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Analyze numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Ned and I will analyze.
  2. He tried to analyze the.
  3. We analyze and come back.
  4. What will do is analyze ALL.
  5. Step 4: Analyze the results:.

  6. Let’s analyze this some more.
  7. The group can then analyze the.
  8. He tried to analyze his feelings.
  9. You have to be able to analyze.
  10. He continued to analyze and suggest.
  11. Not stopping to analyze her feel-.
  12. How would you analyze the results?
  13. These reports help you analyze the.
  14. Take a moment to analyze each mistake.
  15. He would discuss issues, analyze all.

  16. Then analyze the diseases and its cures.
  17. If we analyze the situation and start a.
  18. Analyze the diary in the following ways:.
  19. Analyze staffing levels of CSR's to meet.
  20. Why not read the paragraph and analyze it?
  21. He tried to analyze the sensations awaked.
  22. He had data to analyze, a plan to construct.
  23. We never critically analyze how we use myths.
  24. Analyze these trades at the end of each month.
  25. Analyze the real earnings of a business.

  26. When we stop to analyze such feelings, it's.
  27. Analyze and study how the others are doing it.
  28. We never critically analyze why myths are used.
  29. Analyze your followers on Twitter in real-time.
  30. Take the time to analyze your exit options to.
  31. Analyze the emotional impact of your headlines:.
  32. Instead, we analyze all equity options in the U.
  33. This man could analyze the hind leg off of a dog.
  34. It is used to analyze the situation and change.
  35. He wants to analyze the contents, paper, and ink.
  36. You need to analyze the situation very carefully.
  37. The Wrong Way to Analyze Companies in an Industry.
  38. Analyze your relationship with your ex objectively.
  39. I plan to analyze the performance of the Pioneers.
  40. It would help us immensely if we could analyze it.
  41. I ask you to study and analyze it very carefully!.
  42. Watanabe–Watanabe (2008) analyze the pricing of U.
  43. Carter did his best to analyze the story in his head.
  44. He paused for a while to analyze what he was seeing.
  45. As I analyze the files I notice something strange.
  46. I seized the opportunity to analyze My state of Mind.
  47. Think, interpret, and analyze the FIRST time you read.
  48. Examine and analyze carefully before rejecting anything.
  49. Other studies analyze within-day data, commissions, etc.
  50. Mave then felt it was the right time for her to analyze.
  51. Don't over analyze, all it does is complicate things.
  52. Only Roelle stood apart, trying to analyze her feelings.
  53. Chekhawa continues by saying that we should then analyze.
  54. No matter which angle I analyze, he can be considered a.
  55. Analyze all the three programs and their output carefully.
  56. I’m glad you can sit here and analyze this so calmly.
  57. The program will analyze your registry for fragmentation.
  58. Stop a moment and analyze this statement and apply it in.
  59. This process is to streamline and analyze your objectives.
  60. We, as students, were supposed to evaluate and analyze the.
  61. Analyze what and how you have achieved so far and if it is.
  62. Click on the Analyze button and let the tool analyze your.
  63. Analyze the security against which you want to write options.
  64. These help to analyze the risks and to build risk repository.
  65. Bali–Cakici–Whitelaw (2010) analyze the cross-section of U.
  66. When you analyze the market, you are looking at crowd behavior.
  67. It’s not the time for me to fret and analyze and be nervous.
  68. Unanalytical she was trying to analyze now and with no success.
  69. I could analyze my dad’s motivations behind that particular.
  70. The students can even recommend the next move and analyze what.
  71. Analyze these ideas and take note of the passing tone locations.
  72. In many cases it is preferable to analyze the volatility surface.
  73. Teach students to analyze the race divisions in their ministries.
  74. Permutation methods should be used to analyze contingency tables.
  75. I was no longer restrained and didn’t wait around to analyze it.
