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Apprehend numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Do not attempt to apprehend.
  2. They were trying to apprehend Captain Curra.
  3. The guards are on their way to apprehend you.
  4. He assured us that everything would be done to apprehend.
  5. I apprehend he will not have less than seven hundred a year.

  6. To these provisions the clause in question I apprehend refers.
  7. Discrimination a mental factor that functions to apprehend the.
  8. From a soldier of his reputation we can have nothing to apprehend.
  9. CSIS wants to apprehend the mole red-handed, the opportunity is there.
  10. I apprehend that man, and call upon him to surrender, and you to assist.
  11. Joseph arrived at the office as the FBI agents apprehend Denise Hendrickson.
  12. It would be the structure of information we apprehend inwardly, albeit not.
  13. You know that they live securely and have nothing to apprehend from their servants?
  14. He was conscious of, but could not apprehend, their wayward and flickering existence.
  15. That is why the philosophers say that we cannot apprehend the reality of things on earth.

  16. The subject is - after all - still out there, and I would very much like to apprehend him.
  17. But all this love would turn to hatred, were I assured that what I so much apprehend is true.
  18. She disappeared as the Gorn authorities tried to apprehend her for disrupting a public hearing.
  19. Neucrant, I assure you that I will apprehend Charlie Crowly and inform him that he is to be hung.
  20. We may now the better apprehend the meaning of our prayer, 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth.
  21. Those who roam the highways to uphold the law and apprehend speeders on the road have quite a challenge.
  22. Which other than yer tonsils is not much but still, we should apprehend her and find out what she knows.
  23. I just couldn’t grasp what he was telling us; I could only apprehend that Julie’s situation was dire.
  24. The agents of the Sanhedrin were present, but they feared to apprehend Jesus in the midst of his friends.
  25. Efforts to locate and apprehend them in order to contain the spread of the infection have been unsuccessful.

  26. He didn’t behave in an unnatural way but took more than a second to apprehend me when I was being introduced.
  27. Animals and human babies don’t apprehend time in this fashion, and neither did ancient human hunter-gatherers.
  28. Now, sir, although exportation is not interdicted by this bill, yet I apprehend the result will be much the same.
  29. Impulsively Olin and Wolfi started in the direction of the thieves to apprehend them and hold them for the sheriff.
  30. I had lost the power of speech, my head was going round in circles, trying to apprehend what my eyes had witnessed.
  31. This feeling is clear and unmistakable; it's as though you apprehend all nature and suddenly say, 'Yes, that's right.
  32. The patrol dogs always kept up and as soon as the suspect was found, the patrol dogs would be released to apprehend him.
  33. There were over 50 files containing names that the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Investigators would love to apprehend.
  34. A series of grizzly murders have been committed and so far the police have been unable to apprehend the person responsible.
  35. I almost hope that the conspiracy gives us the opportunity to apprehend a few of them, by attempting a strike at you here.
  36. In these particular branches of the excise, there is not, I apprehend, much more smuggling in the one country than in the other.
  37. That is, what kind of thoughts you apprehend, what your observer, your consciousness, will choose, that is what you actually are.
  38. If we truly can apprehend him without a life being lost, I will consider it a miracle, though we will not ignore the possibility.
  39. I should apprehend that hostilities between this country and America would be the consequence of continuing the Orders in Council.
  40. I know you have been sent to apprehend me, but you should understand that nothing will befall the Son of Man until his hour comes.
  41. Wrench came, but did not apprehend anything serious, spoke of a "slight derangement," and did not speak of coming again on the morrow.
  42. Back inside the flat he called in what he and Walden had discovered and instructed that an apprehend notice be issued for Bartholemew.
  43. But has he shown that it is necessary in order to make a preliminary arrangement similar to that entered into? I apprehend he has not.
  44. So far, Grobut had evaded him, but if the Admiral managed to apprehend him and secure the Eryx, he was destined for glory and greatness.
  45. It’s a kind of war fought by unconventional means, so a country can’t use their normal approaches of fighting to apprehend these people.
  46. We’re not supposed to cause more horror to innocent bystanders than the perpetrators did to us, while trying to apprehend the perpetrators.
