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Assimilate numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Maybe he’s too stunned to assimilate.
2. It was almost more than I could assimilate.
3. I tried to assimilate yet another miracle.
4. They never really attempted to assimilate.
5. Before she could even fully assimilate the.
6. I frown at him as I try to assimilate this idea.
7. Jesus taught these men all they could assimilate.
8. Both groups had new cultures to assimilate and new.
9. Ava listened to all of that and tried to assimilate it.
10. You will have to assimilate the contents of that vial.
11. Only by working with the detail will they assimilate this.
12. My brain stalled as I tried to assimilate the unimaginable.
13. It all depends on our ability to learn it and assimilate it.
14. We sit unspeaking for several minutes as I assimilate all this.
15. Grindel paused, allowing the crowd time to assimilate his words.
16. Love creates capacity in the mortal to assimilate the infinite.
17. It was a reflection of the mind's ability to assimilate reality.
18. We forget about ‘our’ past, and assimilate the past of someone else.
19. Silence hung in the air as Christine tried to assimilate these new concepts.
20. Anything we cannot assimilate, digest, understand, dominate or control; we fear.
21. The answer came so fast it was hard to assimilate the information, and it nearly.
22. Provided you are right for someone, he needs to slowly assimilate you into his life.
23. We need your help to assimilate what we have learned and turn it into a battle strategy.
24. Perhaps he would be the person best able to assimilate her current actions as instrumental.
25. He was surrounded by print, more print than anyone could possibly read, let alone assimilate.
26. Americans will invest in Mexico and the Mexican economy will pick up and assimilate with the U.
27. In the future he could see that a whole generation would assimilate into the English population.
28. He could not assimilate hardtack and, though commanding a brigade, he had no tent at the front.
29. Watching the girl try to assimilate where she was, I elected to present my charming self to her.
30. We are able to assimilate about 20 grains (the small salt particles) a day into our human system.
31. Quite simply, the Duke had planned to assimilate Max into the Organization; he was the right type.
32. He doesn’t look my way, and I’m off-kilter trying to assimilate this new information about him.
33. Christianity presumed to embrace too much for any one people to assimilate in one or two generations.
34. And her aunt, sitting in her customary chair by the fireplace, continued to assimilate with difficulty.
35. I could see only trouble ahead for them as they would have to eventually assimilate into the community.
36. It is hoped that this case study will help the reader assimilate the material in the preceding chapters.
37. Men do not only assimilate a truth through recognizing it by prophetic insight, or by experience of life.
38. It was a lot easier for me to assimilate the messages with this pastor, and I felt that's what God wanted.
39. And the remaining third you need to be still; in order to properly digest and assimilate your experiences.
40. Marxism is the abandonment of the attempt on the part of the Jewish Left to assimilate into existing society.
41. You see our primary goal here is to assimilate information, not to discover, not to invent, not to hypothesize.
42. We need to be established in the quality of endurance; we must learn to confront and to assimilate all contacts.
43. The job of the Virgo is to eject all impurities and keep only that which the body and mind can use and assimilate.
44. Most traders rather quickly assimilate the foundation, but the gap between knowledge and execution must be bridged.
45. The Sisters prepared rice and gruel over braziers, and thus only did the wounded obtain the food they could assimilate.
46. However, in the Early Learning environment, children not only assimilate linguistic aspects such as those suggested above.
47. Can you say what aspects of English a child can naturally assimilate with this rhyme? You will find some suggestions below.
48. He could make out little in the darkness, but tried to assimilate what was so unique about this supposed classic structure.
49. Or have they? It is much more likely that most Jews took the course of least resistance over the centuries and did assimilate.
50. Tim’s mind was spinning, trying desperately to assimilate all the information that had been injected into it in the last hour.
51. I know of no better exercise to help a developing trader assimilate the patterns of the market and to begin building intuition.
52. The Europeans soon assimilate, and only the tradition of the individual family tells of the particular nation from which it came.
