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Afford numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He could ill afford it.
  2. We could not afford to.
  3. Of the steak I can afford.
  4. We could not afford that.
  5. I can't afford a holiday.
  6. I can't afford to miss!.
  7. It would afford a clean.
  8. That’s all I can afford.
  9. It was all I could afford.
  10. You can afford to make a.
  11. At least it would afford.
  12. Maybe he can't afford one.
  13. Yes, he could afford that.
  14. We cannot afford long run.
  16. It was all he could afford.
  17. I can’t even afford Spain.
  18. And I can't even afford a.
  19. Can all the students afford.
  20. We cannot afford to miss it.
  21. I am well able to afford it.
  22. He couldn’t afford a big.
  23. We can’t afford a new car.
  24. I cannot afford to shop here.
  25. I can’t afford to care now.
  26. It was all we could afford.
  27. They will afford you nothing.
  28. But you can’t afford it.
  29. He could afford to be humble.
  30. I can’t afford to lose you.
  31. Jess we can’t afford this.
  32. When I’ve afford to be then.
  33. I can’t afford, yes you can.
  34. I couldn't afford any of this.
  35. We can’t afford to lose you.
  36. But who can afford it?
  37. Sorry but I can't afford that.
  38. I said I couldn’t afford it.
  39. Can you afford to vote for a.
  40. He could afford a book writer.
  41. This family cannot afford to.
  42. Yeah, since when can I afford.
  43. He could not always afford to.
  44. Christ, Fannie, I can't afford.
  45. I can afford to throw it about.
  46. She can’t afford the hospice.
  47. None of which she could afford.
  48. They certainly could afford it.
  49. Live in a house you can afford.
  50. You can afford to stay at home.
  51. But I can’t afford not to try.
  52. I couldn’t afford to be seen.
  53. For the states to afford this.
  54. For now, they can afford to pay.
  55. I could afford it, dear girl.
  56. I couldn't afford to try that.
  57. We can’t afford to pay for it.
  58. Because he couldn’t afford to.
  59. I couldn’t afford that luxury.
  60. One thing he couldn’t afford.
  61. This, I can still afford to pay.
  62. Back then we could only afford.
  63. For the whole sex can but afford.
  64. I can’t afford to stay here now.
  65. They afford the most ample proof.
  66. But we can’t afford to pay you.
  67. At that rate he could afford to.
  68. He couldn’t afford to lose her.
  69. I couldn’t afford any problems.
  70. Lucy was not able to afford full.
  71. Only the wealthy could afford him.
  72. He could afford to wait no longer.
  73. I can’t afford to pay the bills.
  74. You can't afford to lose a minute.
  75. The butcher shops could afford it.
  76. They couldn’t afford to lose you.
  77. Said he couldn't afford teaching.
  78. We could afford it, so I indulged.
  79. The government can’t afford them.
  80. I can’t afford her getting hurt.
  81. He could ill afford another mistake.
  82. If you can afford a tutor then it.
  83. And neither can a writer afford to.
  84. Whose qualities appeared to afford.
  85. They could never afford a destroyer.
  86. You can’t afford a one of them.
  87. Gary says they can't afford to pay.
  88. And if they can't afford it?
  89. Teller could not afford to carry her.
  90. We cannot afford to lose those ships.
  91. This basic one is all we could afford.
  92. You can’t afford to misplace it.
  93. He could not afford to make a mistake.
  94. But I’m so lucky—I can afford one.
  95. She could afford the time to vegetate.
  96. Who could afford to do that?
  97. Only the Taliban can afford meat now.
  98. Everybody can afford to honor Terumah.
  99. The only car they could afford broke.
  100. She couldn’t afford a lawyer for Ben.
  1. The serpentine of Hoboken, then, is memorable for affording these two new species.
  2. Ruby had sat within its sway, affording her an excellent view of the tussle below.
  3. Without health insurance, affording good-quality, comprehensive health care in the.
  4. State law can be helpful in affording some protection to outside stockholders in force-out situations.
  5. It may be of some use to the public, by affording an easy proof of the prosperous condition of the country.
  6. Sir, let us not take from them the demerit of being slanderous, by affording any ground for the justification.
  7. What hot-blooded woman wouldn’t? Lor is chained naked to a desk, legs spread, affording me a gloriously intimate view.
  8. What is of value: this occurred in front of Us, affording Thee the opportunity to learn this habit will not serve Thee here.
  9. In her view the aim of every religion was merely to preserve certain proprieties while affording satisfaction to human desires.
  10. It was the last of many times We four convened, affording Me the chance to choose what lives on Earth would bring about My Destiny.
  11. One of those gay and gentle children, who go from land to land affording a view of their knees through the holes in their trousers.
  12. The numerous hands employed in the one species of cultivation necessarily encourage the other, by affording a ready market for its produce.
  13. Skirmishes along the borders were incessant, affording the Cimmerian plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his ability at hand-to-hand fighting.
  14. Whate’er it be, I am most blessed to write this writ whilst in Folk space, where time moves slower than on Earth, affording me a leisured year.
