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Attack numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a huge attack.
  2. He had a heart attack.
  3. Brad was on the attack.
  4. But the attack on the.
  5. In case of an attack.

  6. He was ready to attack.
  7. It was his last attack.
  8. Now it was under attack.
  9. That was a close attack.
  10. Vinnie went on the attack.
  11. If they attack, take as.
  12. Word spread of our attack.
  13. If you counter attack or.
  14. I will attack the city.
  15. Even as the attack on the U.

  16. Next is the heart attack!.
  17. Try to attack the emotions.
  18. Attack Of The Angry Women!.
  19. Then there was the attack.
  20. I nearly had a heart attack.
  21. The surprise attack at dawn.
  22. Attack of the Leaf Monsters.
  23. He had another heart attack.
  24. I fear an attack is eminent.
  25. Jo’s attempt to attack her.

  26. He’s having a heart attack.
  27. The attack was not unexpected.
  28. It was a terrorist attack.
  29. However, they did not attack.
  30. Attack is execution for the.
  31. He was getting a panic attack.
  32. He will be allowed to attack.
  33. She’s had a heart attack.
  34. I know they will not attack.
  35. He started to attack once more.
  36. So he won’t attack Kyoshiro.
  37. I think it’s a heart attack.
  38. Some sort of terrorist attack.
  39. Though I doubt he would attack.
  40. The attack appeared to be over.
  41. The attack initially went well.
  42. What if an attack was mounted.
  43. There had been no attack from.
  44. A deflection for a high attack.
  45. He collapsed during the attack.
  46. The date of the attack was set.
  47. Your wife had a heart attack.
  48. Was she having a heart attack?
  49. When the target of his attack.
  50. This needed a 3 point attack: 1.
  51. What is the attack plan?
  52. A Reverse Psychic Attack With a.
  53. The attack had scared everybody.
  54. Guess he had a heart attack too.
  55. It grieves, but does not attack.
  56. I have become an attack dog too.
  57. Told you, she attack me!.
  58. I wasn't helping you attack him.
  59. Why would they attack us?
  60. Thus the attack was unwarranted.
  61. They had survived a skin attack.
  62. The last heart attack left him.
  63. But the next attack came swiftly.
  64. Why attack a woman and her kids.
  65. That was a well-directed attack.
  66. Right then, I went on the attack.
  67. They're under a spiritual attack.
  68. Or they could come and attack us.
  69. The Opponent continued his attack.
  70. Chances are, news of the attack.
  71. Grumbold uttered an attack spell.
  72. Bors and Heartsing led the attack.
  73. He wouldn't physically attack me.
  74. The attack seemed to have ceased.
  75. You had sensed the attack on her.
  76. I wasn’t going to attack you.
  77. You attack your problems head on.
  78. He immediately went on the attack.
  79. Scylla chose that moment to attack.
  80. That attack cost us too much time.
  81. Do not attack us, Lizard Trolls.
  82. I was afraid that he might attack.
  83. Then, they move in for the attack.
  84. Angry, he started to attack Wei An.
  85. Two others will attack the castle.
  86. Don’t need another heart attack.
  87. No, you will not attack the alien.
  88. There has been a nuclear attack.
  89. It sounds attack you say? And.
  90. She would have tried to attack us.
  91. Attack of the Giant Space Monster.
  92. The German attack ground to a halt.
  93. But the expected attack never came.
  94. With the rains came another attack.
  95. Could have been a random attack.
  96. He had a heart attack last night.
  97. Red the blooming rose of my attack.
  98. The four were alert for any attack.
  99. Attack was the best form of defence.
  100. That’s the attack simulation serum.
  1. No one is attacking us.
  2. Attacking the Nest of Ahab.
  3. A bat attacking in the dark.
  4. Hero and started attacking us.
  5. Stephen was attacking the door.
  6. Attacking them is not an option.
  7. Something was attacking the camp.
  8. Someone was attacking them again.
  9. Ouch! That mirror is attacking.
  10. I saw four vampires attacking one.
  11. A ginger cat was attacking his leg.
  12. This is about you attacking Blondie.
  13. By attacking these habits, you can.
  14. First Selene, then Cherry attacking.
  15. I restrained myself from attacking him.
  16. Attacking the beings had proven useless.
  17. Roleston was on his feet and attacking.
  18. In reality, Joey was attacking his ex-.
  19. Now the Erudite are attacking my father.
  20. Did they stop attacking Shanghai?
  21. They kept attacking darride-rich planets.