53. Furthermore, there is no magic here and even beginning traders can quickly assimilate this type of thinking into their repertoires.
54. The crowd was large and ever changing and it was not always easy to assimilate all those faces, male and female, gay and chattering.
55. What information do you have on him? Wickland inquired in a voice that indicated his mind was racing to assimilate the information.
56. It is unknown how quickly you can assimilate all the material available to you, and how much you can really understand in a limited time.
57. I can tell you that they were able to assimilate various learning programs through our mnemotronic techniques and that they proved to have I.
58. But things were different now, he didn’t have a locked cell and if he didn’t assimilate with one of the groups he might be targeted by both.
59. Others have but to read an idea of somebody else’s, and they can immediately assimilate it and believe that it was a child of their own brain.
60. I was so shocked that it took me a long time to assimilate the answer as the implications were so profound it shook me to the very foundations.
61. We know they assimilate both male and female, and duty assignments appear to be handed out on a need by need basis, not by a gender division of labor.
62. As for the Irish Catholics so feared by the Know-Nothings, they discovered how to assimilate into American society: Take part in bigotry against others.
63. At this level, infrequent trading and position adjustment become barriers to the trader who needs to assimilate patterns and to learn to make decisions.
64. First of all remember that our bodies are only nourished by food which they can break down and assimilate and that, ideally, all food should be laxative.
65. The only hope at this point was retreat, for the gods were taking over the Metrone’s power structure easier than the Borg could assimilate a single person.
66. Until you fully assimilate this truth, you will struggle—this is probably the one belief the separates profitable discretionary traders from everyone else.
67. A sense of incessant movement to and fro which kept me interested as I looked at the Indian faces of the middle class and tried to assimilate looks and types.
68. In other words, the moment of shock and surprise passes as you assimilate what happened into your existing world view, which is more complex than you might think.
69. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack.
70. This also goes for the other orders, which they also assimilate into their mind when they hear the verses of the Holy Qur’an during their communication with God.
71. We thankfully have the mnemotronic teaching packs for those languages, thus our people could easily and quickly be made to assimilate them via mnemotronic sessions.
72. It was hard to believe then and is still just as hard to believe now; the Undead were fighting to assimilate the living in a battle that I wasn’t sure we could win.
73. It is good to look back at the past, to assimilate it, digest it and extract the nutrition from past experiences, but it is not so good to live in the past or return to it.
74. The Vulcan’s didn’t see it this way because as telepaths they can use techniques to block, recruit assistance from other telepaths, and or assimilate the telepathic energy.
75. The expanse which your mind covers and can assimilate and acquire and is currently aware of covers all the known stars, planets, universes, and galaxies known to men on your plane.
76. For in that argument they do not take into account any other means, besides the inward spiritual one, by which men assimilate a new truth and pass from one order of life to another.
77. Her son never took his eyes off the Professor, ready to pounce on the first word of wisdom and assimilate it, as a hungry cat might sit ready for the mouse that unaccountably delays.
78. Because of their insistence upon their own superiority and stubborn refusal to assimilate in common culture, the Jews fervently hoped for another king like David to better their lot.
79. An hour-long session in what they called a ‘mnemotronic chair’ had been enough to make her assimilate Modern English, Occitan and Old Japanese, plus modern mathematics at the basic level.
80. Addendum to above question: Should Western Culture step aside and let history take its course or is it possible for such groups to properly assimilate and operate within its broadest parameters?
81. Permit me to assimilate a common case between individuals to the case before us: a man in Washington executes a joint power to five trustees in Kentucky to collect his debts, settle his land business, &c.
82. The time is nearly upon us, said one, and Arthur was surprised to see a word suddenly materialize in thin air just by the assimilate this the other man spoke and the word Phouchg appeared by his neck.
83. The rapid influx of immigrants without providing them (sufficient) time or opportunity to properly assimilate, appears to be a calculated attempt on the part of universal designs to preempt American Culture.
