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Affluent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The word of God is affluent.
  2. You would become more affluent.
  3. The town I lived in was an affluent one.
  4. It was a very affluent area of the city.
  5. As an extra affluent vice they can afford.

  6. The affluent societies were divided while invaders.
  7. The Internet is an affluent resource of information.
  8. Skepticism exists in affluent corners of the globe.
  9. I have never seen such an affluent society that is so.
  10. Sattlers resided in the affluent area of Claydon Square.
  11. One was her age level, but was not financially affluent.
  12. They are one of the most affluent families in the area.
  13. Today in affluent countries… work is scorned, despised.
  14. Having no real purpose in life, and blessed with affluent.
  15. What is Christmas for affluent people anyways? It is pure tokenism.

  16. In affluent societies; children are sentimentalized by mass media.
  17. Modern Western affluent parents are now raising their babies the same way.
  18. Because of its proximity to Johannesburg, the most business affluent city.
  19. Once a few lowlander became affluent enough to have feasts: they had them.
  20. Today: most affluent consumers are not only raised upon a diet of junk food.
  21. If the deviating Soul is not reborn in the house of a virtuous or affluent.
  22. The United States has been a major target since your economy is so affluent.
  23. It’s viewed as an insider’s secret for the affluent: a legal way to invest.
  24. Each time they were left alone: their communities flourished and became affluent.
  25. A little beyond an affluent, which was, probably, the Madeleine branch, he halted.

