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1. It screams and I bash it in the head with.
2. I was too bash in my words! He looked at Shi.
3. I didn't look round and say, oh I'll have a bash at him.
4. Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the.
5. He had to find the reptile quickly, grab it, and bash the.
6. I’m afraid that the beast will bash through the cave in a.
7. Quite a few of the boys had a bash at the old bells, I remember.

8. My dad taught me that I could have a bash at that sort of thing.
9. Nothing like her wedding three days ago, which was quite a bash.
10. Smash it, bash it, slam it on the floor--you could not ask for more!.
11. By the time I leave the house, the small party has become a huge bash.
12. The Borderlines had joined with two other fraternities to host the bash.
13. The Chief Minister and his birthday bash, Rani stood before the TV.
14. We invited the couple out with us, after all it was Po’s birthday bash.
15. I’ve read a lot of these types of articles that bash isolation exercises.
16. They heard Dana telling the man that she was going to bash his face?
17. But to take either side and use it as a cudgel to bash others with is.
18. Apes who use stones to bash in the skull of a dead carcass are skull killers.
19. All the reputed people in the real estate industry were invited for the bash.
20. This time round, she sounded as if she wanted to bash my head in with the tin.
21. He had organized a huge celebratory bash to mark his arrival in the big league.
22. So I thought I’d bash you on the bonce with this stone here, and tell her it.
23. Suppose her instincts were right and Joe Billie wasn‘t going to bash her skull.
24. Edward maintained his best not to jump at the Chief of Police and bash his head in.
25. Ohsh, notsh shou bash, Eugene could only mutter, trying to say something coherent.
26. I stink, do I? How about I bash your nose in? Then you won’t have to smell me any.
27. Obviously matey-boy didn't go to the expense of buying a new tool to bash her head in with.
28. The second is some woman manager at 3Com who’s stocking up for a fortieth-birthday bash.
29. But I don’t know where he is! I was just about to bash his head in with his pipe when he.
30. You just heard that she threatened to bash the other motorist in the face with the hammer!.
31. Then, as though making his mind up, he raised his gun and used is to bash in the driver’s window.
32. After a while, she tired of his questions, and gave him a bash with the blunt end of her javelin to.
33. Whoever was banging on the front door of my house sounded as though they wanted to bash a hole in it.
34. He didn‘t bash Elise due to his belief that she was Can‘s mistress and her pain would be his pain.
35. Have a bash at my up to date version, it has a little kick to it and it’s really yummy if I say so myself.
36. You’d think, huh? The fact is that I’ve heard him bash gays, minorities, and women with small breasts.
37. He also wanted his parents to soak in the success and was looking forward to the bash with immense enthusiasm.
38. I guess in most ways, or at least in the ways in which parties are judged, my birthday bash was a huge success.
39. If you want to control what people think and do, then either bash them into submission or make them feel guilty.
40. You should have left him to bash that asshole’s head in, George muttered when I got back to my tossed bed.
1. Why was he bashing you?’.
2. Gay bashing was more his thing.
3. We are not bashing equity options.
4. Liam's bashing, for that's what it.
5. It is a miracle I did not get a bashing.
6. I was imagining bashing in my wife’s skull.
7. We didn’t mind bashing up a few kids for kicks.
8. This is for trailing me up here and bashing me on the head.
9. The Guardians ducked for cover from the relentless bashing that.
10. Bashing the other guy’s head in because his belief is in a dif-.
11. I just looked at him and thought about bashing him with the shovel.
12. Okay I’m all done then, thank you for not bashing me with a rock.
13. You’re okay, she breathed, heart bashing against her chest.
14. Was this how Bart had felt after his bashing? He had to talk to him.
15. Detroit kept on bashing Oak into the wall repeatedly, again and again.
16. Many commentators went on the offensive and started bashing commodities.
17. The bashing on the door stopped then, and I heard the zombie shuffling away.
18. Nik, don’t you think this whole Obeah bashing has gone on long enough?
19. The earthworm began its relentless assault, bashing his head against the Rock Worm.
20. The next sound I heard was the bashing of hooves against the sides of the transporter.
21. I bashed his silly hair again and ran off shouting ‘allaow’ and bashing my own hair.
22. Bashing through the door wasn't particularly painful, but it was uncomfortable and awkward.
23. Some security- guard watching an entrance had noticed three men bashing up an elderly drunk.
24. Joe Billie Bloodtooth remembered very little of the events leading up to the aborted bashing of the nurse.
25. The pedestrians seemed hell bent on bashing their way to the front of the queue with their trolleys and elbows.
26. The man in pain dropped the gun and Jack knocked him out by bashing his fist into the back of the man’s head.
27. But the sound he heard—his last—was not the club bashing his father‘s head—but his own neck breaking!.
28. The door slammed shut behind them and Holly waited for the imminent ear bashing but when he faced her, Legion was all smiles.
