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Awareness numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Awareness of the need for.
  2. Body Awareness is the Key.
  3. M: Awareness is ever there.
  4. That is what awareness is.
  5. M: Awareness is not of time.

  6. When the awareness of God.
  7. But what kind of awareness?
  8. M: Or, an ocean of awareness.
  9. Awareness is always with you.
  10. Your body is within awareness.
  11. With the birth of awareness.
  12. Our awareness is limited in.
  13. Be the awareness that you are.
  14. But the awareness of you is.
  15. And covered that awareness up.

  16. True awareness (samvid) is a.
  17. Awareness is all that matters.
  18. Q: Who is aware in awareness?
  19. Awareness and matter are the.
  20. Level 5 Awareness in the World.
  21. When the awareness dawns that.
  22. It lacks any outward awareness.
  23. Only the awareness of the goal.
  24. That awareness is the beginning.
  25. There is no duality in awareness.

  26. The Imbalance of Human Awareness.
  27. Awareness of what to expect can.
  28. It has to do with AIDS awareness.
  29. Awareness of the negative effects.
  30. All happiness comes from awareness.
  31. If only I could have the awareness.
  32. Q: Are there levels of awareness?
  33. But human awareness is segmentive.
  34. Awareness is without any intention.
  35. The awareness of death surrounds.
  36. Awareness is easy to give, and it.
  37. It becomes a distractive awareness.
  38. It stuck its awareness into a hole.
  39. Awareness takes the place of con-.
  40. M: Look at it in terms of awareness.
  41. You welcome it into your awareness.
  42. He merged his awareness and stood.
  43. They create it with full awareness.
  44. So awareness is present, right now.
  45. We have no awareness of the future.
  46. Bring awareness to this resistance.
  47. The source of happiness is awareness.
  48. Awareness seeped back into his eyes.
  49. Top-of-mind awareness is built and.
  50. Awareness is dynamic, love is being.
  51. Parents can use anger with awareness.
  52. When this awareness turns upon it-.
  53. They are not an individual awareness.
  54. There would be no creative awareness.
  55. The client’s awareness is expanded.
  56. Joey had soon regained full awareness.
  57. Then all awareness left me, and for.
  58. Q: Where is the action in awareness?
  59. This statement of self awareness is.
  60. There was that awareness tingle again.
  61. A thrill of awareness shot through me.
  62. We only have an awareness of the past.
  63. In fact, awareness and the object of.
  64. Without awareness, the body would not.
  65. The source of awareness is always here.
  66. He said awareness is draped in mystery.
  67. In any case, awareness of trends (and.
  68. Human awareness is not trained this way.
  69. Awareness, that you are the source of.
  70. She had an awareness of something far.
  71. But an awareness of being utterly alone.
  72. That bring the mind awareness of itself.
  73. Of this insane form of undead awareness.
  74. Civilized human awareness is segmentive.
  75. It was this awareness that stopped him.
  76. There was a slight prickle of awareness.
  77. To live this awareness I say, Thank.
  78. It gave me better situational awareness.
  79. It represents a high level of awareness.
  80. A ray of awareness illumines a part of.
  81. Because it is the root of our awareness.
  82. It hid its awareness in holes, in caves.
  83. This is what human awareness evolved into.
  84. Awareness is aware of periods of no mind.
  85. She had no awareness that she was asleep.
  86. Then turn your awareness to what you see.
  87. This is what tools do to human awareness.
  88. As your awareness rests for a moment on.
  89. We sometimes withhold love and awareness.
  90. Developed a greater awareness of reality.
  91. Sutra of the full awareness of breathing.
  92. The Levels of Awareness: An Introduction.
  93. This is the awareness we are looking for.
  94. Everything else happens within awareness.
  95. Building market awareness and reputation.
  96. The Reflective Dynamic of Human Awareness.
  97. You are the individual unit of awareness.
  98. An image enters awareness and then leaves.
  99. Instead of: the awareness of Pure Wonder.
  100. M: You are mixing sensation with awareness.

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