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Baksheesh numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Baksheesh, baksheesh and fuck your mother.
  2. Or baksheesh, as it is beautifully called in India.
  3. However much baksheesh you gave them they were never satisfied.
  4. Most of the tombs were locked and opened just for you as a favor, to fatten up the baksheesh.
  5. We had one Bedouin apiece pulling our camels along by a rope tied to a bridle, their one-track minds urging them now and then to remind us, „give baksheesh.
  6. Businessmen posing as botanists, scientists, and even butterfly collectors buy them there in full view of soldiers and police who receive the appropriate baksheesh.
  7. Paying baksheesh is often the only way to get a hold of something otherwise impossible, for example a seat on a congested train or access to a temple that’s closed to public.

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