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Amaze numa frase em (in ingles)

You continue to amaze me.
You drug companies amaze me.
Maybe you should try and amaze.
The guy has hand speed that amaze you.
Well you amaze me the older one said.
The B’tari never failed to amaze him.
Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed.
He never ceases to amaze me, he thought.
You know, you never cease to amaze me.
By the way, those machines truly amaze me.
My sister never ceases to amaze me—[and.
I amaze myself with this act of generosity.
Or more like, Sometimes I even amaze myself.
The power of addiction never ceases to amaze me.
The wonders of Aerodynamics never cease to amaze me.
These few have been mentioned, not to amaze us, but.
I have technology at my fingertips that would amaze you.
You laugh, Darci, but those two never cease to amaze me.
Connecting the dots map can amaze, delight and enrich you.
You will amaze yourself once you realise that it is often the.
I am a new comer among you, but I will confess that you amaze me.
Why are you so filled with self-doubt? It never ceases to amaze me.
I hate to keep saying this, but sometimes you amaze me, Franklin.
This seemed to amaze the little girl as she stopped her pleading and.
The fragile complexities of the human nervous system never ceased to amaze him.
It never ceased to amaze me how much blood could be spread around by a human body.
To my friends who constantly amaze me with their love, compassion, caring and support.
This fog never ceases to amaze me—keeps the winters mild and the summers comfortable.
Warren Wiersbe once said: It never ceases to amaze me that God blesses people I disagree with.
And then a voice came out of him, as it were out of the ground, and to their amaze it spoke in the western.
But I understand, Holmes, that you are turning to practical ends those powers with which you used to amaze us?'.
Teller was slow in reply to the facetious tone and the editor’s voice boomed into his ear: Jesus you amaze me.
Zevin hadn’t stopped in his progression in anything either and he continued to amaze both Roric and his mother all the time.
Their strength, their physical grace, their otherworldly beauty, still amaze him, even after fifteen years of working around them.
This praise came from an old man who sat to himself far across the theater, his head lifted forward in amaze toward that ancient life.
This is a lesson that I was taught early, and combinations of minerals continue not only to interest me but also to amaze and captivate me.
It never ceased to amaze me, seeing my father during late summer standing among the fully grown plants, harvesting tomatoes by the basketful.
This seemed to amaze him; he somehow fancied that he would find everything as he left it, even perhaps the corpses in the same places on the floor.
Jesse’s confident and refined demeanor never failed to amaze me; hopefully some of it would rub off on me because I failed miserably in comparison.
For all her gentleness, Grandma had a finely-honed sense of what was appropriate, and on occasion she could amaze with her unflinching stand when aroused.

It was amazing to me.
He was an amazing man.
It was amazing how a.
It was amazing to see.
This was all so amazing.
It was an amazing sight.
It had an amazing effect.
This is an amazing place.
It was amazing how the.
Ah! The deed was amazing.
I have an amazing heart.
An amazing thing it was.
They are an amazing drug.
He was an amazing scorer.
This is Fun and Amazing!.
He could, it was amazing.
It was amazing how that.
This was an amazing woman.
This was amazing to Peter.
You have an amazing heart.
Oh hell, this was amazing.
And an amazing one at that.
This tea is truly amazing.
It was an amazing little.
The Amazing Hat of Hiding.
Star One has been amazing.
That girl was just amazing.
It is amazing stuff really.
It was amazing and gigantic.
Ruth was amazing to behold.
That must have been amazing.
It was all simply amazing!.
And that is an amazing memo.
The amazing thing was, she.
Lots of amazing stuff here!.
Fuck, this house is amazing.
He said the kid’s amazing.
The boy’s room was amazing.
It’s quite amazing to see.
This is an amazing story, Mr.
I was a bit amazed.
I was amazed at this.
What I saw amazed me.
In a kind of amazed.
What he saw amazed him.
He was amazed at the.
You will be amazed at.
She was amazed at how.
I was stunned and amazed.
It amazed me every time.
He stared at her, amazed.
What I saw next amazed me.
He was amazed and hopeful.
She was amazed at herself.
I stand amazed as I watch.
It helps us to feel amazed.
I was amazed by the colors.
When I saw it, I was amazed.
You will be amazed at the.
I am often amazed at what.
What Tin saw next amazed it.
Aarav looked at her amazed.
He was amazed to see what.
Max was amazed at the garden.
I mean, I was myself amazed.
Kyle looked at Emily, amazed.
I always amazed at His words.
He was amazed by what he saw.
Chris was shocked and amazed.
You’d be amazed what you.
He was always amazed at the.
I am amazed how much I have.
He was amazed that, when my.
It would have much amazed you.
I was amazed at her response.
Pork was amazed and indignant.
The sharks had just amazed us.
I was amazed at sight of her.
He was amazed at her resolve.
He truly amazes me.
The shot amazes me even now.
But it still kind of amazes.
It always amazes me there aren’t more.
Any more questions? It amazes me that this.
It amazes me how easily Nathan accepted you.
What amazes me is thinking we'll be there the day after.
She at times amazes us with a complete and correct sentence.
It amazes me the extremes I have gone through in order to hold.
At the age of 71 it still amazes me what God has done in my life.
The aspect of this story and many others like it that amazes me is the.
It amazes me how much you let that mere mortal get away with, the.
It still amazes me that I can talk to the only girl to ever be in top ten.
It amazes me how much some of the best specimens have grown in value in my lifetime.
What amazes me also, these same parents who want to pull their children from school to.
The friendliness, honesty, hospitality and generosity of North African Arabs amazes me still.
So it amazes me that the El Mundo men don’t react very open-mindedly to Pedro’s declaration.
It always amazes me when I talk to a client or potential client who wants to trade a market because she likes it.
What amazes Billy is that she knows she is a star pupil but has never allowed herself to become pompous or overbearing.
We are all wrong so often that it amazes me that we can have any conviction at all over the direction of things to come.
When I think back on this, my naïveté amazes me, and studying old charts of Lumisys makes that fact even more apparent.
He adored her to an extent that amazes me to think of, worshipping her beauty with all the headlong self-abasement of a very young man who is also a poet.
It happened on the Enterprise, what a couplemonths ago? It still amazes me that it was so well played down and that there wasn’t instant hysteria in the streets.
However, it amazes me to see successful people who have worked hard for 20 or 30 years mastering their profession, then spend two hours learning how to trade and five minutes making a trading decision that could risk a month of their income.
No, my boy, and this whiteness that amazes you is merely due to the presence of myriads of tiny creatures called infusoria, a sort of diminutive glowworm that's colorless and gelatinous in appearance, as thick as a strand of hair, and no longer than one–fifth of a millimeter.
Now my purpose is, Sancho, to carry away the treasure that I left buried, which, as it is outside the town, I shall be able to do without risk, and to write, or cross over from Valencia, to my daughter and wife, who I know are at Algiers, and find some means of bringing them to some French port and thence to Germany, there to await what it may be God's will to do with us; for, after all, Sancho, I know well that Ricota my daughter and Francisca Ricota my wife are Catholic Christians, and though I am not so much so, still I am more of a Christian than a Moor, and it is always my prayer to God that he will open the eyes of my understanding and show me how I am to serve him; but what amazes me and I cannot understand is why my wife and daughter should have gone to Barbary rather than to France, where they could live as Christians.

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