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Bare numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I let it remain bare.
2. The tree was now bare.
3. He was bare foot, so.
4. The touch of bare feet.
5. I bare him no ill will.
6. Her legs and feet bare.
7. Well, her legs are bare.

8. Her feet were bare and.
9. Had to just bare it out.
10. The plans are laid bare.
11. Places his bare hand on.
12. The walls are still bare.
13. I can't bare to lose you.
14. He massages her bare feet.
15. The foot was huge and bare.
16. Don't touch a bare wire i.
17. Her bare body was ice cold.
18. It’s a great sin to bare.
19. In the center of the bare.
20. Earthly body is but a bare.
21. The amah’s room was bare.
22. Her arms and neck were bare.
23. Her feet were bare and cold.
24. But mother, it is so bare.
25. A vision of beautiful bare.
26. She touched bare wall first.
27. The high bare warming trees.
28. Here’s the truth laid bare.
29. The road had become bare rock.
30. The slither and slap of bare.
31. Gild gloriously the bare feet.
32. Dirty t-shirt and bare footed.
33. Her throat and arms were bare.
34. The geology is laid bare for.
35. Only bare rock was beneath her.
36. His throat and chest were bare.
37. Your idiocy has been laid bare.
38. It was the fig tree that bare.
39. This place looks pretty bare.
40. Her bare legs kept sliding off.
41. A bare year later, well-behaved.
42. And cupboards that aren't bare;.
43. Sharon, in bare feet, was slower.
44. Her bare feet sunk into the mud.
45. She looks down at her bare feet.
46. The cupboards were equally bare.
47. He said softly in the bare hall:.
48. But mother, I am smooth and bare.
49. The silence of the world is bare.
50. Be with sorrow and lay bare its.
51. I distinctly saw his bare throat.
52. I had coasted by, doing the bare.
53. I cant hardly bare to look back.
54. Ashley looked around the bare room.
55. NEVER touch metal with bare hands.
56. Lips trailed over my bare shoulder.
57. Cold air slips across my bare skin.
58. I’ve seen with bare blinded eyes.
59. Even the bare ‘I am’ faded away.
60. Because he yawned at the bare view.
61. He laid His heart bare before the.
62. She lay her head on his bare chest.
63. And she again bare his brother Abel.
64. Jaggers, and come at the bare truth.
65. A bare hand snatched the blade out.
66. An old man was approaching bare foot.
67. Bare feet tread over the warm earth.
68. Her hands were however bare of gloves.
69. It was a medium size room with bare.
70. Or caressing the bare breasted grass.
71. With one bare knee on the rough top.
72. Human hands are bare, have no thick.
73. He stood, bare feet in the warm sand.
74. The sullen stream lay bare and empty.
75. The living room was bare except for.
76. So Eve continued in labor to bare Abel.
77. In times gone by thy bare command—.
78. Outside all was dark, blank, and bare.
79. On bare plywood, it was very slippery.
80. The damp ground chilled his bare feet.
81. The universe was bare and bountiful.
82. Shaving bare skin can cause razor burn.
83. Darkness is cold and strange and bare;.
84. The tunnels echoed to running bare feet.
85. His hand seemed to scorch her bare hip.
86. She was left staring at his bare chest.
87. She was bundled into a large, bare room.
88. The point missed me by bare millimetres.
89. With our bare hands, what a tragic land.
90. The wall that was not occupied was bare.
91. Write it, then cut it to the bare basics.
92. And munched and mumbled a bare old bone;.
93. And their secret parts will be laid bare.
94. And he that saw it bare record, and his.
95. Oh, bare me, then bear with me, my Lord!.
96. Halfway up the bare wooden stairs was a.
97. She left her neck bare and left her room.
98. His bare hands, sir, he broke their necks.
99. His view moved up the bare, smooth ankles.
100. She shivered and rubbed her bare shoulders.
1. He was baring his teeth.
2. As a goblin came in baring.
3. Baring the eager marble of his face.
4. She tilted her head back, baring teeth.
5. She leans forward, baring her teeth at me.
6. Baring her teeth again, she raised both palms.
7. Baring had been dislodged, Alten put to the sword.
8. The dog growled louder and then began baring its teeth.
9. You’ll be sorry, Pedro said, baring his fangs.
10. She is mine, he said, baring his teeth at Chevalier.
11. I’ve come this far, said Kain, baring his jagged teeth.
12. He drew the straps of her bra down and away, baring her breasts.
13. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Olgerd lifted his hand—then paused.
