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Barbaric numa frase em (in ingles)

It seems a bit barbaric.
He is noted for the barbaric.
Anything else would be barbaric.
This is barbaric, M’Shaw said.
To accuse any child of that is barbaric.
Conan heard and swore with barbaric oaths.
The darkness within raged to barbaric levels.

Such overt barbaric behaviour is not its style.
The animal is sacrificed in the most barbaric.
They call your race barbaric, Conan of Cimmeria.
If anything the Taliban became even more barbaric.
It is barbaric but we are more advanced than that.
It’s barbaric! What happened to chivalry?
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.
To me, folks, that is barbarism at its most barbaric.
Barbaric anarchy was widespread as they learned about.
We can’t abandon her in this barbaric time period.
He is barbaric and does not deserve to be called doctor.
The barbaric slaughter of German civilians was just as.
Eating whatever grows or swims nearby—this is barbaric.
Their barbaric tortures were lasted more than three hours.
Adams had a low opinion of Natives, believing them barbaric.
Such a barbaric voice, a hideous face, and unrelenting rage.
Salome was clad in the barbaric splendor of a woman of Shushan.
The black yelled and stamped in a frenzy of barbaric gratification.
The rest of the group was in shock at the barbaric display by both.
I’m a vampire, and I find that a bit barbaric, Bohdan said.
Note what God says: this barbaric practise did not even enter His mind.
This he said with a barbaric glint in his eyes, and Anne became alarmed.
Others said they were fighting to put an end to such barbaric practices.
I don’t care what barbaric practices slaves followed in their countries.
What a singular way—what a barbaric way, she said, with proud eyes.
Five hundred years after the Cataclysm the barbaric kingdoms have vanished.
He nodded, I fear we’ve become even more barbaric than our former masters.
Were Klingons really that barbaric? And who am I to talk, he begged the question.
Barbaric, you say, to which I reply, no, this is the very essence of civilization.
This barbaric coiffure had given the head its misshapen appearance in the starlight.
Nothing! Can you imagine such a preposterous outcome? Why, it is downright barbaric.
His barbaric soul was ablaze, and the chants of old heroes were singing in his ears.
We were all told that they were barbaric and cruel, but this is far removed from that.

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