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Attempt numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I did not attempt it.
  2. I made no attempt to.
  3. This is an attempt by.
  4. But we tend to attempt.
  5. My next attempt was the.

  6. I don't attempt to do so.
  7. So they never attempt it.
  8. I will not here attempt.
  9. An attempt to answer the.
  10. Same for the next attempt.
  11. They panic and attempt to.
  12. He did not dare attempt to.
  13. Do not attempt to apprehend.
  14. Jo’s attempt to attack her.
  15. John did not attempt a reply.

  16. Or be damned in the attempt.
  17. I’d hate to attempt it now.
  18. They did this to attempt to.
  19. Owen made no attempt to reply.
  20. In an attempt to swivel his.
  21. No attempt at subtlety there.
  22. He would attempt to reconcile.
  23. In an attempt to put Hell in.
  24. My failed attempt at normalcy.
  25. This was my attempt to write.

  26. I beg you not to attempt this.
  27. But he failed at every attempt.
  28. Even Saul did not attempt that.
  29. Tarzan did not attempt to escape.
  30. She will make an escape attempt.
  31. Mairsa did not attempt to pull.
  32. Her first attempt was a poor one.
  33. It was time to make her attempt.
  34. Her attempt at humor was short.
  35. Another attempt meant risking 2.
  36. On the third attempt he was lucky.
  37. The attempt was an utter failure.
  38. He had to make one final attempt.
  39. Last night I made a last attempt.
  40. I would never attempt to climb Mt.
  41. I heard about the attempt on you.
  42. There would be no escape attempt.
  43. Still, it had been a bold attempt.
  44. The state had made no attempt to.
  45. That was a scary thing to attempt.
  46. The attempt to incorporate faith.
  47. He made no attempt to move it away.
  48. Characters can't attempt to Dodge.
  49. Three years for this fresh attempt.
  50. He made no attempt to use his claws.
  51. What I cannot see I attempt to call.
  52. An attempt at humour missed by Dave.
  53. In an attempt to write a book, God.
  54. Others came as an attempt to network.
  55. Or it could attempt another breakout.
  56. Indeed, I could scarcely attempt it.
  57. He wouldn’t resist such an attempt.
  58. By the time my attempt at conversion.
  59. Intermediates should not attempt to.
  60. He made no attempt to touch me again.
  61. A clear attempt at intimidation!.
  62. Simon, in an attempt to lighten the.
  63. So much for that attempt at altruism.
  64. An attempt was made to correct this.
  65. On the other hand, those who attempt.
  66. He made no attempt to conciliate them.
  67. Needless to say, and attempt was made.
  68. In their attempt to prove Hell, they.
  69. I had the feeling that my attempt at.
  70. Any attempt to enter otherwise, will.
  71. It was not some attempt at absolution.
  72. He decided to once again attempt a nap.
  73. She abandoned any attempt to try and.
  74. As we attempt to imitate our Lord and.
  75. The second attempt was a little better.
  76. Zorokin smiled at her attempt at humor.
  77. I do, or, at least, I make the attempt.
  78. This is his attempt to force your hand.
  79. If this is not available then attempt.
  80. If then you attempt to avoid only the.
  81. It was very foolish of me to attempt it.
  82. He rubbed at his eyes in an attempt to.
  83. You could create room for a 2nd attempt.
  84. It is an attempt to unite iron and clay.
  85. Let me attempt to explain what happened.
  86. To be cynical it was an attempt at cost.
  87. We'll see what comes of Tánya's attempt.
  88. Nothing of course after the fist attempt.
  89. We are going to attempt to lift it again.
  90. In third attempt she swallowed medicated.
  91. Is not this just another attempt of the.
  92. I shall not attempt any system or method.
  93. David didn’t attempt to pick up the gun.
  94. She could play any song in first attempt.
  95. My second attempt was successful, though.
  96. She smiled at his attempt to cheer her up.
  97. Gathering my wits, I made another attempt.
  98. I will not attempt to choose between them.
  99. At the 2nd attempt; the car’s gears jam.
  100. That was an attempt at a joke, he said.
  1. We are not attempting to.
  2. Attempting to stop a bul et.
  3. For attempting to enter the park.
  4. Fear is attempting to seize.
  5. I was attempting to have class.
  6. The clown was attempting to run.
  7. As the clouds sat, attempting to.
  8. And so I have been attempting to.
  9. The guy was attempting a hand stand.
  10. Attempting to gather the bravery to.
  11. Dreams attempting to cross into other.
  12. He was attempting to stir up a ruckus.
  13. Nobody was attempting to screw with my.
  14. A player other than the player attempting.
  15. Rather than attempting to explain it was.
  16. Even attempting to get them out of power.
  17. Attempting to counter techniques when Tanto.
  18. At least he was attempting to show interest.
  19. We are merely attempting to learn the truth.
  20. I think it’s Aaron attempting to rise to.
