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Assuage numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Another could her woe assuage.
  2. Nothing could assuage my pain.
  3. Great Comforter to assuage his pain.
  4. Hapless worshippers trying to assuage their.
  5. David too was in a rage that nothing could assuage.

  6. But nothing could assuage our growing thirst and hunger.
  7. Galen’s smile was all he needed to assuage those fears.
  8. The door was ajar, but she knocked to assuage the tention.
  9. He hoped the optimistic comment would assuage his patient.
  10. Alex smiled warmly, hoping to assuage her fears about his.
  11. They’d all anted up a huge price to assuage their guilt.
  12. It did nothing to allay my trepidations or assuage my fears.
  13. She checked her comm once again, and to assuage her worry he answered.
  14. Time, however, that great comforter in ordinary, began to assuage the.
  15. Until July 16 a nice gift will assuage bruised feelings and restore harmony.

  16. It was a long night that passed in an agony of itching that Lov refused to assuage.
  17. The meeting went on for hours but it could not assuage his thirst for knowledge of it.
  18. We are anyway ready to give him a little gold, and I mean a little, to help assuage him.
  19. Yes, sir, but didn’t the Goddess assuage his loss by sending serpents to wash Tireseas.
  20. And to assuage my curiosity he gave me a detailed expose of a system of existences in which.
  21. If there was one way to assuage the doubts of his crew, guidance from the council would effect this.
  22. But for every question you have, you should also have an answer on hand to help you assuage your fears.
  23. Whisperings among the townsfolk in and out of the tavern did not help to assuage his nervous suspicions.
  24. I cannot deny that I grieved for his grief, whatever that was, and would have given much to assuage it.
  25. No, I’m sure it was just precautionary, Terence said quietly as he tried to assuage her obviously frayed nerves.

  26. Her tongue was furred and her throat parched as if flames had scorched it and no amount of water could assuage her thirst.
  27. Students go to college to write papers and take examinations, not to assuage some professor’s panging social conscience.
  28. But before I did, I decided to follow the river toward the whooshing sound, so I could assuage my curiosity of the matter.
  29. Darkburst rested where he lay for two more moons before struggling onwards once again, stopping often to assuage his growing thirst.
  30. He could see her point, but that did nothing to assuage the guilt that had dogged him since his encounter with April and Roy McKennon.
  31. Keinalone did not flinch or duck, but took the full painful blow hoping that it would assuage his fatherly anger at her protestation.
  32. But history must not yet tell the tragedies enacted here; let time intervene in some measure to assuage and lend an azure tint to them.
  33. Even the more pleasant vision of the wily red-head’s grinning countenance was not enough to assuage the shame stabbing his gut and chest.
  34. Therefore, it is quite possible to imagine that they initiated the practice of sacrificial offerings to assuage God’s anger toward them.
  35. A funeral simply provides an opportunity for those who knew him to assuage any guilt they might feel for any shortcomings in their friendship.
  36. He knew full well their thoughts and could not do anything to assuage the remorse they would grow to endure, but never ignore, as real people must.
  37. Bad thing to have happen just now, Lowell agreed in his calm, easygoing fashion that did little to assuage the frayed nerves of his colleague.
  38. What could it possibly say? Something to assuage the guilt hanging so heavily on this unfortunately acquired heart? I unfolded it with closed eyes, and then opened them.
  39. In short, I am doing what I can, I suffer with the same universal suffering, and I try to assuage it, I possess only the puny forces of a man, and I cry to all: "Help me!".
  40. The priest was still off on errands around the city, and after a few walks about the green to assuage their consciences, all had returned, nonplussed, to intelligence headquarters.
  41. I thought once again of reporting it to the captain but what would the captain do that would assuage my rage, my hatred? Reporting it, would moreover prevent me from a personal revenge.
  42. There are the usual cases, where individuals and firms are taken to task to prove that the SEC and others have some sort of control and to assuage the public, that the markets are regulated in a fair and open way.
  43. Then as he tried to see its likeness in the forces of nature this duality was extended to these gods who were many times seen as capricious and needed sacrificial offerings to assuage the bad or evil side of their natures.
  44. Besides, couldn’t the worst of fears be readily addressed to win over the recalcitrant? Committed as he was to Gautam’s cause and sensing his son’s apathy, the minister would advise Gautam to assuage his brat to ease his way.
  45. The mother's consternation was excessive; but it could not surpass the alarm of the Miss Steeles, and every thing was done by all three, in so critical an emergency, which affection could suggest as likely to assuage the agonies of the little sufferer.
