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Animate numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Such procreation, by both animate.
  2. You have to animate it with your life energy.
  3. Deanna had never seen Tammas so animate with emotions.
  4. They could even animate the dead to continue to fight.
  5. You are not a body, nor a mind and you only animate and.

  6. God in all animate and inanimate beings that are destructible.
  7. Existing in all animate and inanimate beings, he is both anim-.
  8. Remember, O the best of Bharat, that whatever animate or inan-.
  9. If that had any effect at all, it was only to animate them further.
  10. It is the sustenance of harmony hosting countless species of animate.
  11. What else could animate this derelict and worn out advertisement for.
  12. He created the living and the nonliving, the animate and the inanimate.
  13. Zombies are mindless undead slaves, magical y animate by necromancers or.
  14. I animate this male android now in case we need its strength, but I am female.
  15. My backpack, heavy as it was, had come to feel like my almost animate companion.

  16. The darkness pressed in on the guardsmen's torches like a sentient, animate thing.
  17. They could see the memories in there with a helmet, but the victim wouldn’t animate.
  18. A man’s task is to sustain the life of that huge organism and all its animate parts.
  19. Absorbed in his own conjectures, he tended to treat his assistants like animate plants.
  20. If the soul [pneuma] is "An animate creature, human or other" how is it that he thinks.
  21. How something works (animate or inanimate) can be covered with either a description or.
  22. If the soul (psukee) is "An animate creature, human or other" how is it that he thinks.
  23. Fae stuff, animate and not, rarely give a wink and sure as heck no nod to human physics.
  24. For that fish is God's will made animate, and God knows every man to his innermost cranny.
  25. Let this kind of hope animate our souls when we are bearing the labour and heat of the day.

  26. No one ought to affirm that the bare idea of animate existence is all that the term includes.
  27. Great mechanical monsters were born, things without soul but made animate by man's ingenuity.
  28. Could you look, sir, into my heart, you would approve to the full the sentiments which animate me.
  29. Even the creator of this world and his world created by Him – animate and inanimate, the issues.
  30. Nothing to animate her face now: only the sculpting of the clouds drifting over the brown red bush.
  31. It was like Tdeshi’s corpse was still hooked up to ropes to animate it, just more advanced technology.
  32. His hands clenched, and then the whole contracted mass fell to the ground, convulsing like a thick, animate jelly.
  33. They love the soil which makes their graves, but have no sympathy with the spirit which may still animate their clay.
  34. If it were the sacred and earnest feeling we pretend, it would strengthen and animate our intercourse with the living.
  35. He recounted some of them to Fermina Daza in the belief that this might animate her, but she sat smoking in another world.
  36. She had grown used to it those few days in his android, she knew how to call it up now and animate it like it was herself.
  37. His duties would be established, but the wife who was to share, and animate, and reward those duties, might yet be unattainable.
  38. The pooch was the closest living animate object Bob had in his life and he talked about it like it was a Scandinavian model he bedded.
  39. And why should you feel like such a mother to me, when all you did was animate the android trying to raise a randomly chosen zygote?
  40. I say according to what I see when youthful and animate lovely is your appearance it caught the attention of the inconsiderate and upon the.
  41. Yet she distinctly felt the glare of hidden eyes, and felt that something animate and sentient was aware of her presence and her hiding-place.
  42. Now it was being run by worshipers of the dead, a type of necromancer that used their deity instead of magic to animate corpses into the undead.
  43. But there is a still mysterious component within that matrix that allows automatic recombination, the self-replication that leads to animate life.
  44. Perhaps after he dies, it will animate his corpse, so that his dead body can keep raping her, and perhaps when she dies, it will do the same to her.
  45. The energy that would animate a crime is not more than is wanted to inspire a resolved submission, when the noble habit of the soul reasserts itself.
  46. The attacks on the individual and the concept of human exceptionalism in the world of animate creatures are aimed at the heart of Western civilization.
  47. The deeds of their ancestors would be before them; glory would animate their bosoms, and love of country would nerve the heart to deeds of mighty fame.
  48. We shall want the presence and living example of a new race of heroes to supply their places, and to animate us to preserve inviolate what they achieved.
  49. Noirtier, seeing Barrois in this pitiable condition, showed by his looks all the various emotions of sorrow and sympathy which can animate the heart of man.
  50. The house was telling me, in much greater detail than was necessary, that humans and most other animate objects have a very strong bias against the inanimate.
