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Annihilate numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He does not wish to annihilate you.
  2. Three Questions to annihilate worry.
  3. Jesse leaving me would annihilate me.
  4. Goragos: And the fire? Can you annihilate it?
  5. Sun will not annihilate after gravitational capture.

  6. He will not annihilate those who love and serve Him.
  7. His arrogant heart must win and annihilate his enemy.
  8. Particles spontaneously form and annihilate each other.
  9. I wish I could annihilate it from the face of the earth.
  10. In short, annihilate any traces of them, even their names.
  11. I will destroy Them; annihilate Their works, to restore calm.
  12. They would mutually annihilate each other, said Brendan.
  13. The Dark does not know that it thereby will annihilate itself.
  14. Do what you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic in.
  15. Too many times have we witnessed your worlds self annihilate.

  16. He had an unbecoming habit of saying, I will annihilate you.
  17. The Germans were out to annihilate the nation; Jew and Gentile.
  18. They endeavoured, therefore, to annihilate his trade altogether.
  19. For whatever a man may do, he does it in order to annihilate time.
  20. Whenever one comes in contact with the other, they annihilate 85.
  21. Without enquiry or examination they endeavoured to annihilate them.
  22. If they wanted to annihilate themselves, the sooner the better I reckoned.
  23. To annihilate Israel annihilates God’s very relatedness to those nations.
  24. In fact, they will most likely annihilate the parallel universes and dimensions, too.
  25. Those are the ones we are to annihilate so the Light again radiates everywhere in Laru.

  26. I’m not saying to annihilate your customer, but you have to be as focused as a sniper.
  27. It is the essence of any illicit regime to suppress, expunge, or annihilate its opposition.
  28. In fact, not being able to park one is no problem cause you just annihilate whatever's in the way.
  29. But positrons don't last long, when they hit an electron they annihilate and produce energy as a product.
  30. The prince observed Gania’s eyes flashing at him, as though they would gladly annihilate him then and there.
  31. Unless they annihilate each other on the home planet, we’ll simply face another invasion once we’re free.
  32. You must be prepared to annihilate your favourite passages, no matter how much you love them, or how much you.
  33. That other thing was going to begin, of which he was afraid, and was going to annihilate what they wanted to say.
  34. We can not annihilate them but we can hush up them through detachment, through letting them pass away unattended.
  35. The Bard had picked the right city to annihilate for disabling industry but had picked the wrong city for reprisal.
  36. To escape the past and all that appertained thereto was to annihilate it, and to do that she would have to get away.
  37. The destruction of the United States will not require enough nuclear bombs to annihilate cities and towns across America.
  38. Do you really understand that word? Grateful he had let me live when he had had it in his hand to annihilate me forever.
  39. She had seen these men devour and annihilate her partners, including Andy Grubman, a guy she actually missed occasionally.
  40. They want to abandon the rest of the Federation to our sinful ways and wait for the Almighty to annihilate us for our sins.
  41. Dying to one’s self does not mean that you try and totally wipe out or annihilate your personality with you who are in God.
  42. To that end, we developed a weapon that could annihilate them and the platform necessary for the delivery of that weapon.
  43. Let us avenge him! Let us annihilate the foe, or let us all die together there!’ All shout, and fling themselves after me.
  44. And now the hunters charge! Some of them run as fast as they can and immediately annihilate the idiots’ perimeter defenses.
  45. I was going to annihilate state records in the mile and Almost Famous High’s ‘65 record would be crushed early in the season.
  46. They were here to annihilate the Dark so the humans could continue their life in Laru in peace and that even on the expense of themselves.
  47. The positrons then annihilate with electrons in nearby atoms and the energy emerges as two gamma-rays that shoot off in opposite directions.
  48. He wished, he said, to attack Kutuzof and either annihilate or drive him from before him, and then to fall rapidly back upon Smolensk.
  49. And, if history is any guide, in that time Israel will have enemies who will swear to drive us into the ocean if they cannot annihilate us first.
  50. Let me take this time to tell you about another million dollar tool that will help you annihilate the enemy of fear and skyrocket your level of belief.
  51. Yania hurried to the foot of the monster and, extending her hands again, emitted a dense beam of light directly into his eyes, trying to annihilate him.
  52. Pay him at once without another word; if not, by the God that rules us I will make an end of you, and annihilate you on the spot; release him instantly.