  76. You need time and patience to analyze what it is that is working.
  77. SG 3 Analyze and Address Causes and Impacts of Selected Incidents.
  78. I haven’t had time to analyze all the variables, he answered.
  79. She could not analyze her feelings, nor did she wish to attempt it.
  80. John had a large position in ABC and asked me to analyze the chart.
  81. But Anne had given up trying to analyze the reason of her blushes.
  82. Once you think you know what he or she is like, try to analyze in.
  83. She had census data to dig through and city tax records to analyze.
  84. First, let’s analyze a fundamental aspect of the survival system.
  85. You should always analyze each product or offer you are planning to.
  86. When you analyze charts, you analyze the behavior of trading masses.
  87. And indeed, if to analyze the activity of such structures we may see.
  88. For any question or concern that comes up, look at it and analyze it.
  89. There is a great deal of mathematics to analyze behind each game and.
  90. One effective way to analyze implied volatility is to examine a chart.
  91. Now, let's analyze the apocryphal apple rendition of the Genesis story.
  92. Instead I analyze her radio signal to figure out where she’s hiding.
  93. Based on this classification we can analyze data presented in Figure I.
  94. I came to analyze the flavor-and-health values of these two fruit-foods.
  95. Any data point beyond 3sigma we take as a special cause and we analyze.
  96. ANALYZE: Describe the constituent parts of something and show how they.
  97. AdWords will analyze whether all the keywords are according to terms and.
  98. If we analyze it, we shall find that it contains two distinct assertions.
  99. I analyze the facts that happen in the group and I analyze the words that.
  100. Failure is only helpful if you take the time to analyze the cause of that.
  1. And he is analyzing serums.
  2. I wish I could stop analyzing.
  3. She closed her eyes, analyzing the.
  4. For example, in analyzing the marks.
  5. Use common sense in analyzing markets.
  6. Whatever, I've been analyzing it all.
  7. They had developed a habit of analyzing.
  8. Let’s return to analyzing the chart of TRW.
  9. Gāndhiji was always observing and analyzing.
  10. Silas flew a circle, analyzing the scenario.
  11. They’ve been analyzing it the wrong way!.
  12. He/she should be good in analyzing the product.
  13. Herbie sat down and started analyzing the clues.
  14. Norah was analyzing them for one of her projects.
  15. Suppose you are analyzing two different businesses.
  16. He approached with caution, analyzing every detail.
  17. On analyzing the report, I find that the firm earns.
  18. By analyzing the world into elements and qualities.
  19. He settled for less and began analyzing the sneakers.
  20. Begin by analyzing what's going to best fit your needs.
  21. I realize that when it comes to analyzing my dreams I.
  22. Some things to remember when analyzing your thoughts:.
  23. He has a very select group of people analyzing the data.
  24. Tracking and analyzing the actions of your customers and.
  25. Analyzing a security involves an analysis of the business.
  26. The importance of analyzing risk cannot be overemphasized.
  27. Adopting this approach and analyzing the data in Figures 3.
  28. It supplies the basis for analyzing the sources of income.
  29. In fact from analyzing world health charts it is apparent.
  30. Graphical tools are of great help in analyzing the metrics.
  31. He was analyzing the distance from the bed to the bathroom.
  32. I equate this to his decades of experience analyzing charts.
  33. By analyzing correctly we shall realize that the object we.
  34. This was the same conclusion reached when analyzing Table 8.
  35. We are analyzing the potential routes where this might work.
  36. This is referred to as analyzing the quality of sponsorship.
  37. I felt like I was the patient and he was the one analyzing me.
  38. It helps in analyzing & summarizing large collections of data.
  39. Look for similar examples at the business you are analyzing:.
  40. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy analyzing ground samples.