84. In the life of the soul, as in the physical life, there is an inspiration and a respiration; the soul needs to absorb the sentiments of another soul and assimilate them, that it may render them back enriched.
85. But the mental effort necessary to enable the spectator, listener, or reader to assimilate the new information contained in the work, or to guess the puzzles propounded, by distracting him, hinders the infection.
86. It is also true that some Muslims in Europe (though not the United States), owing to their ghettoization and reluctance to assimilate in the culture of their adopted country creates prejudice or apathy towards them.
87. Only as new generations grew up during the 1980s and 1990s did the different ethnic cultures begin to assimilate more, though by then religious issues between Muslim and Western cultures were becoming more problematic.
88. He was just beginning to assimilate her when she ceased to be assimilatable, and to him and his wife in their quiet subterraneous existence it had seemed as if not more than a week had passed before there was another Mrs.
89. The reality is that it is the disabling of specific brain circuits while maintaining other brain operations that allow us to both experience and assimilate the experience of the unitary state and other intermediate states.
90. Since most of the present languages on Earth are not contained in our mnemotronic databanks, the only alternative we have to spending years learning them is to make some locals assimilate modern English and use them as translators.
91. A man has but to assimilate this life-conception and he will be set free, as a matter of course, from the fetters that now restrain him, and feel free as a bird who spreads his wings and flies over the wall that has kept him a prisoner.
92. It is occasionally possible for a tortoise, content to assimilate proven insights of his best predecessors, to outrun hares which seek originality or don't wish to be left out of some crowd folly which ignores the best work of the past.
93. If you don’t have more questions at this time, I will get a crewmember to escort you and your family to our central mnemotronic laboratory, where you will be able to assimilate a number of ancient languages presently used around the Earth.
94. But in the end, for the entire experience to be properly integrated into a person’s psyche, it must be recalled and experienced completely; not partially… that is; depending on how much any person can assimilate at any point in their life.
95. The next three hours were actually quiet, Elizabeth spending two hours in a mnemotronic lab of the university to assimilate the basic knowledge she would have learned in school if she wouldn’t have been a princess, followed by an hour for lunch.
96. For another thing, those adults and their son, if Heracles Sirtis was really their son, would have needed to learn or assimilate at the least ancient Greek before departing, something one should not be able to do here except in a few select places.
97. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc.
98. If you take the example of young Prince Alfred, our data banks did not contain a Saxon language program, so our only solution to be able to converse with him was to make him assimilate Modern English, along with a few more languages of particular use for him.
99. Only when we stop worshipping this pointless accumulation of facts, will we discover that only the knowledge we ourselves personally accumulate, and digest, and assimilate into concentrated essences of useful wisdom: is positive and useful… not the lies of science.
100. He started with an inconsequential topic, because he didn’t want to discuss what had just happened between the two of them, or what had been happening since the moment they met, until he could assimilate exactly what it was that was happening between the two of them.
1. Borg assimilating two Romulans.
2. This device is assimilating you.
3. Yeah, assimilating as a gardener, he thought.
4. He had learned without absorbing, remembered without assimilating.
5. Your probes get to work dismantling and assimilating his every facet.
6. Rubin shone his light over the objects, quickly assimilating the information.
7. Rose was quickly assimilated into a community accustomed to assimilating new people.
8. Stability comes from properly assimilating the experience-knowledge of its actions.
9. I lie there for a moment assimilating this fact and trying to work out what it could mean.
10. As drugged up as I was, I was only capable of assimilating minor information at the time.
11. Middlemarch, in fact, counted on swallowing Lydgate and assimilating him very comfortably.
12. It’s the same thing with the knowledge you are assimilating within the pages of this book.
13. Assimilating into this slightly insane new era, or locating the source of the singing blood.
14. Multiculturalism is the antithesis of the American ―melting pot‖ that promoted a common (homogenous) culture by assimilating.
15. And by this experimental external method the majority of Christian men have now been brought to this necessity of assimilating the doctrine.
