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Area numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I was in the area.
  2. I'm in the grey area.
  3. Area 51 or some such.
  4. In terms of land area.
  5. He was a Bay Area guy.

  6. But the area was dead.
  7. They then fled the area.
  8. He knows the area best.
  9. The area is locked down.
  10. They both left the area.
  11. Print the value of area.
  12. Here was the dining area.
  13. That area is not too bad.
  14. The area was not well lit.
  15. We entered the bushy area.

  16. We’re in rest area #12.
  17. I noticed that the area.
  18. This is a restricted area.
  19. I scanned the area to my.
  20. Sugar can affect this area.
  21. Seattle area? Of course not.
  22. When they did so the area.
  23. They moved to a lounge area.
  24. That area is blessed with.
  25. The area was enclosed by a.

  26. This is a definite gray area.
  27. On this area, some hundred.
  28. That covers a lot of area.
  29. After scanning the area we.
  30. Massage of the area can be.
  31. Having plants in a dry area.
  32. I scanned the area, taking.
  33. As it weakens, the area of.
  34. Maybe in that secluded area.
  35. You are in a restricted area.
  36. I mapped that area already.
  37. They turned and left the area.
  38. He backed away from the area.
  39. Your shooter was in the area.
  40. I scanned the area and then.
  41. The area was narrow but the.
  42. If you need to enter an area.
  43. There is a glow in that area.
  44. The area was cool and ferns.
  45. Mormon influence in the area?
  46. YMCA of the Triangle Area, Inc.
  47. He then wiped the area clean.
  48. I mean its, area of expertise.
  49. Some men led me to a rear area.
  50. She has no family in the area.
  51. Thankfully, the area was empty.
  52. No doubt, the area was highly.
  53. Farmers in the area depend on.
  54. Doc motioned to the living area.
  55. Light filled the reception area.
  56. All the trees in an area five.
  57. This whole area was very quiet.
  58. Wells in this area were hidden.
  59. A compass and a map of the area.
  60. There were no souls in the area.
  61. He replied that knows the area.
  62. I scanned the area just in case.
  63. I decided to scan the area again.
  64. Added to the ash, the area was.
  65. After scanning the area to make.
  66. The area was quite bushy and he.
  67. It was chilly in the dining area.
  68. No strangers left in the area.
  69. He set off to check out the area.
  70. Sadie scanned the area with alarm.
  71. No one in the area saw anything.
  72. A storm was moving into the area.
  73. We stayed in the area for an hour.
  74. Only one such area was discovered.
  75. There was no wildlife in the area.
  76. This area of study is relatively.
  77. I scanned the area, detecting no.
  78. He scanned the open area and saw.
  79. He noted how wild the area looked.
  80. They probably also live that area.
  81. I left the area satiated and happy.
  82. We’ll have to flee the area fast.
  83. In the area of romance, I, Torie.
  84. This area was populated by stalls.
  85. Murdam pulled out a map of the area.
  86. Their remit was to secure the area.
  87. Money is a sure thing in this area.
  88. They keep a watch on the area and.
  89. It’s a very volatile area of life.
  90. At least I'm in a fairly decent area.
  91. Dancing in this area only, please.
  92. I should had stayed in the Bay area.
  93. It would not last long in that area.
  94. Are you familiar with the area?
  95. Intending to pass through the area.
  96. If you need more help in this area:.
  97. This area was between the 17° and.
  98. Thar's plenty o' foxes in this area.
  99. The second reason is, this area is.
  100. Steam filled the whole kitchen area.

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