  53. He asserts that the blotting out of the writing of Moses did not annihilate them, leaving us to draw the conclusion he suggests, that they must always exist.
  54. One who could see things from the native point of view and help him infiltrate and annihilate the red man’s stronghold, destroying them from the inside out.
  55. Will only thought of giving a good pinch that would annihilate that vaunted laboriousness, and was unable to imagine the mode in which Dorothea would be wounded.
  56. I do not pretend that the facts given in this chapter strengthen in any great degree my theory; but none of the cases of difficulty, to the best of my judgment, annihilate it.
  57. We have the most lethal, well trained, motivated and sophisticated military that has ever existed, and we will annihilate this threat and return peace and prosperity to our society.
  58. He felt now that merely by having been recommended to Prince Andrew he had already risen above the general who at the front had the power to annihilate him, a lieutenant of the Guards.
  59. For twenty years past every resource of science has been exhausted in the invention of engines of destruction, and soon a few charges of cannon will suffice to annihilate a whole army.
  60. All this is now superseded by railroads and volunteers, ready at any moment to annihilate any invading force; and by privateers, ready to drive the commerce of any nation from the ocean.
  61. The Minister of Technology asked, How can we be so confident that the other nations won’t simply annihilate us with nuclear weapons in order to prevent us from using more Doves?
  62. There was nothing left for him, except to annihilate himself, except to smash the failure into which he had shaped his life, to throw it away, before the feet of mockingly laughing gods.
  63. Rather than the nation should be made to take this yoke, if so superlative a curse can be in store for us, may the hand of Heaven first annihilate that which cannot be nurtured into honor.
  64. The verbs ejx~oudeno>w and exouqene>w, which seem more literally to answer to our word "annihilate," are all but exclusively used with the tropical meaning of "to treat with utmost contempt.
  65. And all the while, from the corner of my eye I could see innumerable hordes all around us, finally having reached us at a stone’s throw, ready to dismember, gore and utterly annihilate everyone.
  66. It will indeed be thought that I have an overweening confidence in the principle of natural selection, when I do not admit that such wonderful and well-established facts at once annihilate the theory.
  67. Breath knew it would annihilate me if I knew the truth first and then experienced the pain, so He called forth my pain, and after I realized the pain would not annihilate me, he showed me the truth.
  68. Her armies’ ranks had swollen with each successive win, no one wanted to be on the losing side and from the power she now exhibited, no one had any doubt that she would annihilate her son, King Luke.
  69. The forest is mutual re-action of individuals, which do not annihilate each other,—an aggregate; its parts may also enter into a more intimate union, as the hive of bees constitutes itself an organism.
  70. The Israelites swarm over their enemies and annihilate them in a single blow, killing every last man old enough to carry a weapon, leaving a massive feast for the vultures, claiming the spoils of victory.
  71. Chastity and celibacy, it is urged, cannot constitute the ideal of humanity, because chastity would annihilate the race which strove to realize it, and humanity cannot set up as its ideal its own annihilation.
  72. How many seekers have wasted their lives in fighting with their erroneous perceptions about God and God-realization? They have wasted all their life energies in an effort to still the mind, to annihilate the thoughts.
  73. If it could be proved that any part of the structure of any one species had been formed for the exclusive good of another species, it would annihilate my theory, for such could not have been produced through natural selection.
  74. Such as the fact that due to your meddling in the way of things by your crafting of the stone, we may be forced to annihilate these Candidates in order to prevent conflict between the gods?!!! Amirgath demanded in irritation.
  75. The clouds parted traumatically, lamenting in their imposed separation, weeping in their forced denial to be one, when I shuddered at the bolt of lightning that angrily reared its ugly head, declaring its decision to sever and annihilate.
  76. This valley, and the rest of The Nine Valleys, were created when a rock the size of a large mountain broke into nine pieces as it fell from the sky, and they struck with enough force to annihilate almost everything on half of this continent.
  77. Furthermore, the dome itself is an amazingly tough alloy, and is over ten meters thick! We can get through it all, but it will take some time, unless we wish to annihilate the population of this city with the overspill of our attack!.
  78. So, through Worldwide Industries, the State is wielding science as a weapon to annihilate all other forms of knowledge about the universe, including personal experience, which is the fundamental way of interacting with and grasping the world.
  79. If Caine thought he could discredit the prosecution’s witness, he would have questioned him, which led me to the inevitable conclusion: If Caine’s argument for the defense didn’t annihilate the prosecution’s case, Del Rio was going down.