14. He snarled, baring teeth, and his mouth twisted into a gruesome smile.
15. Baring that in mind I started moving ganja as an occupation in early 1998.
16. Silas squeezed his eyes shut, baring down on the trigger with all his might.
17. Baring nicotine-stained teeth in a smug leer he wandered off leaving me baffled.
18. You shouldn’t have tried escaping without me, she said, baring her fangs.
19. The woman hissed at her like an angry cat, baring a mouthful of small, jagged teeth.
20. But the liger turned around, baring his teeth ferociously at this intrusion, growling.
21. He almost slams the phone down before looking at me and baring his teeth in a frustrated way.
22. The six small creatures surrounded him, yipping and barking and baring their small sharp teeth.
23. She pulls up Dana's yellow shirt, baring Dana's naval and her entire upper and lower abdominal areas.
24. Seconds later, a large silver wolf stood in the doorway growling and baring teeth with hackles raised.
25. Baring has been quoted, who is a commission merchant, to the greatest extent perhaps known in the world.
26. Lazarus sat lonely, baring his head to the sun, and listening in silence to the splashing of the waters.
27. As the wolf snarls once more, baring its teeth and crouching for the kill, he imagines he will die here.
28. He turned his head just enough to see Rachel's face next to his with a menacing grin baring her pointed canines.
29. This is hard to put into words, and if it seems a little jumbled, please forgive my feeble attempt at baring my soul.
30. As we approached the conference centre we were met head on by an angry mob of banner waving protesters baring slogans.
31. Old Karay had turned his head and was angrily searching for fleas, baring his yellow teeth and snapping at his hind legs.
32. Old Karáy had turned his head and was angrily searching for fleas, baring his yellow teeth and snapping at his hind legs.
33. He stroked her brow between her eyes and she nuzzled closer, baring her lips at him in a playful gesture as if to bite him.
34. All of these appeared as well to have suffered the wrath of a swordsman, two of the bodies even baring slashes to the neck.
35. Before Johnny could get his proper baring, Caesar appeared before him, punching him hard in the shoulder and slapping his face.
36. With a roar of naked fury a metal beast loomed out the manic blur and hurtled towards him, baring in its snarling radiator grille.
37. Come on, Clifford! Let’s get out of here! Therese ran, but the dog stayed planted, baring his teeth and growling viciously.
38. Yes …yes! Galmar’s approval bellowed forth in that gravelly voice, lips curling in a wild grin and baring gleaming teeth.
39. I reared up to kneel again in front of him, but this time he grabbed me by my hair roughly and tilted my head back, baring my throat.
40. He arose to his feet, and baring his bosom, looked steadily on the keen, glittering knife, that was already upheld by his inexorable judge.
41. The giant dog took that moment to express his disdain over the discovery of the man with the scar, by baring his nice white, shining teeth.
42. This evidence of unnatural strength was no more terrifying than the momentary baring of the hellish fury that raged under her bland exterior.
43. The region of main interest is the palace; and the only way to recover the plan was by baring the ground, and tracing the bedding of the stones which are gone.
44. Smitty opened his mouth in a gaping smile, baring his black and rotting teeth, nodded and offered his hand in friendship, then shook Mitch’s hand vigorously.
45. While she landed herself in his ardent embrace, even as her sari went askance, exposing her legs and baring her blouse, her pulse increased anticipating an ambush.
46. But it already felt as if they were sitting here in nothing but their underwear, baring their slackening waistlines and winter-pale skin to the impassive Head of School.
47. See, here are two similar letters to that you have yourself received; one from the house of Arstein & Eskeles of Vienna, to Baron Rothschild, the other drawn by Baring of London, upon M.
48. Conan did not at once reply; wild and passionate and untamed he was, yet any but the most brutish of men must be touched with a certain awe or wonder at the baring of a woman's naked soul.
49. He turns to her, telling Jane that it’s time for her to join him, he knows she wants to, and it’ll be so quick and so easy, and then he opens his mouth wide, baring big white fangs….
50. Then as suddenly as he had come, he growled, his teeth baring, and I closed my eyes, okay with this being my final moments on earth, content in the fact that my death would be at a werewolf’s hands.
51. As soon as this slight salutation had passed, Montcalm moved toward them with a quick but graceful step, baring his head to the veteran, and dropping his spotless plume nearly to the earth in courtesy.
52. Baring his teeth in what I hoped was a smile he tossed a towel at me, mimed wrapping it round my loins, then, satisfied I wasn’t going to offend either Allah or his boss, prodded me into the presence.
53. One of the monsters held Austin’s throat with his two hands while baring his teeth, apparently attempting to snuff life out of him, even as Austin’s two legs dangle in struggle as if he was kicking the air.