  15. First, by affording a great and ready market for the rude produce of the country, they gave encouragement to its cultivation and further improvement.
  16. Now, I thank you for the pleasure you give me in thus affording me the opportunity of thanking you as I have blessed you, from the bottom of my heart.
  17. My Mother kissed me tenderly as Master answered what I asked, We are within a vision state still standing nigh the passageway, affording thee by Our.
  18. The complex Valerie resided at wouldn’t miss him as much as the tenants; he dealt with the condo board people in another manner affording everyone’s ear.
  19. And travel through any State in the Union, and their effects may be readily seen, affording a prospect, consoling and elevating to the philanthropist and the patriot.
  20. Across the Way lies Riverside Park, which runs along the river Bouk for miles in both directions, affording endless opportunities for scenic strolling, boating, or riding.
  21. The tree was the tallest around, and the view was spectacular, affording them a breathtaking panaroma of the Forest around them as they waited for the coast to become clear.
  22. Across the Way lies Riverside Park, which runs along the river Bouk for kilometers in both directions, affording endless opportunities for scenic strolling, boating, or riding.
  23. Whether you go back to ancient, or look upon modern Europe, you will find navies have not afforded that protection which gentlemen are desirous of persuading the House they are capable of affording.
  24. The soil was barren, scarcely affording pasture for a few miserable cows, and oatmeal for its inhabitants, which consisted of five persons, whose gaunt and scraggy limbs gave tokens of their miserable fare.
  25. As we move deeper into Chester’s, the barrage of chaotic emotions begins to subside, affording me a rare and blessed respite: the volume of the world’s endless sensations has been reduced from a ten to a four.
  26. Why does the law punish petty theft viciously while affording huge loopholes for the most outrageous thefts of billions of dollars to go unpunished? Legality has nothing to do with truth, or honesty, or fairness.
  27. It was a landscape without figures, a summer scene of white cloud and blue distances, with an ivy-clad ruin in the foreground, rocks and a waterfall affording a rugged introduction to the receding parkland behind.
  28. Such a force would avail itself of our extensive seaboard and numerous harbors, everywhere affording asylums to which it could retire for safety from a superior fleet, or from which it could issue for the purpose of annoyance.
  29. Would the House go into the merits of the case on this opinion, when obtained without affording an opportunity to the party interested to prove that the law was not correctly expounded nor the facts correctly stated? Surely not.
  30. This arises from the great and extensive territory which we possess, thinly settled, low in price, of an excellent soil, capable, from its fertility and variety of climes, of affording produce of every kind, in the greatest abundance.
  31. He would sit in his study with a grave air, reading- a task he first imposed upon himself as a duty, but which afterwards became a habit affording him a special kind of pleasure and a consciousness of being occupied with serious matters.
  32. They teach that Christ’s death was simply a measure in God's providence employed to bring out the sinfulness of man; and so, by affording the noblest example of divine self-sacrifice, to influence men by example to abandon an evil life.
  33. He would sit in his study with a grave air, reading—a task he first imposed upon himself as a duty, but which afterwards became a habit affording him a special kind of pleasure and a consciousness of being occupied with serious matters.
  34. As an instance: Owen, in speaking of the dugong, says, The generative organs, being those which are most remotely related to the habits and food of an animal, I have always regarded as affording very clear indications of its true affinities.
  35. We were then told, that it was necessary to declare war, as affording conclusive evidence of our sincerity: but that it would not be necessary to continue it beyond a few weeks, when our objects would be attained by a just and honorable peace.
  36. A legal exportation, subject to a tax, by affording a revenue to the sovereign, and thereby saving the imposition of some other, perhaps more burdensome and inconvenient taxes, might prove advantageous to all the different subjects of the state.
  37. The grasslands extended as far as the eye could see, rippled with slight hills and coulees in three directions, while to the east the ground gradually fell away into a lowland that extended for miles, affording a wonderful view in that direction.
  38. Whether the subsequent communications from this Government, affording an occasion for reconsidering the subject on the part of Great Britain, will be viewed in a more favorable light, or received in a more accommodating spirit, remains to be known.
  39. First and—at least in the case of the six insurance-company investors—foremost was the thesis that these were reasonably safe long-term loans affording a cash return in the form of interest income close to what good-grade bonds were then paying.
  40. The flogger did not even bother picking up his tools, bowing once more hastily but affording time enough for what would seem to be proper reverence and then quickly heading towards the badly lit staircase that led to the upper levels of the tunnels.
  41. The grasslands extended as far as the eye could see, rippled with slight hills and coulees in three directions, while to the east the ground gradually fell away into a lowland that extended for kilometers, affording a wonderful view in that direction.
  42. He also determined upon this method of teaching because it enabled him to proclaim vital truths to those who desired to know the better way while at the same time affording his enemies less opportunity to find cause for offense and for accusations against him.
  43. Perrier as bearing two kinds of pedicellariae, one resembling those of Echinus, and the other those of Spatangus; and such cases are always interesting as affording the means of apparently sudden transitions, through the abortion of one of the two states of an organ.