  26. Hillary came of age in Park Ridge, an affluent and conservative suburb of Chicago.
  27. Our more affluent houses look like Fort Knox with high walls and electric fencing.
  28. But consumer TV audiences are too affluent to experience death from starvation….
  29. An affluent looking woman emerged from the kiosk, pushing a receipt into her purse.
  30. To him the affluent were above petty crime and were to be respected in their stature.
  31. The way many affluent people dress is shabby, mediocre, dull, unimaginative, and sloppy.
  32. Some of those districts were affluent, and the beach area had million dollar homes and.
  33. Will that happen in more affluent regions? Could it? While seriously skeptical, I hope so.
  34. It was divided into flats, in an affluent, stable neighbourhood of genteel respectability.
  35. They are a luxury service for the affluent and powerful that deal in elitist legal matters.
  36. We sent no warner to any town, without its affluent saying, We reject what you are sent with.
  37. What is the attitude of all affluent citizens in affluent Nations towards the rest of humanity?
  38. Instead of a few shops in France and Holland becoming affluent by the buying and selling goods:.
  39. Yet at the end of the day, they were merely conquests, a privilege of an affluent and virile man.
  40. This goes against the grain of affluent consumers buying only affluent food from affluent stores.
  41. They would then be able to provide their most affluent backers with fresher product, so to speak.
  42. Since all my clients or most of them are affluent men I must ask you not to fall for such baloney.
  43. These clothes became a greater problem to me when our family moved to a more affluent neighborhood.
  44. Only… the excesses of the affluent are a hundred times more unhealthy than the excesses of the poor.
  45. Only amongst educated and affluent classes are treatment undertaken to cure the women of this illness.
  46. It is almost never practiced in affluent countries, by those who are considered to be relatively poor.
  47. SUV’s are a status symbol of the wealthy affluent upwardly mobile rich; who can afford expensive cars.
  48. But affluent humans live in a sterilized consumer culture where everything must be sealed at the factory.
  49. Yes, the more affluent, the elite members of society in the Outskirts were continuing with life as usual.
  50. Now suddenly in modern times, a few affluent societies decide to publicly admit that it actually happens.
  51. Their dead corpses on the streets of this most affluent nation on earth were too telling a sign of its sins.
  52. In addition, one of the trends in affluent countries is a growing chasm between the poor and the well to do.
  53. The more affluent and mechanized a society, the more sedentary, overweight and unhealthy its population becomes.
  54. Nothing really out of the ordinary in such affluent societies as the western world was blessed with, to be sure.
  55. Even as those before you were mightier than you in strength, and more affluent than you in wealth and children.
  56. The family escapes to America and becomes rich and affluent again and escapes all the horrors of the 2nd world war.
  57. Poor Europeans who became affluent: took on the vices of affluence; simply because they could afford to take them on.
  58. They then watched the girls turn to them as both cars cruised through winding roads in a well affluent beach home area.
  59. On that side the lane was open, and about two hundred paces further on, ran into a street of which it was the affluent.
  60. Each kernel is sealed in a transparent wrapping of cellulose: much like the plastic wrap that affluent people use today.
  61. They systematically killed all teachers, all policemen, all bosses, all rich people, all officials, all affluent people.
  62. Now a large part of the affluent population in the entire world is engaged in trying to invest their hard-earned money….
  63. Rather, it is the affluent paying fan, who is the pillar of wealth that the rich owner relies upon to become even richer.
  64. Some of the more affluent collect rainwater in cement barrels, but that doesn’t help the majority of the population.
  65. I spoke to a psychologist friend about this and she said to me it is becoming more and more common in the affluent suburbs.
  66. To be an affluent twenty-first-century person is to float on a sea of material objects - each with its own history and future.
  67. Their relative affluent poverty is not enough of a life-threatening crisis, to force them to band together to help themselves.
  68. For more that two hundred years the less affluent Romans, called the plebeians, lobbied and negotiated for political equality.
  69. It has names for each type of customer, such as “Barry,” an affluent tech enthusiast, and “Buzz,” a young gadget fiend.
  70. For this new life of his, far away from Brooklyn, he had chosen affluent, and mostly white-bread, Montgomery County in Maryland.
  71. In our modern, affluent societies fashion changes fast, keeping us on our toes, making the laggards stick out like sore thumbs.
  72. Ella Jo may have been blessed with an affluent home, but the family was always concerned for others, especially the less fortunate.
  73. Crystal methamphetamine levels are higher in urban locations, while cocaine and ecstasy levels peak on weekends in affluent areas.
  74. Most of the people sat on the dirt floor of their houses or, in the case of the more affluent villagers, on carpets or sheep skins.
  75. In this most affluent of cultures on this world, more than half the population cooks with the dead sticks that fall from the trees.
  76. And he had a wife and two children whom he supported in Rancho Santa Fe, a very affluent estates area a few miles south of La Costa.
  77. Last week, on a trip to Athens, I drove through Kifissia, an affluent neighbourhood of upmarket houses and shops, to get to my hotel.
  78. As America‘s ―Affluent‖ Society becomes even more affluent so too will the ―poor‖ expect its proportionate share of the wealth.
  79. Affluent people are constantly seeking to find these elusive special, lucky stocks… these wonderful makers of instant money for them….
  80. From there they might double back into South Asia, or head out across Siberia before refueling for funds in a suitably affluent Western land.
  81. One billion of the affluent population held 80% of the wealth in the world, while 5 billion of the 3rd world population held the remaining 20%.
  82. With the international wealth gap shrinking and the colossal Asian population becoming more affluent, the demand for resources is skyrocketing.
  83. Except it was not an affluent life for British subjects: the British masses lived lives of unceasing misery and poverty and ignorance and squalor.
  84. With another display of his affluent upbringing, Bobby Dan nodded as though he fully expected such gratitude at having provided a valuable service.
  85. Special ceremonies during extreme crisis saw up to 200 children of the most affluent and powerful families slain and tossed into the burning pyre.
  86. So to ease the consciences of the affluent: there are charities, and shelters and churches that supply free Xmas dinners to the homeless on Christmas.
  87. Fortunately, since Del Mar is a very affluent coastal town, the number of homes and street traffic was decidedly less than most sections of San Diego.
  88. If you are affluent enough to afford x brand, or this car, or these clothes, or that house… that puts you into a certain class of exclusive consumers.
  89. Without the money, both would have to move in with Marie’s parents’ sought after, but very small one-bedroom apartment in an affluent part of Paris.
  90. Just coincidentally… the newest fad that young affluent, children are crazy about… are books and movies about a young boy-magician named Harry Potter.
  91. Even the more affluent Border States found themselves in situations very similar to Dohlar’s, and Siddarmark’s were, of course, gone in their entirety.
  92. All of the culture of raising spoiled affluent western babies and children come from how the Jews spoiled their children after Germany’s Great Depression.
  93. The company already owns Jenny Craig, the chain of weight-loss centers, and is hoping to add products catering to a more affluent, health-conscious consumer.
  94. I looked at the remains of Big Simon’s truck, lying in what used to be an affluent neighbourhood--standing as testament to the degeneration of Earth's society.
  95. It was for the affluent, stylish summer vacationers and once again like the cinema where the film didn"t matter, it was a beach where sea and sand didn"t matter.
  96. Where the lower classes could enjoy this new high-class beverage in high-class surroundings… and feel as if they were cultured and affluent and high-class also.
  97. But when they became wealthy and affluent: then their old frugalness born of necessity: became a selfish, stingy, greedy unwillingness to give anything to anyone.
  98. Work, and any kind of mindless non-participatory spectator entertainment such as movies or TV, is how much of our time is being spent by a majority of the affluent.
  99. Rather than be déclassé: affluent consumers mostly avoid going to poor neighborhoods and shopping in the small stores where food is actually cheaper and healthier.
  100. He tossed me the keys and a minute later I headed the squad car south into clotted morning traffic, toward Parnassus Heights, an affluent neighborhood near the Haight.

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