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Angry numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He is angry at the.
2. He had an angry face.
3. I was hurt and angry.
4. He was angry at the.
5. Kirk was an angry man.
6. I was angry that the.
7. He felt angry with her.

8. It was an angry pulse.
9. Did he get angry? Yes.
10. And she is very angry.
11. He was angry at God!.
12. I was angry of myself.
13. It made me so angry!.
14. So he was really angry.
15. Then do not be angry.
16. She was cold and angry.
17. I was angry with myself.
18. Rory was a little angry.
19. Part of her was angry.
20. Guo Yuxia was angry now.
21. Being angry is on thing.
22. He made me really angry.
23. They grow angry at the.
25. I wasn't angry with him.
26. I was angry with mother.
27. If I am angry I show it.
28. But he was still angry.
29. Do not be angry with me.
30. I should be angry or not.
31. I felt angry at my father.
32. Dad was just plain angry.
33. And stop your angry shout.
34. If you are angry - eat it.
35. I was insulted and angry.
36. I knew he is angry at me.
37. And now he was angry too.
38. He’d wanted to be angry.
39. I'm not angry with you.
40. He started to become angry.
41. I was very angry with you.
42. The wise don’t get angry.
43. And Luzhin got angry, too.
44. To this, Elijah got angry.
45. Then I got a little angry.
46. He was angry with himself.
47. Of course, they got angry.
48. I was never angry or upset.
49. He was very angry with her.
50. She seemed angry with you.
51. But Lisa did not get angry.
52. He was angry at the world.
53. He’s angry with me… no.
54. He got angry and told me.
55. He was so angry with Tanya.
56. Then, he was simply angry.
57. For how can you be angry.
58. He could see angry motion.
59. He didn’t sound angry now.
60. Stu was angry and confused.
61. I am angry, sad and afraid.
62. I was very angry with Phil.
63. Then Fanny was really angry.
64. Bilo gave her an angry look.
65. But he didn’t look angry.
66. He felt restless and angry.
67. He was not angry with Liam.
68. He was smal and angry and.
69. I was a bit angry with her.
70. Hungry man is an angry man.
71. Attack Of The Angry Women!.
72. The man-dog was very angry.
73. An angry Ent is terrifying.
74. As a result, he gets angry.
75. His tone became angry and.
76. She was getting angry again.
77. I was still angry with her.
78. But you have made me angry.
79. What was that? He’s angry.
80. She knew why she was angry.
81. The Gods were angry with you.
82. Oh, so we are angry! Okay.
83. He was still angry, you see.
84. Would he be angry with her.
85. She had been angry, and hurt.
86. He was angry this arrogant.
87. Anger? Had she been angry?
88. Rivan glared at Trini, angry.
89. Raj gazed me with angry eyes.
90. I was angry and stone-faced.
91. The giant’s would be angry.
92. I’m still angry at myself.
93. That angry god unleashed a.
94. Angry at myself, and at God.
95. I'd never seen her so angry.
96. If she made him angry there.
97. He could have been an angry.
98. No wonder Sophie was so angry.
99. Not an angry voice, but not.
100. Is he angry with you?

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