boy, who was weightless in his arms.
  56. Sue said, They’re adorable! Sue turned her grin to me briefly.
  57. Yuki’s laughter is one of the most adorable sounds I’ve ever heard.
  58. Sue said and how she said it was so adorable, I fully embraced Sue again.
  59. Imran said and stared flirtatiously at Sana's adorable figure from top to.
  60. He was handsome and made a good match with the adorable and beautiful Alice.
  61. Yes! I love how it turns up in the back with those adorable little bows.
  62. At the top of the stairs she turned and smiled at me,--her dimple was adorable.
  63. She might be shockingly beautiful on the outside, but inside, she was adorable.
  64. She had been so pretty and adorable, she had turned his best friend immediately.
  65. It was adorable how she couldn’t help but blush whenever we discussed intimacy.
  66. She runs her hand across the red cover and smiles down at the adorable little bear.
  67. Thank you, Raymond and you are just so adorable with those dimples and huge eyes.
  68. Haidee—what an adorable name! Are there, then, really women who bear the name of.
  69. Prinz was adorable and intent on winning the affection of anyone who came into sight.
  70. What’s cute and adorable behavior in a puppy isn’t so cute or adorable when they.
  71. He gazed at the stone seat on which he had passed so many adorable hours with Cosette.
  72. But it is less excellent of you to add on the top of these praises that I am adorable.
  73. Well congratulations! Of course she is adorable, and a fine addition to the family!.
  74. Fuck the prissy little bitches in their adorable pleated skirts and perfectly styled hair.
  75. Lydgate by this time had had many interviews with her, and found her more and more adorable.
  76. Thenceforth, Marius had but one thought,—to gaze once more on that sweet and adorable face.
  77. He placed his forehead against hers in the most adorable scene that Nico had ever laid eyes on.
  78. She looked adorable, and I knew there was no way I could wear that outfit after seeing her in it.
  79. Shaggy called back, lumbering into the towering pine forest ahead, and her adorable baby followed.
  80. God is our most adorable and righteous friend; he is our wisdom, life, and vigor of soul and body.
  81. His red swim trunks were adorable, but I was almost disappointed that he’d opted to wear a shirt.
  82. Let us long meditate on the adorable and divine Vivifier; let his spirit fully direct our thoughts.
  83. Her love and her soul mate was hers forever and her son was the most adorable son a woman could have.
  84. I have everything a woman could ask for, nice house, beautiful clothes and three adorable children.
  85. Andrea was dressed in her Sunday best, wearing an adorable pink floral dress with matching pink pumps.
  86. He always looks forward to Christmas and it is a joy to see his adorable little face as he writes his.
  87. The first time I heard it, I thought, as you did, that that adorable voice was singing in another room.
  88. He could be an annoying little f**er when we were growing up, but he was the cutest, most adorable child.
  89. Now, in addition to losing two adorable girls, Jeff was faced with the impossible task of retrieving them.
  90. Michael had the good sense to appear sheepish, but unfortunately for me, it made him look utterly adorable.
  91. Poly and Tania danced in little circle holding hands and chanting one after the other, You're adorable.
  92. On the front lawn two adorable white children in a little pink-painted cart were driving a pony in circles.
  93. Yah, Ben said with a glint in his eyes, I understand that, sometimes it’s tough being so adorable.
  94. Quite glamorous, she answered with the friendly smile one would give to a stranger’s adorable infant.
  95. Notwithstanding his misgivings, Jacqueline met her guest with a graciousness that made her adorable in his sight.
  96. She had Liam's bright blue eyes, caramel hair, the most adorable and infectious smile that showed off her dimples.
  97. Adorable Darling Clown, she had called him Should he remind her? By God, he would; he would remind her of everything.
  98. She looked adorable, as always, wearing a soft blue cashmere sweater dress and rhinestone combs in her curly blond hair.
  99. And, seating herself on the old man's knees, she put aside his white locks with an adorable movement, and kissed his brow.
  100. She wore adorable pink pyjamas and she would only appear in the early mornings, usually when the sun was up in the summer.

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