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  1. But my ailment is different.
  2. But it was only his usual ailment.
  3. Tennis elbow is an ailment that.
  4. Neither ailment nor age could take her.
  5. It must have been some terrible ailment, though.
  6. The strange ailment was probably a strange poison.
  7. Keep in mind that the severity of his ailment is.
  8. What ailment brings you here? You haven’t come down.
  9. It was a brief lift-up but not enough to cure my ailment.
  10. It was not an ailment I was familiar with and I told her so.
  11. Caymus was surprised to learn of the severity of her ailment.
  12. I caught the ailment also, but not as seriously as the others.
  13. The ailment increased and the treatment couldn’t make her live.
  14. Many traders struggle with FOMO without recognizing their ailment.
  15. Browner this is a very serious ailment that needs constant attention.
  16. In a survival situation even the most minor ailment should NOT be ignored.
  17. Someone goes to the doctor with an untreated ailment and say: Doctor, cure me.
  18. Whooping cough and coryza were very common ailment that attack me again and again.
  19. Doctors began to prescribe water treatment for virtually any ailment or infirmity.
  20. She turned out to have some quite simple ailment which he quickly gave the remedy for.
  21. My stomach had been bothering me for days, and I thought it was just some passing ailment.
  22. The baby, Robin Holland, that Jean carried, got the fever; this was the first ailment he had had.
  23. They had taken turns getting some sort of respiratory ailment and two of them almost died from it.
  24. The doctor gave me pills to give at intervals while traveling so that the ailment never came back.
  25. Not only was there the respiratory ailment, but there was also a plague they called the Black Death.
  26. Smith gasped as he opened it; there were pills, lozenges and medicines for every conceivable ailment.
  27. Depending on what the ailment or disease is, you can then suggest how often to provide healing energy.
  28. Remember - do not rely simply on Reiki or any other energy to fulfill your health and ailment remedies.
  29. He believed this teaching and behaved accordingly in all that he thought or said concerning his ailment.
  30. Initially he assumed the headache to be a physical ailment, until the regularity entered his consciousness.
  31. The cure for the ailment that is disability abuse is to simply stop paying those unable or unwilling to work.
  32. Besides the painkillers, there’s a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine for just about any ailment.
  33. Some of them reported feeling better as a result and praised the drug for curing them of their previous ailment.
  34. This is because, there may be times when he does not behave as well as you want him to be, due to a certain ailment.
  35. In both these extreme cases the only medication that could cure these ailment of heritage could only be found in `lovè.
  36. He added that they were also familiar with the respiratory ailment and had marveled that it was so rare in the Khakhanate.
  37. Within a few minutes I had the sensation of the pain and discomfort of my ailment leaving my body, as if it were somehow.
  38. But, more important, Charley had been taken with his old ailment again, and this time he was in bad trouble and great pain.
  39. No matter the concern or ailment these are true energy centers and will aid in the dissemination of energy throughout the body.
  40. I wonder, how does olive contain this fatty substance though the soil from which it draws its ailment does not contain fat nor oil?
  41. You need to put the ill chickens, which display any of these symptoms, in quarantine immediately to prevent the ailment from spreading.
  42. Later that year he sent word that cousin George had died of a strange ailment and his infant son John was now Khan with Chabi as regent.
  43. For students who are interested in medical stuff, the bodies of Altreenan people are without any ailment and are perfectly proportioned.
  44. A wave of pain with more sting, pressure, and throbbing than any physical ailment could ever manage filled Hank like water overfilling a glass.
  45. A bodily disease, which we look upon as whole and entire within itself, may, after all, be but a symptom of some ailment in the spiritual part.
  46. A ship from the Crimea slipped into a Genoese harbor in 1347, barely able to sail because so many of the crew had died of a mysterious ailment.
  47. Joahaz was an upright man, and lived among the Ammonite clan of people from the north, but they could, in no way help with this debilitating ailment.
  48. This form of an ailment could be traced as far back as when a witch doctor was around to the present days when we tend to forget whoever we really are.
  49. In medicine, we rightly worry about false negatives—a fatal ailment, for instance, that goes undetected—but false positives are also a huge problem.
  50. Fellows, who stood without a murmur the frightful tortures caused by the rods and scourges, howled, and grinned, and moaned for the least little ailment.
  51. He had always strived to keep The Rocks disease free so he suspected, as Wolfi had suggested, that the ailment lay with one of Zygmunt's internal organs.
  52. He replied, Senora, let me tell your ladyship that this damsel's ailment comes entirely of idleness, and the cure for it is honest and constant employment.
  53. This can be the fault of the diet or the action that the body is repeating which is serving the ailment or concern rather than the opposite and healthy end result.
  54. She had thought perhaps by infecting him somehow with cholera or some other deadly disease, but she quickly realized that a contagious ailment might also cause her demise.
  55. He looked upon his illness as something transitory, a trifling ailment, and did not think about it at all; he though of nothing but how they would go and sell these books.
  56. The exposure to asbestos, and more precisely the exposure to its fine micro particles that are present in the atmospheric air that we breathe, is a major cause to the ailment.
  57. The ailment is really a disease of aquatic birds, therefore reducing the possibilities of the birds getting infected should be the main focus in getting rid of Swimmer’s itch.
  58. Anyway, she got real sick, he tapped his temple to indicate a mental ailment rather than a physical one, according to Thad’s momma; she’s buried right there behind you.
  59. The natural process of healing has to be supplemented with medical intervention when the ailment starts causing more pain than bearable or more serious physical or mental ailments develop.