  51. The new surprise of her neck where if you touched you could time her pulse; the fingers which cupped in your own were animate and supple and never still; the.
  52. This element dominates over the two previous ones and it is the human innate inclination to do the biggest possible evil to animate beings or inanimate things.
  53. The idea that your life could or should be better and the idea that physical reality is the most real animate an even more basic assumption: that you are the body.
  54. The new surprise of her neck where if you touched you could time her pulse; the fingers which cupped in your own were animate and supple and never still; the….
  55. He became a blasphemy against all nature, for he caused to live and think and act a basic substance that before had never known the pulse and stir of animate being.
  56. That which the mystic glimpses is not just his or her unconscious, but the unconsciousness of God, an unconscious at its deepest level shared by every animate being, he says.
  57. Hoenir, don’t animate the chess pieces! You know they’ll squabble and cause all sorts of trouble — and you haven’t given them mouths! You’ve doomed them to die!.
  58. It's not the symbol which animates that which is less animate - it is the clear mind of the mage, funneled through and reflected around the external symbol placed on the golem.
  59. If masters would always listen to the dictates of reason and humanity, they have frequently occasion rather to moderate, than to animate the application of many of their workmen.
  60. And the excellence or beauty or truth of every structure, animate or inanimate, and of every action of man, is relative to the use for which nature or the artist has intended them.
  61. Planting and tillage frequently regulate more than they animate the active fertility of Nature; and after all their labour, a great part of the work always remains to be done by her.
  62. The greatness of the objects which are to be acquired by success in some particular professions may, no doubt, sometimes animate the exertions of a few men of extraordinary spirit and ambition.
  63. It dragged at him as with tangible, animate, slimy hands, but he buffeted the rushing surge with the strength of desperation and drew closer and closer inshore, fighting furiously for every inch.
  64. A bias that stops them from understanding that consciousness rubs off, that was about as scientific as the house could phrase it, when the animate and inanimate spend enough time in close proximity.
  65. She was a quivering atom of sentiency driven through a black, roaring, icy void by a thundering wind that threatened to extinguish her feeble flicker of animate life like a candle blown out in a storm.
  66. This limited use of these intellectual and spiritual attributes has the capability of reducing human kind’s worth to nothing more animate than artificially battery powered toys or computer operated robots.
  67. The crisp air, the sunlight, the movement on the river, and the moving river itself,—the road that ran with us, seeming to sympathize with us, animate us, and encourage us on,—freshened me with new hope.
  68. She has the power to animate a cherub, and it is one of Alan’s, he has thousands of stored settings packages, and as you know, he built that Desa cherub with very little help from me, so he’s an expert at cherub design.
  69. While your self is engaged in love you will have to deal the worldly matters in your personal life and for this purpose you would have to energize and animate your mind and ego to deal with trivial routines in day to day life.
  70. All animate and inanimate things have a vibrational rate which can be handled by mediums that are sensitive to such vibrations, and information can be brought forth concerning the objects past history associated with the said item.
  71. Years passed away before the traditionary tale of the white maiden, and of the young warrior of the Mohicans ceased to beguile the long nights and tedious marches, or to animate their youthful and brave with a desire for vengeance.
  72. This happened not because they were displeased by the substance of his speech, which had even been forgotten after the many subsequent speeches, but to animate it the crowd needed a tangible object to love and a tangible object to hate.
  73. And now, concentric circles seized the lone boat itself, and all its crew, and each floating oar, and every lance-pole, and spinning, animate and inanimate, all round and round in one vortex, carried the smallest chip of the Pequod out of sight.
  74. I could see if I could channel his channel or just dive into the animate mental pool and call out, Hey, where’s the bird sculpture? or What’s the number of the real estate agent selling the Miyawaki place? Or I could simply ask Murakami himself.
  75. The tribunes, when they had a mind to animate the people against the rich and the great, put them in mind of the ancient divisions of lands, and represented that law which restricted this sort of private property as the fundamental law of the republic.
  76. You had to know with those odds he’d win! Now look, you’re all drunk … Hoenir, don’t animate the chess pieces! You know they’ll squabble and cause all sorts of trouble — and you haven’t given them mouths! You’ve doomed them to die!.
  77. In all I have written I have been careful not to make any impression analogous to the enthusiastic confidence entertained by the opposition, nor to the hopes and expectations that animate the friends of an alliance between the Northern States and Great Britain.
  78. The Word being that part of the Will and Desire of a mystical ‘Creator’ that was required to initiate the existence of creation for creation to exist, and the design and order of creation subsequently evolving to produce both inanimate realities and animate realities.
