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  1. It is a temporary avoidance.
  2. Evil is the avoidance of pain.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt:.
  4. Avoidance is the best therapy.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, You.

  6. All evil is the avoidance of pain.
  7. Major Emphasis on Avoidance of Loss.
  8. The shabby treatment, the avoidance.
  9. Evil is the avoidance of experience.
  10. Q: Does it imply avoidance of action?
  11. All evil is the avoidance of experience.
  12. And, the avoidance of pain is a greater.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt in future years.
  14. Sometimes strict avoidance of the triggering.
  15. But I seek not the avoidance of responsibility.

  16. Bob had made a fine art of this labor avoidance.
  17. Therefore, long-term trial avoidance of solanine-.
  18. It is based upon the avoidance of self-penetration.
  19. Go through the fear of avoidance and go to a prison.
  20. They are an avoidance, they are an artificial directness.
  21. The avoidance of surprise is a distinct combat advantage.
  22. That sounds like avoidance, thought we were being open.
  23. That was what Hiss’ avoidance of Hamilton had been all about.
  24. The worst, the most evil of all human avoidance is: abstraction.
  25. This entire subconscious tactic is done; as a tactic of avoidance.

  26. Jiran’s reaction was total avoidance and denial of the incident.
  27. Avoidance is a strategy to avoid a situation that lack resolution.
  28. The avoidance of meaning in modern society is now a mass psychosis.
  29. If I have to initiate avoidance manoeuvres we will use a lot of fuel.
  30. All energy moving in direct lines without any deflection or avoidance.
  31. Yes I am, she replied, becoming agitated by his avoidance of the.
  32. When death comes and overwhelms us, there will be no avoidance or escape.
  33. One tactic of avoidance of the truth is reflective or deflective projection.
  34. It is an avoidance of expressing hatred and violence directly and honestly.
  35. The entire tactic of genocide was an avoidance of admitting it is genocide.
  36. A bad reputation instills doubt and fear, and these in turn lead to avoidance.
  37. Even with the use of trigger avoidance and prophylactic medication, migraine.
  38. Bird mentality is based upon the avoidance of direct resistance to everything.
  39. Tanto may only prevent a technique by avoidance, with or without the use of the.
  40. Loofah convulsed with cold dread and his mind veered away in desperate avoidance.
  41. Subsequent avoidance of awakening committed to the same, leaves nothing else out.
  42. Sometimes this is because the anxiety and avoidance behaviours makes it difficult.
  43. Not to plant vines might be a sign of deliberate avoidance of permanent habitation.
  44. Equally important to the concept of improving your value to other is the avoidance of.
  45. The permutations of the design: are the avoidance of energy experiencing that structure.
  46. With no opportunity for avoidance, Yigal and Azareel gaped wild-eyed as the cargo careened.
  47. Building strengths and overcoming avoidance happens gradually over time with lots of practice.
  48. The most favorable method for you to control animal allergies includes precaution and avoidance.
  49. Compost applications and avoidance of high nitrogen fertilizers will help to control in future.
  50. In Arabic the word (piety) means (avoidance), so (piety) means to avoid the evils by God's Light.
  51. His name was never mentioned between her and Ellen, but the very avoidance of it was significant.
  52. However, of far greater significance is the avoidance of conflict between major powers since 1945.
  53. Tax avoidance is the use of legally employable strategies to reduce the amount of tax one has to pay.
  54. With no opportunity for avoidance, Yigal and Azareel gaped wild-eyed as the cargo careened toward them.
  55. The entire history of the overpopulation of human species has been an avoidance of this special number.
  56. Since the chief emphasis must be placed on avoidance of loss, bond selection is primarily a negative art.
  57. They all teach by example the opposite of communication… but the avoidance of all direct communication.
  58. Safe and cheap investing is a value investing approach that gives primacy to the avoidance of investment risk.
  59. Then they would undergo years of accident avoidance, emergency preparedness, hostage negotiation and student.
  60. The 4-sided walls of civilization are built upon and based upon the avoidance of penetration and intersection.
  61. As any good tax attorney will be able to explain to you there is a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
  62. Your emotional reaction is creating issues; along with the strategy of avoidance / resistance that you have adopted.
  63. Avoidance, like resistance, is a thorny subject that you will come up against again and again until you process it.
  64. Robotics, and Iomega were all stocks that caused great pain when shorts failed to heed their own maxim of avoidance.
  65. They work by the Principle and the tactic of the Deflection, the Principle of Avoidance, or the Dynamic of Deflection.
  66. The dynamic of plants is a bad example, it is an example of cunning avoidance: it is a destructive path of Splitness:.