  47. The federal police wanted to apprehend Dr Jacob Abraham for questioning relating to illegal drugs and their distribution both here and overseas.
  48. That in the actual state of tillage the bounty must necessarily have this tendency, will not, I apprehend, be disputed by any reasonable person.
  49. Such a provision would leave us at liberty to settle the limits without the interference of that State, and without, I apprehend, much difficulty.
  50. In fact, however, the truth is clear for those who have hearts by which they apprehend, or for those who lend an ear to what is right and witness it.
  51. In addition, we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must… she paused, must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity.
  52. The only ones that can truly apprehend that mystery of the resurrection at the end of the age are those that have experienced resurrection now in this age.
  53. As soon as this is done they become "harbors and ports not fortified," and have no longer to apprehend any inconvenience from the pressure of a naval force.
  54. The order of arrest, signed by the district-attorney, was couched in these words: Inspector Javert will apprehend the body of the Sieur Madeleine, mayor of M.
  55. He seemed to apprehend that I have no idea of the place he was talking about; being dreadful with names of places and directions is the most common girlie trait.
  56. It is unnecessary, I apprehend, at present to say anything further, in order to expose the folly of a system which fatal experience has now sufficiently exposed.
  57. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
  58. In the first place, I apprehend it is in nowise material, to enable the House to decide on the resolution, whether the President did or did not know the nature of Mr.
  59. Speaking of thought and mind, we should mention a brief statement through which we reveal the activity of this thought and its ability to apprehend the facts, we say:.
  60. When she was dead, I apprehend he first told his daughter what he had done, and then the son became a part of the family, residing in the house you are acquainted with.
  61. In classing varieties, I apprehend that if we had a real pedigree, a genealogical classification would be universally preferred; and it has been attempted in some cases.
  62. She felt hesitant about approaching the shack in which someone, maybe a patroller, could be waiting to apprehend them and send them back to the city and a sentence of death.
  63. In this case, and I don’t really know if the story is true, a terrorist tried to escape custody by jumping into a river and a constable dove in after him to apprehend him.
  64. Similarly, in the Middle Ages, and till recently, people did not apprehend the meaning of land-ownership, on which depended the entire economical organization of their time.
  65. I heard a loud whistling noise, and the next thing I saw was the man on white garment stretching out his right hand, chanting strange words, which I was too weak to apprehend.
  66. With regard to the doctrine nullum tempus occurrit reipublicæ, it is a dangerous doctrine, if carried to the extent to which I apprehend my friend from Georgia would carry it.
  67. Double interest is in Great Britain reckoned what the merchants call a good, moderate, reasonable profit; terms which, I apprehend, mean no more than a common and usual profit.
  68. From these considerations I apprehend it most clearly appears that the President of the United States had not a knowledge, neither was it his duty to have had a knowledge that Mr.
  69. They thought that the chief priests would seek to apprehend their Master early in the morning as no secular work was ever done after noon on the preparation day for the Passover.
  70. It may be that we are so accustomed to the materialism of the English critics that we fail, at first, to apprehend the spirituality of this most refined and refining of Frenchmen.
  71. The small quantity of salt provisions imported from Ireland since their importation was rendered free, is an experimental proof that our graziers have nothing to apprehend from it.
  72. These estimations, I know very well, are not exact; but having been presented by so very respectable a body as approximations to the truth, they may, I apprehend, be considered as such.
  73. But you are free in your choice, I emphasize once again, you are free! You can apprehend these thoughts as a call for action or reject them and turn to good thoughts coming from your soul.
  74. We apprehend time as linear because our thinking is linear, and we are constantly thinking-thinking-thinking from the moment we wake up in the morning until the moment we go to sleep at night.
  75. I have also informed him that Commander Veron has instructed you to not try to apprehend Grobut until the Ministry has received the coordinates of the Eryx, and the codes for the Tungan timer.
  76. After all that has been taught of late years respecting development, one might apprehend that philosophers would observe caution in extreme statements on the 'uniform’ action of natural forces.
  77. Warlock looks closely at the 4 x 6 screen in his hand-held scanner, to enable the Security Division of the Atlantica Republic, Alleghenia District to apprehend, return, and interrogate Mr.