  22. But this time he was attacking the house.
  23. I was protecting her, not attacking her.
  24. Why this whole HEART ATTACKING DRAMA ???
  25. You can't even see who you’re attacking.
  26. The other minions continued attacking Sarah.
  27. Obviously something was attacking the goats.
  28. Apophis is dividing us, attacking us one by.
  29. Are you alright? Is it attacking you?
  30. At last the line of attacking goblins subsided.
  31. Penn grabbed the arm of the remaining attacking.
  32. Therefore he did not cease his attacking strokes.
  33. Are they attacking because of me? she asked.
  34. His subsequent campaign ads attacking the Obama.
  35. Attacking and devastating Great Britain in 1942.
  36. Attacking your own mother with that dirty thing.
  37. But on the way sharks started attacking his catch.
  38. The ones who were attacking you when I found you.
  39. Without either one attacking and killing the other.
  40. Theia and Eugenie were attacking Esther and Felix.
  41. Because he was distracted, his attacking strokes.
  42. In the headquarters for the attacking forces, the.
  43. Then there were stars; the attacking Elusiver ships.
  44. Maybe he should stop attacking them and leave, in.
  45. Then, in a flash, she is off the bed attacking him.
  46. He must have allowed it to stop them attacking you.
  47. The crewmen had regrets about attacking the captives.
  48. This time though, it was aggressively attacking her.
  49. The attacking beholders were frozen into blue shards.
  50. She injured a human who was in no way attacking her.
  51. At least eight of the 21’s were attacking her ship.
  52. Carroll fired his M-16 at one of the attacking Cobras.
  53. Leave off attacking him, Alyosha said emphatically.
  54. Get the cat to run around, jumping, and attacking toys.
  55. Attacking in the Pacific was a very high risk strategy.
  56. It stopped and took up an attacking posture as before.
  57. Do you think he’s capable of attacking the girls?
  58. Bradan and Jimmy were still attacking Faye’s henchmen.
  59. The beast hadn’t anticipated Sam turning and attacking.
  60. We’re not attacking the battleships or cruisers first.
  61. Are they attacking because she is Sarah’s host?
  62. Poland, attacking the Russians who occupied that country.
  63. Well that’s not very attacking, is it? said Joss.
  64. Then the one attacking Val, she came at me with a knife.
  65. Ruby turned quickly, she'd missed the attacking Snaggle.
  66. Half a league from the boats, the attacking boat took off.
  67. Later on I started attacking their religiosity with venom.
  68. But they had to restrain the Butte from attacking her as.
  69. Yet somehow that did little to deter others from attacking.
  70. She also wondered why these men were attacking her and Max.
  71. But they had attacking his sentries and escaping by night.
  72. The moral force of the attacking French army was exhausted.
  73. She was playing coy one minute, and attacking him the next.
  74. They’ve been attacking every six hours for the past week.
  75. They responded immediately, attacking Eiess with full force.
  76. Robber Barons attacking Robber Barons, fighting over money.
  77. He gathers my hands inside his to stop me from attacking him.
  78. The elements attacking her, working in tandem with the eagle.
  79. What else could he do, a witch was attacking his two friends.
  80. Our duty is to protect by attacking the terrorists in their.
  81. If the ship is attacking or is attacked, he becomes a gunner.
  82. It broke open, the swarm of angry bees attacking the animals.
  83. Raekwon got off the couch ready for his turn at attacking her.
  84. But nothing in the tales told of them attacking the living.
  85. I saw a hand of them attacking Edmund and spurred towards him.
  86. Rather than attacking each of these thoughts – because that.
  87. Shartse Monastery, attacking the monastery and its monks with.
  88. Mauh®r had apparently arrived and was attacking the besiegers.
  89. But Diane denied attacking that kid, Crystal, Evette says.
  90. The skelborg’s microbots are attacking the inside of her body.
  91. Since then Tendulkar's batting has tended to be less attacking.
  92. They are siding with the Philistines and are attacking our rear.
  93. She could smell the strong scent of garlic attacking her senses.
  94. And when was it that the bad spirits began attacking us?
  95. Bush and Cheney were too preoccupied with oil and attacking Iraq.
  96. He was focusing on attacking his opponent and placed defense as.
  97. Unwarranted and inflated stories of wolves attacking people were.
