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1. You are an awful aristocrat.
2. You talk of his being an aristocrat.
3. His garb was that of an imperial aristocrat.
4. The formidable aristocrat and millionaire was dead.
5. His major goal is to lead the life of an aristocrat.
6. Henrietta told me his father was a general and an aristocrat.
7. We considered him an aristocrat; at all events I called him one.

8. Aristocrats! I am an aristocrat of the soul, and that is higher!.
9. But the little aristocrat, the last of his noble race, was an idiot.
10. She then stared back at the aristocrat, who was nearly as tall as her.
11. Prince! Bah! I am an aristocrat of the soul, and that's a higher title.
12. Mother is a natural aristocrat – slightly eccentric and fears no-one.
13. Charles answered at once, having full confidence in the young aristocrat.
14. The young English aristocrat locked eyes with him as she answered calmly.
15. But the Russian type of aristocrat has never been like the European nobility.
16. Babeuf is a speculator to Cartouche; Marat is an aristocrat to Schinderhannes.
17. The latter was obviously an aristocrat, judging from the quality of her dress.
18. It’s a good thing that I met this young English aristocrat and her servant.
19. The officers regarded him as an aristocrat and behaved towards him with dignity.
20. A young woman aristocrat was now conversing with the officer in charge of the barricade.
21. The older aristocrat had been at the Palais-Royal but Nancy could not remember her name.
22. The English aristocrat gave him a reassuring smile and showed him the plates of food on the table.
23. He had the air of an aristocrat and as himself as a ragged wanderer, leader of a gang of vagabonds.
24. At heart and by descent an Aristocrat, an enemy of the Republic, a notorious oppressor of the People.
25. He was still in good health when he died at the hand of an Aristocrat out practicing with his pistol.
26. And every Knight and aristocrat would have had to fight every poor farmer and peasant and guild member.
27. But closer to our time and place, I offer you John Lindsey, the liberal Republican aristocrat who was.
28. Not only was there a complete lack of any fear in his manner, but there was the action of an aristocrat.
29. But even if not, even if I knew certainly not, show me the neck of an aristocrat and tyrant, and still I would--.
30. An aristocrat is irresistible when he goes in for democracy! To sacrifice life, your own or another's is nothing to you.
31. Nancy went on as Stan was shaking hands with Prince Franz Josef, a relatively young aristocrat in frock coat and top hat.
32. Those persons turned out to be that pesky Duchess of Orléans and another, older aristocrat woman accompanied by four men.
33. Nancy kept a neutral expression as she looked at the aristocrat, whose beauty was spoiled by the stink from her unwashed body.
34. You are lying, you miserable, profligate, perverted, little aristocrat! I don't believe you, you've the appetite of a wolf!.
35. She was in a soft clinging white in a studied attitude and the gentleman was in chocolate and he looked a thorough aristocrat.
36. Lieutenant Dupré just told me that your Jeanne happens to be very tall and quite muscular…for a sixteen year-old aristocrat.
37. That time with Jeanne finished convincing Pierre that she had received a quality education that only a true aristocrat could get.
38. William had come from this world, had been a natural aristocrat, which was maybe what Mercer had fallen in love with in the first place.
39. His being such a perfect aristocrat, don't you know, and his future position in society, had an influence not with her, but with her mother.
40. The short, incredibly thick-headed, stupid Russian bearded scum was a hen pecked husband who was dominated by his Germanic aristocrat of a wife.
41. An old fashioned aristocrat whose views on social reform, economics and the empire were crazily out of date fantasies belonging to another time.
42. This displacement, which places the "elegant" name on the plebeian and the rustic name on the aristocrat, is nothing else than an eddy of equality.
43. The young aristocrat woman waved at them to come to her table, greeting both with a smile as Nancy sat beside her and cut a piece of cheese for herself.
44. And naturally the British aristocracy sympathized with the Confederacy, as one aristocrat with another, against a race of dollar lovers like the Yankees.
45. And when she broke all the rules of Royalty not mixing with commoners, and getting too cozy with the press: every English aristocrat secretly hated her for it.
46. Rising to his feet, he eagerly followed the young Nancy to the next table, bowing and saluting with his large felt hat the pretty-looking young woman aristocrat.
47. He was a fur trapper in New France, while my mother was an English aristocrat of low lineage that had been captured and reduced to slavery by Huron Amerindians.
48. But allow me to ask what it consists in, that aristocracy of Vronsky or of anybody else, beside which I can be looked down upon? You consider Vronsky an aristocrat, but I don't.