  78. Derrick Tatton was of the old school of policemen who actually believed it was their job to solve crimes and apprehend criminals, unfortunately, time had moved on and Derrick had not moved with it.
  79. Such was their respect for him and his leadership that they would place fresh fruits on a table before him, then they would rush off to apprehend the criminal and bring him back, shackled, within a few hours.
  80. Not that Saddlebrook would be sorely missed in the event of failure, but losing the opportunity to apprehend Grobut would most likely have a certain adverse effect on the Admiral's future career possibilities.
  81. Day by day, the criminal’s confidence grew, and his evil and criminal acts grew along with his confidence until the Ottoman State no longer knew what further action they should take to apprehend this criminal.
  82. Thus they apprehend precisely where commendation ends and irony begins, where attraction ends and pretence begins, in a manner which would be impossible for persons possessed of a different order of apprehension.
  83. If police were finding it tough to apprehend the one serial killer now their ability to deal in future with a series of serious crimes or mass unrest on the streets of major cities would be powerfully questioned.
  84. As to the tendency of the measures in agitation in America, he could afford the right honorable gentleman some consolation, by assuring him that they would not have all the ill consequences he seemed to apprehend.
  85. We remain fearful of the Silence because the truth of it is so vast and fathomless that we as humans apprehend that once we looked fully in the eyes of the Silence then our very existence as social entity will be jeopardized.
  86. Two individuals who possess this faculty and belong to the same social circle or the same family apprehend an expression of feeling precisely to the same point, namely, the point beyond which such expression becomes mere phrasing.
  87. In addition to this general usage, the tribes friendly to the French knew too well the weight of the blow that had just been struck, to apprehend any immediate danger from the hostile nations that were tributary to the crown of Britain.
  88. At least, so thought Duncan for many minutes; but, at length, he fancied he discovered several human forms advancing toward him on all fours, and apparently dragging in the train some heavy, and as he was quick to apprehend, some formidable engine.
  89. Should such an event occur, do you apprehend that the English Premier would experience any difficulty in obtaining the entire control of this institution? Republics, above all other nations, ought most studiously to guard against foreign influence.
  90. So she tells the Maid that she intends to sleep in the Maid’s Chamber that very Night (supposedly to give her own Bed to her Husband’s Mother, but truly to apprehend her strayin’ Husband) an’ she tells me Mother to change the Linens fer her.
  91. Don Quixote turned to Sancho and said, If I could make use of my weapons, and my promise had not tied my hands, I would count this host that comes against us but cakes and fancy bread; but perhaps it may prove something different from what we apprehend.
  92. And finally it means that if I can do anything, anything at all, to help guide the authorities into coming clean, to pressure the police to step up their actions, to apprehend the person responsible for the brutal murder of those women, then I will do it.
  93. The rent of the lands alone, exclusive of that of houses and of the interest of stock, has by many people been estimated at twenty millions; an estimation made in a great measure at random, and which, I apprehend, is as likely to be above as below the truth.
  94. To the aesthetic, sensuous, pagan pleasure in natural life and lush womanhood which his son Angel had lately been experiencing in Var Vale, his temper would have been antipathetic in a high degree, had he either by inquiry or imagination been able to apprehend it.
  95. That said, there is always a degree of distortion because no knowledge exists independent of those who have understood it, and we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must… she paused, must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity.
  96. This verse reads that if you, man, do not excogitate this universe or apprehend the Day of Resurrection, remember then what had happened to the nations who opposed the Envoys of their Provider and the woe that had befallen them in their worldly life before the life to come.
  97. Joel was relieved that Nick was on his way, for he’d feel much better once his cousin was here and in charge of Kathy’s situation, for if anyone could get to the bottom of this mess and identify and apprehend The Doctor and end the danger Kathy was in, Nick could and would.
  98. As to the interdiction by the non-intercourse act, I apprehend that was founded on the violation of our neutral rights by the belligerent powers, the President of the United States being authorized to renew trade whenever the edicts violating our lawful commerce should be revoked.
  99. But, sir, partyism was our ruin; it proved that we had as much to fear from our domestic enemies as our foreign foes, and apparently the greatest evil we had to apprehend was in falling a victim to our own political dissensions, occasioned by the deeply-laid plans of our deadly foe, Britain.