16. These creatures were organisms that could survive without oxygen, and fed by assimilating matter around their bodies and absorbing nutrients.
17. Instead of working wickedness by night and growing more debased in the assimilating of it by day, she shall take her place with the other Angels.
18. Aunt Dot had suspected, only she hadn't suspected anything like all that was presently imparted to her, and she found great difficulty in assimilating it.
19. For one must take into consideration another mode, in addition to the intuitive of assimilating new truth, and of making the transition from one mode of life to another.
20. In other words, there are periods of great pushing—like yearning itself into the next experience, which overpowers the tug of relative stability acquired while assimilating experience.
21. Of course, the Norsicans would have had no chance assimilating into the human culture as easy as it did with the Klingons, simply because their appearance didn’t garner any human sympathy.
22. In other words, there are periods of great pushing—like yearning itself into the next experience, which overpowers the tug of relative stability acquired while assimilating recent experiences.
23. Even Colonialism, which predated modern ideologies, was inclusive and sought to "improve" the Natives" and "bring them to the White Man's level" by assimilating or incorporating them in the culture and society of the colonial power.
24. But Lorenzo Daza had an infinite capacity for assimilating humiliations, and he continued his ingenious strategies for arranging casual encounters with Juvenal Urbino, not realizing that it was Juvenal Urbino who went out of his way to let himself be encountered.
25. At first his capacity for assimilating the thoughts of others, and of expressing them correctly, had given him a position of supremacy among pupils and teachers in the gymnasium and the university, where qualities such as his are highly prized, and he was satisfied.
26. Perhaps it‘s because the sudden awareness of something or someone does not provide ample opportunity for (pause) or thoughtful reflection; that is to say, having been taken off guard, it is ―reduced‖ to (merely) observing and/or reacting willy nilly, rather than properly perceiving (and assimilating) new 47.
27. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time.
28. By enlightening the opinions, by expanding the patriotism, and by assimilating the principles, the sentiments, and the manners, of those who might resort to this temple of science, to be redistributed, in due time, through every part of the community, sources of jealousy and prejudice would be diminished, the features of national character would be multiplied, and greater extent given to social harmony.
29. So that, although power remains externally the same as it was, with every change of the men in power there is a constant increase of the number of men who have been brought by experience to the necessity of assimilating the Christian conception of life, and with every change—though it is the coarsest, cruelest, and least Christian who come into possession of power, they are less coarse and cruel and more Christian than their predecessors when they gained possession of power.
30. The External Life of Christian Peoples Remains Pagan Though they are Penetrated by Christian Consciousness—The Way Out of this Contradiction is by the Acceptance of the Christian Theory of Life—Only Through Christianity is Every Man Free, and Emancipated of All Human Authority—This Emancipation can be Effected by no Change in External Conditions of Life, but Only by a Change in the Conception of Life—The Christian Ideal of Life Requires Renunciation of all Violence, and in Emancipating the Man who Accepts it, Emancipates the Whole World from All External Authorities—The Way Out of the Present Apparently Hopeless Position is for Every Man who is Capable of Assimilating the Christian Conception of Life, to Accept it and Live in Accordance with it—But Men Consider this Way too Slow, and Look for Deliverance Through Changes in Material Conditions of Life Aided by Government—That Will Lead to No Improvement, as it is simply Increasing the Evil under which Men are Suffering—A Striking Instance of this is the Submission to Compulsory Military Service, which it would be More Advantageous for Every Man to Refuse than to Submit to—The Emancipation of Men Can Only be Brought About by each Individual Emancipating Himself, and the Examples of this Self-emancipation which are already Appearing Threaten the Destruction of Governmental Authority—Refusal to Comply with the Unchristian Demands of Government Undermines the Authority of the State and Emancipates Men—And therefore Cases of such Non-compliance are Regarded with more Dread by State Authorities than any Conspiracies or Acts of Violence—Examples of Non-compliance in Russia, in Regard to Oath of Allegiance, Payment of Taxes, Passports, Police Duties, and Military Service—Examples of such Non-compliance in other States—Governments do not Know how to Treat Men who Refuse to Comply with their Demands on Christian Grounds—Such People, without Striking a Blow, Undermine the very Basis of Government from Within—To Punish them is Equivalent to Openly Renouncing Christianity, and Assisting in Diffusing the Very Principle by which these Men Justify their Non-compliance—So Governments are in a Helpless Position—Men who Maintain the Uselessness of Personal Independence, only Retard the Dissolution of the Present State Organization Based on Force.
