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Annoyance numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A small sigh of annoyance.
  2. The captain spat in annoyance.
  3. She turned to him in annoyance.
  4. I bit my lip hard in annoyance.
  5. There was that annoyance again.

  6. She shook her head in annoyance.
  7. There was annoyance in her reply.
  8. In the past it was an annoyance.
  9. Annoyance flits across his face.
  10. Darren turned around in annoyance.
  11. She met him with grave annoyance.
  12. Visola waved her hand in annoyance.
  13. Evan turned his annoyance on Joshua.
  14. I dropped my shoulders in annoyance.
  15. Barron shot her a look of annoyance.

  16. He glanced at the clock in annoyance.
  17. A flash of annoyance crossed his face.
  18. Sound sensed Mitch’s minor annoyance.
  19. Aglaya stamped her foot with annoyance.
  20. He made a gesture of anger and annoyance.
  21. A look of annoyance crossed Mae’s face.
  22. To his intense annoyance both ignored him.
  23. Breckenridge pursed his lips in annoyance.
  24. She looked at him with a little annoyance.
  25. With a look of annoyance, Barret stepped.

  26. Her first annoyance was rapidly followed.
  27. Out of habit, he suppressed his annoyance.
  28. Annoyance and anger too are indispensable.
  29. His annoyance was understandable, but we.
  30. Just a temporary annoyance, Your Majesty.
  31. The woman looked at me with annoyance but.
  32. Danny was an annoyance because he was the.
  33. Philander, a shade of annoyance in his tone.
  34. Annoyance turned to anger and his eyes lit up.
  35. Concerning? blurted James with annoyance.
  36. Yes? he answered, conveying his annoyance.
  37. And who is the cause of all this annoyance?
  38. To her annoyance he hadn’t risen to the bait.
  39. Drake worked hard not to let his annoyance show.
  40. The voice in the hall rose high with annoyance.
  41. His voice turned to a false state of annoyance.
  42. Sir Walter's face showed surprise and annoyance.
  43. His face wrinkled in an expression of annoyance.
  44. How old are you? Gomes asked in annoyance.
  45. Archie listened to the horn blast with annoyance.
  46. Sore throats were an annoyance of smoking, but.
  47. But with capricious annoyance he interrupted me.
  48. That look of annoyance mingled with blame could.
  49. They said their farewells, much to Jack annoyance.
  50. I let my brief annoyance at the interruption pass.
  51. Ghosteater chuffed with annoyance and said nothing.
  52. Kady shot a puzzled look at him, more in annoyance.
  53. I read suspicion there and annoyance, but no jest.
  54. Captain Farid eyed them with increasing annoyance.
  55. He looked at me with some impatience and annoyance.
  56. What is it child_ Tommit barked in annoyance.
  57. The division excited neither protest nor annoyance.
  58. But she didn't want to cause Shelagh any annoyance.
  59. Annoyance wasn’t going to remedy her predicament.
  60. The engineer looked with annoyance at the small man.
  61. De Vile looked at his new ally with muted annoyance.
  62. The faces of the audience began to betray annoyance.
  63. They were merely an annoyance to the rich countries.
  64. Yes, yes I have, Amonas said with mild annoyance.
  65. Wait, Sam said, holding his annoyance in check.
  66. Alice showed her annoyance at him, rather than the EA.
  67. Kerala rolled her eyes and huffed with mock annoyance.
  68. Caramarin watching and turned with a look of annoyance.
  69. To Victor’s annoyance, Abdul announced that he was.
  70. Holmes's face showed his disappointment and annoyance.
  71. Anything else? David said with an edge of annoyance.
  72. Detroit was mumbling in annoyance, his words incoherent.
  73. They swarmed around us in clouds of stinging annoyance.
  74. I was nothing but an annoyance in his eyes at the mo-.
  75. Nope, Barron said, shaking his head with annoyance.
  76. Of course, much to her annoyance Harry was fond of Becky.
  77. About time you noticed me, it said with annoyance.
  78. She did not say anything, but I understood her annoyance.
  79. Nina Alexandrovna’s question betrayed intense annoyance.
  80. What the hell, Wedge? snapped Barret with annoyance.
  81. Do not smile with me, Bahit, Karit said in annoyance.
  82. Open-mouthed, wide-eyed, loving him more for his annoyance.
  83. Adem took it as a badge of honour rather than an annoyance.
  84. The robot showed no signs of annoyance at being interrupted.
  85. Yes, Alby, Minho said, his words laced with annoyance.
  86. He smiled as he spoke, but his heart was full of annoyance.
  87. Then annoyance flared up in him, and he said, Of course.
  88. Zaphod burst out in annoyance: Who are they Trillian?
  89. Halirit looked at him with an expression of almost annoyance.
  90. But it was Sir James's evident annoyance that most stirred Mr.
  91. He chuckled, and I felt the twinge of annoyance grow stronger.
  92. Alex seemed to be at a loss for words, and his annoyance was.
  93. Often, the result is annoyance with religion and church, and.
  94. Amanda had watched Irma’s outburst with increasing annoyance.
  95. Alex pursed his lips in annoyance and instead put his hand on.
  96. Who the hell is this? The gruff had moved on to annoyance.
  97. Alex fought back his instinctive urge to express his annoyance.
  98. The show of respect conflicted with the annoyance in his voice.
  99. Demanding explanations was their way of voicing their annoyance.
  100. My show of annoyance was feigned though, and he was aware of it.

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