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Bam numa frase em (in ingles)

1. And bam! A lamp smashed down.
1. Bam was the first to see her.
1. Bam gave Richard an annoyed look.
1. And Bam! A left hook to the nose.
1. That dissolves into the letter BaM.
1. Damn, Bam replied, shaking his head.
1. In turn, Richard handed the card over to Bam.
1. Now, bam, this is my life, on my own again.
1. This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends.
1. BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!!! A few pieces of rock chip off.
1. Richard and Bam were sitting in the commons area when Ms.
1. All you did was turn the key to start the motor and BAM.
1. Bam! After this report came out the stock went from $0.
1. I, the letter BaM in space, see the moon and, motivated to.
1. Yeah, Bam nodded his head, recalling the conversation.
1. As he made his way into the door, he could hear Bam yelling.
1. I know that nigga, Richard said, more to himself than Bam.
1. Before heading out the cell door, Richard gave Bam a high five.
1. He was so deep in thought that he hadn’t heard Bam approach.
1. And then bam! She takes him away from me like it meant nothing.
1. Bam left eventually, but not before Tom had extracted a promise.
1. Fuck with you after count, Bam said as he headed for their cell.
1. Immediately, the inmates started heading for their bunks, Bam included.
1. Inside the commons area of the jail, Richard sat watching the news with Bam.
1. When you touch the plant you act as a quick way to earth, thus the Wham Bam effect.
1. As she reached into the catalog, both Richard and Bam admired her voluptuous curves.
1. Bam cocked his head to one side, as if he were listening to the name in his own head.
1. And next thing you know, bam! I'm at the bottom of the stairs and don't know how I got there.
1. Such and such wizard gyrates his hands in such and such a way, and bam, the ex-wife is a newt or something.
1. Grabbing his towel, soap and wash cloth, he headed towards the showers, calling back at Bam over his shoulder.
1. Use my wife to get off on, satisfy your horny lusts, wham bam thank you ma’am, and then to hell with Jessica Sanderson and her husband.
1. It dropped a foot or two away from where he crouched, so quickly, before he could move, she launched the next, and bam! It hit its target.
1. I became the director of research for BAM Advisor Services because I wanted to teach investors the knowledge necessary to make prudent investment decisions.
1. Bam smiled back, but his smile faded into a look of disturbed curiousness as a question popped into his head – a question that had been bothering him for weeks.
1. The hawk wheeled again and now the female was hopping back to intercept his rearward approach, but he was swinging in fast and BAM he smacked into the rear of the nest.
1. After a few hits I came in and realized I had pointed out the wrong guy so I said sorry to him and then I pointed out the right guy so Tone took the right guy in there and bam game over.
1. Maybe immortal might work? I type in Immortal Vampire Slayers into the search engine and bam, the last entry on the first page of Google reads classic Hunter tales and rumors of Hunters.
1. He takes up a heavy smooth stone he had earlier purloined from the stream bank and positions a piece of shiny stone on a heavy boulder just so… BAM! BAM! BAM!! He pounds away and then stops mid-blow.
1. The dependence upon chemically triggered eroticism and the escalation of aggressive sex are aspects of a love carelessly stripped of the rich top soil of sensuality – the wham, bam, thank you mam, ubiquitous to both factory farming and techno-fucking.

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