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Baseball numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. May to us meant baseball.
  2. Kent is a big baseball fan.
  3. Baseball Cap and Floppy Hat.
  4. She put on her baseball cap.
  5. The man had on a baseball cap.

  6. Long hair, a beard, baseball.
  7. The one in the baseball cap.
  8. Or hit him with a baseball bat.
  9. The others carried baseball bats.
  10. In Major League Baseball, in the.
  11. It was after baseball practice.
  12. How was the baseball game?
  13. On the weekends we played baseball.
  14. Trouble At The Youth Baseball Game.
  15. I was at the baseball game with my.

  16. Diane D sways the baseball bat again.
  17. I’ve even stopped playing baseball.
  18. I wore a baseball cap with the brim.
  19. We saw a baseball game at the stadium.
  20. Yeah, this is his first baseball game.
  21. He's the pitcher for his baseball team.
  22. Today was Nathan's first baseball game.
  23. Baseball Cap and Floppy Hat backed away.
  24. Are you playing baseball in there?
  25. Like stones or baseball bats or boulders.

  26. They stand around and chat about baseball.
  27. A baseball magically appeared in his hand.
  28. My father’s one true passion was baseball.
  29. Baseball Cap was there when he collected it.
  30. It’s like having the history of baseball.
  31. Any baseball fan knows that just because a.
  32. On the wall above him hung a baseball glove.
  33. The eagle gripped a baseball bat in one talon.
  34. Ted Williams- Best hitter in baseball history.
  35. The baseball bat flew into the crowd of wolves.
  36. I have to attend a baseball game this weekend.
  37. Some of the boys on his freshman baseball team.
  38. I was also lucky to find a Wilson baseball glove.
  39. I grabbed my gear and ran to the baseball field.
  40. A green John Deer baseball cap covered the top.
  41. He pulled down his baseball cap and put on his.
  42. They were all wearing baseball caps, and had on.
  43. Will this pitcher succeed? Because baseball is a.
  44. She cracks them over the head with a baseball bat.
  45. The baseball team was a crushing defeat for Thomas.
  46. I remember I asked a friend from my baseball team.
  47. I could see the love of baseball on Corey’s face.
  48. Joey took up his baseball bat and made a few swings.
  49. That's some guy I played baseball with in college.
  50. Sharon and I were near the baseball field when we.
  51. All of them wield sticks, clubs, and baseball bats.
  52. Brian closed the baseball player postered door and.
  53. Baseball bats broken with the back in one minute.
  54. He played Little League baseball up until last year.
  55. I could tell he was a very skillful baseball player.
  56. There, like a white flower glowing, was the baseball.
  57. However, Thomas, once a baseball enthusiast, had no.
  58. Instead, Thomas was enamored with baseball and books.
  59. Bailey is looking to buy baseball bats and ammunition.
  60. Aaron was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of.
  61. It looked like a game of baseball could be played on.
  62. The baseball was shining white, but was a peculiarity.
  63. A goon in my house smashing things with a baseball bat.
  64. Not even baseball could call out such a crowd as this.
  65. Most boys collect baseball cards, don’t they?
  66. Bachetti sitting up in his bed watching baseball on TV.
  67. Sprayed in black paint over the wall and the baseball.
  68. Grove was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1947.
  69. I brought a baseball and bat; we'll have a game later.
  70. The paramedics have arrived at the baseball parking lot.
  71. I followed Robert to the baseball equipment section and.
  72. Jeans and baseball caps aren't staples in your wardrobe.
  73. This picture was taken in what appeared to be a baseball.
  74. Maybe Diane D always has that baseball bat in her car.
  75. Joe DiMaggio was more than just a baseball player, though.
  76. There was a house out by the baseball park he patronized.
  77. Then, suppose three humans with baseball bats exited the.
  78. He threw the baseball one last time and broke the reverie.
  79. Corey and I decided to choose baseball caps with the word.
  80. So he's a lousy husband: but he's a great baseball player.
  81. The great American pastime of baseball is a pastoral event.
  82. Yes, please direct me to the baseball equipment section.
  83. I chose the baseball field; it was dark out and the field.
  84. The twins got antsy and teamed up with Hank for baseball.
  85. The hillbilly adjusted his baseball cap then turned on the.
  86. It was so heavy duty, it could cut through a baseball bat.
  87. An African American baseball player recently remarked that A.
  88. Where old baseball sports stars are idolized and worshipped.
  89. The rear end of Baseball Cap was bouncing along in the waves.
  90. He touched my right knee-cap with the end of his baseball bat.
  91. His greatest love in his young life, he told me, was baseball.
  92. They found a baseball bat in her back seat?! Candis asks.
  93. That’s the thing though about a baseball field, I said.
  94. The brother that got off the baseball player Lorenzo Lewis.
  95. Thomas springs and summers were filled with dreams of baseball.
  96. What does any of that have to do with baseball? Sam asked.
  97. Diane D then sways the baseball bat and positions herself again.
  98. Kill the monster! the man carrying a baseball bat shouted.
  99. I was angry that he had said that about being a baseball player.
  100. He said he loved baseball and was hoping we had a baseball team.

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