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  1. Agriculture is a greed culture.
  2. Waring's Elements of Agriculture, 75.
  3. A great many had to do with agriculture.
  4. However, the dominance of agriculture in.
  5. Prior to that, I worked in agriculture.

  6. When they turned to agriculture and formed.
  7. Without commerce, agriculture would languish.
  8. But we are not the Ministry of Agriculture.
  9. Okay! beamed the Secretary of Agriculture.
  10. Then this outstandingly productive agriculture.
  11. That leaves the Department of Agriculture with.
  12. What is agriculture? It is the culture of a greed.
  13. Such manufactures are the offspring of agriculture.
  14. We are instructing them also in agriculture and trades.
  15. The introduction of agriculture seems to be the culprit.

  16. Establishment of a Department of Agriculture and Commerce.
  17. The combination of agriculture with industrial production;.
  18. Manufacture and agriculture are evenly balancing themselves.
  19. My knowledge of agriculture would probably not even fill a page.
  20. Material wealth began with agriculture, the tilling of the soil.
  21. Her mother was Demeter, goddess of the earth and of agriculture.
  22. In farming and agriculture, the Court made possible that myriad.
  24. They support themselves by agriculture, as is natural to all men.
  25. Department of Agriculture values at more than $20 billion a year.

  26. That's another pair of shoes! But what does agriculture matter to.
  27. Agriculture and Food Supply through the National Veterinary Service.
  28. Some for raising livestock, some for agriculture, some for industry.
  29. A sort of wooden spade was their principal instrument of agriculture.
  30. Hence, commerce springs up as the daughter and handmaid of agriculture.
  31. His affair with the Agriculture Committee Staff Aide was in full bloom.
  32. Graduated with dual degrees in business administration and agriculture.
  33. The remaining 15%of final energy is used by the services and agriculture.
  34. Once again, the states with agriculture have state departments for that.
  35. Science & Technology at Indian Agriculture Statistics Research Institute.
  36. Agriculture Perspective Plan (APP), which was produced with the help of ADB.
  37. The one may be called the system of commerce, the other that of agriculture.
  38. The Council of Ministers, upon proposal by the Minister of Agriculture and.
  39. Water is needed for the agriculture of the state and some residential areas.
  40. This is Tranh, minister of agriculture, and that is Tho, minister of education.
  41. Russia, have all advanced considerably, both in agriculture and in manufactures.
  42. Agriculture could be affected to the point that catastrophic famine might occur.
  43. The population rose by one million each year and stretched Japan’s agriculture.
  44. A beauty contest, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture was held to find the.
  45. They saw evidence of farming, with lots of smoke from slash-and-burn agriculture.
  46. Agriculture - Miroslav Naydenov officially announced that following orders by the.
  47. Gavin asked the question that I was pondering on, Why so much agriculture?
  48. Please take the documents on the desk to the office of the Minister of Agriculture.
  49. He graduated as an agriculture technician and got a job as sales representative at.
  50. It is like the policy which would promote agriculture, by discouraging manufactures.
  51. The law of the country has never given the same direct encouragement to agriculture.
  52. Once the new technology of agriculture was in place, new forms of tool-use developed.
  53. Here again Paul uses an illustration from agriculture, so that just as Christ, after.
  54. Division of the Ministry of Agriculture in Kingston would order in equipment for the.
  55. Regardless of the number of kingdoms, they depended primarily on agriculture for their.
  56. Suddenly, agriculture raised her drooping head, for commerce beckoned her to prosperity.
  57. Agriculture, farming and livestock are another big need in the rural regions of Honduras.
  58. In their blind pursuit of industrialization, laborers in agriculture have been neglected.
  59. Thus the praise of the Government took up less space in it; religion and agriculture more.
  60. With the wealth of irrigated agriculture, bustling industry based on abundant cheap labor.
  61. The government of both countries was particularly attentive to the interest of agriculture.
  62. Harry Meeuwisse, newly assigned at the Ministry of Agriculture, needed only to walk into a.
  63. Both agriculture and manufactures have there grown up in more intimate relation to commerce.
  64. Mr Mun compares this operation of foreign trade to the seed-time and harvest of agriculture.
  65. For example, a Sumerian legend mentions a heavenly hill, Du-ku, where agriculture was invented.
  66. Innkeepers are required to have a degree in the Sciences, Agriculture, Psychology, and the Law.
  67. So, lets abolish farm subsidies and the federal Department of Agriculture and save a bunch of.
  68. Then agriculture was invented – raising animals and plants instead of gathering them directly.
  69. Where does Western European culture come from? From the Mediterranean new-age system of agriculture.
  70. Besides exporting lumber and paper, that region is identified with shipping, fishing and agriculture.
  71. He had sold and mortgaged his farm and agriculture lands for the educations of his younger brothers.
  72. The interests of commerce and agriculture are identified; whenever one increases, the other extends.
  73. Agriculture, commerce, and manufactures constitute the source of our wealth, revenue, and prosperity.
  74. Medieval architecture and agriculture, for instance, varied very little over the period of a century.
  75. He was doing night classes in agriculture and needed more experience working in the farming community.
  77. Admiral, please, you are becoming so aggressive and agitated, the Minister of Agriculture commented.
  78. The state of its improvement, and the nature of its agriculture, again necessarily determine this number.
  79. The basis of our national wealth is agriculture; the real substance of the nation is drawn from the earth.
  80. The islands on which the bat lives have also been intensively logged for agriculture and livestock grazing.
  81. Agriculture, therefore, can support itself under the discouragement of a confined market much better than.
  82. He was writing now a new chapter on the causes of the present disastrous condition of agriculture in Russia.
  83. Permanent settlements and agriculture concentrated accumulating populations into denser areas called cities.
  84. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that a cow in the state of Washington had tested positive for BSE.
  85. Another newly introduced improvement to agriculture was the use of plastic bags to wrap the ripening bananas.
  86. In England, the improvements of agriculture, manufactures, and commerce, began much earlier than in Scotland.
  87. Herodotus wrote that the Massagetae were herdsmen that didn’t practice agriculture and worshipped a sun god.
  88. Ancient Egypt formed the first mass civilizations containing agriculture and primitive construction of cities.
  89. The Ministry? Edwin remembered what Ma had said about the Ministry of Agriculture being involved in the harvest.
  90. Of course, Persephone would be above in the world of light with her mother, the goddess of agriculture, Demeter.
  91. But it is also said, that agriculture and commerce are twin sisters, and the learned gentleman from New York (Mr.
  92. There would be a Department of Agriculture, a Department of Railways and so on, each with its minister and staff.
  93. Both are teaching orders and they are jointly and deeply involved in Safehold’s agriculture and food production.
  94. The village folks are mainly depend on agriculture, fishculture, cattle rearing, crafts, handicrafts, and handlooms.
  95. Agriculture, which is to be, after all, the occupation of the great majority of the people for whom we are laboring.
  96. A study within anthropology reveals that farming (agriculture) was a newer skill than shepherding (animal husbandry).
  97. This method of agriculture entails the eradication of the designated area of forest and then burning it, for farming.
  98. Agriculture and grazing did not appear until the Neolithic period, since until then man lived by hunting and fishing.
  99. Ali was in the Sultan's office attending the monthly progress report meeting delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  100. It is chiefly by encouraging the manufactures of Europe, that the colony trade indirectly encourages its agriculture.

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