  80. She resolved to smite once, and annihilate this vile nest of poisonous scandal-adders: to destroy the miserable Mosgliakoff, as though he were a blackbeetle, and with one triumphant blow to reassert all her influence over this miserable old idiot-prince!.
  81. It would seem that, availing yourself of these circumstances, you might advantageously attack a weaker one and annihilate him, or at least oblige him to retreat, retaining in our hands an important part of the provinces from Tula and other towns in the interior.
  82. He pointed out that while the Emperor was leading the attack from the front, he would move rapidly from redoubt to redoubt and from reserve to reserve, disperse any force he found on the Mozjaisk road, annihilate the Russian army, and finish the war at a single blow.
  83. Periodically Christians would weigh in on one side or the other and annihilate whichever group was in the way this time, but the slaughter continued unabated in spite of the Swordsman Church’s concerted efforts to eliminate all the Muslims they came in contact with.
  84. It is the recognition of Natural Laws that has enabled us to annihilate time and space, to soar in the air, and to make iron float, and the greater the degree of intelligence the greater will be our recognition of these Natural Laws and the greater will be the power we can possess.
  85. I was embarrassed how to punish him when I discovered his part in the business: he's such a cobweb, a pinch would annihilate him; but you'll see by his look that he has received his due! I brought him down one evening, the day before yesterday, and just set him in a chair, and never touched him afterwards.
  86. I was embarrassed how to punish him when I discovered his part in the business: he’s such a cobweb, a pinch would annihilate him; but you’ll see by his look that he has received his due! I brought him down one evening, the day before yesterday, and just set him in a chair, and never touched him afterwards.
  87. It would seem that, availing yourself of these circumstances, you might advantageously attack a weaker one and annihilate him, or at least oblige him to retreat, retaining in our hands an important part of the provinces now occupied by the enemy, and thereby averting danger from Túla and other towns in the interior.
  88. Yes, it was like a dream in which a man fancies that a ruffian is coming to attack him, and raises his arm to strike that ruffian a terrible blow which he knows should annihilate him, but then feels that his arm drops powerless and limp like a rag, and the horror of unavoidable destruction seizes him in his helplessness.
  89. But it may be asked, Will he not finally annihilate Satan and destroy his words?’ If so, I will respond by asking, ‘Would it not have been better to have absolutely and forever destroyed the Arch Apostate at the moment of his rebellion than after he had done all the evil he could?’—Life and Death, page 15.
  90. Thank God the captain commanding the Darailys picket had the gumption to blow the locks without waiting for authorization from someone higher up the command chain! At least we’ve got them stopped there—for the moment, at any rate—but if Falling Rock marches out into the middle of all that, the heretics will annihilate him.
  91. How fool you people are? Who told you Mr Fardeen Sheikh that when a mosque is hampered always Hindus are behind it? And who told you Mr Abhay Pratap Singh that it is always a Muslim who conspires to annihilate the temples and hence deceive the trust, the pious bond between Hindu-Muslim communities? Where do you learn these facts from?
  92. But Goring, the head of Luftwaffe in the Third Reich put it into Hitler’s head that Wehrmacht’s victory would be perceived by the Germans as the victory of their armed forces, but if Luftwaffe were to annihilate the entrapped that would be to the Fuehrer’s account as the air force was his creation whereas the army was as old as the nation.
  93. In order to work out the whole subject theoretically and to complete his book, which, in Levin’s daydreams, was not merely to effect a revolution in political economy, but to annihilate that science entirely and to lay the foundation of a new science of the relation of the people to the soil, all that was left to do was to make a tour abroad, and to.
  94. Any public calamity which should destroy the republican form of government, which should throw the whole administration into the hands of nobles and of soldiers, which should annihilate altogether the importance of those wealthy merchants, would soon render it disagreeable to them to live in a country where they were no longer likely to be much respected.
  95. It’s as though the jihadi Arabs wouldn’t mind Israel keeping their land so long as they have a cause to hate the Jews and hope to annihilate them in the end, let it be just before the end of the world! In what could be the greatest irony of their faith, the Arabs eye the Promised Land that their own God gave the Jews, not prepared even to share it with them.
