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Banal numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Banal endless chatter.
2. That banal thing: friendship.
3. Stories so banal except for their endings.
4. There was something almost … banal about him.
5. With regard to the news, however, this question is banal.
6. Loading up Msn Messenger he soon became engaged in banal chatter.
7. What was he actually watching in the much more banal here and now?
8. And the woman tended to maunder on, vapid, insipid, banal and trite.
9. It was not an in any way unusual crossing; it was run down and banal.
10. A few rays peeked out, but what I had considered wondrous was now banal.
11. Compared to the rest of the available research, this seemed fairly banal.
12. They assume that art is about the ordinary, and the more banal the better.
13. When hes in the mood Jon can make even the most banal sentence sound witty.
14. I got the water boiling and swallowed down my aggravation at such a banal project.
15. The leopard will always be simply ‚found', orphaned, the fiction a banal gloss on a.
16. The drunken sex was more of a banal blur than an erogenously exciting erotic escapade for Susan.
17. The authorities would still be searching for them today, if they had not made a very banal mistake.
18. He was incapable of heroism, weak, banal, more spiritless than a woman, avaricious too, and cowardly.
19. The luncheon talk was banal and did not afford much opportunity for the two Air Force officers to contribute.
20. Yes, I agree; Eros has lost its passion and become childish, banal, and stupid, and is only interested in stunts and stamina.
21. The other went on talking agriculture, cattle, pasturage, filling out with banal phrases all the gaps where an allusion might slip in.
22. It probably sounds banal to you, but it was heaven after…’ Jarek paused, wondering how much he should reveal of his unadventurous past.
23. Later: he tried to come back on National TV with a whitewashed, cleaned-up version that was self-censored, and so banal; its ratings plummeted.
24. Eckhart stared at his superior and couldn’t help feeling a little bewildered by the fact such a powerful man as Beck would enjoy such a banal and cruel torture.
25. One day she caught herself in the middle of some such banal reflection, and, going to the back of the house, took her place in the window of a microscopic library.
26. Sometimes what seems like ugliness tends with time to become fascinating and even beautiful in one's eyes, whereas the obviously pretty can become boring and banal.
27. I’d picked through the trash to retrieve one, read the letter, sticky with alfredo sauce, and it had been utterly banal: talk of tennis and travel and other things preppy.
28. Nor did Evan Williams say anything brutal, banal, or foolish when he shut his book and put it away to make room for the plates of soup which were now being placed before them.
29. The more they have the more they want in a never ending race to be more spendthrift, more banal, more wasteful, more artificial and less useful than any other woman in history.
30. When art proceeds from a mold of hatred and rejection of the society in which the artist lives, artistic expression tends to become banal soup cans or incomprehensible abstraction.
31. For my part, I was not afraid of him, when death is chasing one’s steps, the barriers of prudence collapse and we assault the most risky or banal acts without fear of the consequences.
32. The men responsible for these big ships have been moved by considerations of profit to be made by the questionable means of pandering to an absurd and vulgar demand for banal luxury--the seaside hotel luxury.
33. Bored with its own ordinariness and suffering a permanent inferiority complex, the idea of enlightenment holds a seductive charm, since it promises to transform its banal existence into a fairy tale of bliss and ecstasy.
34. Life in the world, which had caused her so much uncertainty before she was familiar with it, was nothing more than a system of atavistic contracts, banal ceremonies, preordained words, with which people entertained each other in society in order not to commit murder.
35. What surprising fragility assaults the aggrieved heart, which nude of any falsity covers itself into a shelter after the banal mask of the indifference hurt it by the inclemency of a not corresponded love! And it was this indifference the one that allowed me to remain unscathed before his closeness.
36. What silly it seemed to me the motive that had provoked such conduct and what price so high I should have to pay for so small imprudence! Losing my own life, not for a heroic, praiseworthy act that will be talked about in future generations, but for a banal, nothing virtuous impulse, provoked by the weakness of character.
37. The idea of ownership: owning a wife; owning a trophy sex-symbol: using a wife as a slave: just so there the guaranteed ritual of the lowest, most base self-gratification can be repeated every night or week: eventually and inevitably becomes so banal and disgusting and revealing: nearly all married couples stop having sex and get separate beds simply because they know each other to well.
38. A great babble of news (and what sort of news too, good heavens!) and eager comment has arisen around this catastrophe, though it seems to me that a less strident note would have been more becoming in the presence of so many victims left struggling on the sea, of lives miserably thrown away for nothing, or worse than nothing: for false standards of achievement, to satisfy a vulgar demand of a few moneyed people for a banal hotel luxury--the only one they can understand--and because the big ship pays, in one way or another: in money or in advertising value.

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