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Ancestry numa frase em (in ingles)

American dog blood in its ancestry.
There are numerous ancestry websites.
The Pug traces its ancestry to 700 BC in China.
Were they impressed about your ancestry?
The great majority of Mexicans have mixed ancestry.
Blefuscu when I arrived could trace their ancestry.
The Xolo traces its ancestry to Mesoamerican society.

EB trace their ancestry to 12th century British Isles.
I arrived could trace their ancestry to these clever.
I became a reverted Quaker with Jewish ancestry, as.
The Dachshund trace its ancestry to early 17th century.
The German Spitz dogs trace their ancestry to the Stone.
Italian Greyhounds trace their ancestry to ancient Egypt.
His ancestry is from that area also, but before the lake.
Maremmas trace their ancestry to Ancient Room 2000 years.
The modern day Gordon setter traces its ancestry to early.
And her ancestry she willingly lets, in you so molded stand.
The Pomeranians trace their ancestry to Iceland where they.
English Foxhounds trace their ancestry to late 16th century.
Many were French-Vietnamese mixed ancestry and/or Catholics.
The KBD traces its ancestry to north-western Europe several.
The Papillon is an old breed of dog tracing its ancestry to.
However, modern day toys trace their ancestry to the mid 15th.
Her appearance was a beautiful example of pure Borgoth ancestry.
Chapter 7: Ancestry and Genealogy Information And Resources To Use.
The ancestry and lineage of the Buddha are carried through the de-.
Whether she knew it or not, Jean Paget had Australia in her ancestry.
We are all of German ancestry, not a lot of taco eaters around here.
The ancestry of Jesus passed through them, although not through them.
She was a bit decorous from her Yingolian ancestry, but not excessively.
All you have to do is a search on the Internet for genealogy or ancestry.
That it harks from an Irish ancestry only adds to my reason for liking it.
She imagined that there must be Hungarian blood somewhere in her ancestry.
Of Coster ancestry, his name was Dan, and, of course, they called him Dandy.
For those who doubt its ancestry, here is the latin name: Ursus americanus.
He was an able man of good ancestry and lived with his family at Capernaum.
You share a common ancestry and a similar lifecycle with all other animals.
I’d always suspected that Rolf’s ancestry was rooted in the Valley Lands.
I was sent to destroy Liora Henandez, a Sephardi— a Jew of Spanish ancestry.
Whatever my ancestry, I have been raised a Mongol, and that is how I see myself.

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