  96. The overbearing, oppressive and clumsily gummed up together 'legal' conglomerate is entirely justified and necessary, considering the astounding number of swindlers, murderers, psychopaths, rapists, gangs, STD’s, daredevils, protostar hoppers, insanely violent religious organizations, and sinister plots to destroy and annihilate every single living thing in the system.
  97. It has been calculated that the first day of a riot costs France twenty millions, the second day forty, the third sixty, a three days' uprising costs one hundred and twenty millions, that is to say, if only the financial result be taken into consideration, it is equivalent to a disaster, a shipwreck or a lost battle, which should annihilate a fleet of sixty ships of the line.
  98. All that is now requisite is to annihilate the delusion which justifies the power of money over men, and public opinion will undergo a change as to what is creditable and what is disgraceful, and life will be changed also; and the annihilation of the delusion, of the justification of the moneyed power, and the change in public opinion in this respect, will be promptly accomplished.
  99. Therefore, the starter will bomb as much as possible of the atomic and hydrogen-bombs besides other sorts of arms of total destruction through the first minutes of this war so as to annihilate the enemy finally and wipe him out from the existence, but the modern means of warning and the full alertness will not allow the starter to surprise, yet the opponent will be able to retort and exterminate him too.
  100. When Napoleon, from the old tower on the city walls, surveyed the position that had been occupied by the Russian army on the previous day, he perceived that Barclay-de-Tolly was no longer there—he had again escaped! Napoleon had failed in his endeavour to annihilate the Russian army, and the capture of a city in ashes did not represent the final paralyzing blow which could justify his losses in the eyes of Europe.
  1. Victor was annihilating hundreds of.
  2. Pain ripped a gash through the headmaster’s skull, annihilating thought.
  3. My love, in fine, was so excessive, that is arrived at annihilating every.
  4. Into it Norman Douglas bounced, scattering and annihilating its charm in a moment.
  5. The Red Fog of Death is annihilating everything—and it is happening all over Earth.
  6. The last I heard from them they were in Sector 574 gleefully annihilating pirate bases.
  7. They moved along just inside the grass cover and fired again at another platoon, annihilating it.
  8. The brief encounter that followed put an end to the last of their plans for annihilating the Ogatu.
  9. To win this war they needed not only annihilating the army, but also to break the power of the Dark.
  10. And violence, they say, is necessary to keep savages and criminals from annihilating our civilization.
  11. One of my most favorite things to do that just happens to begin with ―A‖ is Annihilating the enemy.
  12. Tell me if anyone has ever succeeded to live a life by stilling his lungs by annihilating the breathing.
  13. Ijyu, in turn, killed the monsters who tried to pick up the children, sending annihilating light rays with both hands.
  14. Silence burned her ears and not even the pounding hooves of the horses drowned out the annihilating blizzard she felt coming from him.
  15. If the Royal Navy were to be alarmed immediately, it would give them sufficient time to mass a battle fleet capable of annihilating the Germans.
  16. She was tempted now to throw it out into the sea together with any other device that connected her to the identity she was on the brink of annihilating.
  17. The Federal Air Force held total aerial supremacy, but after annihilating every Melioran squadron within the first month of combat, never used it effectively.
  18. Narcissism is conspicuous nihilism - and the cult's leader serves as a role model, annihilating the Man, only to re-appear as a pre-ordained and irresistible force of nature.
  19. And, therefore, it is not rational to serve the lives of men by annihilating the lives of men; and it is impossible to say that I am serving men, when, by my life, I am obviously injuring them.
  20. They reveal to them that their misery and unhappiness are ascribed to the prosperous class so that getting rid of it means uprooting the social oppression, and consequently annihilating the misery, poverty and wretchedness.
  21. Will, however, having given that annihilating pinch, was rather ashamed, imagining from Dorothea's silence that he had offended her still more; and having also a conscience about plucking the tail-feathers from a benefactor.
  22. I didn’t know how I had gotten to his house, let alone his room without his aunt annihilating me on the staircase to Levi’s abode, but the only thing that mattered was that I was there with him, and that he’d gotten me there somehow.
  23. These organizational systems can interact with other organizational systems, either of greater or lesser complexity, by cooperating, integrating, conflicting, annihilating, synthesizing, mutating, hybridizing or transcending together into higher inter-intra-organizations.
  24. If these views be correct, by annihilating our commerce, do we not yield the seas to her, and hold out an inducement to her forever to continue her orders in force? What prospect is there that the embargo will be removed? It cannot now be got rid of by a vote of this House.
