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Answer numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. And he had no answer.
  2. But he did not answer.
  3. But I know the answer.
  4. But I knew the answer.
  5. And the answer is no.

  6. She had to answer it.
  7. No one has an answer.
  8. She did not answer him.
  9. He gave her an answer.
  10. So, here is my answer.
  11. Then the answer is no.
  12. She did not answer me.
  13. The man did not answer.
  14. No answer in five days.
  15. I didn't have an answer.

  16. I begged for an answer.
  17. See if you can answer.
  18. He still did not answer.
  19. Yet I cannot answer it.
  20. Your love is the answer.
  21. There must be an answer.
  22. She smiled for an answer.
  23. His smile was her answer.
  24. So what is the answer?
  25. She nodded for an answer.

  26. Jake must be the answer.
  27. But my answer was ready.
  28. The answer is very basic.
  29. Look for the answer in.
  30. The answer had to be yes.
  31. I wish I had the answer.
  32. She will have to answer.
  33. An answer phone cuts in.
  35. And there was the answer.
  36. The chief did not answer.
  37. The answer to my prayer.
  38. Give me the final answer.
  39. There is no wrong answer.
  40. There is no answer that.
  41. He has to find an answer.
  42. The answer is still no.
  43. We will find the answer.
  44. You must answer the call.
  45. And you know the answer.
  46. I tried to answer, Yes.
  47. Again there was no answer.
  48. If not, I have no answer.
  49. You have to answer it.
  50. Halon was quick to answer.
  51. Bill: My answer is ―No.
  53. The answer to a question.
  54. My answer was instant: yes.
  55. That had to be the answer.
  56. You don't have an answer?
  57. The answer is again simple.
  58. And now I have an answer:.
  59. Answer: Keep it in the cow.
  60. And the answer I came up.
  61. Surely he knew the answer.
  62. He found a strange answer.
  63. And the correct answer is.
  64. I could think of an answer.
  65. Have to answer the phone.
  66. Yes, I will answer you.
  67. To her the answer seemed.
  68. Wait, I've got the answer.
  69. Hi T, came the answer.
  70. I wasn't sure of my answer.
  71. But he'd have to answer it.
  72. Killing is the only answer.
  73. But the answer is so plain.
  74. I had no answer to give her.
  75. I do not have an answer.
  76. Also, she would not answer.
  77. He didn't answer right away.
  78. In answer to a questioner.
  79. Still no one has an answer.
  80. The answer is obvious: Eric.
  81. There was no answer to that.
  82. The Lord gave me the answer.
  83. But she did not answer that.
  84. Sometimes the answer is no.
  85. Love could be the answer,.
  1. It was God answering my.
  2. Why is he not answering?
  3. She gave no answering smile.
  4. Well, he began answering me.
  5. He was a long time answering.
  6. Her answering service came on.
  7. She stood still, not answering.
  8. Without answering, he was gone.
  9. Ned bowed without answering him.
  10. Now the sod was answering back.
  11. Paul played on without answering.
  12. Answering questions may or may.
  13. Valeriya but she wasn't answering.
  14. The answering service came on.
  15. He gazed at her without answering.
  16. He was a long time answering that.
  17. She shook her head, not answering.
  18. Sam here, he said, answering.
  19. Anton took a beat before answering.
  20. You’re not answering my question.
  21. Laino just looked without answering.
  22. Far-away answering horns were heard.
  23. Repentance is the way to answering.
  24. The ads and the answering machine.
  25. It’s on the answering machine.
  26. I was just answering the questions.
  27. Instead of answering, I concentrated.
  28. Without answering, she sighed deeply.
  29. Even his answering service is female.
  30. She stumbled away without answering.
  31. Arnold hesitated before answering her.
  32. But her answering grin is infectious.
  33. Henry hesitated before answering her.
  34. The messages on the answering machine.
  35. His answering smile was slow and sexy.
  36. Abby rose suddenly, without answering.
  37. She looked up at him without answering.
  38. I left the house without answering him.
  39. We are used to answering many at once.
  40. I stared at his face without answering.
  41. The answering machine may have been a.
  42. He waited a long time before answering.
  43. But that is not really answering the.
  44. No answering greeting came back to me.
  45. He’s not answering his phone either.
  46. Tithian considered her before answering.
  47. He’s still not answering his phone.
  48. And after answering vehemently in the.
  49. I was in fact answering my own question.
  50. But that's not answering your question.
  51. I am answering your question, Victor.
  52. No one's answering at the organization.
  53. Mom still wasn’t answering the phone.
  54. I see Herndon's not answering at home.
  55. But she never thought of answering them.
  56. He started laughing without answering me.
  57. It’s mom, he said, answering it.
  58. Tui hesitated slightly before answering.
  59. But this isnt answering my question.
  60. Why wasn't someone answering the door?
  61. No one's answering the phone at the loft.
  62. The answering machine had been turned off.
  63. The other was recorded on the answering.
  64. She had passed without answering his cry.
  65. I called, but I got her answering machine.
  66. Greg paused for a moment before answering.
  67. The First Elder was already answering her.
  68. The answering machine was blinking madly.
  69. Aaron moves up the trail without answering.
  70. Her answering machine wasn’t on, either.
  71. There was an answering groan from his feet.
  72. He was thinking about it before answering.
  73. The pixie picked his nose before answering.
  74. It’s picked up by the answering machine.
  75. No, she said, answering his question.
  76. Ingrid took a deep breath before answering.
  77. Crystal cleared her throat before answering.
  78. She paused for a long time before answering.
