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Aftermath numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. In the aftermath of the.
  2. And the aftermath was horrible.
  3. The Aftermath of Spring Showers.
  4. Tunguska and its aftermath is a.
  5. In the Aftermath, via Epiphany or.
  6. There was an aftermath to this story.
  7. Then in the aftermath of his demise.
  8. Mass Extinctions and Their Aftermath.
  10. Then we next need an Aftermath to the book.
  11. Extraneous footage, B-roll of the aftermath.
  12. The air smelled damp; the aftermath of rain.
  13. Aftermath of a Narcissist and blog compilations.
  14. In the fiery aftermath, the forest was ignited.
  15. In the quiet aftermath she laid weak in his arms.
  16. I also saw the horrible aftermath of such battles.
  17. He could write an essay on the aftermath of the riot.
  18. Shaping the aftermath, though, would be more delicate.
  19. In the aftermath of a summer electrical storm, the net.
  20. Spelman sat relaxed, enjoying the aftermath of the tale.
  21. By this time Cambridge was also reacting to the aftermath.
  22. As a result, the aftermath of wars will be more violence.
  23. The aftermath of the referendum was felt the fol owing day.
  25. In the aftermath of their frenzied lovemaking, Michael raised.
  26. Great Import, and there is an Aftermath where she shows by Action.
  27. In the aftermath, the only conclusion that could be drawn was that.
  28. Were you? All I saw was the aftermath, when the dambuhala had left.
  29. Deciphering the aftermath of an unpreventable occasion is my thesis.
  30. In the aftermath this time, only a broad savanna of grassland emerged.
  31. This most private of rooms had been frozen in the aftermath of the chaos.
  32. In the aftermath of Black Monday Harry had little time for his Dreambook.
  33. I spent a few minutes alone with Tom's mum in the aftermath of the funeral.
  34. Francine Crump’s was not untimely, but its aftermath was causing problems.
  35. That's how the sound and aftermath of the accident got caught on video!.
  36. ConocoPhillips was formed in the aftermath of the 911 attacks and increased.
  37. As they drove in silence, Alex began to recall the aftermath of the nightmare.
  38. Isaiah 66:16; 66:24 describes the aftermath of a battle with the dead unburied.
  39. No sooner had the aftermath of this event subsided than they found themselves.
  40. In the aftermath of their loving, Alex laid against his chest as he held her close.
  41. Little coward came in the aftermath, after all the work was done, Uriah says.
  42. Mercer spun around to see what had just occurred, his mouth agape at the aftermath.
  43. It was in a parish hall and the parish priest who was irate witnessed the aftermath.
  44. In the immediate aftermath of the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein appeared to be weakening.
  45. Ares: I am also interested in how you plan to deal with the Three in the aftermath?
  46. As he walked the corridors of the ship in the aftermath of their narrow escape from.
  47. You have come to me, I gather, in the aftermath of some setback in your education.
  48. The sickness lies in the neglect of aftermath, where food is scarce and money shallow.
  49. I don’t know if this is the aftermath of sex talking…but I think I believe you.
  50. In the aftermath of Protestant reformation continental Europe was gripped by tension of.
  51. I’ve forgotten all my anxieties, they said in satisfaction, aftermath of sexual acts.
  52. The Crash and its Aftermath: a History of Security Markets in the United States, 1929-1933.
  53. What the young assassin saw when he got there was nothing short of a tornado’s aftermath.
  54. There was not a single fish to be seen, just the spray flecked aftermath of their activities.
  55. For the first time, he gets a good look at the aftermath of the mysterious driver's handy work.
  56. Of course they didn’t have any exclusive footage of that, just the aftermath of the big bang.
  57. In the aftermath of the recent riots in London and elsewhere strong critical comments continued.
  58. Alexander Haig briefs the press in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
  59. The aftermath of the Second World War was a period of adjustment for victor and vanquished alike.
  60. In the immediate aftermath of the encounter, Colling found little time to ponder what had happened.
  61. Mayawati was strangely muted in the aftermath of Muzaffarnagar, and the BJP sensed an opportunity.
  62. The media get a lot of traction from overreporting events like the aftermath of the 2006 elections.
  63. He hated crowds and dreaded the Sunday service and its aftermath, which was usually a good whipping.