  25. They decided the most poignant statement they could make was to set the ship on fire in protest and martyrdom, quickly ending the newly formed movement and annihilating any of the small amounts of crew members in all the remaining ships who could be stirred to fight for themselves and their fellow crew.
  26. But ere that close limit was gained, and while yet all three boats were plain as the ship's three masts to his eye; the White Whale churning himself into furious speed, almost in an instant as it were, rushing among the boats with open jaws, and a lashing tail, offered appalling battle on every side; and heedless of the irons darted at him from every boat, seemed only intent on annihilating each separate plank of which those boats were made.
  27. So this was how things were with him, so doomed was he, so much he had lost his way and was forsaken by all knowledge, that he had been able to seek death, that this wish, this wish of a child, had been able to grow in him: to find rest by annihilating his body! What all agony of these recent times, all sobering realizations, all desperation had not brought about, this was brought on by this moment, when the Om entered his consciousness: he became aware of himself in his misery and in his error.
  1. Then We annihilated the others.
  2. All life forms will be annihilated.
  3. The old Russian infantry was annihilated.
  4. Bombers annihilated the beautiful city of.
  5. Oh yeah, she almost annihilated us, both.
  6. The Dark cannot be annihilated, but they can.
  7. Everything was annihilated except for one thing.
  8. Distance, he said, would shortly be annihilated.
  9. More Warriors lay dead, the Guardians annihilated.
  10. If death and hades are annihilated in the lake of.
  11. In this state, attachment is completely annihilated.
  12. But one or the other, or both, had annihilated her.
  13. It was totally annihilated with all that were in it.
  14. He took the mound every fourth day and annihilated.
  15. By God, she ought to be stoned, killed, annihilated.
  16. If it annihilated them the fireball would outshine Sol.
  17. As for Thamood, they were annihilated by the Overwhelming.
  18. Six times, your race was reborn and almost annihilated.
  19. Death must be annihilated and killed to complete extinction.
  20. Had I waited for your arrival, I would have been annihilated.
  21. The rest of the wing annihilated the remaining black monsters.
  22. Everything in him that was free was annihilated by this meeting.
  23. And as for Aad; they were annihilated by a furious, roaring wind.
  24. They are annihilated with construction equipment and other means.
  25. That formidable remnant had been annihilated; the Guard was dead.
  26. In an instant, for time was now annihilated with me, we were landed at.
  27. Traders almost annihilated themselves before they learned their lesson.
  28. French Army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in.
  29. Charged tachyons are annihilated within the reactor core, providing the.
  31. By using the same logic, the bodies of beasts are not annihilated after.
  32. This is the point when the mind is annihilated and in its place only the.
  33. But what kind of nature can belong to a sage who has annihilated all.
  34. No one will find his way to the Court of Magnificence until he is annihilated.
  35. They survived the concentration camps, but their whole family was annihilated.
  36. He sent one deputy to a computer specialist with the annihilated computer tower.
  37. We were almost annihilated by that other tribe because we almost forgot how to kill.
  38. All my tactics lay in simply being utterly annihilated and prostrate before her purity.
  39. They annihilated every Ogatu; every man, woman, and child that was left on their planet.
  40. In the flood all life not in the ark was totally destroyed, annihilated, abolished, not.
  41. The unfaithful of those who heard the Gospel and were raised will be annihilated by the.
  42. Oh and tell them the destroyer will be hunting PC's once the tower has been annihilated.
  43. What we have termed matter is actually constantly being created, annihilated and created.
  44. The unfaithful of those who heard the Gospel, and were raised will be annihilated by the.
  45. So antimatter is created and annihilated immediately in stars every day, including our sun.
  46. All those busy and ingenious speculations were now annihilated by the conduct of his captors.
  47. The demands of life, which had seemed to her annihilated by her father’s death, all at once.
  48. The title 'prerogative,' it is presumed, was annihilated in America with the Kingly Government.
  49. So the force of deception, in you, arises from the possibility that it can be annihilated and.
  50. If it wasn’t for the quick and skilled elves, they would have been annihilated a long time ago.
  51. In the flood all life not in the ark was totally destroyed, annihilated, abolished, not tormented.
  52. The unfaithful of those who heard the Gospel, and were raised will be annihilated by the second death.
  53. A few years ago in Africa, a few drops in a community water well nearly annihilated an entire village.
  54. Note that many defeated tribes were ethnically cleansed and their roots have been virtually annihilated.