  44. The bounty upon the exportation of corn, so far us it tends, in the actual state of tillage, to raise the price of that necessary article, produces all the like bad effects ; and instead of affording any revenue, frequently occasions a very great expense to government.
  45. And if, for the purpose of affording relief in cases peculiarly hard and operating on our own citizens exclusively, we have placed on the law a construction not warranted by its letter, I hope we shall be justified by the purity of the motives under which we have acted.
  46. It did not appear proper to exercise, on unforeseen cases of such magnitude, the ordinary powers vested in the Treasury Department to mitigate forfeitures, without previously affording to Congress an opportunity of making on the subject such provisions as they may think proper.
  47. Whenever it is required, the managers will have a part of any specimen which is sent to them, analyzed, and a correct report made of its nature, thus affording to the discoverer a full opportunity of availing himself of all the pecuniary advantages that may attend the discovery.
  48. Maria had destroyed her own character, and he would not, by a vain attempt to restore what never could be restored, by affording his sanction to vice, or in seeking to lessen its disgrace, be anywise accessory to introducing such misery in another man's family as he had known himself.
  49. Maria had destroyed her own character, and he would not, by a vain attempt to restore what never could be restored, by affording his sanction to vice, or in seeking to lessen its disgrace, be anywise accessory to introducing such misery in another man’s family as he had known himself.
  50. Whatever part of the whole rent of a house is over and above what is sufficient for affording this reasonable profit, naturally goes to the ground-rent; and, where the owner of the ground and the owner of the building are two different persons, is, in most cases, completely paid to the former.
  51. His own two thousand pounds she protested should be his all; she would never see him again; and so far would she be from affording him the smallest assistance, that if he were to enter into any profession with a view of better support, she would do all in her power to prevent him advancing in it.
  52. And be it further enacted: That, for the purpose of occupying and holding the country aforesaid, and of affording protection to the inhabitants, under the authority of the United States, the President may employ such parts of the military and naval force of the United States as he may deem necessary.
  53. May it not at some future period, lead to a nomenclature of precipitates; affording, like the crystallography of Haüy, a new and accurate mode of determining the compositions of substances; and perhaps throwing light upon the obscure subject of chemical, or if you please, electro-chemical affinities.
  54. The monopoly hinders the capital of that country, whatever may, at any particular time, be the extent of that capital, from maintaining so great a quantity of productive labour as it would otherwise maintain, and from affording so great a revenue to the industrious inhabitants as it would otherwise afford.
  55. But as it obstructs the natural increase of capital, it tends rather to diminish than to increase the sum total of the revenue which the inhabitants of the country derive from the profits of stock ; a small profit upon a great capital generally affording a greater revenue than a great profit upon a small one.
  56. The children of the Male and Female Foundling Hospital who thronged the windows overlooking the scene were delighted with this unexpected addition to the day's entertainment and a word of praise is due to the Little Sisters of the Poor for their excellent idea of affording the poor fatherless and motherless.
  57. But the tendency to rapid sinking in this substance was in the present instance materially counteracted by the other parts of the head remaining undetached from it, so that it sank very slowly and deliberately indeed, affording Queequeg a fair chance for performing his agile obstetrics on the run, as you may say.
  58. The accessory value of this species of knowledge, is now duly estimated in Europe, as affording the most obvious means of estimating, with the greatest approximation to truth, the comparative antiquity of formations, and of strata, as well as of identifying those with each other which are in their nature similar.
  59. A great bridge cannot be thrown over a river at a place where nobody passes, or merely to embellish the view from the windows of a neighbouring palace ; things which sometimes happen in countries, where works of this kind are carried on by any other revenue than that which they themselves are capable of affording.
  60. Grant, through an interest on which he had almost ceased to form hopes, succeeded to a stall in Westminster, which, as affording an occasion for leaving Mansfield, an excuse for residence in London, and an increase of income to answer the expenses of the change, was highly acceptable to those who went and those who staid.
  61. From a statement which will be made by the Secretary of War, it will be seen that the fortifications on our maritime frontier are, in many of the ports, completed, affording the defence which was contemplated; and that a further time will be required to render complete the works in the harbor of New York, and in some other places.
  62. Anselmo embraced him warmly and affectionately, and thanked him for his offer as if he had bestowed some great favour upon him; and it was agreed between them to set about it the next day, Anselmo affording opportunity and time to Lothario to converse alone with Camilla, and furnishing him with money and jewels to offer and present to her.
  63. Therefore, for the purpose of affording a stimulus to ingenuity, and of obtaining disclosures of useful discoveries, Congress is authorized to provide by law for securing that exclusive right for a limited time after disclosure, which previously existed in the inventor, and which enabled him forever to withhold his invention from the public.
  64. Her continual disagreements with her mother, her rash squabbles with Tom and Charles, and petulance with Betsey, were at least so distressing to Fanny that, though admitting they were by no means without provocation, she feared the disposition that could push them to such length must be far from amiable, and from affording any repose to herself.