  21. She laughed, attempting to withdraw her hand.
  22. He was shot and killed attempting to escape.
  23. What is the employee attempting to achieve?
  24. We cannot have you attempting to kill one of.
  25. He appeared as if he was attempting to avoid.
  26. It led to her attempting to take her own life.
  27. They are attempting to kill millions in your.
  28. Is she attempting to chat me up? What the hell.
  29. Lucy’s mother was on the phone attempting to.
  30. She's attempting to gather more info for us.
  31. I had never actually done what I was attempting.
  32. We are not attempting to establish a diagnosis.
  33. I pushed, attempting to rid my body of this horror.
  34. Well at least I was attempting to solve the part.
  35. He was on his hands and knees attempting to stand.
  36. Wisdom Earned by Attempting to Prevent a Cataclysm.
  37. But what Bram did with his form was attempting to.
  38. One of my teachers, who was attempting to teach me.
  39. Remember that you are simply attempting to find the.
  40. Remember to activate it before attempting to use it.
  41. They are attempting to fix a radio in a match-stick.
  42. I am attempting to revive my interest in photography.
  43. One of the baby dragons was attempting to stalk him.
  44. They said that David denies attempting to murder you.
  45. The goal is to exert while attempting to remain calm.
  46. Attempting to stay Delta neutral is an active strategy.
  47. Peter reached the floor and not attempting to release.
  48. Constitution and attempting to murder an innocent man.
  49. He was attempting to do a portrait of the animals but.
  50. What one experiences when attempting to read Confucius.
  51. Someone has been attempting to contact the female side.
  52. She was in prison for attempting to poison her husband.
  53. She was imprisoned for attempting to poison her husband.
  54. Attempting to relieve some of the pent up tension there.
  55. Yyyes Sir, I do, he said, attempting to pacify him.
  56. They were attempting to save their son, as we were Jesus.
  57. She was very busy now attempting to swallow his output.
  58. Goeth about, going about: The action of attempting; trying.
  59. He noticed me staring at him, and attempting to maintain.
  60. Clarification, attempting to crystallise the main message.
  61. Yes, she’s guilty of the horrendous crime of attempting.
  62. Where am I? he inquired, attempting to break her spell.
  63. Robert waited another few minutes before attempting to leave.
  64. We only hear about the publicized cases of teens attempting.
  65. What they were attempting seemed all of a sudden ridiculous.
  66. But the obese fellow thought that I was attempting a mugging.
  67. I stopped and looked up at him, attempting to convey my love.
  68. It landed grudgingly, attempting to throw Lov over its head.
  69. He rubbed them together as though attempting to start a fire.
  70. The mortal authorities are attempting to get in at the gates.
  71. At the point of attempting to recline on me, our doorbell rang.
  72. Samantha stood for a moment attempting to access the situation.
  73. He concentrated on the aura while attempting to avoid looking.
  74. She grabbed his hand, attempting to loosen his strangling hold.
  75. A few years earlier, I was attempting to move to the Y-12 plant.
  76. He was not used to his dinner attempting to negotiate with him.
  77. Be very much clear with the time allotted for attempting paper.
  78. I finally understood the grandeur he was attempting to describe.
  79. It wasn’t the right time to be attempting that sort of thing.
  80. Despite the appearance of attempting to separate the powers of.
  81. That’s great news, Cox said, attempting to sound cheerful.
  82. I was remembering my past and attempting to forecast our future.
  83. There are God's messengers attempting to show mankind that the.
  84. What he didn't understand is why they weren't attempting contact.
  85. Both of my parents were attempting to cover smiles on their faces.
  86. Is it acceptable to the Sacred what we are attempting to do?
  87. It seems that Satan always has his "beavers," who are attempting.
  88. It was at this time that I was attempting to contact Team A-’.
  89. The two dogs were still held on leashes, attempting to pull away.
  90. They are merely attempting to explain their own direct awareness.
  91. He’s attempting to put some distance between us and the device.
  92. Any force attempting such bombardments will be neutralized by us.
  93. They were home-schooling their children as we were attempting to.
  94. You are constantly attempting to improve and tweak your approach.
  95. This includes the fact that they are attempting to collect a debt.
  96. It dawned on her then, the magnitude of what they were attempting.
  97. Wright offers three related terms while attempting to define the.
  98. I reached out to touch her tiny face attempting to soothe her pain.
  99. It must have been Rita attempting to save me but there was no hope.
  100. He knew there was no point in attempting to locate Tarm – he had.