1. And she has been assimilated.
2. Apparently, I had assimilated well.
3. The Budzynski’s have assimilated into the.
4. And, if the Vlahs from Greece have assimilated.
5. Hitler had even the most assimilated Jews hunted down.
6. They didn’t learn of that error until after I was assimilated.
7. Your ship and crew will now be assimilated to facilitate repairs.
8. Now at the end he asks Arjun if has understood and assimilated his.
9. But we are generating information faster than it can be assimilated.
10. Yet the ego is not dissolved, it is not assimilated by the selfness.
11. All things, all ideas and actions, beliefs and thoughts are assimilated.
12. Rose assimilated into the community as if she had lived there all her life.
13. ELIZABETH AND COMPANY STAYED on the moon for two days while they assimilated.
14. SABRINA MAHONEY ASSIMILATED into the team that wrote training simulations for.
15. The Fae she has studied, as well, dissected and assimilated what she found useful.
16. Rose was quickly assimilated into a community accustomed to assimilating new people.
17. They’ve assimilated the queen and we can not allow Gray smart Borgs to escape.
18. Within two weeks, the entire refugee population had been assimilated and reassigned.
19. They assimilated modifications that the Fourth had tested into their own ships.
20. A new conception of life cannot be imposed on men; it can only be freely assimilated.
21. You will be assimilated, the Borg said, scanning the SaLing skin but finding it.
22. Henri and his people descended to the surface and quickly assimilated themselves into the.
23. The Americans were speechless for a moment while they assimilated that shocking information.
24. At some point it had ceased to be a country and was assimilated into the boundaries of Turkey.
25. His mind hadn't room in it to contain much, and it assimilated slowly that which it contained.
26. Whole foods naturally contain vitamins and minerals in combinations that are best assimilated.
27. Even though there is a price on your head, your teachings have been assimilated and expanded upon.
28. As they walked to their quarters, Fiona assimilated what she had just learned in the brief meeting.
29. The information can be assimilated by your clients in just a few seconds and this adds to the appeal.
30. Yet all of this growth was easily assimilated into small house Churches as they networked together seamlessly.
31. Carla and Max felt as though James and Amy were being assimilated into the Organization, and they wondered why.
32. The experience rests on a set of foundational skills that are assimilated below the level of conscious thought.
33. It is basically split between the orthodox, who follow tradition, and the reform and assimilated types who do not.
34. And it can only be freely assimilated in two ways: one spiritual and internal, the other experimental and external.
35. The food order guaranteed that the refugees would be rapidly assimilated since they would be needed to fulfill the order.
36. Her mouth was dry as she assimilated this knowledge and she swallowed and looked into his eyes, trying to find some clue.
37. Some of the attributes of the animal being used is actually assimilated by the environment according to Feng Shui experts.
38. From the assimilated types we get the Jewish Left, starting with Karl Marx, and continuing on to today’s iterations of him.
39. Like many other top people that worked here on the mountain, he was assimilated into The Organization by what appeared to be chance.
40. These must in their turn be comprehended intuitively and adapted to individual need, and thus be assimilated into the life practice.
41. Of all the living races you’ve encountered, conquered, destroyed, or assimilated, there is none among them that could survive here.
42. It was a curious thing that I who lacked all ability to become comme il faut, should have assimilated the idea so completely as I did.