  65. But, let the opposite policy prevail; let the essential interests of the great component parts of this Union find no protection under the national arm—instead of safety let them realize oppression, and the seeds of discord and dissolution are inevitably sown in a soil the best fitted for their root, and affording the richest nourishment for their expansion.
  66. One or two meetings of this kind had taken place, without affording Elinor any chance of engaging Lucy in private, when Sir John called at the cottage one morning, to beg, in the name of charity, that they would all dine with Lady Middleton that day, as he was obliged to attend the club at Exeter, and she would otherwise be quite alone, except her mother and the two Miss Steeles.
  67. But as capital can be increased only by savings from revenue, the monopoly, by hindering it from affording so great a revenue as it would otherwise afford, necessarily hinders it from increasing so fast as it would otherwise increase, and consequently from maintaining a still greater quantity of productive labour, and affording a still greater revenue to the industrious inhabitants of that country.
  68. The encouragement of friendships between men and youths, or of men with one another, as affording incentives to bravery, is also Spartan; in Sparta too a nearer approach was made than in any other Greek State to equality of the sexes, and to community of property; and while there was probably less of licentiousness in the sense of immorality, the tie of marriage was regarded more lightly than in the rest of Greece.
  69. What more, however, could I do for Lotte than this? I could not take her up in my arms and run away with her and nurse her back to health, for she would probably object to such a course as strongly as her mother; and later on, when she gets well again, she will go back to school, and grow coarse and bouncing and leathery like the others, affording the parson, in three or four years' time, a fresh occasion for grief over deadly sin.
  70. He thought it behooved this House, as the guardian of the public purse and public weal, to take care that the stream of public justice be preserved pure and free from pollution; and whether persons have suffered by prosecutions under the sedition law, or under the common law of England—not the common law of the United States, as modified by the laws of the United States in their corporate capacity—he was for affording them relief.
  71. When the heads of oxen are to be operated upon, they begin by extracting the teeth, (these are reserved for the fabrication of ammoniac, as affording a greater proportion of that alkali than any of the other bones,) they then break the skull, in such manner as to preserve all the compact parts in as regular forms as possible; these pieces present a surface of 20 to 30 square inches, and are put to soak in a mixture of muriatic acid and water.
  72. Think about it: your government spends billions of dollars in its ‘War on Drugs’ and the only visible results are that the street prices have risen higher than an equivalent amount of gold, the world’s most sinister people have rapidly become its wealthiest (easily affording sophisticated aircraft, electronics and weapons that most governments cannot) and addicts, even of moderate income, are unable to afford their habit without resorting to crime.
  73. They must be looked upon with apprehension by all those who consider the restraints of personal politeness and the urbanity of social esteem as affording a better security to those who love peace and good manners, for the preservation of these valuable objects, than can be lent by the strongest arm or the severest sanctions which positive institutions have established; restraints under which even vice itself loses half its evil, by losing all its grossness.
  74. Pinkney, of the 22d of May, 1810, in which it is said, that the President has read, with surprise and regret, the reply of Lord Wellesley to the note requiring explanations with respect to the blockade of France, which "evinces an inflexible determination to persevere in the system of blockade," as affording a reason for this added condition: they may say that it was thrust in when our Administration were satisfied that it would not be acceded to by the British, and for the purpose of preventing an accommodation with, and keeping up the irritation against, that nation.
  75. The convoy skirting a little wood, along the mine trail, between the mud huts and low walls of Rincon, increased its pace on the camino real, mules urged to speed, escort galloping, Don Carlos riding alone ahead of a dust storm affording a vague vision of long ears of mules, of fluttering little green and white flags stuck upon each cart; of raised arms in a mob of sombreros with the white gleam of ranging eyes; and Don Pepe, hardly visible in the rear of that rattling dust trail, with a stiff seat and impassive face, rising and falling rhythmically on an ewe-necked silver-bitted black brute with a hammer head.
  76. It should as readily occur, that the quantity of gold and silver is, in every country, limited by the use which there is for those metals ; that their use consists in circulating commodities, as coin, and in affording a species of household furniture, as plate; that the quantity of coin in every country is regulated by the value of the commodities which are to be circulated by it; increase that value, and immediately a part of it will be sent abroad to purchase, wherever it is to be had, the additional quantity of coin requisite for circulating them : that the quantity of plate is regulated by the number and wealth of those private families who choose to indulge themselves in that sort of magnificence; increase the number and wealth of such families, and a part of this increased wealth will most probably be employed in purchasing, wherever it is to be found, an additional quantity of plate ; that to attempt to increase the wealth of any country, either by introducing or by detaining in it an.
  77. On my affording an opportunity, through the medium of the currency of the realm, of the allaying, at a later period, this beneficial evil, one of the men remarked,.