49. Instead, they arranged to meet for a conference with the Mages every day after the third meal, and to meet with the Aristocrat engineers and Ishbel in two hour’s time with the plans.
50. I am talking of the mysterious d’Orléans Social Foundation, this French charity and social help society established in Paris in 1848 by a young aristocrat named Jeanne d’Orléans.
51. One of the most faithful was Lucrecia del Real del Obispo, an aristocrat of the old school who had always been a good friend and who drew even closer after the death of Juvenal Urbino.
52. The income he made had raised him to be a sort of aristocrat among our convicts; he was listened to and obeyed, but he spoke little, and expressed an opinion only in great emergencies.
53. You have been deliberately designed as a totally compatible and complementary pair for use in scientific research, just as Aristocrat entrepreneurs have been bred by selecting the right genes.
54. Here is the letter word for word, without the slightest correction of the defects in style of a Russian aristocrat who had never mastered the Russian grammar in spite of his European education.
55. As for who the aristocrat was, Nancy knew that already: everybody in Paris knew by sight Louis II of Bourbon, Prince of Condé, also know as ‘The Great Condé’, military leader of the Fronde.
56. The Duchess then saw Nancy, who had stayed well behind her two companions, spur her horse and charge the dozen or so soldiers leveling their muskets at the fleeing d’Artagnan and the English aristocrat.
57. Not at all; Fortune, who lets whole populations die of hunger, showered all her gifts at once upon the little aristocrat, like Kryloff’s Cloud which passes over an arid plain and empties itself into the sea.
58. Perhaps, when contemptuously signifying to him his release, the Citizen Saviour of the Country might have thought this benighted aristocrat too broken in health and spirit and fortune to be any longer dangerous.
59. The Queen was about to get up and thus indicate that the breakfast was over when a tall, thin and richly dressed aristocrat who was about thirty years old entered the dining room, four Fronde soldiers at his back.
60. She was already preparing herself for a long term mission in the 19th Century that would see her marry briefly a French Aristocrat living in the Caribbean, in order to create a person important for the Time Patrol.
61. Len was however more than content as the Royal Representative to let the true diplomatic work to the old Imperium aristocrat, so that he could concentrate on studying human history, something he was a recognized expert at.
62. I was set upon at once as a hated aristocrat, and was only too glad to get into the club, where Don Jaime Berges (you may remember him visiting at our house in Paris some three years ago) thrust a sporting gun into my hands.
63. However, the chances that a girl raised among pirates could speak seven languages, play the piano like a virtuoso and sing the way she just did were about nil, her talents denoting instead the education of a true aristocrat.
64. Rainbow Waters might be more pragmatic than the majority of his peers, but he was still a Harchongese aristocrat which, by definition, meant proud, prickly, and deeply aware of his towering superiority to any non-Harchongian.
65. Could anyone possibly imagine a better match? Aristocrat, millionaire, and idiot, he has every advantage! One might hunt in vain for his equal, even with the lantern of Diogenes; his like is not to be had even by getting it made to order!.
66. Yet, she was now married to a 36 year-old French aristocrat of the 19th Century and was also the mother of an illegitimate baby son from a 39 year-old French musketeer of the 17th Century, on top of being the occasional mistress of King Louis XIV.
67. I put the letter down and picked u the old photos the first one I held up showed a very austere woman dressed in black but you could see that she was every inch an aristocrat by her face and jaw line her eyes also looked quite piercing even on an old photo.
68. Despite the fact that Jeanne seemed more than satisfied by his acquisitions, Pierre promised himself to one day bring her to Pointe-à-Pitre, the main port of the Guadeloupe and a place where he knew that he would find some gowns worthy of an aristocrat girl.
69. Unfortunately: for a single King, or Aristocrat to surround themselves with the dead beauty of artificially manufactured artifacts: they need to have hundreds and thousands of living human slaves and artisans and workers… Each one specializing in their own expertise of using tools.
70. They complimented everyone on the excellent protection provided for the public enseemats, the user-friendly maps and number lists, and the astonishing efficiency with which everyone had been implanted and an enseemat and terminal had been placed in every Aristocrat and Freemen apartment.
71. Ever since the tree had first raised its huge crown to the skies the rooks had made it their home, passing their history and their grandeur down through every generation until the present day, so that the bird city teemed with life and every resident rook knew that he or she was a true aristocrat.
72. They knew instinctively what they were about, as did the Wilkeses, though in widely divergent ways, and in them there was no such conflict as frequently raged in Scarlett’s bosom where the blood of a softvoiced, overbred Coast aristocrat mingled with the shrewd, earthy blood of an Irish peasant.