43. The very first book that I ever read and fully assimilated was a book titled I'm Gonna Bury You by a christian author named Gene Neill.
44. Because of this work, I assimilated patterns quickly and developed a sense of the forces at work behind the patterns early in my development.
45. Errors and mistakes are far less frequent, but when they do happen, they are corrected and reviewed, and the lessons are quickly assimilated.
46. A preparation of the phosphates of lime, magnesia, potash and iron with phosphoric acid in such form as to be readily assimilated by the system.
47. In my experience, peak performance, the kind of performance that facilitates flow, rests on a strong foundation of completely assimilated skills.
48. We do not know if these babies had been abducted and were in the process of being assimilated, or were indeed the off spring of Borg ship personnel.
49. When it was apparent that the information had been assimilated, Rachel said, Let’s give the engineers and munitions folks time to do their jobs.
50. Indeed, since an example of each system of stakes kept constantly occurring, a great deal of information could be assimilated with ease and celerity.
51. And with that, her life is ended, not to be assimilated, not to live forever within the kingdom of your perfect mind, and all memory of her is erased.
52. The master musician has assimilated the technical requirements of her instrument through tens of thousands of practice sessions spread over many years.
53. And having once assimilated the state to the individual, he imagines that he will find the succession of states paralleled in the lives of individuals.
54. They resembled the natives in color, manners, and modes of thought, and readily assimilated with them by marriage ties and the affinities of home life.
55. After that, in a flash, everything I have ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, known, hated, loved, experienced, and assimilated will be erased.
56. The men eventually assimilated themselves into the fabric of America, blending in and taking odd jobs in restaurants, hotels, and landscaping companies.
57. In some protocols, an increase in speed has been fully assimilated into the technology, while in others, the faster version is still an optional feature.
58. In keeping with Colony Service policies, those members of the Queen Elizabeth’s crew who wished to stay would be compensated and assimilated into the.
59. What has indeed been assimilated from having lived yet having forgotten all; that is to say, wherein lay the principle examples of forgotten impressions?
60. And that mind is a mynd of the Global Brain, which sees and hears others as icon-info-tokens to be assimilated in its pursuit of its programmed Game's End.
61. Lynn, who had assimilated Occitan on arrival in Toulouse, like all the other occupants of the Toulouse Tower, pointed the dog and spoke hesitantly in Occitan.
62. More easily assimilated than any other food, it is especially beneficial to older people and those of you who are suffering from digestive troubles of any kind.
63. But when a certain point in the diffusion of the truth has been reached, it is suddenly assimilated by everyone, not by the inner way, but, as it were, involuntarily.
64. If the man who has assimilated the Christian life-conception waits for others before he proceeds to live in accordance with it, mankind will never change its attitude.
65. Love, satisfaction, and, ultimately happiness manifest themselves, out of the blue sky, as soon as one has satisfactorily assimilated the lessons he had been assigned.
66. Generally there is no difference between the dry and liquid formulations other than the liquid products are more quickly assimilated by the body and are more concentrated.
67. During the first six months the growth was slow and steady - each increase in the stake was easily assimilated and by the next increase we were well used to the previous one.
68. Having assimilated German, along with other ancient languages, by direct mental transfer before leaving on her mission of mercy, Farah complied immediately, totally terrified.
69. What was passing in that receptive childlike soul that so eagerly caught and assimilated all the diverse impressions of life? How did they all find place in her? But she was very happy.
70. The most common reason for having multiple trees is the merging of two organizations, both of which already have established domain names that cannot be readily assimilated into one tree.
71. A field-man is a personality afield; a field-woman is a portion of the field; she had somehow lost her own margin, imbibed the essence of her surrounding, and assimilated herself with it.
72. And while Rome was still a small village, the southern Hebrew kingdom of Judah was forced to pay tribute to Assyria, but Assyria declined before the Hebrews of Judah were assimilated as well.