  1. This also afforded Di the.
  2. The protection God has afforded to me.
  3. Tracey afforded herself a little smile.
  4. They could have afforded even better cars.
  5. Again a hole was afforded them to gain access.
  6. Henry could not have afforded her such a house.
  7. He didn't look as if he could have afforded a.
  8. The evening had afforded Edmund little pleasure.
  9. The disability pay had not afforded him much of a.
  10. Passionate Love every opportunity they are afforded.
  11. Thus, the concept of race afforded by these.
  12. You enjoyed the popularity such a view afforded you.
  13. He afforded half of the marriage expenditures himself.
  14. To the hidden power and potential afforded them by this.
  15. Even the special-ops officers afforded him a wary respect.
  16. Charles loved the outdoors, and he was afforded the entire.
  17. The amusement his conversation afforded me, made it easy to.
  18. Much finer, I thought, than a journalist could have afforded.
  19. Even though I could have afforded my own place, I stayed with.
  20. It afforded easy access to excellent rowing water on the sound.
  21. His authority afforded him the very best seat: front-row center.
  22. Riding along the coast afforded the opportunity to look around to.
  23. The same evening afforded him an opportunity of trying his strength.
  24. He only afforded himself a few mixed nuts and berries from his pack.
  25. With a power of such catastrophic size, a mistake cannot be afforded.
  26. A thief of simple natures, afforded access To the gears & the mystery.
  27. Natasha knew he was talking about her and this afforded her pleasure.
  28. This strategy eventually discouraged him and afforded me some respite.
  29. Natásha knew he was talking about her and this afforded her pleasure.
  30. Taking massive action is a virtue only afforded to the best of the best.
  31. Gomes afforded himself a smile as his new life was taking shape rapidly.
  32. On the other hand, this affair afforded great delight to Madame Magloire.
  33. The only views I had were those afforded me by the clear-cuts and roads.
  34. John's life as a shepherd afforded him a great deal of time for thought.
  35. This has afforded me the opportunity to ride the learning curve of.
  36. For them, the visual stimulation of the sights afforded them during their.
  37. It was a greeting to be afforded royalty; she loved it, class all the way.
  38. I knew He had afforded me the special opportunity to meet Her Majesty alone.
  39. It also afforded an excellent snare for my father’s headquarter employees.
  40. To Konstantin Levin the country was good first because it afforded a field.
  41. A man without mercy had forced him into a position that afforded no options.
  42. The creek-bed was low, and afforded us good cover for three parts of the way.
  43. Examples: A more striking contrast was afforded by the price of Barnhart Bros.
  44. And even if he could, it afforded poor protection against a powerful westerly.
  45. It afforded the family a humble livelihood and was a sincere and honest trade.
  46. It afforded me no view at all, for the treetops were higher than the rock pile.
  47. He would be called the 'White Wizard' and afforded every hospitality he desired.
  48. The back room of the Sundowner was no more than a closet, but it afforded privacy.
  49. He was not fact of sacrificing in itself afforded him a new and joyous sensation.
  50. And that ability became more valuable than any riches, one could have afforded me.
  51. I asked the bearer if His Majesty had afforded a sum in aid of my travel expenses.
  52. I don’t see how Michael and his friend can have afforded the concierge service.
  53. Standing on the rooftop afforded me at that moment the pleasure of a pleasant late.
  54. Charles loved the outdoors, and he was afforded the entire countryside to play in.
  55. The reduction in SD afforded by diversification often is lost in severe bear markets.
  56. The herringbone also afforded visual and weapon coverage of each vehicle's dead spots.
  57. Having requested a quart of buttermilk this was brought and evidently afforded relief.
  58. It was a crazy vessel, shattered and leaky; but it afforded some shelter, bad as it was.
  59. The hatch, removed from the top of the works, now afforded a wide hearth in front of them.
  60. Thankful for this Gift of Life, and for all afforded to me in it, I make these Promises:.
  61. Tell me more about this ‘protection’ you could have afforded to Kayla Coles somehow.
  62. Taking advantage of the ground, he made full use of the cover afforded by hills and houses.
  63. Additional examples of this point are afforded by the price of Huyler’s of Delaware, Inc.
  64. As a tenth-grade biology teacher at the local high school, his job afforded him few benefits.
  65. A few minutes later, Kreios and his crew were afforded a little privacy to watch the battle.
  66. This state of distraction afforded Upaya Panther-Mask a bird’s-eye view of the ongoing havoc.
  67. The cost of the insurance is commensurate with the amount of protection afforded by the option.
  68. Repelled, they regrouped among shade, which afforded their jet outlines an excellent camouflage.
  69. This was something that none of those involved in the money trail could have afforded, since it.
  70. Students were hiding behind trees, pillars, large flower pots, anything that afforded some cover.
  71. For example, one book on floral decorations afforded all styles of bouquets from the time period.
  72. How I wished then, that I could blame what I saw on faulty lenses! No such relief was afforded me.
  73. I didn't argue with Louie's judgment, or with the cognac I could not have afforded even if I sold.
  74. He was unable to appreciate the magnificent views of the Kenai Mountains which the highway afforded.
  75. Taste and personal preference are afforded equal status with informed arguments and expert opinions.
  76. The work of council members is just that, work; and they should be afforded neither glory or luxury.
  77. The hour, however, afforded him some little of that protection which he appeared so much to despise.
