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Apparition numa frase em (in ingles)

No, this was no apparition!.
The apparition was familiar to him.
And I the apparition, I the spectre.
This apparition was too much for Gania.
He stared at a green-skinned apparition.
The apparition was several feet from her.
This apparition seemed to stun the Westies.

Maybe it was an apparition that he was seeing.
Before he could clarify this the apparition.
Wiggam's throat and his apparition shimmered.
The apparition then disappeared before my eyes.
She looked at Caris as at a heavenly apparition.
Before he could clarify this the apparition spoke.
And he saw a pale apparition appear from the gloom.
This apparition was even worse that the real thing.
Which of you is Holmes? asked this apparition.
Having seen the apparition she turned it back again.
He glanced at the apparition in the mist and snorted.
She would certainly swoon if she saw this apparition.
They looked back at the apparition with dazed smiles.
The apparition smiled and turned her brown eyes to the.
This apparition was more substantial and oozed evilness.
Jacques, but as time passed and the apparition failed to.
The Pegasus looked over to the apparition who now stood.
I think the apparition I saw was a mixture of heat rising.
The four boys looked at this unlikely apparition and did.
It was the second white apparition which he had encountered.
The apparition of a god would not have caused more commotion.
The ghostly apparition with the uncanny resemblance to the.
With the aid of the darkness, it seemed a sort of apparition.
Carney looked at her like she was an apparition in a nightmare.
Soon I was encased in a twenty-foot-tal hawk-headed apparition.
The flames lit the pale morning sky, an apparition and an alarm.
Like when that apparition showed up in my aunt’s store?
Neil who just looked up at her as an apparition, a dancer in the.
Thesa shook his head, bewildered by what the apparition was saying.
What was the apparition that I just saw? This type of vision had.
Perhaps Horatio was no Horatio at all, but only a sable Apparition.
Is that right? A strange apparition appeared up there four days ago.
The Reverend dared to reach forth to touch the apparition before him.

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