  67. Human civilization is based upon the avoidance of self-awareness, and actual learning, and the avoidance of Pure Wonder.
  68. No one had sufficient confidence in the system dealing with collision avoidance, when his or her own lives were at stake.
  69. We destroy all the good intentions of our children and teach them the bad intentions of selfishness, hate, fear, avoidance.
  70. Sound practice would dictate its complete abandonment or in any event the avoidance of such issues by intelligent investors.
  71. Allergy immunotherapy shots are usually administered if avoidance and medication methods for treating allergies have failed.
  72. As about the reward, in this case it is socialization: the integration into a circle of friends, the avoidance of loneliness.
  73. Lorry it disclosed some shadowy indication that the old air of avoidance and dread had lately passed over him, like a cold wind.
  74. Fourth; Avoidance of History: What is meant here is that the Leftist pays scant attention to history as a precursor of the future.
  75. They said they wanted a junior partner to run several accounts which had a high cash turnover and a huge tax avoidance requirement.
  76. A direct result of that had been the avoidance of war in Indochina and Korea, something that had amply justified her policies up to now.
  77. In a general sense the average mind will NOT ALLOW access simply because the mind is itself a tool which has been trained into AVOIDANCE.
  78. The primary processing of the limbic system comes down to the avoidance of disagreeable sensations and the pursuit of agreeable sensations.
  79. Conversely, the avoidance of pain is the first and principle pleasure, underlying or enhancing all pleasures by its absence or minimization.
  80. Myths and History are Deflections from the actual truth, they are an Avoidance of the actual truth: they work by the Deflection and Avoidance.
  81. Lydgate's odious humors and their neighbors' apparent avoidance of them had an unaccountable date for her in their relief from money difficulties.
  82. Recently there has been a spate of last year’s incentives suddenly being relabelled ‘vicious avoidance loopholes’ that need to be withdrawn.
  83. The precept, showing the level below which we cannot fall in the attainment of this ideal, is that of purity of married life, avoidance of debauchery.
  84. Because all legal systems are based upon the premise of everybody being dishonest: all legal systems are mostly used for the avoidance of responsibility.
  85. Not left or right or old or new, but the mechanics of it: compromise, diplomacy, and the avoidance of war, which was what happened when statesmen failed.
  86. To Tam it was just a generic scene, almost trite with the usual avoidance of pitfalls, set in motion by the hero setting off alarms after cracking a safe.
  87. It has been argued that this is due to collectivism and associated characteristics such as out-group avoidance limiting the spread of infectious diseases.
  88. The conduct of my guests is so extraordinarily discreet, their careful avoidance of curiosity, of questions, is so remarkable, that I can but try to imitate.
  89. Temptation toward the corruption of the Word with all the imaginative additions meant to explain and expand it, or justify avoidance of its strict observance.
  90. Such practical avoidance of risk is at the core of your abhorrence for public fornication, but if there’s no real risk of harm, your abhorrence is misplaced.
  91. The avoidance of controversial themes and other subject matter has become one of the modern ―virtues‖ that has gradually come to define our collective mindset.
  92. Having heard the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) scream in the cockpit Kamal knew the interceptors had zeroed on him now and he cannot move out of the PDR.
  93. Benefits from detox include a healthier lifestyle, which involves a healthy diet, a lot of exercise, and avoidance of sugar, salt, nicotine, junk foods, and alcohol.
  94. On many levels, this perception of separation is encased in its own set views: often there is a total block of arrogance, smugness, denial, avoidance and indifference.
  95. Isn‘t that a pretty basic problem? In some places, we arrest people who will not follow the law, but somehow this, and the other Leftist avoidance of the law slips by.
  96. And who is to say they may not be right? This is certainly the impression one gets from their beautiful painting, with its lightness of texture and avoidance of solidity.
  97. But this avoidance of bonded debt by the strongest industrial companies has in fact produced results demoralizing to investors and investment policies in a number of ways.
  98. This may be as a direct power struggle of individuals, and avoidance of the body of the particles and conglomerates that are capable of causing it harm, disrupt its integrity.
  99. This message exchange essentially reserves the network medium for the life of this particular transaction, which is where the collision avoidance part of the mechanism comes in.
  100. So then they elected a KING: and by that mistake, by that blunder: then even the equality of the deflection and avoidance of envy hate and fear on a basis of equality was destroyed.

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