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  1. Those Not at the Banquet.
  2. Him at the eternal banquet.
  3. Now if I did that at a banquet.
  4. She looks inside the banquet room.
  5. Soon the banquet was in full swing.

  6. Why even the banquet is ready and.
  7. Welcome to our healthcare banquet.
  8. The luncheon turned out to be a banquet.
  9. The banquet is in two hours, he says.
  10. I attended a banquet of inventors recently.
  11. So the king and Haman came to the banquet.
  12. He will spread a banquet table of blessing.
  13. Catered banquet service with a full banquet.
  14. Phoenix Banquet, how that compare to it!.
  15. That evening the town provided a banquet for the.

  16. There would be a banquet in my honor that evening.
  17. The banquet will be more than just a party for you.
  18. As soon as all the guests had arrived the banquet.
  19. The confused sounds of the banquet reached his ear.
  20. I gazed out at the banquet hall in some astonishment.
  21. For the Earth is one giant banquet for all life to feed.
  22. Beyond the banquet hall there was a smaller dining room.
  23. It showed the Butlers of the World annual banquet.
  24. We will have a great banquet this evening in your honour.
  25. Charles allowed himself to be led out of the banquet room.

  26. After his snack, which could have passed for a banquet in.
  27. They will miss the true and eternal banquet that God has.
  28. Although I have never saw this distinguished banquet with.
  29. Just come to the banquet hall when you are ready to eat.
  30. The total banquet hall stood up in union with total respect.
  31. Socrates, along with other guests, was invited to a banquet.
  32. We, of course, had to endure yet another banquet in my honor.
  33. This was made the occasion for giving a banquet in the club.
  34. This changed a bare piece of bread and cheese into a banquet.
  35. The day after the grand banquet, old Ted was summoned to the.
  36. After his banquet, Bob took a slow walk back through the town.
  37. Rob recognized her now from a brief meeting in the banquet hall.
  38. It's mostly larger banquet halls that can fit hundreds of people.
  39. The villa’s banquet hall had been painted with astounding skill.
  40. And I hope that when I do, I can celebrate them in your banquet.
  41. During the banquet, Merdon was concerned about you, Thedes.
  42. It wouldn’t be long before the pack showed up for this banquet.
  43. Life should not be a fast food meal eaten on the run but a banquet.
  44. If it were up to him, they would have savored that banquet together.
  45. He wants to have the banquet canceled and tell Chutani what we know.
  46. It proved to be as she promised a banquet of all the local delicacies.
  47. He had John beheaded and the head brought to the banquet on a platter.
  48. I now declare this banquet open, the king announced and sat down.
  49. I am less than one of the dogs that gnaw the bones in his banquet hall.
  50. They left the banquet hall and it was night now with stars and planets.
  51. I hope you enjoyed the opening banquet, Chancellor Green continues.
  52. Nancy then walked out of the banquet and went back to her room to change.
  53. They were led into a large banquet room that was decorated from floor to.
  54. The creativity in decorating the banquet hall impressed him beyond words.
  55. Next were another staircase, then the kitchen, and then the banquet hall.
  56. Their heads were served up at a banquet to which their father was invited.
  57. When you give a banquet, sometimes bid the poor, the maimed, and the blind.
  58. Boris, too, with his friend Zhilinski, came to see the Preobrazhensk banquet.
  59. He returned to his room and put the Rolling Stone’s Beggar’s Banquet on.
  60. At the Saturday-night banquet that opened the fair, the guild honoured Caris.
  61. Johnny the Killer stood at the backdoor to the banquet hall, sipping out of.
  62. It was this latter, in a roundabout way, that had led to that awards banquet.
  63. You see, we really ought to have a Banquet at once, to celebrate this affair.
  64. Signor Pastrini had promised them a banquet; he gave them a tolerable repast.
  65. Borís, too, with his friend Zhilínski, came to see the Preobrazhénsk banquet.
  66. We were treated to another banquet with all the influential people of the town.
  67. He then went on to describe the welcoming banquet he was having prepared for us.
  68. We were somewhat alone, as alone as one could be in the noisy banquet hall anyway.
  69. Edmund and Petranilla were at the banquet, and the servants had the afternoon off.