  98. Like you know, the Frogs nearly killed him for attacking a guard.
  99. In one dream, I was one of these warriors attacking the fortress.
  100. It doesn’t look as cool, but neither does attacking the ceiling.
  1. But he was attacked by a.
  2. I saw what attacked me.
  3. Now she was being attacked.
  4. They attacked him, she says.
  5. This man attacked my son.
  6. A stranger just attacked me.
  7. How could he have attacked.
  8. I was attacked by the guards.
  9. He’d love it if I attacked.
  10. I never saw what attacked me.
  11. Well, he hadn’t attacked her.
  12. The demon has attacked Forbes.
  13. The day you had been attacked.
  14. He had then been attacked by.
  15. But we have not been attacked.
  16. I hadn't asked to be attacked.
  17. Drake was attacked in his home.
  18. Tina attacked him with all of.
  19. The Ardaran that attacked his.
  20. And then, religion is attacked.
  21. Were we about to be attacked?
  22. Just say we're being attacked.
  23. So Why Haven’t They Attacked.
  24. The victim can be attacked, or.
  25. The moonroof was being attacked.
  26. She's been attacked her entire.
  27. I attacked the Titan Lord Atlas.
  28. Yes, but I attacked him first.
  29. They rarely attacked humans in.
  30. In one hour you will be attacked.
  31. Because we were being attacked.
  32. They attacked us in Peter's name.
  33. What if the thugs attacked him?
  34. We were attacked by the Gigantes.
  35. At first, the dragon attacked Mr.
  36. I was attacked and mutilated by.
  37. They have never attacked us here.
  38. Acting as one, they both attacked.
  39. He attacked me without pause, or.
  40. He attacked the older boy with a.
  41. A group of wild monkeys attacked.
  42. My group got attacked in Sandusky.
  43. She had attacked him with verbal.
  44. The System hadn’t been attacked.
  45. He attacked, but he took his time.
  46. Demon attacked a woman in the club.
  47. They attacked the manned platforms.
  48. New York has been attacked!.
  49. He’s not going to get attacked.
  50. With that he and his horde attacked.
  51. They wouldn’t have attacked me.
  52. So you attacked Eric, he says.
  53. Two attacked Mikael and two Elijah.
  54. Why had he attacked me like this?
  55. She attacked from another direction.
  56. Fury boiled in him and he attacked.
  57. A cloud of dancing midges attacked.
  58. I did, just after you were attacked.
  59. Somebody has been attacked and hurt.
  60. For the sake of not being attacked.
  61. Liputin attacked him from the front.
  62. They attacked us, gasped Felix.
  63. The other trolls attacked him as one.
  64. You shouldn’t have attacked him.
  65. He attacked me with an active mouth.
  66. Since the Apache never attacked or.
  67. Karit felt that he was being attacked.
  68. Their entire class had been attacked.
  69. They found their target and attacked.
  70. She hoped they would not be attacked.
  71. She attacked anyone who got near her.
  72. The boss drew his knife and attacked.
  73. I had attacked a servant of my master.
  74. I’m sure that Sigma has attacked us.
  75. Had Alby been attacked by a Griever?
  76. I was attacked on my way to pharaoh.
  77. The flames attacked the corpse eagerly.
  78. Frances had attacked him with a knife.
  79. They attacked us while making ambushes.
  80. I’m being attacked from the rear.
  81. Islamic Ottoman forces attacked Turkey.
  82. The central system was not attacked.
  83. That’s why it hasn’t been attacked.
  84. The rest of the pack attacked in anger.
  85. We never attacked anyone who hasn’t.
  86. Corey would’ve physically attacked me.
  87. He had attacked engineering, of course.
  88. What! All of them attacked you?!.
  89. She attacked me with these and ran away.
  90. One had attacked him when he was twelve.
  91. They attacked the smaller outposts first.
  92. The shock which had first attacked his.
  93. I've been attacked by a ruddy maniac!.
  94. No, I believe something attacked her.
  95. Chiloe Island was attacked in the summer.
  96. YOU attacked the bank in Earlham?
  97. That's the reason we attacked your ship.
  98. I still have a reaction time if attacked.
  99. This time Joey attacked with the Bluebolt.
  100. One of the inmates, Fran, attacked me.
  1. The attacks on the cat.
  2. I saw his attacks coming.
  3. The attacks did not resume.
  4. These attacks began when I.
  5. But then she attacks my face.
  6. These Are All Ranged Attacks.
  7. That’s a lot of attacks.
  8. Hussein to the attacks on 911.
  9. There have been other attacks.
  10. German air attacks of the 1940s.
  11. I was having mini heart attacks.
