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1. Aviation was in his blood.
2. She really is that good as an aviation commander.
3. The third deadliest aviation accident in US history.
4. Not many farmers and even less aviation fuel these day.
5. The aviation group also was a long-standing donor, having.
6. Its cargo of aviation fuel is too precious to me to risk it.
7. Just as he was a sexual virgin, Jeff was also an aviation virgin.

8. Thats because aviation is a passion and the law, as much as it.
9. The smell of the high-octane aviation fuel was almost intoxicating.
10. He left aviation after some years and pursued his career in England.
11. Sawyer Aviation had rented planes to Bob for his first three trips.
12. Aviation Institute and went through the gate and inside the building.
13. He had an outstanding reputation as a criminal and aviation accident.
14. They are those aviation techno-thriller novels you see at the bookshop.
15. The FAA oversees and enforces civil aviation regulations and air safety.
16. Panin drove directly from the Central Airfield to the Aviation Institute.
17. Ordzhonikdze Aviation Institute is suspected of being an agent for the CIA.
18. The non-stop program at the ANHC and the cinema at the Aviation Museum -.
19. Tony always loved aviation, as a matter of fact, he started his pilot’s.
20. Amongst other things, it could access the aviation communications channels.
21. You learned to fly at the Far Eastern School of Aviation, I believe?’’.
22. Nevertheless, the rapid progress of aviation was a real threat to all of them.
23. What happens next causes one of the biggest civil aviation disasters in history.
24. Panin called the security guard at the main entrance to the Aviation Institute and.
25. Retired RAF Group Captain, now working in the aviation industry, replied Bergen.
26. War’s frenetic pace forced aviation through a growth pattern like a hothouse tomato.
27. Eventually, GPA was rescued by its larger competitor GE Commercial Aviation Services.
28. A retired RAF Air Commodore who used to head up the Institute of Aviation Medicine.
29. He was supposed to negotiate some critical aviation and trade issues beginning Tuesday.
30. Fred was fixated on every aspect of aviation and I was immersed in Japanese literature.
31. What did aviation law or maritime law say about making blistering hot love to clients?
32. Find out at the same time how much aviation fuel is still left intact around the station.
33. Informação sobre John Wise: James Horgan, City of Flight: The History of Aviation in St.
34. The paper, the size of a credit card, said Federal Aviation Administration across the top.
35. All of this instilled in me a similar lifelong love for aviation, so learning to fly was a.
36. Discouraged, Barnes looked at his staff officer in charge of aviation matters, Major Hicks.
37. Raising his nose from the list of casualties, Yamamoto looked at his aviation staff officer.
38. We’ve checked the surveillance videos from the general aviation terminal and found nothing.
39. Later, one of the Abisali would take aviation training and would get a job as a private pilot.
40. Forty or more drums of diesel and an even larger quantity of aviation fuel were stacked nearby.
41. Comrade Dubikoff, I want you to have Panin flown back to the Aviation Institute this afternoon.
42. During 1998 there was a substantial increase in consumption of aviation fuel, by some 10 per cent.
43. The government over there subsidized military aviation engineers to design some pretty good toys.
44. This has been true of radio, aviation, electric refrigeration, bus transportation, and silk hosiery.
45. He had received his wings and commission when he graduated from aviation cadets in the late forties.
46. The Federal Aviation Administration did not collect information on licensed pilots’ religion, of course.
47. Cars passed occasionally in front of the terminal, racing across the airport to the private aviation center.
48. When could we hope to have the USS TALUGA in port, so that we could get some aviation kerosene at last?
49. An aviation company is prepared to scatter grandma’s ashes from a distance of between 500 and 2000 feet.
50. One of our aviation fuel reservoirs was hit and destroyed but with no effective impact on us, since it was empty.
51. This was the culmination of seven months of negotiations between the Federal Aviation Administration and the union.
52. The helicopter pad holding the Huey gunships of the American Army's 12th Aviation Group should have been hit by now.
53. Of course there is an element of risk in any aviation maneuver but these pilots have been trained to be risk-takers.
54. He said he entered the ramp at the general aviation section of the airport by an unlocked gate in a chain-link fence.
55. He was tempted to run the aviation program, and go for his next rating, but he felt he needed some music to help relax.
56. That was a bitter blow to MacArthur, who had fervently hoped that his aviation could have blunted the Japanese invasion.
57. When he wasn’t jetting around the world chasing the latest aviation disaster, he was in his office preparing for trial.
58. Bob made his first three runs to Winslow in a single engine plane that he rented from Sawyer Aviation at Sky Harbor airport.
59. And didn’t I hear you say that you were interested in aviation? I have my own plane, you know, so we could fly anywhere.
60. In a few days time there would be a crippling aviation strike that would see all flights grounded for at least a week or two.
61. With the fuel we will receive tonight and the aviation ordnance that will follow the next day, a big step will have been taken.
62. I was escorting a convoy of aviation spare parts for embarkation and have little personnel with me and no detention facilities.
63. Believe it or not, but my air commanders in Europe refused to contemplate integrating female aviation units to their formations.
64. Some specialize in a designated area such as chemicals, aviation, overseas investments; this is usually indicated in their titles.