73. Aunt Erika gave them a royal trimming down the likes of which I will never forget, and she made them change shoes! He added with a grin, glancing at the two men in question, who squirmed a little as they remembered the rare lecture they’d been given by the elderly aristocrat, looking like two ten year olds caught out in mischief.
74. Churchill born a Victorian aristocrat to an aristocratic dynasty by blood switched sides in 1904 from Conservative to Labor party, and began his reputation as a man who could not be trusted by joining a party that attacked the privileges of the landed class he was a member of and proceeded to oppose the very political values of his own class.
75. They leisurely walk round the carriage and leisurely mount the box, to look at what little luggage it carries on the roof; the country-people hanging about, press nearer to the coach doors and greedily stare in; a little child, carried by its mother, has its short arm held out for it, that it may touch the wife of an aristocrat who has gone to the Guillotine.
76. When, during this mysterious labor, he had entirely shed his old Bourbon and ultra skin, when he had cast off the aristocrat, the Jacobite and the Royalist, when he had become thoroughly a revolutionist, profoundly democratic and republican, he went to an engraver on the Quai des Orfevres and ordered a hundred cards bearing this name: Le Baron Marius Pontmercy.
77. He was, howe’er, too clever a Fellow to be gull’d by my ravish’d maiden Pantomime; for, unlike so many of the others, he was no foolish Aristocrat, no Strutting Player, no Poet besotted with his own Verses, but a plain young Fellow from Smithfield who had grown to Manhood in the Precincts near Bartholomew Fair, and had feasted his Childhood Eyes upon all Manner of Mountebanks, Merry Andrews, Strolling Players, Acrobats, Rope Dancers, Quacks, Jugglers, Puppets, Huxters, Giants, Dwarfs, Drolls, Jilts, Harlots, and Sharpers.
78. His high personal popularity, and the clearness of his answers, made a great impression; but, as he proceeded, as he showed that the Accused was his first friend on his release from his long imprisonment; that, the accused had remained in England, always faithful and devoted to his daughter and himself in their exile; that, so far from being in favour with the Aristocrat government there, he had actually been tried for his life by it, as the foe of England and friend of the United States--as he brought these circumstances into view, with the greatest discretion and with the straightforward force of truth and earnestness, the Jury and the populace became one.
79. The messenger caught up to us two hours into the march, we learned that the enemy were fifty strong, warriors of the Eagle, the much-feared personal bodyguard to the Teoti, we were very disappointed, we had fielded three thousand soldiers against a measly fifty, it looked as though our revolt was not being taken serious, they were heading in the direction of Tulancingo proceeding at a slow pace, they had no scouts out, the whole operation seemed to be very sloppy and undisciplined, the Teoti were not taking us serious at all, this captain of the Eagles certainly thought he was dealing with a rabble of misfits, a mistake he would not live to regret, with this information we sent the bulk of our forces back to Bo-elon, keeping only a hundred Toxon to engage the Eagle squad, we then hurried ahead to lay our trap in the small valley Coatl had chosen, we arrived there with plenty of time to spare, we took our places on either side of the valley, as we had planned time after time, six archers spread themselves every hundred yards to the road, Coatl and I had a vantage point on the highest ledge of the narrow valley, we watched as the column came down the road, the captain must have belonged to a Teoti noble family, he was being carried on a chair by eight slaves, the chair had a canopy to keep the sun off the aristocrat, as they came close to the valley, the first archer revealed himself, fired two shafts and scored two hits, the column halted and he released another arrow and another warrior collapsed, he then began to race away along the valley floor, the Teotihuacan army in hot pursuit, fifty feet further on and two Toxon arrows passed him and brought down the two leading Eagle warriors, he was joined by his two grinning companions as they ran ahead of the pursuit, the other four concealed bowmen remained hidden not being needed yet as the Eagle warriors showed no signs of giving up the chase, on reaching the fallen tree both archers turned about and stood waiting, bows at the ready, as the Eagle warriors came to within twenty paces of them, a whooshing noise filled the air, the Toxon warriors were exacting their vengeance, swift and bloody, each archer had been assigned a target and it became a matter of pride to see how many shafts you could put into the target before it dropped to the ground, it was over almost before it began, an almost comical ending came when the captain came around the bend, escorted by the remaining four Toxon bowmen from further down the valley, all of his arrogance and pride gone as the Toxon took it in turns to move him along by kicking his backside.

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