  100. I fully subscribe to the gentleman's rule, that we must give such a construction to the treaty, and particularly to the passage just referred to, as will give effect, if possible, to all the parts; and this I apprehend may be done without having recourse to the forced construction contended for.
  2. He wrote that apprehending this irritant.
  3. At least that witch wasn’t apprehending me.
  4. Apprehending what we have been Apprehended for.
  5. Belatedly apprehending the danger, he turned to flee.
  6. Theyre very close to apprehending the murderous cat.
  7. The ones we would need in apprehending a killer anyway.
  8. Also, he was speaking about a pass, not apprehending her.
  9. I trembled violently, apprehending some dreadful misfortune.
  10. Liking what I heard, but not completely apprehending it, I asked.
  11. I stood alone a long time, before apprehending Whittier’s approach.
  12. Apprehending their alignment with Indra, Vayu resolved to defend his king.
  13. This had been my choice by way of not apprehending the lesson in any other way.
  14. It was a rather cool evening, and some of his neighbors were apprehending a frost.
  15. Wayne was suspected to be in North Dakota; and reports said they were close to apprehending him.
  16. And the Information of that other particle becomes an integral part of apprehending its particle.
  17. In the rush of apprehending Jenks, it was the first time in the past few days that I had really thought about it.
  18. No conventional approach had proven effective at helping them, or preventing their activities, or apprehending them.
  19. Wickland’s face filled with relief and excitement at the prospect of apprehending his most elusive and most mysterious nemesis.
  20. The professed object was disbelieved, and the people, apprehending an invasion of their rights, removed from power the men who had voted for the army.
  21. There was no time to waste in the matter, for time was ticking slowly away, and his race against the clock would be vital in apprehending this murderer.
  22. Ingeborg, not understanding a word but apprehending a great objection, smiled benevolently and put the stockings away, and Ilse's legs went on being bare.
  23. Through this repulsive slang, Marius understood that gendarmes or the police had come near apprehending these two children, and that the latter had escaped.
  24. While Senchak’s forces concentrate on your protection, the Brigade will concentrate on apprehending any conspirators who show themselves by striking at you.
  25. So if you are apprehending an accident and trying to keep your child safe from any such incident you might actually be attracting such an incident to yourself!.
  26. What we see as linear time is but one way of apprehending this emanation, which is useful for certain purposes but is a terrible distortion of what time really is.
  27. And that meant that the vigilante groups that emerged onto the streets believed they were there to prevent further killings by apprehending the maniac who was still out there.
  28. And they would be perfectly right if man were an unconscious and stationary being, incapable of apprehending the truth, and unable to advance to a higher state by means of it.
  29. Grasp the truth as a whole, I said, and in the right way; you will then have no difficulty in apprehending the preceding remarks, and they will no longer appear strange to you.
  30. Already they are just waiting to pounce and crucify the Force for not apprehending this, what was it, monster, that some minister claimed was praying on women up and down the country.
  31. I could either sit on my hands and do nothing and perhaps have to write up more stories about more deaths, or I could try to do something that might be helpful in apprehending the killer.
  32. Adroitly D'Arnot led the conversation from point to point until the policeman had explained to the interested Tarzan many of the methods in vogue for apprehending and identifying criminals.
  33. This feeling was now even stronger than before; even less than before did he feel capable of apprehending the meaning of death, and its inevitability rose up before him more terrible than ever.
  34. He was an interesting character all around and one with whom Graisco had conferred on many occasions; after all, Cyril was still grateful for his assistance in apprehending the murderer of one of his favorite girls.
  35. It is strongly advised that WECTU, to the exclusion of all other activities, puts all its effort and resources into establishing and protecting the target, apprehending the leading members of this organisation, and recovering these weapons.
  36. The gentleman prefaced his arguments by observing, that it had latterly become the fashion to eulogize the Constitution of the United States; and that whenever he heard lavish encomiums applied to it, he could not help apprehending mischief.
  37. If they were all mobilised with the single aim of apprehending a known and identifiable individual who had just hours before escaped from custody or eluded capture the chances are they would succeed, if not speedily then certainly within a reasonable time.
