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1. A following annotation from the Obscurist Magnus to the document:.
2. A handwritten annotation to the tract, in the hand of Archivist Magister Alessandro Volta, 1795:.
3. Once again I've taken a faster time frame here to use as an example, and in this case my commentary is on a candle by candle basis with no annotation.
4. I have been led farther than I had foreseen, and various subjects for annotation have presented themselves which, though I have no direct need of them, I could not pretermit.
5. Next, to prove yourself a man of erudition in polite literature and cosmography, manage that the river Tagus shall be named in your story, and there you are at once with another famous annotation, setting forth--The river Tagus was so called after a King of Spain: it has its source in such and such a place and falls into the ocean, kissing the walls of the famous city of Lisbon, and it is a common belief that it has golden sands, etc.

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