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Ailment numa frase em (in ingles)

Her old ailment has.
new ailment is developing.
But my ailment is different.
Tennis elbow is an ailment that.
But it was only his usual ailment.
presumably deadly societal ailment.
Neither ailment nor age could take her.

rid of this ailment by attaining to him.
may be a pulmonary ailment of the tubercles.
speak of as ailment, dysfunction, and brain.
‘The name of the ailment is Camillia Wilkes.
always been doctored for one ailment or another.
It must have been some terrible ailment, though.
Keep in mind that the severity of his ailment is.
The strange ailment was probably a strange poison.
ailment of the lungs and was resting in the guesthouse.
What ailment brings you here? You haven’t come down.
‘That is, even for curing your ailment, whatever it is.
It was a brief lift-up but not enough to cure my ailment.
It was not an ailment I was familiar with and I told her so.
Caymus was surprised to learn of the severity of her ailment.
I caught the ailment also, but not as seriously as the others.
The ailment increased and the treatment couldn’t make her live.
on a recurring ailment of the lungs, and she felt frail and weak.
Many traders struggle with FOMO without recognizing their ailment.
early, if he were suffering, but that it was only a slight ailment.
Browner this is a very serious ailment that needs constant attention.
medicine for nearly every common ailment under the sun in the Far East.
that there is a Magic Pill to cure almost every ailment out there.
In a survival situation even the most minor ailment should NOT be ignored.

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