  79. Were the officers of the army to oppose, with the same zeal and unanimity, any reduction in the number of forces, with which master manufacturers set themselves against every law that is likely to increase the number of their rivals in the home market ; were the former to animate their soldiers.
  80. In executing these orders of the British Government, or in obeying the spirit which was known to animate it, the commanders of these squadrons have encroached on our jurisdiction, seized our vessels, and carried into effect impressments within our limits, and done other acts of great injustice, violence, and oppression.
  81. The combination of the same or different atoms of these elements combine to form either inanimate objects/realities which are nonliving and non-growing, for example, rocks, sand, water and air, etcetera, or animate objects/realities which are living and growing, for example, bacteria, plants, animals and humans etcetera.
  82. The sub-atomic particles of atoms then are the smallest building blocks of existence, both inanimate and animate such as living plants and animals, whereby plants made from atoms of specific elements need the fuel of minerals to grow and animals made up of atoms of specific elements need the fuel of plants and animals to grow.
  83. The fallacy of men's opinions, when they act under the influence of sensibility, and are strongly excited by those hopes which always animate a rising party, led me to doubt the correctness of the opinions which I received in the northern section of this State; which from its contiguity to Canada and necessary intercourse with Montreal, has a stronger interest in promoting a good understanding with His Majesty's Government.
  84. I am aware, more aware than Crawford can be, that the man who means to make you love him (you having due notice of his intentions) must have very uphill work, for there are all your early attachments and habits in battle array; and before he can get your heart for his own use he has to unfasten it from all the holds upon things animate and inanimate, which so many years' growth have confirmed, and which are considerably tightened for the moment by the very idea of separation.
  85. Sight and hearing were the only senses remaining, and they, like two solitary sparks, remained to animate the miserable body which seemed fit for nothing but the grave; it was only, however, by means of one of these senses that he could reveal the thoughts and feelings that still occupied his mind, and the look by which he gave expression to his inner life was like the distant gleam of a candle which a traveller sees by night across some desert place, and knows that a living being dwells beyond the silence and obscurity.
  86. Why do you think the Catholic Church told its parishioners for hundreds of years that because they were sinners, after they died they would all be doomed to everlasting misery and go to Hell and burn in hellfire? Because millions of years ago, undead entities discovered a way to keep from dying out as they are designed to; naturally decomposing their animate energy back into the living Earth: these evil things discovered how to suck off energy that is not life energy: they found a way to suck off the heat energy of burning flames.
  87. By a union with Great Britain, the greater part of people of all ranks in Ireland would gain an equally complete deliverance from a much more oppressive aristocracy ; an aristocracy not founded, like that of Scotland, in the natural and respectable distinctions of birth and fortune, but in the most odious of all distinctions, those of religious and political prejudices; distinctions which, more than any other, animate both the insolence of the oppressors, and the hatred and indignation of the oppressed, and which commonly render the inhabitants of the same country more hostile to one another than those of different countries ever are.
  88. Happy the blest ages that knew not the dread fury of those devilish engines of artillery, whose inventor I am persuaded is in hell receiving the reward of his diabolical invention, by which he made it easy for a base and cowardly arm to take the life of a gallant gentleman; and that, when he knows not how or whence, in the height of the ardour and enthusiasm that fire and animate brave hearts, there should come some random bullet, discharged perhaps by one who fled in terror at the flash when he fired off his accursed machine, which in an instant puts an end to the projects and cuts off the life of one who deserved to live for ages to come.
  89. Moonlit and mystic, with animate power,.
  90. Your thought makes all things, animate and inanimate,.
  91. Plants, trees, and animals take their place, but these organic objects are animate,.
  92. The divine is not just in you, it is in All: animate and inanimate; on Earth and in this entire Universe; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual; anything,.
  1. It is thus the animating.
  2. They had enjoyed animating the androids.
  3. Maria, wanting Henry Crawford's animating support, thought the subject better avoided.
  4. The magical power coursed through him, animating him with a joy like he had never experienced.
  5. Hawkeye was in front, brandishing his terrible rifle and animating his followers by his example.
  6. Then there’s whatever this is in the dark matter, it could be hacking in and animating the Yellelle cherub.
  7. Animating his followers by his voice, and his own example, Hawkeye then gave the word to bear down upon their foes.
  8. Something is animating them in the intricate dance that makes up the trillions of interactions that are civilization.
  9. His mage-fire encompassed the weapon, animating it, forcing it to circle clockwise in the air, its razor edge leading the way.