  70. The Badger had ordered everything of the best, and the banquet was a great success.
  71. I reluctantly agreed, on the condition that there would be no banquet in my honor.
  72. The banquet hall was decorated with flowers and coconut leave in the traditional way.
  73. But this one here—he ends by announcing a banquet! That is not the real thing!.
  74. To dream that you are at a banquet indicates that you are emotionally malnourished.
  75. Azura took out her clothes, one by one, trying to decide what to wear for the banquet.
  76. Together with the Mistress, he took his deipnon in a smaller room next to the banquet.
  77. The virgins were ready, went in with him to the wedding banquet, and the door was shut.
  78. We’ll have it to ourselves – my father and my aunt are both at the wedding banquet.
  79. Or so he would tell the editor at Lippincott who contacted him after the awards banquet.
  80. Crystal, Stephanie and Evette reach the back door of the banquet room which is wide open.
  81. Of course the thing loved best was the story of the banquet and the dream which was true.
  82. The food—macher jhol, aloo poshto and kosha mangsho—was fit for a Durga Puja banquet.
  83. Though why on earth you should want to have a Banquet in the morning I cannot understand.
  84. A large wooden table, occupying the centre of the room, was burdened with a banquet of food.
  85. Our very polite and humble guides had prepared a banquet worthy enough for the King of Morocco.
  86. Afterwards David and Ralph were guests of honour at a banquet given by Merthin in the guild hall.
  87. She cast her eyes about the stones with an appetite in full caper now that the banquet was so near.
  88. The banquet hall was as austere as the rest of the house, but the low table was handsomely carved.
  89. The banquet was held at Queen Simona’s castle and everyone in the kingdom was invited to attend.
  90. The assassination of President Chutani at his banquet for the Americans would be a trivial matter.
  91. The prime cause of the banquet was served in a large wooden platter garnished with vinegar pickles.
  92. In 1971 the entire crew was inducted into the Helms Rowing Hall of Fame at a banquet in New York.
  93. It was for her that he’d chased William back along a corridor after he’d fled the banquet hall.
  94. There was plenty of food at the banquet table, but the minstrels and acrobats were noticeably absent.
  95. The banquet heralded a new beginning for Jack Mayes and Harry’s supposedly long suffering wife Suzy.
  96. She put it on the tray that she was clearing, filled it with more dishes, then left the banquet hall.
  97. The guild hall saw the first Christmas Eve banquet since the parish guild had become a borough guild.
  98. Theodore led the way through the banquet hall and into the kitchen where we sat down with the guards.
  99. The banquet will be over soon enough and then we can drink our fill of love for the rest of our lives.
  100. I still couldn’t fathom how I, a prisoner, was here at this banquet, let alone as the guest of honor.
  1. They sat at one end of the long banqueting table.
  2. The Banqueting Hal of the Summer Palace had already been.
  3. Zeus was banqueting with his gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus.
  4. In the royal banqueting hall the Christmas dinner was royally set and.
  5. You need a banqueting hall, and a private chapel, and spacious bedchambers.
  6. Milling about were worried looking waiters and even more anxious looking banqueting managers.
  7. Simon into the banqueting place, and killed him, and his two sons, and certain of his servants.
  8. He saw the feast being held in the banqueting suite on top of Vierte’s Wall Street trading office.
  9. Dave was dropped into the rush of ordering, planning, banqueting, telephoning, arguing in conference.
  10. Full of exultation they parted out the place intended for their fall and burial into banqueting booths.
  11. Leiber was dropped into the rush of ordering, planning, banqueting, making the rounds, telephoning, arguing in conference, downing coffee in scalding gulps betweentimes.
  12. The queen was happy for the couple, offering them the banqueting hall in the palace and insisting that the royal chef and his staff provide a wedding feast fit for a king, exactly to Helez’s specifications.
  13. The banqueting suite was full to capacity; Distinguished guests from the world of banking had descended on the beautifully laid venue, drinking champagne and cocktails while waiters buzzed around with huge silver trays of canapés.