  60. Some of them are able to be released in the wild after they had recovered from their ailment; others either became permanent residents at the Raptor Center or were farmed out to zoos or animal parks.
  61. On Wednesday Aunt Martha was suddenly seized with a recurring and mysterious ailment which she always called "the misery," and which was tolerably certain to attack her at the most inconvenient times.
  62. He wore his good sword, which hung in a baldric of sea-wolf's skin, for he had suffered for many years, they say, from an ailment of the kidneys; and over all he threw a long cloak of good grey cloth.
  63. Seconds later, she was opening the gates for him ‘what in the hell happened to you? Where you sick?’ She said looking straight into his eyes and checking his body for signs of ailment, she found none.
  64. Eyestrain is a very common ailment suffered by those who live in a state of nervous tension because slight defects of the eyes, normally tolerated by a calmer person, becomes aggravated in nervous people.
  65. But he talked of flannel waistcoats, said Marianne; and with me a flannel waistcoat is invariably connected with aches, cramps, rheumatisms, and every species of ailment that can afflict the old and the feeble.
  66. At present we are more aware of various ailments that affect dogs than we did several years ago and with this knowledge dog-owners can detect the initial indications of the ailment and be able to take the necessary preventive actions.
  67. The fact, revealed by a post-mortem, that his heart was much diseased—an ailment quite unsuspected during his life—would make it possible that death might in his case ensue from injuries which would not be fatal to a healthy man.
  68. When Sheffield’s campus doctor was treating one of the mathematics students for a minor ailment, he noticed that the student’s head was a little larger than normal and referred the student to professor Lorber for further examination.
  69. ANY ailment, and you criticize folks for taking a medication for depression, you are a hypocrite! Yes, I do mean that! How foolish can you be to accept that any of your body's organs can malfunction except for your brain? No, we should not be dependent on medications.
  70. However, those complex automatic cellular and molecular processes can be altered by even small chemical changes, and the sophistication of chemical processes is so great that what seems a simple cure for one ailment can fatally upset the balance of critical biologic function.
  71. So the experience of pain is not split off and frozen into muscle tension, high blood pressure, weakening the inner organs or causing chemical-biological imbalances, or lowering the immune system and making a person prone to catching every known ailment from a cold to cancer.
  72. I ran out to him behind the scenes once more, and had time to warn him excitedly that in my opinion the game was up, that he had better not appear at all, but had better go home at once on the excuse of his usual ailment, for instance, and I would take off my badge and come with him.
  73. He had methodically listed all the substances from Amphetamines through to LSD and Heroin on a spreadsheet in the second column he put symptoms – Sarah fitted every one – but as he knew once you start reading medical texts –books and the like you begin to suffer from every ailment listed.
  74. She gave her a vial of castor oil, put compresses on her stomach and ice cubes on her head, and she made her stay in bed for five days and follow the diet ordered by the new and outlandish French doctor, who after examining her for more than two hours reached the foggy conclusion that she had an ailment peculiar to women.
  75. Poor Marianne, languid and low from the nature of her malady, and feeling herself universally ill, could no longer hope that tomorrow would find her recovered; and the idea of what tomorrow would have produced, but for this unlucky illness, made every ailment severe; for on that day they were to have begun their journey home; and, attended the whole way by a servant of Mrs.
  76. Sancho strove to comfort him, and among other things he said to him, Hold up your head, senor, and be of good cheer if you can, and give thanks to heaven that if you have had a tumble to the ground you have not come off with a broken rib; and, as you know that 'where they give they take,' and that 'there are not always fletches where there are pegs,' a fig for the doctor, for there's no need of him to cure this ailment.
  77. From those visits to unsanitary Houndsley streets in search of Diamond, he had brought back not only a bad bargain in horse-flesh, but the further misfortune of some ailment which for a day or two had deemed mere depression and headache, but which got so much worse when he returned from his visit to Stone Court that, going into the dining-room, he threw himself on the sofa, and in answer to his mother's anxious question, said, I feel very ill: I think you must send for Wrench.
  78. And therefore our politic Asclepius may be supposed to have exhibited the power of his art only to persons who, being generally of healthy constitution and habits of life, had a definite ailment; such as these he cured by purges and operations, and bade them live as usual, herein consulting the interests of the State; but bodies which disease had penetrated through and through he would not have attempted to cure by gradual processes of evacuation and infusion: he did not want to lengthen out good-for-nothing lives, or to have weak fathers begetting weaker sons; --if a man was not able to live in the ordinary way he had no business to cure him; for such a cure would have been of no use either to himself, or to the State.
  79. Montesinos told me that all those forming the procession were the attendants of Durandarte and Belerma, who were enchanted there with their master and mistress, and that the last, she who carried the heart in the cloth, was the lady Belerma, who, with her damsels, four days in the week went in procession singing, or rather weeping, dirges over the body and miserable heart of his cousin; and that if she appeared to me somewhat ill-favoured or not so beautiful as fame reported her, it was because of the bad nights and worse days that she passed in that enchantment, as I could see by the great dark circles round her eyes, and her sickly complexion; 'her sallowness, and the rings round her eyes,' said he, 'are not caused by the periodical ailment usual with women, for it is many months and even years since she has had any, but by the grief her own heart suffers because of that which she holds in her hand perpetually, and which recalls and brings back to her memory the sad fate of her lost lover; were it not for this, hardly would the great Dulcinea del Toboso, so celebrated in all these parts, and even in the world, come up to her for beauty, grace, and gaiety.

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