73. Having received and deeply assimilated the newest Knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY, you will understand that another you already exists in a much more perfect Form of creative self-expression.
74. Therefore it would seem safe to bet one’s life savings and a spare grandmother on the fact that other things we have been exposed to, have also been absorbed and assimilated in a similar way.
75. Yet he loved ‘our Russian peasants’ and their way of life with his whole soul, and for that very reason had understood and assimilated the one way and manner of farming which produced good results.
76. Yet he loved our Russian peasants and their way of life with his whole soul, and for that very reason had understood and assimilated the one way and manner of farming which produced good results.
77. The journey from fundamentals to mastery is a long one—true mastery does not come until many hours of work have been put in for many years and until fundamentals have been assimilated on an unconscious level.
78. Provided that the acquisition of (new) knowledge is properly assimilated and that individuals are mindful of what history has taught them, a society should acquire certain advantages over preceding generations.
79. The Elusivers had made him witness a nightmare future: shiny mechanoids with wide pumping legs; machines that didn’t just kill but assimilated people into their bodies as swiftly as a lizard takes in an insect.
80. Even as her universe is assimilated and everything around her vanishes and transforms itself into an elegant ballet of logic and perfection, she understands your purpose and the terror makes her finally understand.
81. He, having assimilated the outburst about Queen Victoria's time by the simple method of ascribing it to something Audrey had given the poor chap for lunch, was free now to go on talking about Fanny, which he at once did.
82. It was a mostly forgotten custom that the Emperor directly handled planning with allies, mainly because the Empire had assimilated all of its allies, but the High Command seemed to remember it since they left without complaint.
83. We will see in the nineteenth century that Marxism had its greatest hold among educated German Jews, and least appeal among the poorer and less assimilated, and less university-educated Eastern European orthodox and Hasidic Jews.
84. When perfectly ripe it has about 12 per cent of sugar, but as it is picked green, the fruit sold in the markets is often but partially ripe and is more easily assimilated, if baked like the apple; it then becomes a valuable breakfast food.
85. Every man of the present day with the Christian principles assimilated involuntarily in his conscience, finds himself in precisely the position of a man asleep who dreams that he is obliged to do something which even in his dream he knows he ought not to do.
86. It was an oper-ation that was so timely, drastic, and effective that two months after the armistice, when Colonel Aureliano Buendía had recovered, his most dedicated conspirators were dead or exiled or had been assimilated forever into public administration.
87. There are always unseen truths not yet revealed to the man's intellectual vision, and there are other truths outlived, forgotten, and assimilated by him, and there are also certain truths that rise up before the light of his reason and require his recognition.
88. From the preceding discussion of the origin and early history of the Jews, it should be clear that in the course of their formation as a people and a nation they had already assimilated a variety of racial strains from people moving into the general area they occupied.
89. Try to acknowledge this Thought through the development of the Process of your eternal Cocreativity with the whole Universe, look inside Yourself, find Your worthy place in everything that happens, being guided by Intuition and the wisdom of Knowledge which you have assimilated.
90. Such interpretations or judgments that inevitably follow once (the) news has been properly assimilated (often) reflect conditioned opinions, responses or explanations reflecting a journalist‘s essential points of view, not necessarily; however, the inherent properties of (the) news itself.
91. The Two House theory on the basis of their previous point state that the blessing promised through Abraham, where all the families of the earth would be blessed, would come through the seed of the Northern Kingdom, who were taken away into exile and then assimilated into all the nations of the earth.
92. Before Hitler and his Nazis, and the mass discrimination against all Jews:… the majority of Jews were wholly and happily assimilated into the German middleclass… this resulted in the rise of marriage between Jews and non-Jews, to the extent that 1 out of every 2 marriages of jews was interracial….
93. And that is why it is a mistake to say that because only a very small minority of men has assimilated Christianity in eighteen centuries, it must take many times as many centuries for all mankind to assimilate it, and that since that time is so far off, we who live in the present need not even think about it.
