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Apprehensive numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I was too apprehensive to.
2. It makes me apprehensive to.
3. He too was a bit apprehensive.
4. Corey began to feel apprehensive.
5. Part of me was apprehensive it.
6. The thought made him apprehensive.
7. Although I was apprehensive, my.

8. Blackie was afraid or apprehensive.
9. I was apprehensive about the matter.
10. They were apprehensive for his lungs.
11. He was both excited but apprehensive.
12. Bryant was punctual, but apprehensive.
13. Kate gave him a quick, apprehensive smile.
14. This done, he would be less apprehensive.
15. Toomb the clipboard with an apprehensive.
16. So Moses felt apprehensive within himself.
17. I was very apprehensive about this meeting.
18. Rebecca and I were apprehensive and careful.
19. Mark gave her a bit of an apprehensive look.
20. What the market is most apprehensive about.
21. They felt apprehensive as they watched the.
22. I was apprehensive about the prospect of a.
23. But then, my mother became a bit apprehensive.
24. I’m just a bit apprehensive, that’s all.
25. But at the same time I felt a bit apprehensive.
26. Up till now, he had been somewhat apprehensive.
27. She was too excited and I was too apprehensive.
28. Also, I was apprehensive and anxious about her.
29. Even Katie looked apprehensive at her hesitation.
30. Slowly, the boy became less and less apprehensive.
31. All were apprehensive, knew of the dangers involved.
32. Although, I was still a bit apprehensive, it wasn't.
33. But for deep-seated reason, I was apprehensive about.
34. The mood of the delegates became apprehensive as they.
35. The clean laboratory made Doc nervous and apprehensive.
36. The others still looked apprehensive, but kept silent.
37. I was apprehensive about a holiday in Egypt, but Jimmy.
38. Each was apprehensive about what was supposed to happen.
39. I wont be apprehensive at all if Mary is in his care.
40. I entered Coleville apprehensive but intent on continuing.
41. Michael was apprehensive, exhilarated and curious all at.
42. I entered Town apprehensive, but certain this was the best.
43. The apprehensive nerds nodded their heads in agreement and.
44. I was becoming apprehensive and impatient with carrying my.
45. But the young women are apprehensive; especially those who.
46. However, gulls are also the most weary and apprehensive of.
47. Or was it a sing-along? Still, he was a little apprehensive.
48. Yet he still felt apprehensive: Should he call the job off?
49. At first we were extremely apprehensive, but then we realized.
50. He was big-eyed and sweaty, looked as apprehensive as she was.
51. The closer to time to call, the more apprehensive Gary became.
52. I was both excited and apprehensive as the plane touched down.
53. I was anxious, apprehensive, and fearful for my life and health.
54. How long would it possibly last The thought was apprehensive.
55. I was apprehensive, not least because Jimmy had explained that.
56. The darkness concealed the faces of those who were apprehensive.
57. Aya was a little apprehensive about going to the bar that evening.
58. Beads of nervous sweat trickled down Mitchell's apprehensive cheeks.
59. In all my years on the Street, I have never felt this apprehensive.
60. They soon headed back to the van park, but Ingrid felt apprehensive.
61. Captain Gorrie was excited, but a little apprehensive, all at the.
62. Should I die or pass on, then yes I am apprehensive but not fearful.
63. They are apprehensive, but you still come across as genuine to them.
64. She was by now drenched in sweat and more than a little apprehensive.
65. Theresa, although a little more apprehensive, began to share his dream.
66. Those who fear their Lord in private, and are apprehensive of the Hour.
67. They were both a little apprehensive, but they trusted Jake implicitly.
68. Or maybe I am too apprehensive about what’s coming to grieve properly.
69. He was a little apprehensive about one so young taking this responsibility.
70. He was still apprehensive on the wedding morning and before he and Matthew.
71. Bridget was apprehensive about the whole thing and said so again on the day.
72. He wondered uneasily what it meant, and began to feel vaguely apprehensive.
73. Are you so hopeless, brother? Alyosha said, with an apprehensive feeling.
74. An old habit to startle those peeking through the curtains a bit apprehensive.
75. He felt apprehensive as he passed quietly through the cloisters and the church.
76. I was apprehensive that I would not be able to adapt to our new life in Athens.
77. I was more apprehensive about whether she would cope with the tough life in a.
78. I awoke late, feeling apprehensive, an uneasiness that I willed myself to shake.
79. Sure he was apprehensive but it was in a way that was totally unfamiliar to him.
80. She looked somewhat apprehensive as we closed in on her, but who wouldn’t be?
81. To say I was nervous and a little apprehensive would have been an understatement.
82. Zarko was truly apprehensive about the details that Darniil had fearlessly related.
83. Apprehensive, Melvin looked her in the eye and gave her the What is it? look.
84. He even tried to stop being apprehensive and drift along the present which was so.
85. He took an apprehensive peep from time to time and slipped behind him again at once.
86. Instead of feeling insulted, Nancy smiled to the soldier, who was visibly apprehensive.
87. But he’d been intrigued to find himself apprehensive about entering the house again.
88. She agreed with him eventually but was more apprehensive than him about such a big move.
89. Many moments went by as the group sat in apprehensive meditation; then Reuben, speaking.
90. The marshals were apprehensive at one time lest Kutuzof should cut their communications.
91. But the General, quaking and greatly apprehensive as to his possible future, overdid things.
92. When Mac talked with Virginia, she seemed quite apprehensive about discussing Bradley at all.
93. Though I was still apprehensive weather or if they would really accept me into their family.
94. The uncertainty, the threats, the mystery of the unknown, left him restless and apprehensive.
95. Is you the policeman? she asked sheepishly as if she were apprehensive about his identity.
96. I was proud of myself, but also a bit apprehensive as I watched the prince’s smile turn sour.
97. All the same, he was apprehensive whether Sneha would play ball, and that dampened him a little.
98. He was genuinely glad that she seemed comfortable and much less apprehensive about the situation.
99. Two minutes later, respectfully apprehensive, they stood humbly in front of their thirteen bosses.
100. If I might ask sir, what was the outcome? The young man was apprehensive about the question.

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