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Arrest numa frase em (in ingles)

Go ahead and arrest me.
You need to arrest him.
And he was under arrest.
There has been no arrest.
I want you to arrest.
I've come to arrest you.
Arrest him if you have to.

An old arrest for burglary.
I was outraged at my arrest.
The Arrest of the Locksmith.
Chapter Thirty - The arrest.
You going to arrest him?
They’d tried to arrest him.
The arrest squashed all that.
Godfrey’s arrest, by the way.
Everyone here is under arrest.
They died of cardiac arrest.
You're under arrest for murder.
And who would you have arrest.
He called me after your arrest.
Are you still under arrest?
Arrest us, place us in a prison.
Not that Mercer was under arrest.
FBI dropped by to arrest me the.
Still they dared not arrest him.
You can arrest this guy now….
It was a massacre, not an arrest.
Arrest the Chinaman on suspicion.
They got those guys under arrest.
The best way, was to arrest all.
Are you here to arrest her?
Am I under arrest, yes or no?
The arrest is solid, he says.
What a scene the arrest turned into.
You’d be duty-bound to arrest me.
At the time of his arrest, he had.
It sucked that I had to arrest her.
There are copies of the arrest.
It is an arresting document.
He tells me he's arresting me for DUI.
Locating the criminal and arresting him.
And the arresting officer wasn’t upset.
Are you arresting me? Jaycee asked.
Brangas have had trouble arresting this man.
The police arresting him for drunk driving.
Nobody would dare try arresting its members.
What was more arresting to them was the smell.
Arresting the Templars and expelling the Jews.
No use arresting the Janjaweed, Adanne said.
Revenge said, I spoke to the arresting officer.
He told the arresting officers he was eighteen.
He’s at the hospital arresting this Willow bloke.
It had the formal tone of an arresting police detective.
You're not arresting her or anything are you? Bob queried.
Bailli is responsible for arresting accused heretics as well.
The arresting officer, too, believed that Laws was dangerous.
They’re arresting all the Jews in Peabody, he thought aloud.
Te' only thing that stop me from arresting you is the feed.
No, no, no, not wonderful news about arresting Jews in Boston.
If they had they would be arresting her rather than talking to her.
The police will do all the arresting, but essentially you are correct.
We are in the process of arresting all the directors of Shure Stock.
Maybe you should be calling an ambulance instead of arresting me!.
They are rounding up Jews, arresting Jews, thousands of them, in Boston.
I told the cops when they were arresting me where Lester might have gone.
As police in Britain, Italy, and Ohio were busy arresting suspected airliner.
Nothing prevented a constable from arresting an Army general if he so pleased.
There was a note on the arresting officers’ report not to call the parents.
He ruddy well attacked me when I was in the middle of arresting a bank robber.
Starting with this arresting arm, the eye is led down the majestic figure of St.
Right now, I simply can’t see what justification you had to try arresting her.
She wouldn’t have been considered beautiful, but she was arresting just the same.
Hallen’s cry was drowned out by a sudden heart piercing shrill, arresting the boy.
The report from the arresting officers indicated you were holding a toddler hostage.
She wore little gold heart earrings, and sandals, so the effect was casual, but arresting.
Never mind it was irrational, as ridiculous as arresting the prostitute but not the serviced.
Such a raid is quite violent with AK47 armed men storming into your office and arresting the CEO.
The arresting power of the right angle exists at each corner of a rectangular picture, where the.
No one has arrested me.
When he was arrested, Mr.
If she ever got arrested.
The Medic is arrested too.
He was arrested and tried.
Noah was arrested for it.
And we arrested the guilty.
And for that, he is arrested.
Here is why I was arrested:.
Or maybe the UAI arrested him.
The sheriff arrested me today.
Yes my father was arrested.
This is where I was arrested.
He was arrested and prosecuted.
Browder was arrested in 1939.
I was arrested at the airport.
I was…I was arrested, yes.
Tucker has never been arrested.
Scott was going to be arrested.
Darnay has been arrested again.
He was arrested numerous times.
They tried to have me arrested.
But he first must get arrested.
They arrested twenty-five of us.
I had just arrested her husband.
Jesus arrested by their soldiers.
The cops came in and arrested me.
I’m going to have you arrested.
He missed and was later arrested.
Thereby not al were arrested by.
Interpol arrested him last month.
No one has been arrested, Ms.
You might even have been arrested.
She was arrested by state officers.
So have him arrested, I said.
She was arrested by Wemyss's voice.
Criminals who have to be arrested.
I guess the cops have arrested him.
None of them arrested my attention.
Byron his history of arrests.
Perhaps step up your rate of arrests.
This hole arrests the propagation of crack.
Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests.
Of course, he had more than his share of arrests.
No prior arrests or apparent run-ins with the law.
We also heard gunfire (executions), arrests and the.
It not only made the arrests safer, it also took all.
Surely there have been other arrests of people in his.
In that time he’s had six arrests but no convictions.
Still, the arrests later that same night were not expected.
In July of 2009 arrests were made in Detroit where the cases.
Soviet purges, directed the arrests, torture and deaths of 65.
There were also more arrests in the newspaper phone hacking scandal.
Arrests and prosecutions for animal cruelty were rare, if non-existent.
More arrests should follow in Saudi Arabia in the coming days and weeks.
He had assisted in many arrests, and putting evil criminals behind bars.
Enforcement Corps interceptor airships, to perform pilot arrests midair.
Tracked down some of the officers in charge of Peterson’s later arrests.
This newspaper, still in the public interest, claims those arrests are suspect.
Detective-Sergeant Adrian Quinlan: We haven’t made any arrests at this stage.
Consequently, the policing authorities were hesitant to make arrests for fear of.
A FORMER policeman described how he was involved in the arrests of 11 Church members.
Racist media coverage led to racist targeting of minorities for arrests and prosecution.
Most American Jews were still struggling with their disbelief at the arrests at the March.
Police poured into the rooms and the arrests were almost an anticlimax with no resistance.
The roundup ensnared seven gang members, though the state police said more arrests were coming.
But resigning didn’t mean the arrests would not happen, just that somebody else would do them.
Does he have a criminal record? If so, find out the details of any arrests or convictions he has.
Finally Lumumba arrests the Public Prosecutor, so President Kasavubu can’t arrest him any more.
He convinced himself that Nikolas had paid off the police, and there would be no further arrests.
Arrests were imminent, three men had already been taken into custody and one, a Sheriff was dead.
A number of arrests were made but no single person could be identified as the culprit and charged.
As the Council was having its meeting to conclude the ending of the arrests, four shadows entered the room.
President Kasavubu says he isn’t sacked and arrests Lumumba , but Lumumba arrests him back and no returns.
The American authorities will be notified of the arrests in due course, unless you insist that I call them.
Coast Guard data as of March 2006 revealed that more than 160 terrorist or alleged terrorist arrests occurred.
Awake all night through the arrests, she flew to Washington at dawn when summonsed by the President for a 9:00 a.
The inquiry had now gone international with the potential of any immediate arrests slimmer than it had ever been.
The police and I don’t know a thing about the arrests in the case and I was wondering if you’d heard anything.

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