  55. It was so that you might protect the remnant of your people that is left from being totally annihilated.
  56. If you try to leave, your spirit will be annihilated and you will cease to exist, forever, Yania said.
  57. She was weeping that her dream of her position being made clear and definite had been annihilated forever.
  58. In the other cases the shells had missed, and the batteries had been at once annihilated by the Heat-Rays.
  59. The defense had annihilated her damned witness, annihilated her and planted the seeds of reasonable doubt.
  60. The violence of the internal struggle, not annihilated by authority, is the offspring of authority itself.
  61. When a transition is made from one level to another the drive of the lower level is not forever annihilated.
  62. After the warm weather commences, it disappears as effectually from human observation, as if it were annihilated.
  63. What little control I had over my anger was annihilated, made worse with the thought of her and what I had thrown away.
  64. He made several efforts to obey, but his little strength was annihilated for the time, and he fell back again with a moan.
  65. The square on the extreme right, the most exposed of all, being in the air, was almost annihilated at the very first shock.
  66. An existence where Klaxworms came out of their caves and were rewarded for their courage instead of instantly annihilated.
  67. When the matter and antimatter came into contact they annihilated leaving the residual matter to form the current universe.
  68. I am thinking of the sort of figure I cut the first time I saw you, when you annihilated my poor sketch with your criticism.
  69. It will be virtually annihilated in the future and become a nation of cowards, idiots, fools, and lazy irresponsible dimwits.
  70. There cannot be a more decisive proof that the Hebrew people did not think that in death the whole man was utterly annihilated.
  71. They argue that nothing can be annihilated in the scientific sense, that nothing is annihilated by fire; it just changes its form.
  72. Our officers would have been practically annihilated had it not been for your wit and those remarkable civilians with the alchemist.
  73. Annihilation is an unbiblical way of saying "the wages of sin is death," that all of a person will be annihilated after the judgment.
  74. Golyadkin junior shattered, annihilated our hero’s last hopes, and inclined the balance again in favour of his deadly and undeserving for.
  75. It has enabled man to discover laws whereby time and space have been annihilated and now apparently the law of gravitation is to be overcome.
  76. It has enabled man to discover laws whereby time and space have been annihilated, and now apparently the law of gravitation is to be overcome.
  77. The despair and dismay of 1786 are returned! The prosperity of twenty years is annihilated at one stroke! The sources of revenue are dried up.
  78. How many times have we said that we shouldn’t gamble on earnings reports? CETV’s powerful uptrend was annihilated by a bad earnings report.
  79. With a Stygian host on its heels, it had cut its way through the black kingdom of Kush, only to be annihilated on the edge of the southern desert.
  80. What happened during the heat of the financial crisis in October 2008? Gold got annihilated, selling off from $1,080 an ounce down to $707 an ounce.
  81. His sister worked also but what could she do with seven little children? It was a sad group enveloped in misery, which was being gradually annihilated.
  82. Then at last the power of the mind to quit the body is manifest, and perhaps we fear or hate or wish annihilated this phantom of ourselves, lying on the table.
  83. Hitler diverted the German war machine to Operation Barbarossa, and was to see, as did Napoleon his great armies annihilated in the bitter Russian winter climate.
  84. The East India trade of all these nations, if we except that of the French, which the last war had well nigh annihilated, has been almost continually augmenting.
  85. We gave Moses the Scripture after We had annihilated the previous generations; as an illumination for mankind, and guidance, and mercy, so that they may remember.
  86. Hausser gave the order to abandon the city and Beck was moved back to Krasnograd with the rest of the where they regrouped and annihilated the Soviet Mobile Units.
  87. They cannot behold the living God without hatred, and they cry out that the God of life should be annihilated, that God should destroy Himself and His own creation.
  88. He was annihilated because He was believed a threat to the political and religious agenda’s, power and practices, and the privileged, comfortable and secure status.
  89. Had the Martians aimed only at destruction, they might on Monday have annihilated the entire population of London, as it spread itself slowly through the home counties.
  90. Speaking from personal experience, Steele grants that for a black person to read in the New York Times that he is not really black is to be annihilated on some level.
  91. The demands of life, which had seemed to her annihilated by her father’s death, all at once rose before her with a new, previously unknown force and took possession of her.
