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1. It was just an aura.
2. I slip into his aura.
3. In the grim aura that.
4. The Aura and the Aurora.
5. The man had the aura of-.
6. He has a bad aura about him.
7. The silvery aura moved away.

8. It had his aura all over it.
9. His aura, his profound evil.
10. There was an aura around Him.
11. The cooling aura of hypnopomp.
12. If only you could see her aura.
13. The spiritual aura is of yellow.
14. Aura, was Calan’s older sister.
15. The mild aura of the rising sun.
16. Her innocence made her aura shine.
17. There was an aura of joy and love.
18. An aquamarine aura engulfs his arm.
19. Kirlian Representations of the Aura.
20. This is known as the Health Aura.
21. You have a beautiful aura about you.
22. The aura increases in size and the.
23. Her aura was completely cool colors.
24. The trick is to match your aura with.
25. A blue aura of energy surrounded him.
26. It gave the place an aura of classy.
27. You carry your memories in your aura.
28. She had a powerful aura, and she was.
29. The insecurity in his aura was growing.
30. He had an aura of self-confidence and.
31. Her aura was like none I had ever seen.
32. There was an aura of safety around them.
33. The aura or soul is said to be clearly.
34. Danny could see the man-dog’s red aura.
35. Hero pronounced backwards: oreh, is aura.
36. I switched on my antenna to scan her aura.
37. He exuded an aura of authority and power.
38. My life retained the aura of a nightmare.
39. A sting of fear flashed through his aura.
40. But there was the aura of something more.
41. Caleb's aura dulled and he grimaced at her.
42. A half-dragon may or may not have an aura.
43. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura.
44. I can feel Euterpe’s aura all around you.
45. As it stopped he saw the physical aura of.
46. I saw that the fear in her aura was growing.
47. The name of this man has a hidden aura in it.
48. By injecting their alien fear into your aura.
49. You begin to emanate a golden aura of health.
50. And you can SEE it in their Aura for yourself.
51. A hostile aura hovered at home, and I sensed.
52. She gave off an aura of light that caught up.
53. Your aura is also affected by the energies of.
54. This will alleviate some of the aura or magic.
55. Outnumbering your living aura a hundred to one.
56. But he lacked the splendid aura of his Mentor.
57. A sadness aura was reflected in our tired faces.
58. In some cases a migraineur may experience aura.
59. He paused to watch his opponent’s aura darken.
60. The massive building had a strangely quiet aura.
61. The police have an aura of strength and authority.
62. Sir, this means they know how to land on Aura.
63. I tried to probe his aura as accurately as I could.
64. There was an aura of the Nineteenth Century about.
65. The stronger the green Aura, the better the healer.
66. Yes, even without visible weapons, he had that aura.
67. The large villa and grounds had an aura of elegance.
68. The red aura and seal simultaneously amplify the 25.
69. The less these sick aura will like being inside you.
70. But Aiden knew, he could see the aura of Wahjee life.
71. The healing is said to remove blockages in the aura.
72. Thalia pressed Luke back with the aura of her shield.
73. The aura that is radiated by these exotic life forms.
74. A number of bats were attracted to his predatory aura.
75. I went inside I could feel aura around inside his room.
76. Girls from different classes are having huge bad aura.
77. It had been years since Aura had spoken a single word.
78. How is the aura felt around the body? Stas asked.
79. Aura around non-living object (stones, crystals, water.
80. The aura that emanates from the physical body is gross.
81. Your aura is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen.
82. A son? You have a son? Aura nodded thru the tears.
83. He emerged into a hallway that had a very pleasant aura.
84. A faint aura of golden light shimmered around his body.
85. He had some sort of aura that couldn’t be seen, only.
86. Something that lent her an almost occult aura and poise.
87. With the presence of the Sentinel removed, the aura of.
88. In fact a blue aura seemed to raise from his whole body.
89. Standing at the foot of the bed, surrounded by an aura.
90. Entity poisoning of your aura is an accumulating poison.
91. The aura around his presence seemed to change, becoming.
92. They have a strong aura, a scent that attracts monsters.
93. An insane bird aura: a death entity: merged into a human.
94. Most are blank and only add to the blue aura of the room.
95. Their presence brought even more of an aura of unreality.
96. Her aura had turned dark when he’d asked her about the.
97. She had an aura of peace emanating from her that was as.
98. Aura was standing near the window but this was different.
99. The aura of Jesus, and the unusual events surrounding his.
100. It only added to the aura around me that kept others away.

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