  46. The mother’s consternation was excessive; but it could not surpass the alarm of the Miss Steeles, and every thing was done by all three, in so critical an emergency, which affection could suggest as likely to assuage the agonies of the little sufferer.
  47. Jacques Foucharde carried a worried look in his 13 year old eyes, nervously wiping the palms of his grimy hands on his bib coveralls while standing on one bare foot as he rubbed the other on his leg to assuage the myriad ant bites getting itchier by the minute.
  48. You do not have to entertain by any means but to create something physical; a book, a piece of writing, a tangible useful object such as furniture, anything that is created by you and brought into being by you will assuage the reason for this type of past-time.
  49. In which our Heroine learns more than she wishes to know about the Nature of Distemper’d Lust; debates with the Surgeon (and indeed with herself) about the Nature of Evil and whether anything we Mortals do can assuage it; and loses an old Friend just as she hath made a new.
  50. If you are willing to wait for a declaration of war till the fourth Monday in May, will there be any necessity of declaring it before the first Monday in June or July? You have suffered the public mind to assuage in its resentment, and I very much doubt, that before a full experiment be made of the embargo, it will be wholly allayed.
  51. We communicate to and set high expectations for our children and encourage them to do all the same but at the same time, we give buffer to assuage their hurt egos or deflated self-esteem once they fail, we tell them that failures are results of some miscalculated or mistaken decisions but it does not mean that they are failures as a person.
  52. I believe that Michael belabored this point about forgiveness to assuage his conscience and sense of justice in the event that he was executed--he felt that if he were to die for a crime that he didn't commit then the judge, jury, prosecution, false witnesses and executioner would spend eternity in hell paying for their unforgiving and vengeful spirits.
  53. The sight of a dark-suited, dog-collared fellow of about forty, seemed like a beacon of kindness in a world suddenly turned hostile, so I approached in the hope that, like Jesus, he would gather up this lost sheep and offer shelter – or at least wise words that would assuage the hurt, bolster my flagging self esteem, and set me on the path to redemption.
  54. He saw the unmistakable fear in the eyes of the young man who had so dramatically and unwillingly been drawn into this sordid affair, only because of a shadow that he had seen in passing, and realized that no amount of words or guarantees would assuage those nervous tremblings that were only exacerbated by the strange, frantic search that had just been conducted.
  55. From the “Be not afraid” message meant to assuage the wondering terror that still haunted Man from out of the vulnerability of his precariously uncertain past as he encountered these seemingly otherworldly experiences, to the modern versions of angels, meant only to help an individual overcome the “stumbling stones” of life; these have also evolved over that great expanse, from prehistoric through prebiblical and biblical times, to the present-day elucidations.
  56. Send to me presently with your Answer in order to assuage the intolerable Torment that afflicts the Heart of your most Faithful,.
  57. Pray send to me presently that I may call upon you, and you will assuage the Torment that afflicts the Heart of your most devoted,.
  1. Basking like nothing else mattered, the heat assuaging his worn body, he poured in.
  2. Hers was so brilliant and tender, it drove itself into his heart, assuaging, brightening the dark places.
  3. If these legends inspire your adventurous spirit, there are more pleasurable ways of assuaging it than in battle.
  4. When the throng had finally shouted themselves out, Grindel spoke his next words carefully, assuaging them with his reasoned argument.
  5. When he realized there would be no response from the houseman and deciding that any further remarks would be of no benefit in assuaging 310.
  6. Her breathing returned to its normal pace, though she still inhaled the damp but fresh air deeply in hopes of eventually assuaging her nerves.
  7. Then she yearns for incense, altar lights and a pale, young priest, who is willing to devote time and prayer to assuaging her spiritual doubts.
  8. It would go some way towards assuaging the guilt she was feeling about how she’d snubbed Piers when Troy had introduced him earlier in the day.
  9. Taking a deep breath in hopes of assuaging his nerves so that the others, especially Feltus, would not notice his anxiety, he replied amiably, Thank you, Inspector.
  10. Frankie took so much note of this Charly sent her outside again, assuaging the child's disappointment by promising not to laugh any more—and they did, as a matter of fact, reduce their merriment to a few chuckles and snorts.
  11. And thus the work proceeds; the two tackles hoisting and lowering simultaneously; both whale and windlass heaving, the heavers singing, the blubber-room gentlemen coiling, the mates scarfing, the ship straining, and all hands swearing occasionally, by way of assuaging the general friction.