  41. He loves reading and analyzing business investment opportunities.
  42. Let’s have simple faith in Him without analyzing our situations.
  43. By now she had a partial dump from the base that she was analyzing.
  44. Upon analyzing relationships between the aff ect and the cult on.
  45. Analyzing the seasonality of volatility can help strategy selection.
  46. The ship is analyzing and scanning everything inside of the monster.
  47. I was still analyzing the members of the band when Temmy sat with me.
  48. It is based on analyzing and comparing the geometry of optimal areas.
  49. But, none of them had experience with analyzing blood spatter evidence.
  50. There are even scientists who are dedicated to analyzing the synergies.
  51. Our operators are presently analyzing the recordings of those intercepts.
  52. The Frenchman was comparing one with the other, and analyzing our beauty.
  53. We use this measure all the time in analyzing stocks for the mutual funds.
  54. These models are generated by analyzing as much market input data that can.
  55. Analyzing my impressions a little, I suddenly realized what the matter was.
  56. You need to adapt the calculation to the type of business you are analyzing.
  57. This strategy does however have to be used in conjunction with analyzing the.
  58. He spent lots of time with her and more on analyzing his relationship with her.
  59. Remember, there are many factors to consider when analyzing implied volatility.
  60. Analyzing this verse carefully, the word Rapiemur is the proper tense of rapio.
  61. There are many tools in technical analysis for identifying and analyzing trends.
  62. However, each table uses a different setting for analyzing the candle patterns.
  63. Data Mining - : The act of analyzing a database or data warehouse and searching.
  64. Welcome the feeling, avoid analyzing what is being released, just focus on the.
  65. Analyzing the results, a sociologist performed 20 different tests of hypotheses.
  66. He reminded me of the Elliotts, in a way—examining and analyzing at all times.
  67. Essentially this is the checklist for analyzing ANY business (public or private).
  68. Analytics or BIA) is an over-arching term for storing, analyzing and reporting on.
  69. She was analyzing the situation, when Adi ordered Mama take Samiya out of here.
  70. We start by analyzing the impact of P/B ratios on the performance of long straddles.
  71. Smart Force Attack is based on the statistical tables built by means of analyzing.
  72. Lets try to understand the functioning of flip flop by analyzing circuit given below.
  73. Yakov a demonstration of the Silent-Sprinter program by analyzing the contents of a.
  74. I’ve spent, ah, several hours with her, you know, talking, analyzing her and--.
  75. When analyzing the balance sheets of those companies you cannot quantify those assets.
  76. Most market-related outlooks have at least two choices when analyzing option positions.
  77. Analyzing the strength and the position of your rival is the most vital thing that you.
  78. Is it possible that I could move up to analyzing the data instead of just collecting it.
  79. The need to examine only a relatively few variables in analyzing a security or commodity.
  80. By analyzing your traffic, you can eliminate the things that don’t work and focus your.
  81. Therefore, when you’re analyzing a business, you should always ask these two questions:.
  82. The technique of analyzing issues of the latter group is covered on accompanying CD in Chap.
  83. Again, price distortions can be detected by analyzing the smoothness of such a relationship.
  84. The managers will make statements that they are assessing, reviewing, or analyzing a problem.
  85. He looked down at some aphid-covered weeds and started analyzing the less-than-ideal situation.
  86. The following are an assortment of 6 case studies analyzing 6 individual links pointing to Lulu.
  87. The technique of analyzing an income-bond exhibit is identical with that for a preferred stock.
  88. Analyzing where the future price of a commodity is heading is what futures trading is all about.
  89. Shiro moved quickly, analyzing each possible route and finally he found his way to…a dead end.
  90. There is a need to examine only a relatively few variables in analyzing a security or commodity.
  91. By the 22nd, I was back in Benghazi – we all had our heads together, analyzing everything, and.
  92. No purpose would be served in analyzing this uncanny, chaotic mass, even were it possible to do so.
  93. As a careful investor, you should take into account those assets when you are analyzing a company.
  94. However, when analyzing wheat, one should pay more attention to world figures as opposed to only U.