  38. True, the planks were not so closely adjusted but that a hasty peep might be obtained through their interstices; but the strict decorum and rigid propriety of the inhabitants of the house left no grounds for apprehending that advantage would be taken of that circumstance.
  39. A general alarm was given, through the police, for the apprehension of William, but we had small hope that anything would result from it, for at that time Carton's enemies controlled the police and I am not sure but that they would have been just a little more dilatory in apprehending one who had done Carton an injury than if it had been someone else.
  40. At such times as this, apprehending the grounds of her refusal to be her modest sense of incompetence in matters social and polite, he would say that she was wonderfully well-informed and versatile—which was certainly true, her natural quickness and her admiration for him having led her to pick up his vocabulary, his accent, and fragments of his knowledge, to a surprising extent.
  41. Its legalization and subsequent dispensation under the auspices of trained professionals operating in a controlled environment, provides a plausible counter-argument to costly efforts aimed at apprehending and bringing drug dealers to task; not to mention promoting cleaner, safer and healthier communities by eliminating criminal incentives and (profits) associated with its unlawful procurement.
  42. That this House notes with concern the recent deaths of four women in the most dreadful fashion; that while the police have not publically made any announcement of the fact that a person is being held in custody it is unclear whether that person will be charged with these offences; that if such person is not to be charged what action are the police adopting with a view to apprehending the person or persons who are responsible; that there are views being expressed among the general public including the media that unless this case is speedily brought to a successful conclusion panic will spread throughout the community which will hinder further police actions; and therefore calls on the Government to take all responsible actions to assist the police in the apprehension of the person or persons responsible for these violent acts of criminality.