  78. This damnable place afforded him no real rest; it toyed with his fears, his doubts, and his ignorance.
  79. My newspaper subscriptions have expired and I‘d like to renew them but only if they can be afforded.
  80. All day long the red squirrels came and went, and afforded me much entertainment by their manoeuvres.
  81. Keko and I grew up and we left for the big city and the opportunity that it afforded us in the States.
  82. She was afforded leisure for this function by having all her little wants attended to by Miss Winifred.
  83. Almost by accident, one of the missiles found the real window that afforded him the view of the battle.
  84. Jean Valjean blossomed out and felt his happiness increase with the happiness which he afforded Cosette.
  85. His visit afforded her but a very partial satisfaction, while his own enjoyment in it appeared so imperfect.
  86. By now William had climbed up a hillside, which afforded him a view of the countryside for miles behind him.
  87. Then keeping low, they cautiously crawled their way beneath a narrow rock overhang that afforded some cover.
  88. I read a great deal of literature and delved into as many cultural events as my time and pocket afforded me.
  89. Abundant and convenient food supplies have afforded the opportunity for men to grow larger than ever before.
  90. The accumulated treasures of the prince have in former times afforded a much greater and more lasting resource.
  91. This, the conversion, was the most dramatic opportunity ever afforded for a bloke to impress a spectating dame.
  92. But still, for the pain of circumcision, Islam afforded them the solace of faith and the hope of the hereafter.
  93. Her benefactors abused their position to demand the most debasing return for the nourishment they afforded her.
  94. The physical facilities afforded, combined with the excellence of the medical staff, leave little to be desired.
  95. These rules of conduct afforded a clear line of demarcation between responsible and disreputable stock financing.
  96. For this O’Neil was afforded great respect, perhaps even more than for his trading prowess, on the NYSE floor.
  97. But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of covetous desire.
  98. An interesting example of the same kind, but of more recent date, is afforded by Standard Oil Company of Nebraska.
  99. The sight of you, Edward, is the only comfort it has afforded; and thank Heaven! you are what you always were!.
  100. They were once promoted in an extremely aggressive fashion, with little protection afforded to the small investor.
  1. It affords a red colour.
  2. All that the Kingdom affords is his.
  3. Chené, and the oil it affords, ii, 264.
  4. It affords, therefore, some rent to the landlord.
  5. Humans worship the ease that technology affords them.
  6. Catholic religion affords in this world and the next.
  7. In many parts of Scotland and Wales it affords none.
  8. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company affords a typical example.
  9. At any rate it affords me real pleasure to proffer my services.
  10. If this world affords true happiness, it is to be found in a.
  11. They do so for the peace of mind that the insurance policy affords.
  12. It has evolved because it affords us tremendous survival advantages.
  13. You may abuse me, abuse me as you will if it affords you any satisfaction.
  14. I promise you it affords me as little pleasure to revive it as it does you.
  15. But if it affords you satisfaction to gaze at Therese in the attire of Eve.
  16. But if it affords you satisfaction to gaze at Therese in the attire of Eve….
  17. This area, I believe, affords the Democrats the most fruitful grist for criticism.
  18. The beautiful is that which affords the maximum of stimulation with the minimum of waste.
  19. The ignorance of the times affords but few of the trinkets in which that finery consists.
  20. This affords a view of the flow that the infinity symbol models but with a more realistic.
  21. For them the ecological crisis affords the opportunity to play chemistry set with the world.
  22. This very moderate revenue affords a decent subsistence to nine hundred and fortyfour ministers.
  23. It affords me no satisfaction to commerce to spring an arch before I have got a solid foundation.
  24. Then there are those for which chance sometimes affords opportunity, and those are the best of all.
  25. Such a review is therefore just and affords the soul self-realization, in the most profound manner.
  26. Ascension is the sequential step which affords us access to higher levels of energy from other dimensions.
  27. You have told me that you are the Bishop; but that affords me no information as to your moral personality.
  28. This tax is levied by a much smaller number of officers than any other which affords nearly the same revenue.
  29. And this affords no mean proof that the person who is called Yehovah in the Old Testament, is called Christ in the New.
  30. Emilion, which affords a fine field for the antiquary, nearly the whole town consisting of buildings of the Middle Ages.
  31. It can thus be shown that neither sterility nor fertility affords any certain distinction between species and varieties.
  32. The Bank of France, as everybody knows, affords exact information about all the large fortunes in Paris and the provinces.
  33. Depending on our past actions, the process can be joyful or heart wrenching, but undeniably it affords us a moment of learning.
  34. All the rest of the neighbourhood, however, by far the greatest number, profit by the good market which his expense affords them.
  35. The different analyses of the tourmaline, however, affords a greater variety of results than is known in almost any other mineral.
  36. The precarious subsistence which the chace affords, could seldom allow a greater number to keep together for any considerable time.
  37. If it affords at any time much less than this, other trades will soon draw so much capital from it as will again raise that profit.
  38. That time affords us the gift of being, fully being with our kids without the typical stresses that the rat race puts into everything.