65. The audience for the speech and ribbon-cutting ceremony consisted of about 100 people, including state and local aviation officials.
66. Once certain that they could, in fact, go where they wanted to go, they filed their flight plan with the Federation Aviation Authority.
67. It took Steve nearly two hours to drive to Baltimore and he arrived at the Maryland Aviation Rental Company hanger a little after noon.
68. Our next stop is the Alaska Aviation Museum, which, as we can tell from the name , tries to bring the world of flying to interested visitors.
69. The Federal Aviation Administration was ordered to shut down the national aviation system and ground all aircraft on 9/11 and for days after.
70. Working in aviation, Melanie had often seen these on the runway or in the sky and knew the value to be somewhere between $50 and $60 million.
71. The first phase had gone as planned with great success, nailing the enemy tactical aviation on the ground at a comparatively ludicrous price.
72. A big storage tank full of aviation gasoline erupted in a spectacular fireball, raining burning fuel all over the base and starting many fires.
73. The three other M20s escorting the convoy obeyed her at once and led the trucks and their precious aviation spare parts towards the waiting LST.
74. They are rated Aviation Survival Technicians (ASTs), number in the hundreds, and have been compared to the elites of the other military services.
75. He then drove the rental car to Baltimore National Airport and rented a twin engine Cessna from Maryland Aviation Corporation under the name of Mr.
76. By arrangement with the French staff it was decided that the password to enable the drivers to pass the French lines should be the French word aviation.
77. One of my team is a retired RAF Air Commodore who ran the Institute of Aviation Medicine for some years, and is an expert in the field of plastic surgery.
78. I sincerely I hope those extreme people don’t choose that daredevil option, but it was exactly what many people were doing in the early days of aviation.
79. Lieutenant Pierre Massena did so while still holding an old aviation magazine he had been looking at with the other personnel of the air operations office.
80. Upon calling the Baltimore airport, Steve was informed that one plane rental company operated out of the airport area, the Maryland Aviation Rental Company.
81. The plane had successfully arrived at Midway Airport around 6:15 that morning and released to an affiliate of the Maryland Aviation Company stationed there.
82. Designed by Republic Aviation to be a nuclear bomber, the Thud had tran�sistors, diodes, and, horror of horrors for a fighter, it had an internal bomb bay.
83. Because of Butterfield’s Air Force and vast piloting experience, Ehrlichman suggested that Butterfield become the head of the Federal Aviation Administration.
84. By the time he could dive on it and recover the box, the aviation crash investigators would be crawling all over the wreck, so it was out of his reach, again!.
85. The International Civil Aviation Authority 2011 State of Global Aviation Safety Report confirms that runway incidents accounted for 59% of accidents in 2005–10.
86. As the head of his tactical aviation hurried out of the operations section of the field headquarters, Rokossovskiy slammed his fist on the map table in front of him.
87. The woman had been in telephone hell for twenty minutes, handed off from one bureaucrat to the next at the Federal Aviation Administration regional office in Baltimore.
88. MacArthur had also given in to the recommendations of his aviation commander, Lewis Brereton, and reestablished the plans for a counter-attack on Formosa by his B-17 heavy bombers.
89. That helicopter, a Bell Jet Ranger of the Askari Aviation company, is still at the Quetta Airport and was supposedly fuelled up in advance yesterday for a charter trip this morning.
90. What do you expect from Chicago cabbies? Honest fares?� chuckled Linda as she pulled Steve away from the cab and they proceeded to the office of the Northern Illinois Aviation Company, Inc.
91. However, without the support of his tactical aviation, the objectives situated deeper in enemy territory will stay intact, something that could only help the enemy in resisting the Soviet troops.
92. Listening intently to the saga unfolding before her, Elizabeth visualized the dashing Terence as Faye described him and his aviation accident which led to the affair with the nurse in the hospital.
93. His sandy hair and thin face were highly familiar to anyone who had seen his picture in magazines and newspapers on several occasions that attested to his exploits in Hollywood and, most recently, aviation.
94. And the Aviation Museum, for example, also has a flight-simulator, to the delight of all children:here, they learn more about piloting in ten minutes than they would in a week of reading information boards.
95. Apart from receiving yesterday a complete situation report from Major General Lewis Brereton, the commander of our aviation in the Philippines, I also got from him a personal message, encoded for my eyes only.
96. The “Inner Circle” was thrown in disarray, 70 of the “mercenaries” were thrown into prison, awaiting trial in Zimbabwe charged with immigration and aviation offences and possession of dangerous weapons.
97. This morning, just after our last aviation unit had vacated Suwon Airfield, an enemy column that had pierced our front undetected was stopped just short of the airfield thanks to the good works of two of our pilots.
98. Aviation experts made them look silly, by pointing out the strict service requirements and that Kate’s desire to maintain the plane in honor of her father’s memory, ensured it was fully up-to-date and better than a brand new one.
99. We will do our best to capture our objectives intact in terms of the infrastructures: our own air force wishes to be able to use those airfields and installations, and particularly any reserves of aviation fuel that could be captured intact.
100. The main fire dangers are: before take-off when there is volatile fuel and vapour around the plane and especially when landing under difficult circumstances when fuel tanks could be ruptured and electrical or friction sparks ignite aviation spirit.

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