54. The camera callously and noisily pulled closer to them bringing them prematurely back to the scene in hand, on cue Byron unattached the actress’s white cotton robe at the shoulder clasps, baring the curve of her spine to the whirling lens.
55. By some invisible agency, my guardian wound him up to a pitch little short of ferocity about this trifle; and he fell to baring and spanning his arm to show how muscular it was, and we all fell to baring and spanning our arms in a ridiculous manner.
56. She could feel her body answering him, tensing, opening, but her brain didn’t want to put at risk what had otherwise been their first good night in a long time—to reduce his standing up for her and his baring of his soul to a mere campaign for sex.
57. So why had it made him feel worse? Those last few mornings of his married life, he’d stood at the mirrored bureau as before, baring his teeth to check for remnants of English muffin, watching his hands cruise through the involved origami of a double-Windsor knot.
58. Puffy-eyed Diane D enters the conference room holding a water bottle and walks towards the platform wearing a dark brown shirt with a short dark brown velvet jacket over it, a matching short dark brown velvet mini-skirt with dark brown stockings baring her muscular legs and thick black shoes as she looks at the crowd and waves her hand to them.
59. Musicians we had to play the Fife and Drums and Trumpets with War-like Menace, whilst the most skillful of the Pyrates vapour’d ’round the Decks, growling like Lunaticks and baring their Teeth in a fev’rish Display of false Ferocity! Costume was oft’ resorted to as well, the most fearsome Pyrates dressing themselves in Savage Colours and wearing their Hair and Beards most horribly unkempt.