  1. As he attempted to say.
  2. He attempted to comb his.
  3. John are not attempted in O.
  4. Thomas attempted to break in.
  5. I attempted to shoo him back.
  6. When attempted in the past.
  7. As the Spanish attempted to.
  8. She attempted to make amends.
  9. Gloria attempted a small smile.
  10. Holms attempted to placate her.
  11. Let it be instantly attempted.
  12. I attempted it three days back.
  13. They attempted to cover their.
  14. He then attempted to raise them.
  15. The old man attempted to protest.
  16. The Truth it attempted to murder.
  17. The attempted entry had been by.
  18. He had only attempted to yank it.
  19. Those who have attempted to seek.
  20. I have attempted to speak briefly.
  21. A falling-out? An attempted coup?
  22. Credit attempted to gather his wits.
  23. Application of thumb hold attempted.
  24. I entreated, and finally attempted.
  25. As a young man, he attempted suicide.
  26. Attempted murder was a serious crime.
  27. While she attempted to sort through.
  28. Garcia attempted to blow a smoke ring.
  29. Attempted murder … the antifreeze.
  30. While I attempted to keep the active.
  31. He swerved aside, and attempted to pass.
  32. He screamed in fury, and attempted to.
  33. Meaning: attempted to conceal something.
  34. She attempted to calm him down somewhat.
  35. What if she attempted a stake out of Mr.
  36. Has Tolro attempted to hail us yet?
  37. I attempted pointlessly to push them away.
  38. Sir Richard… he attempted slowly.
  39. You think the attempted hit and run out.
  40. Kelly is in the Brig for attempted murder.
  41. He attempted suicide in the spring of 1961.
  42. I just smiled or rather attempted a smile.
  43. They never really attempted to assimilate.
  44. Nicole attempted to be polite by looking.
  45. She attempted to draw her hand out of his.
  46. Moreover: it has never even been attempted.
  47. As Pengrove attempted to brush the sticky.
  48. The security guard called in an attempted.
  49. Monty attempted a smile and grimaced in pain.
  50. Carmody’s house and attempted to kill her.
  51. Susan attempted to shake off her foul humour.
  52. Nor should you have attempted my destruction.
  53. It was clearly a case of attempted murder.
  54. Not one of them attempted to enter a life-boat.
  55. IT was the toughest climb I’d ever attempted.
  56. Tags and I attempted small talk during warm-.
  57. She attempted to commit all of this to writing.
  58. Injury was probable if they attempted to jump.
  59. She attempted walking to work, but between her.
  60. I flailed as Jonathon attempted to restrain me.
  61. We attempted it mainly because we had run out.
  62. For a year, we have attempted to isolate Hanoi.
  63. Those who have attempted to give to those who.
  64. She had not attempted to get in touch with him.
  65. He attempted to touch it, but it scurried away.
  66. Attempted kidnapping by the invisible man?
  67. He attempted to take it from the woman’s hand.
  68. Sam attempted a small smile but quickly gave up.
  69. No-one’s attempted it in years, not even the.
  70. It’s killed everyone who has attempted to.
  71. I had taken notice that every time I attempted.
  72. Rodney attempted to share his car with her for a.
  73. She attempted a regular public small town school.
  74. Sonia attempted to follow this man, but lost him.
  75. Halfshaft looked away and attempted to ignore it.
  76. Who are you? Devine attempted to speak again.
  77. I have attempted to enumerate those high-priests.
  78. Pearl laughed, and attempted to pull away her hand.
  79. So I pulled one out and attempted to do just that.
  80. After taking a snort of cocaine, he attempted to.
  81. Throughout history, man has attempted to harness.
  82. Blast it! He grabbed a scarf and attempted.
  83. The perpetrator attempted to sexually assault her.
  84. He was shot during an attempted prison break, Mrs.
  85. Most have attempted to use Gematria—an ancient.
  86. He however still attempted to defend his position.
  87. The word attempted had a nice ring to it, I mused.
  88. Krishn has attempted to refute the misconception.
  89. Cox attempted to contact Steve Warner one more time.
  90. Not with this attempted assault charge against her.
  91. Hassan drove away up the hill, or attempted to do so.
  92. He attempted to hide his fear of the demon sent to.
  93. I attempted to conceal the fact from the master of.
  94. He attempted addressing the ship with voice command.
  95. The Hungarians attempted to reject the Moscow line.
  96. But Fern’s still alive, it was attempted murder.
  97. Please see question # 6 documenting that attempted.
  98. That is precisely what you and Johnny have attempted.
  99. He wasone of several who attempted the vain task of.
  100. Only the Vatican and Christianity have attempted to.
  1. His last few attempts at.
  2. There have been attempts by.
  3. Detailed attempts to pull a.
  4. Al her previous attempts had.
  5. There weren't any attempts yet.
  6. All past attempts to give our.
