Frases de exemplo

Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Argument numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was a weak argument.
2. It is a logical argument.
3. So this was the argument.
4. He had lost the argument.
5. She waits for an argument.
6. There had been an argument.
7. It was a circular argument.

8. This argument slid down a.
9. I sat without any argument.
10. That is not a moral argument.
11. The argument went in circles.
12. An argument raged in my head.
13. He began his final argument.
14. We got into an argument at.
15. The argument is that God is.
16. They had their first argument.
17. I decided to avoid an argument.
18. The more argument they applied.
19. It meant the argument was over.
20. There is no argument that can.
21. That is implied in the argument.
22. There was no argument about it.
23. The argument didn’t last long.
24. He lost the argument with Mr.
25. It’s the same argument that.
26. Now my argument for what I said.
27. This would require no argument.
28. She welcomed yoga as an argument.
29. That was the end of the argument.
30. You had an argument with them.
31. There was no argument, of course.
32. It was evidently an old argument.
33. The men stopped their argument.
34. Back and forth the argument went.
35. Did you have an argument?
37. She chuckled No argument there.
38. Or they remembered some argument.
39. And that would be in an argument.
40. Obviously this argument is false.

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