  12. Since the terrorist attacks of 9.
  13. The attacks on the Encala were.
  14. The story recapped recent attacks.
  15. They prevent the digital attacks.
  16. He'd had attacks before, you know.
  17. Buxhowden, catches us and attacks.
  18. He even had attacks of scepticism.
  19. They had no timing of their attacks.
  20. The throbbing pain attacks my head.
  21. Their attacks seem to be a spoiler.
  22. Nature attacks any sign of weakness.
  23. Their heart attacks really happened.
  24. City since the 2001 terrorist attacks.
  25. And you know he attacks them first.
  26. And if there are Saxon attacks?
  27. Why Attacks Happen in the First Place.
  28. Both attacks led to calls for revenge.
  29. If someone attacks the character, he.
  30. Can meet the rage of Russia's attacks;.
  31. We believe in all of the party attacks.
  32. We moved in, and the attacks escalated.
  33. You also open yourself for IED attacks.
  34. No innocents were killed in our attacks.
  35. However, they cannot be used as attacks.
  36. He can even recover from deadly attacks.
  37. That’s when the panic attacks started.
  38. The old man's had several heart attacks.
  39. It's the only way to stop the attacks.
  40. She thought about the savage attacks of.
  41. Where to start…? The attacks began.
  42. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks.
  43. You and your agent give me heart attacks.
  44. Nangong Ping quickly withdrew his attacks.
  45. I have diagnosed three successive attacks.
  46. The attacks would give the United States.
  47. There had been numerous heku attacks in a.
  48. As a child, I used to get bilious attacks.
  49. She was again under the attacks of her own.
  50. But the elder parried his attacks with ease.
  51. There were two consequences of these attacks.
  52. And their attacks on shipping hurt commerce.
  53. There were several attacks, all the same.
  54. I am liable to these sudden nervous attacks.
  55. The attacks had crushed back bone of Zamaril.
  56. Donovan sidestepped most of the attacks and.
  57. The attack had been mild, as heart attacks go.
  58. He hadn’t had one of these attacks in years.
  59. Hearts even if he was beaten by deadly attacks.
  60. His wife was lost in the first wave of attacks.
  61. If it attacks, we need to be close together.
  62. Jews say: whoever attacks us, attack all of us.
  63. They have still made no more attacks against us.
  64. Bone marrow produces the cells that HIV attacks.
  65. I heard there have been local Viking attacks.
  66. It was either that or have back-to-back attacks.
  67. His three brothers had all died of heart attacks.
  68. Holy attacks can only be used by characters who.
  69. We are troubled by all these moral hazard attacks.
  70. At this point the attacks are only peripheral.
  71. They continue to fight and Bellona attacks faster.
  72. Most of the other attacks have occurred in winter.
  73. But they weren’t really even serious attacks.
  74. I knew her attacks always used to begin like that.
  75. But he bit his teeth and continued on his attacks.
  76. It does no good against indirect attacks, however.
  77. I wonder if we realise the danger of such attacks.
  78. Then there wouldn’t be any invasions or attacks.
  79. Civilization attacks humans who do not have an ego.
  80. He could barely fend his attacks with his spears!.
  81. Few pirates escaped his attacks, but it did happen.
  82. Enough with the knife attacks, Jeff protested.
  83. There’d been attacks on the bus before and they.
  84. I usually recovered from the panic attacks quickly.
  85. I cannot say those attacks have not affected me.
  86. Rhee actually launched attacks on North Korea first.
  87. He thought perhaps he should limit his attacks for.
  88. I trust that you had no more of those nervous attacks.
  89. Militsia about how these attacks wouldn't be tolerated.
  90. At last our enemy, Buxhöwden, catches us and attacks.
  91. Al of the attacks have to be aimed at the same target.
  92. McCain said, These ads are direct, blatant attacks.
  93. The attacks of Pougatcheff made very little excitement.
  94. As the attacks continued, he became increasingly angry.
  95. What makes it so dangerous is that it attacks in packs.
  96. I was having to defend attacks on a more regular basis.
  97. Occasional panic attacks, can't say I have had one in.
  98. He sometimes has attacks that are almost like hysterics.
  99. Perhaps this can help us find who is behind the attacks.
  100. Losses were low and pirate attacks were relatively rare.

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