  1. But only seers have apprehended.
  2. She had, it seems, apprehended that.
  3. He was apprehended a short time later.
  4. The men were prepared to be apprehended.
  5. And these cannot be apprehended by mind.
  6. Was this affirmation apprehended by Bloom?
  7. Moreover: Apprehended, did you say?
  8. Apprehending what we have been Apprehended for.
  9. When the dream awareness that apprehended the.
  10. Christ has apprehended me for, I learned that He.
  11. When Gary Murphy was apprehended, you were there.
  12. Within minutes, the police apprehended the snatcher.
  13. There is no information about him being apprehended.
  14. I think that the victim’s cat should be apprehended.
  15. Lahey was initially apprehended in Ottawa International.
  16. If apprehended by the police the child may be taken in for.
  17. It can only be apprehended with feeling, by direct knowing.
  18. Two other suicide bombers were apprehended before they could.
  19. The embezzling accountant, Emma Jones, was apprehended by the FBI.
  20. The date was when he was apprehended, three years earlier than me.
  21. The arrival of the grave-digger Gribier was not to be apprehended.
  22. It would be used as evidence if the attacker were ever apprehended.
  23. In Connecticut no change is necessary, and none is to be apprehended.
  24. Rushworth's mother, that the worst consequences might be apprehended.
  25. Rushworth’s mother, that the worst consequences might be apprehended.
  26. The more criminals apprehended, the more crowded the jails would become.
  27. He is not to be apprehended by reason, but by life, said the Mason.
  28. Ace and Stud as they are commonly known were apprehended a short while ago.
  29. I had interviewed Soneji dozens of times after I had apprehended him a few years ago.
  30. I doubt the pirates we apprehended will be doing any more pirating, Picard said.
  31. I just wanted to say that we apprehended the man you saw, the policeman said.
  32. The assailant has been apprehended and is being held at the Hyattsville police station.
  33. The investigation is complete now, sir, we have apprehended all the conspirators.
  34. Max had dodged them, somehow, and it was a matter of pride that he should be apprehended.
  35. They’d killed a couple of kids, and when we apprehended them, they saw only one way out.
  36. He told her that PC Terry Pugh had been shot dead by a sniper who had not been apprehended.
  37. Unfortunately, he was apprehended because the video got his face before he did the tape job.
  38. All drugs seized are kept as evidence and destroyed at the end of the trial of the apprehended.
  39. Burwell,) but, from what he had heard, he apprehended that it was on a subject of great importance.
  40. Malik hadn’t been able to contact anyone since they had apprehended him in his West Hollywood home.
  41. Her long hair hung limply at her shoulders that sagged in apparent dejection at having been apprehended.
  42. Unfortunately, for every creep thats apprehended there are at least several more creeps still on the loose.
  43. I’d missed my wife and the life that I’d left behind, but not to the point that regrets were apprehended.
  44. He brought them the good news that all of the vendors had been apprehended and their deadly cargoes disabled.
  45. As the order of killing him (cpth) which issued from the ruler was so strict, they apprehended that unfaithful.
  46. The mother is in stable condition, and the son was apprehended within minutes after the call for help was made.
  47. Bronner was arrested a couple times for his activism – proof that many times the wrong people are apprehended.
  48. During the war of seven years, with our country in possession of the enemy, no such danger was ever apprehended.
  49. It was intolerable that they should have passed so close to Efrafa and gone their way without being apprehended.
  50. Tighe hoped that Pon would soon be found and apprehended; meanwhile he would wait for Tar, and go to the citadel.
  51. The collector, with that attention to his duty for which he is so remarkable, had both seaman and sponsor apprehended.
  52. Once this way of thinking is apprehended inside of man, we will then begin our transformation to the new man, Born Again.
  53. In him was life and the life is the light of men; And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness apprehended it not.
  54. Each fixed into form and colour qualities in her and qualities in him who apprehended them that he had not known were there.
  55. As if aware that no danger was to be apprehended from the young soldier, the fugitive nearly brushed his person in his flight.
  56. All this, which was rather to be apprehended than seen through the smoke, Marius, who was entering the tap-room, hardly noticed.
  57. We were the first ship to reach the mouth of this river this spring and those huge ships of yours apprehended us almost at once.
  58. Donavan says there is nothing materially to be apprehended; her constitution is a good one, and her resolution equal to any thing.
  59. I'll provide you with a thorough description of the culprit, and then your government will ensure that he is apprehended on sight.
  60. Not that it was impossible, but he didn’t know of a single instance of an apprehended serial killer who’d been in his fifties.
  61. The guards were beginning to show signs that they were relaxing, but no one had spoken a word to them since they were apprehended.
  62. I realized I hadn’t felt a real shock of beauty since I clasped that pineapple to my chest and apprehended its spiraling pattern.
  63. To the second section he apprehended little objection; it had been found to be necessary, and ample precedent might be found for it.
  64. He felt that the Universe was displaying itsówn brand of Justice, so he let the robber go when he could have easily apprehended him.
  65. And Thomas continued preaching and baptizing until he was apprehended by the agents of the Roman government and was put to death in Malta.
  66. But he was standing right now on the intensive care ward at Beth Israel Hospital, where he’d apprehended someone who might be of interest.
  67. He probably wouldn’t have been apprehended except that he stood in front of his own wanted poster, the one that had him alongside Kaut.
  68. From an oblique angle he resembled an out of work freezing worker in the white jump suit he’d been wearing since being apprehended in Sydney.
  69. At Fifteen she join’d a Band of Thieves down by the Charlestown Wharves, and when she was apprehended, her Papa bought her Liberty from Gaol.
  70. A series of crimes had been committed by a person who reportedly was planning more and that person had to be apprehended and brought to justice.
  71. It seems that Grobut was in fact apprehended by a highly specialised anti-terror force from New Scotland Yard in Broadway shortly after the crash.
  72. John explains that this diffusing is apprehended without ‘refraction’, that is to say, by direct intuition, without any intervening distortion.
  73. But when you look at that which can only be apprehended with intuition; with feelings; by direct knowing; then materialistic science fails miserably.
  74. They thought she was Breeder, but Breeder had been apprehended and was currently being interrogated with the latest enhancements by URhomeland Securebots.
  75. From the Treasury Department will be issued the necessary instructions in relation to imposts and duties, and to the slave ships whose arrival is apprehended.
  76. The wills thrust westward ahead of them, and fears that had once apprehended drought or flood now lingered with anything that might stop the westward crawling.
  77. Jereriah was hungry for the Word, and it was evident by his actions; and purpose was given to him by the power received each time understanding was apprehended.
  78. I was unable to hear the conversation but apprehended the situation was leading to a match with Karan and Aadil shaking hands and other boys clearing the court.