  10. The reawakened Energies – are the smaller branches of One Ray – smaller rays, each of which is Fohat or Serpent, animating its Soul.
  11. Besides, there is that peculiar voice of hers, so animating and piquant, as well as soft: it cheers my withered heart; it puts life into it.
  12. It was clear her soul, her animating essence, was no longer there, just as her physical body had long since dissolved into the elements of the earth.
  13. My mother was your lover, you never saw anything in me but a naive soul you could train to make the body she abandoned, act like she was still animating it.
  14. He revived the sacred prophetic Sunna after the books of the ancient had effaced it, when he drove away the incurable diseases by animating the Sunna of cupping.
  15. He revived the sacred prophetic Sunnah after the books of the ancient had effaced it, when he drove away the incurable diseases by animating the Sunnah of cupping.
  16. He revived the sacred Prophetic Sun’na after the books of the ancients had effaced it, when he drove away incurable diseases by animating the Sun’na of cupping.
  17. The want of his animating influence appeared to be peculiarly felt one day that he had been summoned to Millcote on business, and was not likely to return till late.
  18. We passed a considerable period at Oxford, rambling among its environs and endeavouring to identify every spot which might relate to the most animating epoch of English history.
  19. And gradually you will feed your life-energy, that which the gods send us for better or for worse, animating your newly made self and no longer that gesticulating puppet you once thought was you.
  20. The situation of our country, fellow-citizens, is not without its difficulties; though it abounds in animating considerations, of which the view here presented of our pecuniary resources is an example.
  21. Lieutenant Biddle's active conduct contributed much to our success, by the exact attention paid to every department during the engagement, and the animating example he afforded the crew by his intrepidity.
  22. Perhaps among those who read the present sketches some will be found who, prompted by the impulses animating the author, may desire to render some material help towards the practical realisation of the projected undertaking.
  23. They gaily ascended the downs, rejoicing in their own penetration at every glimpse of blue sky; and when they caught in their faces the animating gales of a high south-westerly wind, they pitied the fears which had prevented their mother and Elinor from sharing such delightful sensations.
  24. Amidst the momentous subjects of deliberation which undoubtedly distinguish the 12th Congress as the most memorable in the annals of America, it has been a source of animating consolation to me, that I have never failed to experience the liberal support of gentlemen in all quarters of the House.
  25. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualized and attains to self — or reflective — consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.
  26. Stripped to our shirts and drawers, we sprang to the white-ash, and after several hours' pulling were almost disposed to renounce the chase, when a general pausing commotion among the whales gave animating token that they were now at last under the influence of that strange perplexity of inert irresolution, which, when the fishermen perceive it in the whale, they say he is gallied.
  27. And he didn't go away from his honourable kind to do that thing to somebody on shore; he stole right there on the spot, in proximity to his shipmates, on board his own ship, with complete disregard for old Brown, our night watchman (whose fame for trustworthiness was utterly blasted for the rest of the voyage) and in such a way as to bring the profoundest possible trouble to all the blameless souls animating that ship.
  28. The sounds of crackling and the din of falling walls and ceilings, the whistle and hiss of the flames, the excited shouts of the people, and the sight of the swaying smoke, now gathering into thick black clouds and now soaring up with glittering sparks, with here and there dense sheaves of flame (now red and now like golden fish scales creeping along the walls), and the heat and smoke and rapidity of motion, produced on Pierre the usual animating effects of a conflagration.
  29. Jennings, and beginning a journey to London under her protection, and as her guest, without wondering at her own situation, so short had their acquaintance with that lady been, so wholly unsuited were they in age and disposition, and so many had been her objections against such a measure only a few days before! But these objections had all, with that happy ardour of youth which Marianne and her mother equally shared, been overcome or overlooked; and Elinor, in spite of every occasional doubt of Willoughby's constancy, could not witness the rapture of delightful expectation which filled the whole soul and beamed in the eyes of Marianne, without feeling how blank was her own prospect, how cheerless her own state of mind in the comparison, and how gladly she would engage in the solicitude of Marianne's situation to have the same animating object in view, the same possibility of hope.