60. As he came within range I trusted to luck and smoothly baring my blade,.
1. I bared my teeth at her.
2. He bared his muscular arms.
3. Corey was bared his teeth and.
4. He bared his back, stared at it.
5. Jurak bared his teeth and growled.
6. So it bared its fangs and charged.
7. Smiles tighten and teeth are bared.
8. With ratsteeth bared he muttered:.
9. The wolf bared its teeth and snarled.
10. The cute fuzzy jackal bared his fangs.
11. He bared his teeth and growled-barked.
12. Rafael bared his teeth in a rueful grin.
13. The sun was fine on his bared shoulders.
14. Immediately, my mother bared her canines.
15. I bared my teeth, and he changed subjects.
16. For this young man with bared fists, he.
17. Fangs were bared and blood was everywhere.
18. Loken’s bared his teeth in a wolfish grin.
19. Onn bared his massive teeth at her in a grin.
20. Then, I leaped onto the cage bars and bared.
21. I bared my teeth as my tail lashed behind me.
22. He bared his teeth and glared fake-furiously.
23. The maidenly bosom bared to this, the pretty.
24. He even bared his big square teeth at the boy.
25. Expecting trouble, I bared my teeth and then.
26. One of the dogs turned and bared its teeth at.
27. The creature licked its lips and bared its teeth.
28. The serpent hissed and bared its’ fangs at Son.
29. Neighing they bared their enormous, yellow teeth.
30. Therefore, I bared my teeth and extended my claws.
31. Behind her stood an enormous cat, its teeth bared.
32. I arched my back, bared my teeth, glared at the.
33. I backed into a corner and bared my teeth at them.
34. The thunderbolt landed, and Portyr bared his teeth.
35. Then he was striding back, teeth bared as he tore.
36. They stood back to back with their huge fangs bared.
37. She paused, scowled, and exhaled through bared teeth.
38. No letter with a start like that bared anything good.
39. Their eyes were red and fierce, and their teeth bared.
40. Behind her stood an enormous wild cat, its teeth bared.
41. Corey extended his claws and bared his incredible teeth.
42. The zombie bared its gangrenous teeth in rage and dove.
43. His long front teeth were bared like the fangs of a rat.
44. Before he could answer, she lunged for him, fangs bared.
45. The LORD has bared His holy arm in the sight of all the.
46. The old harridan bared her teeth and perhaps would have.
47. Her calm smile bared her emotions, a bit shy but somehow.
48. He approached her with the jagged ends of the bared wires.
49. I let him get to within twenty feet of me before I bared.
50. Several lifted their fingers, and others bared their teeth.
51. I came to a quick stop in the hall, when Ash bared my path.
52. Jacob bared his teeth in a snarl, all hint of humanity gone.
53. They symbolically bared the sin unto themselves by eating.
54. I extended my claws and bared my canines for everyone to see.
55. Molloy bared his teeth in a simulated smile and loomed over me.
56. Let…Me…Go… His teeth bared, hunching over in agony.
57. She was represented in a black velvet dress with bared breast.
58. His nostrils flared and he bared his razor-like teeth slightly.
59. He gave up, taking comfort in her bared bottom as best he could.
60. My dress now gone my legs were bared to the chilly night breeze.
61. White and beautiful are the faces around me, the heads are bared.
62. Her fangs were bared, but for once she didn’t look threatening.
63. When Jody held to the halter rope she ran at him with bared teeth.
64. The wolf growled menacingly and it bared its sharp, yellowed fangs.
65. Bart had bared his heart and risked all, now it was Robert’s turn.
66. She put an elbow into his ribs and bared down on him with her weight.
67. Joey bared his teeth due to the strain to hold on with so much weight.
68. The lynx bared its teeth, sharp canines glinting in the dim moon-light.
69. Both bared their fanged maws as pools of slobber formed at their feet.
70. The Chihuahua bared his teeth at me, foam dripping from his black lips.
71. Mr Bloom stood far back, his hat in his hand, counting the bared heads.
72. When he reached out to touch the cheetah, she suddenly bared her fangs.
73. Its teeth were bared and it bounded straight for the defenseless horse.
74. It bared its teeth, which were menacing to behold and snorted viciously.
75. They moved threateningly towards the on-screen me, teeth and fangs bared.
76. One of the soldiers twisted his head around and bared his teeth in a snarl.
77. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury.
78. She bared her feline fangs and flicked her tail in a posture of frustration.
79. He tackled her to the ground, and I stared in fear as his fangs were bared.
80. With it, I had bared myself, and left little doubt as to my interest in her.
81. Ares bared his teeth, but I’d seen his threatening look before on Clarisse.
82. Moments later, he turned on Wynne and hissing, bared his teeth as if to bite.
83. Ilmal had used his magic on her, bared her soul as he had bared her shoulder.
84. He was led up to the bench, his body was bared, and he was ordered to lie down.
85. The tall man backed off, palms raised and shaking, teeth bared in a dog’s grin.
86. At that moment Gareth came at him, fangs bared and a growl issuing from his mouth.
87. She resisted the temptation to spring forward, with her razor sharp talons bared.
88. Lucinda bared her fangs and hissed at Dragovich, Do not listen to the old fart.
89. Then he bared his teeth and shouted something that sounded like Sheng-lee!.
90. The cat bared its teeth, the sharp points of its canines glinting in the dim light.
91. The turner rounded on me, all bared and bloody teeth, warning me away from her food.
92. Upon the wallwalk it came, axe bared, and Barrin lifted his sword only just in time.
93. With a inhuman swiftness, he was directly in front of her, eyes black and fangs bared.
94. But Ariel twisted away, teeth bared in a hiss, her mouth an open, blood-stained snarl.
95. Nodding his head, the Doc gave him a wink; and bared his teeth in a broken red smile.
96. And Pierce, damn him, laid a hand on the length of thigh bared by her too short skirt.
97. At least I think it was a smile, her teeth were bared, but it could have been in pain.
98. I had hoped that you would be keen to join the adventure!’ He bared orangey old teeth.
99. Following Dunyasha, Alpatych advanced to Rostov, having bared his head while still at a.
100. A goat-headed man bared razor teeth, raised its bloody black sword, and charged forward.
1. But bares none of its seeds.
2. She bares the children and endures the pain.
3. The older woman bares a cigarette-stained smile.
4. There is some stuff that everybody bares in mind.
5. Her brow furrows and she bares her clenched teeth.
6. She basically steps up, bares her neck and demands.
7. If a dog bares its teeth, growls, snarls, stays stiff.
8. A cat that bares its teeth, ‘balloons’ its body and fully.
9. Whatever fruits it bares the seed was your thoughts not your belief.
10. Listen to the booming, angry, tigress, as she bares her teeth and cries.
11. Who bares this record of the Words of God which are the Testimony of the Light that I saw.
12. Cross: The High Priestess bares this symbol at her heart, meaning that at the r very being she is intimat.
13. Just as the creature of moving stone bares its teeth ready to sink them into his neck, something bright and glittering interposes itself between them.
14. I straddled, I humoured my posture, and did my best in short to buckle to it; I took part of it in, but still things did not go to his thorough liking; changing them in a trice his system of battery, he leads me to the table and with a master-hand lays my head down on the edge of it, and, with the other canting up my petticoats and shift, bares my naked posteriors to his blind and furious guide; it forces its way between them, and I feeling pretty sensibly that it was not going by the right door, and knocking desperately at the wrong one, I told him of it:—"Pooh!" says he, "my dear, any port in a storm.
15. When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,.

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