  95. The first approach is applicable for analyzing the performance of a series of single-type portfolios.
  96. So when analyzing media content always pay special attention to the emotional aspects of the message.
  97. The most important thing that we learned was the analyzing of a problem and the steps for solving it.
  98. This reasoning has a concrete application in analyzing issues selling at less than liquidating value.
  99. They quickly scan each of their bodies analyzing cartilage, oxygen levels, muscle, and brain structure.
  100. This book deals mostly with explaining and analyzing the true origins of things for a damn good reason.
  1. He analyzed the markings a.
  2. After the Jaagé was analyzed.
  3. Maspero analyzed before the Acad.
  4. When one analyzed the situation.
  5. Specify the problem to be analyzed.
  6. Locke analyzed this male before him.
  7. They tend to be analyzed differently.
  8. The Bible was dissected and analyzed.
  9. They would have to be closely analyzed.
  10. I had some of FBTI’s patents analyzed.
  11. The test was not analyzed in my office.
  12. Indeed, having analyzed a large group (ca.
  13. God himself as analyzed by himself at all.
  14. We presume you have analyzed the equipment.
  15. Have you analyzed their communications?
  16. They can better be considered, analyzed, and.
  17. Have you ever analyzed, what has made them so.
  18. I’ve analyzed the paths of your interceptors.
  19. We have to tape this and take it to be analyzed.
  20. Prices are often charted and the patterns analyzed.
  21. Perhaps he just analyzed things too much these days.
  22. He continued to look at me as I analyzed his wardrobe.
  23. The records shall be analyzed for corrective actions.
  24. I analyzed where they matched, as well as how and why.
  25. Garcia analyzed the situation from his new perspective.
  26. Thus, 1,500 regression models were created and analyzed.
  27. Implied volatility should be analyzed on a relative basis.
  28. Such currents have either been analyzed on the level of.
  29. Mythologems of modern religions have been analyzed by the.
  30. They can be used and analyzed in the same manner, as well.
  31. For the optimization surface analyzed earlier (in Figure 2.
  32. Mahavishnu rapidly analyzed every nuance of that game’s.
  33. I analyzed everything that Chantry came into contact with.
  34. Justice shows us that all ideas can be analyzed in this way.
  35. I analyzed the situation and knew that it cannot be resolved.
  36. They analyzed the correlation between DAT in the striatum and.
  37. I’ve analyzed your past and how you don’t give up on things.
  38. Having analyzed the history of the XX-th century one may observe.
  39. Many interpretations of these quotes could be analyzed in vari-.
  40. His eyes scrutinized her every movement and analyzed everything.
  41. If this situation is analyzed, the following facts appear clear:.
  42. In this example, the stock being analyzed is XYZ, as shown above.
  43. Later, when he analyzed the events, he realized how much God’s.
  44. Realizing the private was dead, we had the handwriting analyzed.
  45. You’ve analyzed the needs of your business, assessed systems in.
  46. I remained unspoken while he analyzed my face to sample my thoughts.
  47. Metrics are of no use unless they are analyzed and actions are taken.
  48. You analyzed the company and it passed the stock-research checklist.
  49. I’ll have these analyzed, see if we can come up with something.
  50. I analyzed how you fought in the gravity games and didn’t give up.
  51. Using this outlook, the January VIX call option quotes are analyzed.
  52. The same report analyzed 12 studies that found high consumption of.
  53. Having pried through the strata, analyzed to a hair, counsel'd with.
  54. Have you ever analyzed those things that upset you and attempted to.
  55. Historians have pondered and analyzed to find out just why WW1 began.
  56. A lot of committees analyzed the Indian economy between 1985 and 1991.
  57. Indian populations & have been analyzed for their genetic diversity and.
  58. As you can see from the chart above, we analyzed Coca-Cola Net Income vs.
  59. Your doctor can have it analyzed to see what minerals it is formed from.
  60. This wise old man gathered his thoughts and had already analyzed all her.
  61. For another look at this strategy the last half of April 2010 was analyzed.
  62. Each population was analyzed in terms of descriptive statistics to enable.
  63. It was a treasure trove of numbers which could be understood and analyzed.
  64. Most certainly, our motives for our works will be investigated and analyzed.
  65. Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV.
