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Atmosphere numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The atmosphere was one of.
2. The Atmosphere is heated -.
3. Its very atmosphere is Time.
4. You can feel the atmosphere.
5. He soaked in the atmosphere.
6. There was an atmosphere of.
7. And, up here, the atmosphere.

8. A sudden change in atmosphere.
9. The atmosphere was heating up.
10. The atmosphere was very heavy.
11. He liked the atmosphere of a.
12. The atmosphere begins to change.
13. It fills the atmosphere around.
14. She lived in an atmosphere of.
15. The moon in the blue atmosphere.
16. Oxygen took over the atmosphere.
17. In that home an atmosphere of.
18. That was the atmosphere shuttle.
19. Then the atmosphere became quiet.
20. It is in the atmosphere, falls.
21. Miles cuts through the atmosphere.
22. We wanted a change of atmosphere.
23. The atmosphere inside was one of.
24. MAV’s out of the atmosphere now.
25. The atmosphere was light and ex-.
26. The atmosphere was formal but not.
27. Perhaps the edge of the atmosphere.
28. We were still above the atmosphere.
29. The atmosphere here is eco-friendly.
30. Miles launches into the atmosphere.
31. It was the classic atmosphere of a.
32. I liked the atmosphere, the air of.
33. That changes all atmosphere around?
34. The upper atmosphere was similarly.
35. You get an atmosphere of confidence.
36. Silence filled the atmosphere again.
37. The atmosphere was warm and festive.
38. She also sensed the atmosphere had.
39. The atmosphere was changing suddenly.
40. The atmosphere in Athens became un-.
41. You can create a romantic atmosphere.
42. They need the atmosphere of My Spirit.
43. Watson, trying to ease the atmosphere.
44. In this way, the atmosphere is able.
45. Step 1: Create an atmosphere of trust.
46. That’s why I needed the atmosphere.
47. Perhaps a friendly atmosphere would.
48. Within this atmosphere there’s no.
49. The atmosphere thinned and I was in.
50. Amazing how atmosphere could change.
51. The room took on a sombre atmosphere.
52. Carefully I controlled the atmosphere.
53. Or poisoned our atmosphere, or—.
54. She really liked the atmosphere there.
55. He had just left the atmosphere when.
56. Sound clearer through the atmosphere!.
57. His publicans were full of atmosphere.
58. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed.
59. The atmosphere helped, Jazz loosened.
60. Release your faith into the atmosphere.
61. The atmosphere grew impenetrably thick.
62. In addition, the corrosive atmosphere.
63. He seemed not to notice the atmosphere.
64. But there was a chill in the atmosphere.
65. I made, the atmosphere was nothing had.
66. The atmosphere was surcharged with awe.
67. The atmosphere is as thin as consommé.
68. The atmosphere was suddenly more relaxed.
69. An atmosphere of despair felt so intense.
70. The atmosphere in the pub was incredible.
71. We’re crossing into the atmosphere.
72. I thought it was the hospice atmosphere.
73. Once the atmosphere comes to this, the.
74. The air had a murky war-torn atmosphere.
75. I said, It was an amazing atmosphere.
76. Anyway, you're spoiling the atmosphere.
77. We crossed the atmosphere at the agreed.
78. In that disturbing atmosphere, 1941 began.
79. The atmosphere inside the wagon was tense.
80. Above: The hotel lobby has an atmosphere.
81. There wasnt an atmosphere and they did.
82. Avatar sensed the atmosphere and whined.
83. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged Gwenda.
84. The atmosphere is isolated into pockets.
85. There was an electric playoff atmosphere.
86. The atmosphere lightened, and he laughed.
87. Not a cold atmosphere but certainly cool.
88. Luminous appearances in the atmosphere, J.
89. A subtle perfume pervaded the atmosphere.
90. It was that kind of laid back atmosphere.
91. The atmosphere on top of the hill darken.
92. A draft of cold air fills the atmosphere.
93. In two hours the atmosphere became lethal.
94. Now, though, the atmosphere was different.
95. There's a prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
96. This helps to create a natural atmosphere.
97. The general atmosphere is rather depressed.
98. The atmosphere was poisonous and horrible.
99. The pod was entering Earth’s atmosphere.
100. The atmosphere in Japan is very high, as.

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