  39. Often, this purpose is closely related to that of his family, relatives and friends, as a short incarnation affords all parties lessons in life.
  40. The first is that portion which is reserved for immediate consumption, and of which the characteristic is, that it affords no revenue or profit.
  41. Barren timber for building is of great value in a populous and well-cultivated country, and the land which produces it affords a considerable rent.
  42. On the contrary, it does appear to me, that the opposite exposition has an inevitable tendency to consolidation, and affords just and serious cause of alarm.
  43. The value of that sort which sometimes does, and sometimes does not afford rent, should constantly rise in proportion to that which always affords some rent.
  44. It is the price which affords nothing to the landlord, of which rent makes not any component part, but which resolves itself altogether into wages and profit.
  45. It evidently affords an excellent criterion of the actual temperature, on a scale more extensive than it is practicable to obtain from thermometrical registers.
  46. It has been examined by several practical millers, who do not hesitate to pronounce the specimens which it affords, equal, if not superior, to the French burrs.
  47. The area between the farms is a common of pasture to the numerous herds during the spring, summer, and autumn, and a small part mowed affords hay for the winter.
  48. It is wonderful how rapidly yet perfectly the sand organizes itself as it flows, using the best material its mass affords to form the sharp edges of its channel.
  49. This bank affords them a portable currency which is of equal value in every part of the United States, while the credit and currency of the State banks is local.
  50. But if there ever could have been a doubt on this subject, and surely there never was any, the debate, which I hope is about to be closed, affords an ample refutation of it.
  51. As well might gentlemen tell us that total darkness prevails at noon-day, or that the sun, in his meridian splendor, affords neither light nor heat to any part of this globe.
  52. On company standing: The experience of the past decade indicates that dominant or at least substantial size affords an element of protection against the hazards of instability.
  53. But Holland, says the gentleman from Kentucky, affords an example of a nation, whose commerce flourished greatly before it had a navy, and decayed while her navy continued powerful.
  54. The supplying of those ships with every sort of fresh provisions, with fruit, and sometimes with wine, affords alone a very extensive market for the surplus produce of the colonies.
  55. Though Barrons and his men prefer to wield power from the shadows, they’ll step into the light long enough to reestablish the social order that best affords the existence they enjoy.
  56. That a respectable Naval Establishment affords the only effectual means of causing our commercial rights to be respected, will, as a general proposition, be denied by few persons, if any.
  57. The harmony of music affords a lively image of the harmonies of the world and of human life, and may be regarded as a splendid illustration which was naturally mistaken for a real analogy.
  58. Part of that profit naturally belongs to the borrower, who runs the risk and takes the trouble of employing it, and part to the lender, who affords him the opportunity of making this profit.
  59. A tradition running with such persistency through so many authors affords a strong presumption that there once existed an Attic month Lenaeo, and that the Lenaea were celebrated in that month.
  60. Over and above what is destined for their own subsistence, their industry annually affords a neat produce, of which the augmentation necessarily augments the revenue and wealth of their society.
  61. From artificer he becomes planter ; and neither the large wages nor the easy subsistence which that country affords to artificers, can bribe him rather to work for other people than for himself.
  62. It is against the evils growing out of the theory of natural immortality that I wage this warfare, as much as the evil doctrine itself, and of which this parable affords the chief proof-texts.
  63. The cultivation and improvement of the country, therefore, which affords subsistence, must, necessarily, be prior to the increase of the town, which furnishes only the means of conveniency and luxury.
  64. This very competition, however, is advantageous to the great body of the people, who profit greatly, besides, by the good market which the great expense of such a nation affords them in every other way.
  65. I had the previous winter made a small quantity of lime by burning the shells of the Unio fluviatilis, which our river affords, for the sake of the experiment; so that I knew where my materials came from.
  66. The production has marked peculiarities, not only in moral tone, but in grammar and rhetoric as well, and affords to our readers all the elements necessary for a correct and vivid picture of its authors:.
  67. It is manifest, however, that future changes are largely unpredictable, and that security analysis must ordinarily proceed on the assumption that the past record affords at least a rough guide to the future.
  68. His mine, which has been sunk only ten feet, affords native bismuth, native silver, magnetical and common iron pyrites, and copper pyrites, (the two latter crystallized) galena, blende, tungsten, tellurium, &c.
  69. It is likely to increase the fastest, therefore, when it is employed in the way that affords the greatest revenue to all the inhabitants or the country, as they will thus be enabled to make the greatest savings.
  70. By providing information and ideas on implementation of products and services generically affords the company a valuable position as subject matter experts as well as making them more friendly and conversational.
  71. But it is because its price is high or low, a great deal more, or very little more, or no more, than what is sufficient to pay those wages and profit, that it affords a high rent, or a low rent, or no rent at all.
  72. But how could it happen that that very art, which in ancient times was merely tolerated (if tolerated at all), should have come, in our times, to be invariably considered a good thing if only it affords pleasure?
  73. But the price of land, in proportion to the rent which it affords, the number of years purchase which is commonly paid for it, necessarily falls as the rate of interest rises, and rises as the rate of interest falls.