  92. No trace or vestige of the expense of the latter would remain, and the effects of ten or twenty years' profusion would be as completely annihilated as if they had never existed.
  93. Anyone other than Chalkyr would have anticipated being annihilated on the spot, but very few things fazed Slym Chalkyr, and Eastshare knew he wouldn’t have interrupted on a whim.
  94. At last the French army arrived at the Beresina, where it must have been annihilated but for the folly of the Russian General Chichagof, who had been directed to cut off its retreat.
  95. Probably because of Mallika, what had she done to him? And secondly trying to analyse a proper way of telling the girl of his dreams how he had gotten annihilated by an undersized teenager.
  96. Since the buildup of nuclear arms stockpiles during the Cold War, it’s been fortunate that mankind hasn’t turned them on one another and annihilated much of life on earth in the process.
  97. At any time the destruction that had already singed the northwestern borders of the metropolis, and had annihilated Ealing and Kilburn, might strike among these houses and leave them smoking ruins.
  98. But of late they have grown, more candid and are ashamed of the expression ‘love of country,’ and have annihilated the very spirit of the words as something injurious and petty and undignified.
  99. If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it.
  100. By using the same logic, the bodies of beasts are not annihilated after their death for all the elements of their bodies still exist, therefore, they are now conscious even though they are destroyed.
  1. What I prove annihilates.
  2. The Lightning which annihilates.
  3. The fire of this knowledge annihilates all action.
  4. As Thomas Hardy said, marriage annihilates reserve.
  5. The fire of this direct perception of God annihilates action for ever.
  6. There's no pretty Latin phrase or Sanskrit mantra that annihilates self.
  7. To annihilate Israel annihilates God’s very relatedness to those nations.
  8. Chance fails to explain why pockets of increasing information should exist in a universe that annihilates information.
  9. A navy can injure commerce, but cannot afford it protection, unless it annihilates the naval force of the adverse nation.
  10. Philosophically speaking, it occurred to Ben that in the long run, evil cannot win, because evil always annihilates whatever it touches.
  11. The Divine Intelligence, the Highest Intelligence presents and teaches us all by means of opposites, only the essence of that Reality is where all dualities annihilates, all opposites collapses.
  12. This avoids the consumerism and the burning of resources through the fixed cost with the storage of machines, materials and products whose large majority generates wastes and it annihilates Planet Earth’s wealth.
  13. That situation overloads the other sectors as the organizations with profit or non-profit that hug the social responsibility to minimize the social drama that annihilates the world as consequence of enormous and proven state-owned deficiency.
  14. It is a power that, from its nature, never could be delegated; never was delegated; and as it breaks down all the proportions of power guarantied by the constitution to the States, upon which their essential security depends, utterly annihilates the moral force of this political contract.
  15. It is well known that if pollen of a distinct species be placed on the stigma of a flower, and its own pollen be afterwards, even after a considerable interval of time, placed on the same stigma, its action is so strongly prepotent that it generally annihilates the effect of the foreign pollen; so it is with the pollen of the several forms of the same species, for legitimate pollen is strongly prepotent over illegitimate pollen, when both are placed on the same stigma.
  16. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.
  17. Hundreds of millions in money, tens of millions of disciplined men, implements of destruction of wonderful power, with an organization which of late has been carried to the highest degree of perfection, with a whole army of men whose calling it is to deceive and hypnotize the masses, and all this, by means of electricity, which annihilates space, subjected to men, who not only consider such a structure of society to be advantageous for them, but even such that without it they would inevitably perish, and who, therefore, use every effort of their minds in order to maintain it,—what an invincible force, one would think!.
  18. Money lavished by hundreds of millions, tens of millions of disciplined troops, weapons of astounding destructive power, all organizations carried to the highest point of perfection, a whole army of men charged with the task of deluding and hypnotizing the people, and all this, by means of electricity which annihilates distance, under the direct control of men who regard such an organization of society not only as necessary for profit, but even for self-preservation, and therefore exert every effort of their ingenuity to preserve it—what an invincible power it would seem! And yet we need only imagine for a moment what will really inevitably come to pass, that is, the Christian social standard replacing the heathen social standard and established with the same power and universality, and the majority of men as much ashamed of taking any part in violence or in profiting by it, as they are to-day of thieving, swindling, begging, and cowardice; and at once we see the whole of this complex, and seemingly powerful organization of society falls into ruins of itself without a struggle.

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