  7. He attempts to lay it on my arm.
  8. They block all attempts to heal.
  9. Its (supposed) attempts to 166.
  10. The first attempts were hilarious.
  11. There had been several attempts.
  12. Annoyed that her attempts to look.
  13. Attempts to add to what Scripture.
  14. He attempts everything with daring.
  15. All other attempts to gain equality.
  16. After several attempts, the doctor.
  17. No one prevented me in my attempts.
  18. But that did not stop their attempts.
  19. On the first two attempts, they had.
  20. There would be other escape attempts.
  21. Fortunately, his attempts were futile.
  22. All attempts to understand the human.
  23. Her attempts to explain this bizarre.
  24. There wouldn’t be any more attempts.
  25. The T-Rex attempts to move backwards.
  26. In Batistuta's attempts to leave, he.
  27. To date, attempts of civilization to.
  28. My attempts didn't even make him pause.
  29. They may succeed in all their attempts.
  30. He made five or six attempts to escape.
  31. During his conditioning he attempts to.
  32. They were all attempts to become better.
  33. On pages 85 -88 he attempts to make the.
  34. No attempts at an evacuation of any kind.
  35. All attempts to restart the conversation.
  36. Pole, north, attempts to discover the, 101.
  37. Nole’s attempts at a meal were admirable.
  38. Many attempts have been made to show that.
  39. These are suicide attempts on his wrists.
  40. Attempts by a dying man to not give up the.
  41. This is not helping me with my attempts to.
  42. Her previous attempts had failed twice, and.
  43. The salesperson attempts to teach by telling.
  44. Some attempts were also made to pull him down.
  45. In spite of the Apache Nation’s attempts to.
  46. Even Wendy’s attempts to distract her failed.
  47. Efforts worthy of admiration! Sacred attempts!.
  48. Mass marketing, on the other hand, attempts to.
  49. The Lynx converted 41 of 59 field goal attempts.
  50. The first few attempts had not gone well at all.
  51. I have told you of her attempts to propitiate M.
  52. While away the mail showed several attempts to.
  53. He’d survived Barry’s attempts to shoot him.
  54. After a few attempts, he managed to fix it right.
  55. There were many attempts to rescue the Romanovs.
  56. He grips the belt around his waist and attempts.
  57. Secular attempts at Communistic living began in.
  58. That all attempts to tame her surely would miss:.
  59. They are attempts at explaining the inexplicable.
  60. I just laugh loudly at his attempts to intimidate.
  61. But as a result of all these attempts some fires.
  62. To pursue attempts against Tobias to bring him to.
  63. The other plays a role, attempts the king to cajole.
  64. He grabs the monitor remote and attempts to cycle.
  65. She walks over to the door and attempts to open it.
  66. He'd effectively blocked all of their attempts to.
  67. Your attempts to sabotage this vehicle have failed.
  68. All attempts at begging and persuasion are in vain.
  69. They made months of attempts to get in but in vain.
  70. We should almost always move on after two attempts.
  71. It didn't mention about the attempts on their lives.
  72. No fidgeting or attempts to stop me were considered.
  73. After three attempts of reading it, I had a headache.
  74. The throat area quickly attempts to squeeze the ship.
  75. If he attempts to escape, don't hesitate to kill him.
  76. Where the constant attempts to escape from the gloom.
  77. His only perceptions were of his attempts to perceive.
  78. Angry shouts calling for retaliation and attempts at.
  79. And attempts in this direction have already been made.
  80. I was instructed to use it to thwart any such attempts.
  81. They solve no problem, but are instead the attempts of.
  82. What's even more strange is that when one attempts to.
  83. Not much info on actual breeding attempts in the home.
  84. Aero attempts to anchor himself to the ground with his.
  85. Why did my attempts end only with hallucinations?
  86. After that, these villainous attempts were not repeated.
  87. I instantly regretted my impulsive attempts to hurt him.
  88. His attempts to give her a mild kiss had met with rebuff.
  89. The rising sea forbade all attempts to bale out the boat.
  90. Her clothes were drenched from all the previous attempts.
  91. It takes two attempts to reverse the car out of the hedge.
  92. They actively block all attempts to understand the truth.
  93. After repeated attempts, she finally picked up the phone.
  94. For all that the attempts at escape were quite infrequent.
  95. Charly's ire responded not at all to his attempts at humor.
  96. The spirit of education attempts to transcend this duality.
  97. The heal seal attempts to repair the wounds but Edison is.
  98. Attempts to police the web have been largely unsuccessful.
  99. He attempts to untie himself, but his hands are also bound.
  100. Not sure of any further attempts to breed them in aquariums.

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