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Attain numa frase em (in ingles)

Not that we will attain.
Then will you attain unity.
The peaks of glory to attain.
They were craving to attain.
To attain the correct posture.
Attain what you desire to have.
To attain the prize, the heaven.

You would attain the state of.
They will attain greatness here.
S/he has to attain his/her Goal.
Let us attain this rest in action.
In order to attain a balance of.
But they will not attain to death.
It will attain a GOLDEN yellow colour.
Love is not a mean to attain any end.
You would attain the state of Dhyan.
But, how can someone attain this love?
To attain that world, an abstractive.
May I and all others attain only these.
It does not attain full fruit quickly.
When they accomplish this they attain.
Thomas wanted to attain the status of.
No one can attain enlightenment without.
No one can attain to truth by himself.
But equality he could never anyhow attain.
Thus, you shall rise up and attain bounty.
We attain equanimity which prevents wild.
Indeed you can attain all desired objects.
We therefore need to attain a Buddha’s.
And soon will they attain satisfaction.
He was about to attain accomplishment but.
Therefore think rightly and attain freedom.
Krishn has revealed that no one can attain.
And they plotted what they could not attain.
The moment we attain the wisdom of ultimate.
They’d attain the roots of the Matela Par-.
Assuming I follow the methods and attain some.
However, this trip seemed to attain its object.
Only in aloneness can you attain enlightenment.
This is key to attaining the.
Thus the means of attaining to.
Attaining possessions is not the goal.
And attaining to love is your responsibility.
With the thought of attaining enlightenment.
On minor’s attaining the age of majority i.
They only succeed in attaining to the fancied.
It may be equally efficient in attaining the end.
After attaining this state only, you should take.
It is way of attaining salvation in a crumbling world.
Regular meditation will help you in attaining this end.
Attaining these toys is not the purpose of a noble life.
The steps are the same for attaining the Final Truth too.
He concentrated on attaining the parameters for napalm delivery.
Now I am discussing only the possibility of attaining the object.
This is a time for attaining emotional harmony, for feeling right.
So it can play a vital role in attaining the spiritual development.
They are still losing more ground then they are attaining at times.
Investing isn’t easy (anything in life worth attaining rarely is).
I was attaining twenty-sixth years of age, fully matured young lady.
Have you sought for means of attaining your aim in religion?
According to Jung, attaining of one’s selfness happens through the.
It is only after attaining to the Supreme Spirit that man is not born.
God; after attaining this state he subdues all temptation and, resting.
Once they found the dirt path they pressed through the gears attaining.
In Krishn’s words, action is the mode of attaining to the one, inex-.
On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor has to confirm the balance in.
There are several methods of attaining the ability to dream lucidly, the.
They were both interested in attaining Tabitha’s section of the scrolls.
This would be all the more so if the price is actually attaining new highs.
On attaining the majority the old Savings Bank account is closed and a new.
It is the basis of attaining knowledge and the only means to achieve belief.
So, attaining these steps and reaching these high ranks are based on prayer.
Aside from that, they may also give you some pointers in attaining your goal.
Those who, attaining the level of Adeptship, choose as Their future career to.
Perfected Men is increasing, and the possibility of attaining to Their level is.
On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor is required to confirm the balance in.
Though bound to suffer in woeful states, they have hope of attaining eternal peace.
There’s the route to attaining a landmark that moves, truly goes away, then arrives.
But without attaining to such happiness, Mother Crucifixion's death was very precious.
He had attained his end.
No title to be attained.
But my object is attained.
Many have attained to his.
He attained the maturity of.
I attained all that I wanted.
But, still, it can be attained.
This point we have now attained.
Before he eighteen years attained.
Who have attained every perfection.
Success can not be attained overnight.
Stubby attained the rank of sergeant.
Having attained the highest Spiritual.
This is because love cannot be attained.
This can be attained by doing two things.
Financial goals are more or less attained.
It is not attained by an intellectual feat.
M: What has been attained may be lost again.
He hath attained the Yog that man is such!.
You have now attained the semi-lethal dose.
But when you have attained it, what relief!.
Career goals have more or less been attained.
Whatever was to be attained has been attained.
I never attained Level 11, in person or avatar.
Out of his hundred sons, eighty one attained.
She had hardly even attained the wish to do it.
Yet the maximum earnings attained by 1940—$3.
That they have not yet as a people, attained a.
Financial goals can be attained by social means.
At the age of 26, DV attained the first state of.
He attained martyrdom during the War of Apostasy.
Sadhana, gradually the state of Dhyan is attained.
The freedom that some died for has been attained.
Balmiki, who was a dreadful dacoit, attained the.
Indeed, Fernando has attained the North American.
He smiled as he realized he had attained readiness.
However, who is there who has attained his ideal?
The highest speed attained by a destroyer was 45.
For One who attains this.
He attains the stage of Raja-Yoga.
Whoever enters it attains security.
Not everyone attains to that resurrection.
It attains those dimensions and no further.
So he attains to the final bliss of salvation.
The sage attains to the same state after his.
When one attains power to watch constantly the.
At this point the yogi attains to Krishn’s way of.
Hierarchy, and attains the level of the Silent Watcher.
And that the human being attains only what he strives for.
Now the Yogi attains super conscious state and becomes a full-.
A man attains, O son of Kunti, to the slate with the thought of.
Parth, the man who is always absorbed in my thought attains to the.
See how in a little time the fruit of the tree attains to maturity.
The yogi who attains this state achieves an equal vision and looks.
Grief, when it attains this shape, is a headlong flight of all the.
I’m afraid it will not reach it before the rocket attains orbit.
The sage who sacrifices the fruits of his action to God attains to.
Man neither attains to the final state of actionlessness by desist-.
But it is now revealed that even one who attains to the status of Brahma.
That happiness is which the seeker attains to, by spiritual discipline by.
Now the Yogi attains super conscious state and becomes a full-blown Jnani.
Ahimsa becomes a reality when the mortal man attains the immortal elements.
Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.
This species attains to a more considerable magnitude than authors have stated.
The hellbender of eastern North America attains a length of two and a half feet.
Thinking and demons attains the form of prison in dispute made by demon methodology.
And what becomes of a man when he attains perfection? He lives a life of bliss infinite.
Whatever, they say, attains the object for which any power is given, is an execution of that power.
This is because, when a woman attains orgasm, her movements would pull the semen into the uterus more.
Bliss cannot come from ignorance, yet blossoms forth as one attains that consciousness which knows it can.
When he enters that Presence and attains the link with Him, the Almighty, he will become spotless and rise high.
The body as a whole after purification, creates a divine body and from body cleaning the soul attains liberation.
Therefore we have a right to call only such activity, art and science, which has this aim in view, and attains it.
When all mankind attains happiness then there will be no more time, for there'll be no need of it, a very true thought.
When a spirit lives in such a state and attains this link, this link will lead it to be close to Al’lah, the Almighty.
Whether you use modern technology or find a regular picture, make certain the artist attains a good likeness of the pet.
Such art cannot, in our time, but be esteemed good, for it attains the end which the religious perception of our time, i.
Man is made partaker of reconciliation in spiritual regeneration, which he attains to, being led and kept by the Holy Ghost.

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