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Antiseptic numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The smell of antiseptic choked me.
2. Dip them in antiseptic and keep the ice on.
3. Once again he smelled the antiseptic and a breeze.
4. This soap will clean the skin but is not antiseptic.
5. I walked out of the world of antiseptic hallways and.
6. It acts as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent, reducing.
7. If antiseptic is available use it for cuts and abrasions.

8. It acts as an antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial.
9. Doc scrubbed his hands with antiseptic from his kit and.
10. The air smelled of antiseptic and clean, refiltered oxygen.
11. Sabina dropped the gun on the bench and grabbed for antiseptic.
12. All I hear, as Tobias applies antiseptic to his skin, is the wind.
13. No antiseptic, floor cleaners, or -- what I dreaded most -- death.
14. The doctor moved in quickly with antiseptic and started to clean up.
15. Adding horseradish root or pine resin to the brew will make it antiseptic.
16. Clean the local area with antiseptic, but wash the wound with boiled water.
17. Use its antiseptic qualities in an infusion for coughs and colds, or as a potherb.
18. Ken then eyed with sadness her burns, now covered with bandages or antiseptic cream.
19. They sprayed the wound with antiseptic then taped a large, sterile dressing over the cut.
20. He followed these with a box of various size bandages and a bottle of Dettol antiseptic.
21. Letter-and-resume is an antiseptic approach that neither relates to the current problems.
22. Treating the wound with antiseptic powder, he covered it with a field dressing and sat back.
23. The gentleman then swabbed down the area once more with a very potent and odourless antiseptic.
24. After hot showers and splashings of antiseptic on copious grazes, we were asleep within minutes.
25. They spend fortunes on chemicals to keep their houses as perfectly sterile and antiseptic as possible.
26. The whole area was sprayed with an antiseptic solution and washed down automatically after a download.
27. Usnea has a traditional reputation as an antiseptic and is sometimes used for people with common colds.
28. Dumping another dose of antiseptic powder on his arm, he redressed it and took a couple of strong painkillers.
29. We can make the eyes look better with make-up, and I can put some antiseptic cream on your lip; that will help.
30. The nurse who dabs my arm with antiseptic is breathless and looks around at all the activity instead of at my wound.
31. I think the best we can do is to use some of the antiseptic spray on it and use one of the four larger dressings.
32. By Army Regulations, each soldier carries into action a first-aid dressing, the Esmarck bandage and two antiseptic pads.
33. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that can be used to relieve the agony of toothache in much the same way as oil of cloves.
34. I expected the medicinal smell of a hospital, that sterile, antiseptic smell that permeates clothing and never seems to come out.
35. And other oils are taken internally where they can help improve antiseptic activity, stimulate your immune system and work as a diuretic aid.
36. It has not been processed by countless decontamination methods that are supposed to insure it’s germ-free quality and antiseptic cleanliness.
37. Joey searched through his pouch and took out a thick, plastic bag with a length of bandage and a bottle of antiseptic that Lezura had given him.
38. The nurse fills the syringe with the contents of the ampoule and wiping part of his leg with an antiseptic wipe she looks at him; Ready?
39. And a distinctive hint of antiseptic seemed to cling in the air as if someone was constantly roaming the halls, spraying it, even in the most remote corners.
40. The whole idea of civilized humans living in an antiseptic germ-free, clean environment while the rest of the world is filled with cancer-causing toxins and poisons.
41. It has been whitewashing itself into higher and higher levels of sterile, immaculate, antiseptic deadness and whiteness, and goodness, and mediocrity, and identicality.
42. A lot of the time we would sit out in the gardens that surrounded the hospital and the warm sun and fresh air made a wonderful change from the antiseptic smell of the ward.
43. I know that I should have stayed there and maybe gotten my leg looked at, but I figured that I could pick the metal out, throw some antiseptic on it and be good as new in the morning.
44. Sanitizing the region you live in: turning it into a sanitized desert, a dead blighted destroyed area where all living things have been killed, an antiseptic insane desolation of all Nature.
45. This mineral has an antiseptic effect on the alimentary canal, is a constituent of the haemoglobin and keeps the blood purified, and prevents toxic impurities from accumulating in the body.
46. The doctor had wanted to immediately amputate them both back to the next good knuckle under antiseptic conditions and thus be rid of the befouled flesh of the wound but Gerlad would not consent.
47. The doctor wipes his skin clean with an antiseptic rub and looks towards him; Ready? she asks; I am going to insert this needle into your chest which should release the pressure for you.
48. There was a sharp smell of antiseptic in the room, but Scott himself was a mess, a sweat patch on the back of his T-shirt, his jeans hanging loose on his hips as though they were too big for him.
49. It is the creation of the sexual disease called gonorrhea by male penises that were unclean when they entered a female vagina, because their naturally antiseptic foreskin had been cozened and cut off by a goniff.
50. However, here I am forced to use the same catheter for seven days! I am given inadequate antiseptic (when I can get it at all), no gloves and no container/tub in which to clean/re-sterilize the infected catheter.
51. Shamante cleaned up Sophia’s wounds with the extracts of guava leaves, which were believed by their tribe, to possess antiseptic properties, and dried them with the tiny leaves of ogbo tree, presumed to relieve the pain.
52. The gash in her leg, had required a couple of stitches, but as that wound had been cleansed with antiseptic and sewn up before she’d undergone the x-rays on her wrist and ankle, it was no longer a concern, apart from the standard instructions to keep it clean and dry until it completely healed.
53. Several specimens are preserved in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences, and from these it is evident that the reddish colour of the subocellate spots is destroyed by the action of the antiseptic liquid; to this circumstance it is probably owing that these spots have been hitherto described as white.
54. Not selectively admiring the curve of a glass vase… whose curve is dead, and antiseptic, and unchanging… compared to the constantly changing curves of a living girl or a living tree with thousands of leaves and branches soughing gently in the wind… constantly changing their curves… constantly changing their beauty.
55. Included in all this were at least 30 stainless steel bed pans and emesis basins (now replaced in most hospitals by plastic); boxes full of glass syringes of all sizes with needles; at least 50 wooden crutches of all kinds; boxes full of rubber catheters; colostomy bags; birth control pills; boxes of antiseptic solutions and more.
56. Out of the bad majority, the varied countless frauds of men and states, Electric, antiseptic yet, cleaving, suffusing all,.

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