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Affluent numa frase em (in ingles)

The word of God is affluent.
You would become more affluent.
The town I lived in was an affluent one.
It was a very affluent area of the city.
As an extra affluent vice they can afford.
The Internet is an affluent resource of information.
Skepticism exists in affluent corners of the globe.

The affluent societies were divided while invaders.
I have never seen such an affluent society that is so.
Sattlers resided in the affluent area of Claydon Square.
One was her age level, but was not financially affluent.
They are one of the most affluent families in the area.
Today in affluent countries… work is scorned, despised.
Having no real purpose in life, and blessed with affluent.
In affluent societies; children are sentimentalized by mass media.
What is Christmas for affluent people anyways? It is pure tokenism.
Modern Western affluent parents are now raising their babies the same way.
Because of its proximity to Johannesburg, the most business affluent city.
Once a few lowlander became affluent enough to have feasts: they had them.
Today: most affluent consumers are not only raised upon a diet of junk food.
If the deviating Soul is not reborn in the house of a virtuous or affluent.
The United States has been a major target since your economy is so affluent.
It’s viewed as an insider’s secret for the affluent: a legal way to invest.
Each time they were left alone: their communities flourished and became affluent.
Hillary came of age in Park Ridge, an affluent and conservative suburb of Chicago.
A little beyond an affluent, which was, probably, the Madeleine branch, he halted.
Our more affluent houses look like Fort Knox with high walls and electric fencing.
But consumer TV audiences are too affluent to experience death from starvation….
An affluent looking woman emerged from the kiosk, pushing a receipt into her purse.
To him the affluent were above petty crime and were to be respected in their stature.
Some of those districts were affluent, and the beach area had million dollar homes and.
The way many affluent people dress is shabby, mediocre, dull, unimaginative, and sloppy.
Will that happen in more affluent regions? Could it? While seriously skeptical, I hope so.
It was divided into flats, in an affluent, stable neighbourhood of genteel respectability.
They are a luxury service for the affluent and powerful that deal in elitist legal matters.
We sent no warner to any town, without its affluent saying, We reject what you are sent with.
What is the attitude of all affluent citizens in affluent Nations towards the rest of humanity?
Instead of a few shops in France and Holland becoming affluent by the buying and selling goods:.
They would then be able to provide their most affluent backers with fresher product, so to speak.
Yet at the end of the day, they were merely conquests, a privilege of an affluent and virile man.

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