  79. Dishonest people avoid answering questions.
  80. Not answering Caleb crossed over to the bed.
  81. I turned away my head without answering him.
  82. After lunch, she looked at the answering fax.
  83. Instead of answering her, Nancy repeated her.
  84. Answering the Counterfeit Mocking Bird 1992.
  85. And from the walls an answering shout went.
  86. Wilson rolled his eyes before answering that.
  87. He pulled in a deep breath before answering.
  88. Upon answering the question, you will gain.
  89. Aaron hesitates, taking his time in answering.
  90. Stavrogin went up the steps without answering.
  91. They were a long time answering this question.
  92. Stop answering my question with a question.
  93. For a moment Scarlett paused before answering.
  94. She snatched her hand away without answering.
  95. There’s a question that needs answering.
  96. Pa got up and left the tent without answering.
  97. Edrimer pondered before answering too quickly.
  98. Her voice, answering him quickly, was urgent.
  99. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer.
  100. Mairsa hesitated for a moment before answering.
  1. It was Ma who answered.
  2. Yes? he answered at once.
  3. If you had answered that.
  4. When I had answered the.
  5. When it was answered he.
  6. He answered yes to both.
  7. In a way, I answered.
  8. No more voice answered her.
  9. A silent glare answered her.
  10. A moment later she answered.
  11. I answered as best I could.
  12. Brock nodded as he answered.
  13. A servant answered the door.
  14. She answered me with silence.
  15. She answered on the second.
  16. He never answered my prayer.
  17. His wife answered the phone.
  18. Here I am, he answered.
  19. As you wish, she answered him.
  20. Pte Lord J? I answered.
  21. She answered by shrugging too.
  22. And the Lord answered Moses:.
  23. A woman's voice answered him.
  24. But this white wolf answered.
  25. But neither answered his call.
  26. He answered on the second ring.
  27. My father never answered her.
  28. Ingrid then answered for Klaus.
  29. I answered in the affirmative.
  30. He answered on the first ring.
  31. She answered with deep emotion.
  32. But she answered Him Yes Lord.
  33. I laid back down and answered.
  34. Yes, I answered that question.
  35. She proudly answered me that.
  36. Watson answered MEX1 to Viper.
  37. He answered on the third ring.
  38. We all are, she answered.
  39. He answered in a half of ring.
  40. His mother answered the phone.
  41. It was answered straight away.
  42. No, not yet, he answered.
  43. I answered that I charged my.
  44. Xavier answered for them both.
  45. Newton answered for the others.
  46. A little shaky, I answered.
  47. We just answered his questions.
  48. Neither Elior nor she answered.
  49. But it was Marina who answered.
  50. He answered more readily than.
  51. He hesitated before he answered.
  52. Yes! one of them answered.
  53. Mick answered and buzzed me in.
  54. A goggle box he answered.
  55. And the Lord God answered him:.
  56. He has answered my prayers,.
  1. Only God has the answers.
  2. He had no answers for us.
  3. The answers are the same.
  4. God answers to all names.
  5. But Apollo has no answers.
  6. I am sure he answers my.
  7. The only answers to her.
  8. But again, no one answers.
  9. Some of the answers were:.
  10. And still with no answers.
  11. Answers the answer to the.
  12. With the answers you seek.
  13. What if his wife answers?
  14. The agency answers to no.
  15. One word answers are best.
  16. The answers are within you.
  17. God, I have all the answers.
  18. Of course you want answers.
  19. For their answers I cannot.
  20. I don’t have the answers.
  21. Could do with a few answers.
  22. Now they all wanted answers.
  23. The answers died with Grant.
  24. But she gave him no answers.
  25. I have the answers, not men.
  26. I hope you get your answers.
  27. I need to know some answers.
  28. Lex answers, To the hotel.
  29. Maybe he has some answers.
  30. Q: Does it find the answers?
  31. But are the answers for us -.
  32. I AM the one with the answers.
  33. No its not, I want answers.
  34. I do not have the answers.
  35. There are a good many answers.
  36. I have no answers for him now.
  37. In men are the answers to men.
  38. He answers it in verses 11-24.
  39. She answers without looking up.
  40. The answers are all around us.
  41. I hope he has all the answers.
  42. Answers come from the sea of.
  44. He answers on the second ring.
  45. She hated his succinct answers.
  46. None of us has all the answers.
  47. The General will want answers.
  48. Your answers lie inside of you.
  49. I expect you have some answers.
  50. The answers they were seeking.
  51. Life is questions, not answers.
  52. That send no answers back again.
  53. Ferdy Chicken Answers the Call.
  54. Questions and answers were heard.
  55. Arthur looked at me for answers.
  56. It was time to get some answers.
  57. This question has lot of answers.
  58. Answers are shared and compared.
  59. That is where the answers are!.
  60. I’ll never have those answers.
  61. They’ve all found the answers.
  62. He answers her unspoken question.
  63. Questions and Answers THE BRAIN.
  64. Damn resting! She wanted answers.
  65. The answers are on the next page.
  66. You have answers for everything.
  67. He answers on the first half ring.
  68. Yes and no answers, Mr Rudolph.
  69. I have also had more answers to.
  70. I guess that answers my question.
  71. No, Her answers were simple.
  72. It’s a moment before he answers.
  73. He tried hard to give me answers.
  74. There had to be answers somewhere.
  75. Some answers are very much more.
  76. Luna pressed him for more answers.
  77. But if you want the answers away.
  78. I need answers, he told her.
  79. Sometimes, the answers given to.
  80. Answers are discussed as a group.
  81. Tell him to say he needs answers.
  82. I don’t know, she answers.
  83. Tell me all the answers,.
  84. That there are no answers,.

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