  30. Jennings, and beginning a journey to London under her protection, and as her guest, without wondering at her own situation, so short had their acquaintance with that lady been, so wholly unsuited were they in age and disposition, and so many had been her objections against such a measure only a few days before! But these objections had all, with that happy ardour of youth which Marianne and her mother equally shared, been overcome or overlooked; and Elinor, in spite of every occasional doubt of Willoughby’s constancy, could not witness the rapture of delightful expectation which filled the whole soul and beamed in the eyes of Marianne, without feeling how blank was her own prospect, how cheerless her own state of mind in the comparison, and how gladly she would engage in the solicitude of Marianne’s situation to have the same animating object in view, the same possibility of hope.
  2. Lost in the 3D animated Matrix.
  3. They professed to be animated.
  4. The market square was animated.
  5. Joe was quite animated over lunch.
  6. This is a virtual animated world.
  7. He was very animated as he spoke.
  8. Avoid focus on animated banner ads.
  9. It’s like watching animated wood.
  10. Pierre?’ said he, growing animated.
  11. Yes it’s animated and rated PG.
  12. He looked more animated than I’d.
  13. His face grew more and more animated.
  14. The Law Lords conferred in animated.
  15. But the crowd was quite animated by it.
  16. He was already seated and in animated.
  17. The scene was at once animated and still.
  18. Prince Andrew grew more and more animated.
  19. Justin looked more animated than Rosetti.
  20. Her face was animated and seemed to have.
  21. A seraphic satisfaction animated, without.
  22. And the earth, thereafter, has He animated.
  23. The animated EDA logo reappeared on the screen.
  24. This laughter animated the old man still more.
  25. Instantly, the men became agitated and animated.
  26. The dinner conversation was light and animated.
  27. Most Oscar nominations for an animated film.
  28. Excitement suddenly animated the laird’s face.
  29. Athena and Davros were in animated conversation.
  30. Mixed into this silent, screaming, animated scene.
  31. Soon a relaxed and much more animated conversa-.
  32. Then to perfect the decoy the animal is animated.
  33. The man’s expression was animated with curiosity.
  34. This universe is created and animated by flowing.
  35. Enter Counsel Petrúshin; stout, red, and animated.
  36. The conversation was an animated one, and full of.
  37. When Ian emerged he looked decidedly more animated.
  38. He turned, his expression more animated than normal.
  39. She was very chirpy and animated and her presence.
  40. Felix the Cat: Animated Cartoon character that was.
  41. Arriving at the gaol, he found the Rene in animated.
  42. They all moved to the door, animated with enthusiasm.
  43. Harry was smiling; his hands were animated as he spoke.
  44. She saw how animated he was, how his small body could.
  45. Slow close up on the elderly woman having an animated.
  46. What’s the matter?’ asked Natasha, as with animated.
  47. More animated conversation, until Trugga finally relented.
  48. Her countenance and whole frame grew more animated; the.
  49. The animated half of Roland’s face was working with fury.
  51. I'm animated with hunger; and, seemingly, I must not eat.
  52. Deanna couldn’t help but chuckle at his animated gestures.
  53. We all shared a protective role for them and were animated.
  54. But presently the corner became still more animated, for Mr.
  55. So animated, indeed, were their accents of tenderness, in.
  56. Riley became animated and stood up, Why the hell not?
  57. What made it so startling was that the left side was animated.
  58. This comprises most animated graphics and intense colors for.
  59. He was my son, too, he shouted at her, suddenly animated.
  60. The atmosphere surrounding me was both animated and contained.
  61. I am a robot, a machine animated by an artificial intelligence.
  62. A look of hatred came over the animated half of his face, and.
  63. Dinner conversation was loud and animated in the tiny apartment.
  64. His expression, too, changes, becomes more mobile and animated.
  65. He was now just an animated corpse, devoid of any human emotion.
  66. The whole household, servants included, was bright and animated.
  67. Helga, all of a sudden animated by what the doctor said, inter-.
  68. Three verses he played, moving and animated, and then he stopped.
  69. See what I mean? she groaned, once again becoming animated.
  70. He seems to be in a very animated conversation with an adulterer.
  71. And that animated them before the war had cut their lives in two.
  72. They ran the first film test on the animated monster a week later.
  73. But the spirit that animated the people was none the less heroic.
  74. The computer display was an animated view of the human mouth and.
  75. She’s quite animated and clearly keen to continue with her music.
  76. Let's face it,' said an animated Archie, „if peoples lives and.
  77. He relished those moments when she became animated and passionate.
  78. But, a very different policy animated the then Cabinet of England.
  79. The conversation was animated and the food nourishing and plentiful.
  80. I haven’t seen Eugene this happy, this animated, for a long time.
  81. An animated altercation (in which all took part) ensued among the F.