94. The gentleman then glued the slot in the sac closed, with a glue specially formulated to replace the use of stitches - which was assimilated by and also promoted, rapid healing of, the skin – the final result showing no scar tissue – only an almost indiscernible line where the lasered incision had been made.
95. Some truths have been so assimilated by them that they have become the unconscious basis of action, others are only just on the point of being revealed to him, and a third class, though not yet assimilated by him, have been revealed to him with sufficient clearness to force him to decide either to recognize them or to refuse to recognize them.
96. The volume of assimilated Information and synthesized (through realization in Life) Experience, which we now subjectively associate with one year lived by us, will be individually associated in the Formo-systems of higher-frequency Worlds only with several months of our Life, while in critical and stress situations — just with one or several calendar days.
97. Frankie looked up at his mother with some surprise, not because he entertained any very high opinion of clergymen in general, for, having been an attentive listener to many conversations between his parents, he had of course assimilated their opinions as far as his infant understanding permitted, but because at the school the scholars were taught to regard the gentleman in question with the most profound reverence and respect.
98. Conscience is understood as an (internalized) set of morals and values whose critical references, in whatever manner obtained and (assimilated), must necessarily enhance or diminish an individual‘s sense of guilt or other such feelings and emotions proceeding from that individual‘s private understanding of right and wrong or good and evil; that is to say, how that individual observes (external) events and assimilates the information that it receives.
99. Exactly, how the fuck did the brain suck up the name of the first president of Malawi, the origins of beetroot salad and to which phylum the horned slug of Jujudeburg belongs? And all without our knowledge! The point is, it’s all in there somewhere which means that at some point in life we must have been exposed to the information, and whether we're aware of it or not, the brain has absorbed and assimilated it, and it is then a simple matter of retrieval as to how readily this can be accessed at a later date.
100. In Germany, during a given period, summed up by Schiller in his famous drama The Robbers, theft and pillage rose up in protest against property and labor, assimilated certain specious and false elementary ideas, which, though just in appearance, were absurd in reality, enveloped themselves in these ideas, disappeared within them, after a fashion, assumed an abstract name, passed into the state of theory, and in that shape circulated among the laborious, suffering, and honest masses, unknown even to the imprudent chemists who had prepared the mixture, unknown even to the masses who accepted it.
1. I sip my coffee, watching him as he assimilates what I have told him.
2. The full and changeless ocean assimilates all the rivers that flow viol-.
3. It is his fire that accepts and assimilates the food that reaches the state of readiness by four ways.
4. In painting, this method assimilates painting to photography, and destroys the difference between them.
5. It assimilates intelligence, all forms of it, and spits it back out in a perverse duplication of itself.
6. It is thought that this powder had not a volcanic origin, and that the presence of chrome assimilates it with meteoric stones.
7. The bee assimilates juices of various kinds of flowers and fruit and forms within its body the honey, which it stores in its cells of wax.
8. Thereby, his or her spirit assimilates these attributes of perfection and perceives them, so that they settle into it and become its own attributes.
9. But in our day he goes straight for the literature of negation, very quickly assimilates all the extracts of the science of negation, and he’s ready.
10. But when the poet speaks in the person of another, may we not say that he assimilates his style to that of the person who, as he informs you, is going to speak?
11. He assimilates the information and performs giant calculations while you see the global connection of all the little fragments that he furnishes, and how you can best use them.
12. I believe he is of mine;—I am sure he is—I feel akin to him—I understand the language of his countenance and movements: though rank and wealth sever us widely, I have something in my brain and heart, in my blood and nerves, that assimilates me mentally to him.
13. Conscience is understood as an (internalized) set of morals and values whose critical references, in whatever manner obtained and (assimilated), must necessarily enhance or diminish an individual‘s sense of guilt or other such feelings and emotions proceeding from that individual‘s private understanding of right and wrong or good and evil; that is to say, how that individual observes (external) events and assimilates the information that it receives.

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