  64. Marxist unity, like the Second International, thus also fell victim to World War I and its aftermath.
  65. Ashes–The aftermath of purification by fire, hence people and institutions that have been cleansed.
  66. If losing the man you love is hard, the aftermath must be totally unbearable as I am now discovering.
  67. Asia turned her face and sighed into his neck seeking comfort in the aftermath of a brutal contraction.
  68. Outside Kathleen’s window, the air shifted in the aftermath of the previous night’s blustering storm.
  69. Silence ensued in the aftermath of the introduction, as Chantry’s eyes flickered from one to the other.
  70. He had, for the most part, sobered up, though now he was beginning to feel the aftermath of his intoxication.
  71. A migraine’s aftermath, the remnants of which often lingered on for hours, wasn’t that THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  72. The wariness stemmed from the hostile media reaction Modi had encountered in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots.
  73. As born again Christians we all know that this passage is talking about the aftermath of a born again experience.
  74. It is but a relic, a vestige, an emblem, a lingering trace of the passing, the drifting aftermath that remains.
  75. Graisco looked tired and lethargic, due in part to the effects of handling this event and its immediate aftermath.
  76. Ironically, Modi’s original icon Guru Golwalkar had been arrested in the aftermath of the Gandhi assassination.
  77. Making him feel at ease with her empathic gaze, she proceeded to narrate her tale of predicament and its aftermath.
  78. Catherine had stopped crying for the most part and was only quivering slightly from the aftermath of her outburst.
  79. Still trying to deal with the emotional aftermath of her meeting with Chas, she sat on a rock and stared at the sea.
  80. I went to the library catalog and found only one propitious book related to accidents Aftermath of the road accidents.
  81. The aftermath of a battle is not necessarily the best moment to decide the fate of a young girl, Philippa said.
  82. The stock was hammered in the aftermath of the diminution in demand for all distressed securities at the end of 1998.
  83. However, I can’t say that the aftermath of this experience made a major dent in my ongoing loss of self-importance.
  84. For Leahy to blame such obstruction on his part to the aftermath of 9/11 is unethical, unconscionable, and untruthful.
  85. Sometimes there is actual death in the family and the aftermath, the grieving and review, is a form of detoxification.
  86. The reason is simple: in the aftermath of a collapse, much wealth has evaporated and confidence is circling the drain.
  87. I forgot, in the aftermath of that timely fire drill, which suddenly went off in the middle of all that ruckus….
  88. When finally their tears subsided, they sat, subdued, as on a calm sea after a raging storm, in the aftermath of release.
  89. They wanted to get in on the action? Then let them deal with the aftermath! Slow down and park in the next available spot.
  90. Keep in mind the above results encompass the Great Recession and its aftermath, a difficult period by anyone’s reckoning.
  91. There’s nothing we can do about your incompetence in letting the attack succeed, but we can certainly shape the aftermath.
  92. In the aftermath of his regime - the narcissistic leader having died, been deposed, or voted out of office - it all unravels.
  93. Churchill stated after the war "viewed in the aftermath and in the overall context, the episode was of great benefit to us".
  94. I rolled against the wall to face him, shaking with the aftermath and with all the thoughts that still tumbled through my head.
  95. She always pitched stories about the Zombie Virus, pieces on the Zombie aftermath, or who to hold accountable for the outbreak.
  96. If they were lucky, the stress of the bombardment and its aftermath would make the soldiers at the outpost tired and careless.
  97. Phokion volunteered to break the impasse on the day he found the bath with the aftermath of a party and did so without complaint.
  98. Modi sat in a tea stall in Delhi, a city which in the aftermath of the anti-rape protests was a perfect location for the subject.
  99. The park, which less than twelve hours ago had been a scene of festivity and love, now looked like the aftermath of a plane crash.
  100. We stopped the simulation—the weight of the hard drive in my back pocket reminds me—but we didn’t pause to see the aftermath.

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