  82. Jaden is able to see the insides of their bodies in animated vision.
  83. Granny Ulitka became animated and went into raptures of hospitality.
  84. At the men’s end of the table the talk grew more and more animated.
  85. All that July the old prince was exceedingly active and even animated.
  86. A man in a huge mouse suit walked past Shoop being jol y and animated.
  87. My prediction is she is about to become far more animated and daring.
  88. She followed the animated green creature to the hedge by the hospital.
  89. The men seemed bored as the therapist chatters away in an animated way.
  90. Arnav Hylas had been a clever, animated young man with a bright future.
  91. The downtown of that most beautiful city appears very animated and busy.
  92. Mia had been watching the animated movie Mulan, about a Chinese warrior.
  93. His glance became more animated as his conclusions became more hopeless.
  94. He guessed it was some sort of animated voice, activated by his movement.
  95. Her face crinkled up in surprise, You watch animated kid movies?
  96. Grace turned to Anne, her face animated at the fact that her mother was.
  97. Pain, for reminding me that we are just an animated piece of flesh, not.
  98. Kifler suddenly flicked on the overhead projector in an animated fashion.
  99. In no state is the political discourse as animated as it can be in Bihar.
  100. A moment later, another Eugene stands next to me, this one fully animated.
  1. That animates the brain.
  2. Justice animates, it fires up.
  3. The law of reciprocal action supports and animates continued.
  4. Men who know Krishn also know the Supreme Spirit that animates all.
  5. One cannot help sensing, at some level, that this is what animates.
  6. What is it that animates these little clumps of clay? We don’t really.
  7. The Spirit – this is the breath and it animates every part of the world - every soul.
  8. Her arm is covered in blood, but the magick that animates her is already repairing the wound.
  9. Soul–This speaks of the sum of your awareness and inspirations that lives forever and animates a.
  10. They were propagated with all that enthusiastic zeal which commonly animates the spirit of party, when it attacks established authority.
  11. He wants the reader to understand, or at least to wonder about, the profound meaning of these woes that animates the deeper theme found in his poem.
  12. It's not the symbol which animates that which is less animate - it is the clear mind of the mage, funneled through and reflected around the external symbol placed on the golem.
  13. To-day we are amused with a conversation at the foreign office, which animates with a lively hope—to-morrow hope is swallowed up in despair—and the third day announces some new injury.
  14. Sir, the demon Avarice, which benumbs every warm emotion of the soul, has not yet gained the ascendency in the South: the love of country animates every breast, and burns with inextinguishable ardor.
  15. A plentiful subsistence increases the bodily strength of the labourer, and the comfortable hope of bettering his condition, and of ending his days, perhaps, in ease and plenty, animates him to exert that strength to the utmost.
  16. There one may learn, for instance, what, out of regard to your nervous susceptibility, I will inform you of in the drawing-room, namely, that the credit of a banker is his physical and moral life; that credit sustains him as breath animates the body; and M.
  17. He doubts not that your honorable person will grant succor to preserve an existence exteremely painful for a military man of education and honor full of wounds, counts in advance on the humanity which animates you and on the interest which Madame la Marquise bears to a nation so unfortunate.
  18. Let it be demonstrated, beyond a possibility of doubt, that there exists not in the great body of the people of this country any love of gain comparable to the love of real national independence and freedom; that this love of national independence and freedom animates the true American soul far beyond any other sentiment, and that, in support of it, the greatest sacrifices of interest are cheerfully acquiesced in.
  19. All goes to show that the soul in man is not an organ, but animates and exercises all the organs; is not a function, like the power of memory, of calculation, of comparison, -but uses these as hands and feet; is not a faculty, but a light; is not the intellect or the will, but the master of the intellect and the will; - is the vast background of our being, in which they lie,-an immensity not possessed and that cannot be possessed.
  20. They seem not to have admitted the term into their vocabulary; they treat it as a new language; they remind me of the character of Goldfinch in one of Holcroft's plays, who, when he hears the Romans mentioned, exclaims, "Romans! Romans! who are they?" So the gentlemen, "national honor! what's that? what's that?" Yet, sir, strange as it may seem to the honorable gentlemen over the way, the maintenance of the principle of national honor, by which I mean that principle which animates and sustains an elevated fitness of character and conduct, is the only justifiable cause of war; and, if necessary, the principle ought to be maintained by all the sacrifices of war in its worst shape.
  21. The energy that circulates within animates the group’s level of vitality,.

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