  66. Finally, where the future is relative to other contracts should be analyzed.
  67. Will this why entail, impose, imply an ethic? the pulsing analyzed her.
  68. Bales, The Hub Of The Bible Or Acts Two Analyzed, 1960, church of Christ.
  69. She’d analyzed them several times and she kept coming up with the same answer.
  70. Transported to an undefined location the office and house contents were analyzed.
  71. Instead, I sat with my daughter and analyzed Mulan’s moves thinking of how Mia.
  72. The time at which an issue is analyzed may affect the conclusion in various ways.
  73. This need for competitive strategies has been thoroughly analyzed and documented.
  74. She then had discreetly collected sperm samples from Pierre to have them analyzed.
  75. Something that needs to be further analyzed and corrected, the older man says.
  76. When the index was created in 2007, historical data going back to 1986 was analyzed.
  77. Having analyzed your diary, you should fully understand what the most important and.
  78. This follows the pattern of progressive liberalism as analyzed by novelist Alan Drury.
  79. The lab technicians analyzed the small gray clay material found in Santiago‘s sink.
  80. Divided–Dissected, exposed, opened, and analyzed, thereby revealing previously hidden.
  81. I prefer to wait till all the evidence has been collected and analyzed, Anson said.
  82. My research laboratory took samples of her blood and analyzed them with keen interest to.
  83. Applying the described methods, we analyzed and tested the effectiveness of five criteria.
  84. You can test this by generating a series of random numbers over the period being analyzed.
  85. She said, Alex, that coffee from the Jackson crime scene you asked to have analyzed?
  86. As mentioned earlier, this value should reflect the basic cycle of the market being analyzed.
  87. The most successful and least analyzed myndkey currently trending is the word terrorism itself.
  88. Despite my cool and detached demeanor, the kitten quickly analyzed me as a long-dormant sucker.
  89. As another proof of concept, I also comprehensively analyzed and reconstructed a version of the.
  90. Each number was intently analyzed within the respective box, in addition to the Powerball number.
  91. Illusion may also be analyzed as a justified belief, such as the earth is flat, that is put into.
  92. Ingrid analyzed her present flight path while keeping the capabilities of her space plane in mind.
  93. Request for changes shall be impact analyzed, approved and development changes shall be performed.
  94. Bales, The Hub Of The Bible Or Acts Two Analyzed, Lambert Book House, 1960, church of Christ.
  95. When the full scope of human civilization is analyzed, it becomes abundantly clear that its pillars.
  96. Wasp wanted to have a clear objective, and she always damn well analyzed the potential consequences.
  97. Price momentum lags only fractionally, yet actually has positive base rates for all periods analyzed.
  98. This means that everything that happens on your computer is monitored and analyzed by your anti-virus.
  99. When all the physical things including our human bodies are analyzed and studied at a quantum level (e.
  100. But they have only analyzed the parts and overlooked the whole, and indeed their blindness is marvelous.
  1. Specifically, the Report Card analyzes:.
  2. This tool analyzes each of your pages for over 30.
  3. A huge literature analyzes consumers’ prepayment behavior.
  4. This chapter analyzes gaps in relation to overall market movement.
  5. Second layer gravity matrix analyzes material and stays in one place.
  6. How one views businesses has a profound effect on how one analyzes businesses.
  7. This one analyzes 20,000 different chart patterns and tells you which market to buy.
  8. Another strand of literature analyzes gains of short-term liquidity providers over time.
  9. The book explains and analyzes heuristics and exposes common traps decision makers face.
  10. The book analyzes how our inherent biases undermine our ability to weigh alternatives rationally and objectively.
  11. MACD combines two moving averages and analyzes how they move in relation to one another, and in relation to price.
  12. Also, it visualizes and it analyzes the relations of causes and results according to the hierarchy of the presented problems.
  13. It examines, it scrutinizes, it analyzes; then it puts together once more, it proceeds by means of reduction, discarding all hatred.
  14. Far from dreading the unknown, the protagonist delves into it, makes it his ally and describes what he sees and pries, touches and analyzes.
  15. She closes her eyes, analyzes, assesses, processes all she saw and factors in what she has come to understand about humans and monsters in her years of war.
  16. Traditional decision theory analyzes choices between uncertain gambles, the simplest of which are characterized by two possible outcomes and their associated probabilities.
  17. It analyzes the factors that are influencing an emerging economy based on the sum of factors driving massive and significant changes to the way everyone works, plays, and lives.
  18. Since in reality they have simultaneous influence on profit variability, we need to perform a statistical test that analyzes the effect of the three factors within the common framework.
  19. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries To follow, the Figure-03 analyzes an existent situation starting from problems that the Project will confront.
  20. Finally, he must concern himself with all corporate policies affecting the security owner, for the value of the issue which he analyzes may be largely dependent upon the acts of the management.
  21. This test takes each of the moving averages from October 1990 to October 2010 and analyzes the performance of being long the S&P 500 as long as the index closes over the respective moving average.
  22. The nonparametric test based on binomial distribution analyzes the difference between the two frequencies observed in the experiment and compares it to the frequency assumed under the null hypothesis.
  23. For commercial firms and those with special interests, MRCI offers a series of special historical reports, each of which analyzes a specific market complex (soy, metals, forex) and presents seasonal trading ideas for year-round.
  24. He is represented as a maddened savage on ’Change, and a reckless debauchee at leisure, who analyzes the operations of finance in the language of a monte dealer describing a prize fight, and whose notion of a successful career is something between a gambler, a revolutionist and a buccaneer.
  25. It seems to us that science is only then real science when a man in a laboratory pours liquids from one jar into another, or analyzes the spectrum, or cuts up frogs and porpoises, or weaves in a specialized, scientific jargon an obscure network of conventional phrases—theological, philosophical, historical, juridical, or politico-economical—semi-intelligible to the man himself, and intended to demonstrate that what now is, is what should be.

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