  14. O Lord, my God and my Father in Jesus Christ, I can never sufficiently admire the condescension of thy grace to me; what is man that thou dost thus magnify him, and the son of man that thou visitest him! Who am I? and what is my house that thou hast brought me hitherto; hast brought me into thy banqueting house, and thy banner over me hath been love? I have reason to say, That a day in thy courts, an hour at thy table, is better, far better, than a thousand days, than ten thousand hours elsewhere; it is good for me to draw near to God.
  1. Blind beggars given a special place at banquets and feasts, on behest of the host.
  2. It was designed for feasts and banquets, but it was rarely used for this type of function.
  3. De la Vega, ever the gossip, told me that Gonzalo was offended by the tone of the papa’s banquets.
  4. Adorno was also an autocrat to excess, insisting upon lavish banquets, ceremonies, and balls at every turn.
  5. What would the dustbin of such an incredible spider resemble? What the remnants of many banquets? I shuddered.
  6. In the basement were the large kitchen that prepared food for the banquets, a jail and an office for the constable.
  7. And now I suggest we all repair to the library for a glass of sherry while waiting for Grandma to fix one of her amazing banquets.
  8. For three days he sneezed and coughed, and he could not go out, and even after that his speeches at banquets were limited to Thag you very buch.
  9. He resigned the office of Deputy Mayor at the Free Fair that mid-summer, and dear old Will Whitfoot had another seven years of presiding at Banquets.
  10. The self-contained, free standing thatched cottage provided the finest accommodation and they found delectable fare and sumptuous banquets at the hotel.
  11. We must go hungry, he concluded, disdainfully, while we have the teeth to eat, in order that our mumbling old age may be regaled with banquets it is past enjoying.
  12. Had they followed their hereditary taste, the New England settlers would have illustrated all events of public importance by bonfires, banquets, pageantries, and processions.
  13. Nobody ever went hungry and I have fond memories of some hotel meals from conferences that were cancelled or weddings that were called off and banquets that cooked more than they could use.
  14. She neither refuses the hated nuptials, nor does she have the courage to go through with them; in the meantime the Suitors are ruining my house with their banquets and soon they will tear me to pieces as well.
  15. At all former and precedent banquets, it had been the custom to give vent to muckle wanton and luxurious indulgence, and to galravitch, both at hack and manger, in a very expensive manner to the funds of the town.
  16. So abundantly had they been favored by heaven they had, instead of being humbled, exalted themselves above measure, until their ambition had grown into habitual rivalry for distinction in high places, and at the feasts and banquets.
  17. Seeing that I was bewildered by that remark, he explained that even though the papa was the “vicar of Christ” and the successor of the “apostles,” he did not lead a very moral life, and was wont to flaunt his excesses at this banquets.
  18. Afterwards, when by her efforts a committee had been formed and had attacked the subject more seriously, it was proved clearly to her at once that if they were going to dream of banquets there would be very little left for the governesses, however well people subscribed.
  19. Ever since then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for banquets and special occasions through old Ted’s niece, and all the while the unsuspecting Ted had been convinced that his niece was strangely obsessed by fresh fruit and vegetables.
  20. I say this, Sancho, because thou hast seen the good cheer, the abundance we have enjoyed in this castle we are leaving; well then, amid those dainty banquets and snow-cooled beverages I felt as though I were undergoing the straits of hunger, because I did not enjoy them with the same freedom as if they had been mine own; for the sense of being under an obligation to return benefits and favours received is a restraint that checks the independence of the spirit.
  21. The same sovereigns have still the same audiences and interviews, hunts and banquets, and balls and uniforms; there are the same diplomats and the same deliberations on alliances and wars; there are still the same parliaments, with the same debates on the Eastern question and Africa, on treaties and violations of treaties, and Home Rule and the eight-hour day; and one set of ministers replacing another in the same way, and the same speeches and the same incidents.
  22. Learned men found societies (there are more than one hundred of them), they assemble in Congresses (like those held in London and Paris and the one which is to be held in Rome), they read essays, hold banquets, make speeches, edit journals devoted to the subject, and by all these means they endeavor to prove that the strain upon nations who are obliged to support millions of soldiers has become so severe that something must be done about it; that this armament is opposed to the character, the aims, and the wishes of the populations; but they seem to think that if they consume a good deal of paper, and devote a good deal of eloquence to the subject, that they may succeed in conciliating opposing parties and conflicting interests, and at last effect the suppression of war.

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