  74. The increase of the duty, a reliance upon the impost as the means of supporting the war, in connection with the abandonment of the internal taxes, affords an instructive practical lesson on the nature of our Government.
  75. Besides the insurance provided to the OPMI holding junior securities, creditworthiness also affords management options to be opportunistic; that is, use it as an asset in resource conversion activities to create wealth.
  76. The practice of military exercises is the sole or principal occupation of the soldiers of a standing army, and the maintenance or pay which the state affords them is the principal and ordinary fund of their subsistence.
  77. If, in proportion to the interest of money, the trade of the builders affords at any time much greater profit than this, it will soon draw so much capital from other trades as will reduce the profit to its proper level.
  78. The second of the three portions into which the general stock of the society divides itself, is the fixed capital ; of which the characteristic is, that it affords a revenue or profit without circulating or changing masters.
  79. Both verse and prose, as well as pictures, plays, and music, are constructed so that they must be guessed like riddles, and this process of guessing again affords pleasure and gives a semblance of the feeling received from art.
  80. The kind expression of your approbation of my conduct, in the discharge of the duties which you have been pleased to assign me as Speaker of the House, affords me that consolation which an approving conscience alone can surpass.
  81. On the first point, there is room for some difference of opinion whether or not the ability to control a private business affords a full counterweight (in value analysis) to the advantage of marketability enjoyed by a listed stock.
  82. The price of Spanish gold, therefore, as it affords both less rent and less profit, must, in the Spanish market, be somewhat nearer to the lowest price for which it is possible to bring it thither, than the price of Spanish silver.
  83. The greater the number and revenue of the inhabitants of the town, the more extensive is the market which it affords to those of the country ; and the more extensive that market, it is always the more advantageous to a great number.
  84. For my opinion is, sir, that the extent of our seaboard affords such opportunities for evasion, that, unless we station cutters within hail of each other, on our whole coast, they will not be competent to carry our laws into effect.
  85. It affords a good rent ; and the landlord sometimes finds that he can scarce employ his best lands more advantageously than in growing barren timber, of which the greatness of the profit often compensates the lateness of the returns.
  86. As a marriage which affords three children is certainly more productive than one which affords only two, so the labour of farmers and country labourers is certainly more productive than that of merchants, artificers, and manufacturers.
  87. If the fact be ascertained, by the best evidence the nature of the subject affords, that a bank is necessary and proper to effectuate the legitimate powers of Government, then our power is express, and we need not resort to implication.
  88. The inland or home trade, the most important of all, the trade in which an equal capital affords the greatest revenue, and creates the greatest employment to the people of the country, was considered as subsidiary only to foreign trade.
  89. The monopoly, therefore, hurts the interest of the landlord two different ways, by retarding the natural increase, first, of his rent, and, secondly, of the price which he would get for his land, in proportion to the rent which it affords.
  90. Throughout the period he had been speaking of, the opposition had been distinguished, amidst all its veerings and changes, by another inflexible feature—the application of every vile epithet, which our rich language affords, to Bonaparte.
  91. On this first occasion of meeting you, it affords me much satisfaction to be able to communicate the commencement of a favorable change in our foreign relations, the critical state of which induced a session of Congress at this early period.
  92. The town affords a market for the surplus produce of the country, or what is over and above the maintenance of the cultivators ; and it is there that the inhabitants of the country exchange it for something else which is in demand among them.
  93. At the foot of the hill upon which the mill is perched, are several dwellings—all showing signs of more or less prosperous life, with the exception of one, which affords the orthodox "haunted house" belonging to every well-regulated village.
  94. The experience of the past decade indicates that dominant or at least substantial size affords an element of protection against the hazards of instability to which industrial enterprises are more subject than are railroads or public utilities.
  95. But as nature seems to have intended this tract of country for the raising of cattle instead of grain, the husbandman has listened to the suggestion, and in this great barren are found some thousands of the finest cattle which the State affords.
  96. Poetry affords me the opportunity to express my deepest emotions, ideas, assertions, thoughts, opinions, and instructions in the simplest and most intuitive way with just a few lines of words and yet convey a thousand expressions to anyone, old or young.
  97. A granular oxide, called by miners shot-ore,[21] from its being principally composed of spherical grains of various sizes, was often noticed, and appears in some places in extensive beds: it is easily fused, and affords a large per centage of good iron for castings.
  98. It is because the labour of the cultivators, over and above paying completely all those necessary expenses, affords a neat produce of this kind, that this class of people are in this system peculiarly distinguished by the honourable appellation of the productive class.
  99. Some years ago, when the images which this world affords first opened upon me, when I felt the cheering warmth of summer and heard the rustling of the leaves and the warbling of the birds, and these were all to me, I should have wept to die; now it is my only consolation.
  100. The rent of the land which affords such singular and esteemed productions, like the rent of some vineyards in France of a peculiarly happy soil and situation, bears no regular proportion to the rent of other equally fertile and equally well cultivated land in its neighbourhood.

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