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But Baggy was still sad.
She found a white baggy cotton.
Well, Baggy, there's always tomorrow.
Despite the heat I wore baggy track.
He pulled a Ziplock baggy out of the box.
He wore a long sleeved, baggy hemp shirt with its.
He was wearing baggy denims, a blue and white striped.

It was a red-haired boy wearing a hoodie and baggy jeans.
Brian looked for a big baggy shirt to hide his small frame.
She was wearing the turtle neck and the baggy black pair of.
Little kid in a baggy shirt standing like he’s packing heat.
Baggy tan trousers, a V-necked T-shirt, black Chinese slippers.
Stephanie lay on the bed, dressed in a pair of his baggy sweats.
Wearing the penis stretcher coerced him to wear exceptionally baggy.
The girl wore baggy clothes, but she seemed pretty at a quick glance.
He wore a yellow shirt, baggy trousers and a red scarf round his neck.
She replied matter-of-factly as she put on her baggy camouflage uniform.
Kyrin hated her figure, and hid it beneath thick shirts and baggy pants.
The sailor stared at him heavily from a pair of drowsy baggy eyes, rather.
Sampson had on baggy black shorts, a pair of combat boots, and his shades.
Jocko bounced in about then, holding a plastic baggy with two bullets in it.
She was currently walking through the hallway in her three-dollar baggy dress.
From a narrow alley two houses away, a man in a beard and baggy sport coat emerged.
There stood a dreadlocked youth in baggy shorts and a loose shirt, asking for a Mr.
Baggy jeans and sweater gave her the appearance of trying to hide inside an old sack.
Whether he will be wearing his favourite blue denim pants and his baggy brown jersey.
He wore a billowing white shirt, baggy black pants, and knee-high black leather boots.
Wearing only his old, baggy boxer shorts he pulled open the door, yawning as he did so.
Her silver hair was shorn close to her head and her baggy gray robe flapped around her.
The pants were already baggy at the knees, and the center of the shirt dark with sweat.
PlayStation long-sleeved shirt, complete with breakfast stains, baggy black shorts that.
She wore them baggy, rolled the cuffs tight at her ankle with those bulky socks peeking out.
My wardrobe consisted of baggy pants and shirts ordinarily only found on sixty-year-old men.
He pulled at the loose, baggy trousers that were the newly designed uniform of the ‘Army’.
They’re made of thin, soft material; not baggy, just loose enough to slip on and off easily.
She usually wears baggy trousers tucked into knee-high leather boots with a coat and sword belt.
However, what do they see around them? Suits and ties and unfit men in baggy shorts and T-shirts.
But the only transformation was to his hideous baggy shorts, which seemed to have shrunk a little.
The hippie chicks have bare feet or they wear sandals, dancing in flowing skirts and baggy blouses.
He wore a zip-up hoodie and long baggy trousers, but not because he was wearing his dad’s clobber.

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baggy sloppy

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