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  1. It was her affirmation from.
  2. The Affirmation of the Light.
  3. The woman nodded in affirmation.
  4. Being A Yes Through Affirmation.
  5. There was a murmur of affirmation.

  6. There were mumbles of affirmation.
  7. I nodded, Words of affirmation.
  8. The captain nodded his affirmation.
  9. Isis mewed an affirmation of her own.
  10. I’ll take that as an affirmation.
  11. And accept with joy God's affirmation.
  12. He nodded in affirmation and kept quite.
  13. With that affirmation, something clicked.
  14. Continuous affirmation would help a lot.
  15. Affirmation? The Affirmation of the Light.

  16. Smiling, he held a thumb up in affirmation.
  17. With that affirmation, she crossed her arms.
  18. And then as if by way of affirmation, she.
  19. Was this affirmation apprehended by Bloom?
  20. He shook his head in affirmation and said:.
  21. The affirmation has been used for millennia.
  22. Man lives by affirmation even more than by bread.
  23. Halon nodded in affirmation of the man’s sorrow.
  24. He taught by affirmation rather than denial’ (p.
  25. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation.

  26. Tammas sent an affirmation that he would join them.
  27. Say this affirmation over and over until you really.
  28. A few years ago I started reciting this affirmation.
  29. This will be your affirmation and may need constant.
  30. Carmody grunted, and Degano took that as affirmation.
  31. Correct? He didn’t wait for Sam’s affirmation.
  32. One should always follow a denial with an affirmation.
  33. The boy's head tremored with the slightest affirmation.
  34. Hugging is a gesture of affirmation, appreciation, and.
  35. He took his wife’s lack of response as an affirmation.
  36. We need to give a solid affirmation to this commitment.
  37. It could be rhetorical – a desire for affirmation or.
  38. Now try the power of affirmation; say to yourself, You.
  39. And you will find it is a very strong affirmation, Enilia.
  40. I do not presume to be able to demonstrate this affirmation.
  41. However, one should never use an affirmation unless it is.
  42. Affirmation #336: Every one of my words are worth millions!.
  43. It was not an affirmation that he made, but a question which.
  44. When we make affirmation about something we have imagined and.
  45. We will think of this strong east wind as a strong affirmation.
  46. He turned and asked me I was still surprised by his affirmation.
  47. You will find this affirmation has a very strengthening effect.
  48. Yes, they all replied, nodding their heads in affirmation.
  49. That's fairly positive affirmation about how the battle will go.
  50. Persevere as the trigger to say the affirmation will be anchored.
  51. I put affirmation sticky notes around the house, asked for help.
  52. Thus day and night of affirmation and denial are formed upon mind.
  53. I use the high affirmation over my foolish ignorance of childhood.
  54. It was an affirmation that each expected, but now fully understood.
  55. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation.
  56. His interest was in their affirmation of himself as not a racist.
  57. The use of prayer and affirmation is to change your habit of thought.
  58. Within the human hierarchy, the affirmation gathers power and sound.
  59. God speed, offered hugs, pats and affirmation of their prayers.
  60. It has affirmation written on it and you should read it as often as.
  61. When they both responded with an affirmation, Garcia activated site.
  62. What can this affirmation mean? Her becoming a part of the group is.
  63. So make an affirmation that states exactly how you want to live and.
  64. An affirmation that is suggested is: I am cool, calm and composed.
  65. Affirmation #254: Abundance is overflowing in every area of my life!.
  66. The vitality and affirmation of life pervading them are extraordinary.
  67. And in his mind the only affirmation of this was to take Roman to the.
  68. Along with the affirmation tool in MindTrax, we also have a journaling.
  69. Positive statements to yourself, from yourself is what an affirmation is.
  70. Even if the wealth is not around you now, create an affirmation that it.
  71. After this affirmation, I began to write about my feelings and experiences.
  72. Almost any positive affirmation can be said during the breathing exercise.
  73. Unks nods his affirmation slowly up and down agreeing with that proclamation.
  74. Affirmation #294: Today is the day that abundant overflow happens in my life.
  75. But if this affirmation is true, we must ask ourselves what the origins are.
  76. He nodded in affirmation and again I felt the body beneath me tense in anger.
  77. Rico shakes his affirmation up and down, rubbing his tears into Cass’ shirt.
  78. Affirmation #341: The relentless pursuit of my Why will lead to its achievement.
  79. Repeated self-talk in the form of affirmation tells your mind what you want to.
  80. Liam was a cocky bastard who needed constant affirmation from those around him.
  81. I have had many persons tell me that this affirmation and daily review made a.
  82. Affirmation #295: Have you heard the news? I won the fear versus faith battle!.
  83. Affirmation #288: I live by faith built on the belief that I was born a Champion.
  84. We take an affirmation and repeat it continually, while our thoughts are on the.
  85. The members of the panel all nodded their heads in affirmation and muttered yeses.
  86. Travis exchanged a glance with Betsy, rubbed his head, then nodded his affirmation.
  87. Affirmation #354: I am equipped with 1000% conviction that I was born a Champion!.
  88. Affirmation #364: My heart holds the key to my dreams and the achievement of my Why.
  89. Despite what I said above about the "English is easy" affirmation, English is hard.
  90. The affirmation of the saving power of his blood and the gift of salvation that was.
  91. The singing affirmation she’d heard might mean that God was still there somewhere.
  92. One common but most useful affirmation that I have adopted is – All is well.
  93. Affirmation: This is as easy as talking to yourself instead of listening to yourself.
  94. Affirmation #343: My heart cries out with the emotions that my Why is seeking from me.
  95. Affirmation #332: I am prepared to handle anything when fear tries to knock me down!.
  96. Jesus made certain that Paul and Barnabas would receive an official affirmation that.
  97. Affirmation #273: My Why can trust me 1000% to stay committed for the rest of my life.
  98. This is a look that seeks its own pleasure and affirmation, seeks to confirm its own.
  99. Affirmation #266: I am a responsible Champion dedicated to living life to the fullest.
  100. Matter, I wil leave another affirmation with you, which wil quickly help you to gain.

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