  79. Any would be burglar would be well advised to commit their crime in the suburbs on a Saturday night, and thus reduce the already low chance of being apprehended.
  80. There were anklets, armbands, rings, jewelled ointment boxes, and ivory bracelets, undisturbed or thrown hurriedly to the floor by the apprehended tombs raiders.
  81. That spirit, besides, would necessarily diminish very much the dangers to liberty, whether real or imaginary, which are commonly apprehended from a standing army.
  82. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
  83. They were convinced that Jesus must be apprehended, convicted, and executed as a religious offender, a violator of the cardinal teachings of the Jewish sacred law.
  84. And straightway the minions of the law led forth from their donjon keep one whom the sleuthhounds of justice had apprehended in consequence of information received.
  85. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.
  86. Nearly seven-eighths in value of our whole exports have been, and continue to be, to the dominions of that very power from which so much is pretended to be apprehended.
  87. Barabbas was a noted political agitator and murderous robber, the son of a priest, who had recently been apprehended in the act of robbery and murder on the Jericho road.
  88. Similarly, when you look at this little piece of the universe over there – that which can be apprehended with the mind – then materialistic science works pretty well.
  89. This precious cargo had resulted in him being chased through the French countryside by a Nazi soldier, who was subsequently apprehended by Allied forces near the field hospital.
  90. Someone has burglarized the chalet of a prominent donor with ties to the Natural History Museum in Paris, and the burglar has been apprehended with a travel case stuffed with gems.
  91. It is to be apprehended that men, whose duty it is to avoid serious conflicts with the enemy, will grow timid from habit, and will resist but feebly when inevitably forced into them.
  92. Ellie Mae and Elvira were pleasantly surprised to find that the insurance companies paid large rewards for the return of stolen merchandise and larger rewards if the thieves were apprehended.
  93. But another result may be apprehended, that those who feel so great an offence at the freedom the press has taken, may be driven into the opposite course by the irritation of their feelings.
  94. Accordingly, at a meeting which was held the day before Jesus' departure for Capernaum, it was decided that he would have to be apprehended on a religious charge and be tried by the Sanhedrin.
  95. His many friends either do not yet know of his night arrest and early morning trial or are in hiding lest they also be apprehended and adjudged worthy of death because they believe Jesus' teachings.
  96. Not in vain have the best men of Christian humanity, who apprehended the truth by spiritual intuition, for eighteen centuries testified to it in spite of every menace, every privation, and every suffering.
  97. Unsurprisingly the ruckus quickly apprehended their interest and they were soon chatting amongst themselves (as clouds do when enticed by a gripping tale) about the possible repercussions of what had been said.
  98. I believe it is Max Müller who describes the astonishment of an Indian converted to Christianity, who, having apprehended the essence of the Christian doctrine, came to Europe and beheld the life of Christians.
  99. The doctor stated that there was no danger to be apprehended from the wound on the head, and as soon as the prince could understand what was going on around him, Colia hired a carriage and took him away to Lebedeff’s.
  100. Wisdom looked on as the scene went to a police press conference where the Mayor and the Police Commissioner were congratulating the police officers who apprehended the notorious shooters that gunned down a local hood legend.
  1. Primary mind a cognizer that principally apprehends the mere.
  2. That Soul alone apprehends reality who has a steady perception of the.
  3. Volkheimer switches off the light, and Werner apprehends something excruciating held at bay there in the darkness.
  4. It is the record of these rare moments in which one apprehends truth in things seen that the artist wishes to convey to others.
  5. For youth all is reality in this world, and with justice, since it apprehends so vividly its images behind which a longer life makes one doubt whether there is any substance.
  6. Even now Werner can hear a mechanical drumbeat thudding in the distance, first shift going down in the elevators as the owl shift comes up—all those boys with tired eyes and soot-stained faces rising in the elevators to meet the sun—and for a moment he apprehends a huge and terrible presence looming just beyond the morning.
  7. I, sir, have long been in the habit of venerating the constitution, and have often expressed my admiration at the wisdom of its provisions; and I really had hoped that I might have been indulged in these sentiments and prepossessions, and even the expression of them upon proper occasions, without exciting in the mind of any gentleman apprehensions of mischief; nor can I divine what species of mischief the gentleman apprehends from that cause.

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