  12. He crossed his fingers instinctively while he mumbled a few words of assurance to himself in hopes of assuaging his frayed nerves then methodically opened the heavy double doors leading into the dark and quiet room where a large round table arranged with name cards and armchairs was situated in the dead center beneath a magnificent crystal chandelier that twinkled faintly in the glow from the tall candles in the ornate gold candelabra at the center of the table.
  13. On the part of the selfish, the prejudices, shadows of costly education, appetite increasing through intoxication, a giddiness of prosperity which dulls, a fear of suffering which, in some, goes as far as an aversion for the suffering, an implacable satisfaction, the I so swollen that it bars the soul; on the side of the wretched covetousness, envy, hatred of seeing others enjoy, the profound impulses of the human beast towards assuaging its desires, hearts full of mist, sadness, need, fatality, impure and simple ignorance.
  1. The pain was assuaged.
  2. His restless mind never more assuaged.
  3. His grief at Ju’s death was assuaged.
  4. On a reprieve, he assuaged his erection.
  5. That fear was assuaged as he rattled off a.
  6. But soon the lust for slaughter was assuaged.
  7. My hunger has been assuaged for a goodly time.
  8. They paid a few small fines, and that assuaged.
  9. Now she wondered if she could have put it right, assuaged her guilt.
  10. Jimmy still had questions, doubts that probably could not be assuaged.
  11. He assuaged the situation with reciting a bumper sticker he’d once read.
  12. I regret that the other residents of your Plane will not be so easily assuaged.
  13. Glorious heat filled the house and assuaged Charly's regret at having to surrender so much money.
  14. The Sweetness of knowing Isobel for my Mother somewhat assuaged the Pain of knowing Lord Bellars was my Father.
  15. So delicious was it they ate more than usual until, appetite assuaged, Peteru could no longer contain his curiosity.
  16. He suspected he had been born with a sense of unworthiness that could only be assuaged by regular self mortification.
  17. His fears of finding them to be contaminated or unsanitary were quickly assuaged, while the sacks of grains proved free of vermin.
  18. It was still there when at last the evening meal was served and Godwyn’s hunger was assuaged by the delicious cheese the monks made.
  19. He tried desperately to break himself of the habit, but found that the pain in his back, could only be assuaged by regular doses of Tik.
  20. Rumor had it that she was quite successful with the ministering of teas and remedies and he longed for his wife’s suffering to be assuaged.
  21. Our kisses and our caresses in the dark night hours somehow brought comfort and assuaged the loneliness that otherwise threatened to engulf us.
  22. The result has been a submersion of white moral authority into the pit of an overwhelming sense of guilt over racism of the past, guilt that has to be assuaged.
  23. I knew these fierce moods of Julia's, such as had overtaken her at the fountain in moonlight, and dimly surmised their origin; I knew they could not be assuaged by words.
  24. Over this great expanse there is no disturbance but it is thus at once gently smoothed away and assuaged, as, when a vase of water is jarred, the trembling circles seek the shore and all is smooth again.
  25. How ironical it was that her moral decline should’ve assuaged my fears about her feared sexual fall; whatever, as if they served their purpose, my unfounded fears about her affection for him were put to rest in my mind.
  26. But nobody was choked; and when in the early days of the following week there were in nearly every cottage pangs being assuaged, they were so naturally the consequence of the strange things that had been eaten that only Mrs.
  27. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, Beth retired to her room, overcome with emotion and lobster, but there was no place of repose, for the beds were not made, and she found her grief much assuaged by beating up the pillows and putting things in order.
  28. As Liloe stiffened and arched her body down, she fought to remain silent and unheard but, she failed to suppress a wail of ecstasy which pieced the night, and with her passion assuaged and her body glistening with sweat in the low light, she lay forward and snuggled onto Siri’s chest.
  29. The Sea Rat, as soon as his hunger was somewhat assuaged, continued the history of his latest voyage, conducting his simple hearer from port to port of Spain, landing him at Lisbon, Oporto, and Bordeaux, introducing him to the pleasant harbours of Cornwall and Devon, and so up the Channel to that final quayside, where, landing after winds long contrary, storm-driven and weather-beaten, he had caught the first magical hints and heraldings of another Spring, and, fired by these, had sped on a long tramp inland, hungry for the experiment of life on some quiet farmstead, very far from the weary beating of any sea.
  1. I smile and nod my head, and this assuages some of his fears.
  2. There is a thing in haircutting that assuages the blood and calms the heart and makes the nerves serene.
  3. Prayer silences the passions of the soul, assuages the rebel ion of anger, dismisses envy, dissipates evil desire, withers the love of worldly things, and brings great peace and serenity to the soul.

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