29. She gave me a mouthful and then she went down to the cove and from what I saw, she gave them an even bigger ear bashing, poor buggers.
30. The man walked through the hole in the wall where the door was, Jack behind him knocked him out by bashing him with the butt off his UMP.
31. In the centre of the Temple, a young man is anally penetrating an older gentleman while bashing the recipient's head in with a metal pole.
32. Alone but surrounded at all moments The infinite path of minds crashing Isolation is the greatest friendship Bashing into a laughing frenzy.
33. He knew he had to kill these two but bashing the woman was only to exact revenge against Can Martin—he held no personal animosity towards her.
34. Charlie had given him an ear bashing because one of the EA inspectors was victimising his business, CN, and the inspector’s name was Gary David.
35. That was the easy bit … once we start note bashing the Mozart, with Alastair on the piano, I realise just how difficult a task I have set myself.
36. The official view from the Imperial General Staff that the United States was gradually becoming a second rate military power had taken quite a bashing then.
37. He said even though it was a bit hard, and my outer man got a bit of a bashing, he said nevertheless, I am stronger as a result of those things, than I was before.
38. It isn’t easy swimming one handed … holding onto the reins is awkward and my legs keep bashing into Sefir as the current of the wasteg throws me against her side.
39. Then for a while the teacher bashing would be nonstop, deploring tenure and promoting merit pay, never mentioning that tenure was a weapon against favoritism and unfair firings.
40. It seemed the Drongs were afraid of Kerry and his unpredictable moods which sometimes erupted and resulted in a bashing for one or more of his underlings as he liked to refer to them.
1. Her head had been bashed.
2. His head was bashed open.
3. I had bashed open my head.
4. They milled around and bashed into us.
5. Stenarch lunged and bashed her in the.
6. He yelled as he bashed it with his mace.
7. The car spun out and bashed into a tree.
8. They said his head was, like, bashed in.
9. Podge bashed a fist in the side of the jeep.
10. She bashed him with her shoulder, knocking.
11. She bashed a zombie in the head and removed.
12. Could ya tell how bad she was bashed? he asked.
13. I reached for my knife, but Kyle bashed its skull in.
14. I sat up and bashed my head on the side of the canopy.
15. She bashed him in the helmet with the butt of her weapon.
16. Bashed a corner to pieces with the butt of a wine bottle.
17. I nearly bashed Wash’s wide eyes right out of his head.
18. It snorted smoke and bashed the ship harder, catapulting.
19. Something bashed in the back of my head and left a huge.
20. I crudely bashed him on the head with a fancy stick, I said.
21. Could the dashboard been bashed in, by someone’s fist?
22. She bashed Dad once when he came home drunk and climbed in the.
23. Lezura shot the lock off; Joey bashed it open with his shoulder.
24. But I might have had my head bashed in while you were gone!.
25. Alicia tripped as she started into the water and bashed her head.
26. The sturdy troll held his hatchet in his hands and bashed it squarely.
27. Then he released his grip and fell towards the wave bashed rocks below.
28. I slipped and bashed my leg against this tree when I came to a halt.
29. I may have just sent Trent off to get his head bashed in all over again.
30. In the centre, a grey metal garbage can, bashed and dented in the middle.
31. Megan screamed as he caught her throat and bashed her head into the window.
32. Unable to avoid their attacks, the two of them were bashed from head to toe.
33. The Warrior’s reaction could have been pain when we bashed it on the head.
34. I may have been bashed in the head, but I was certain I'd seen three of them.
35. Just then, a stray Ardaran crept up behind the fourteen-year-old, and bashed.
36. All I could see in my mind was Radar being bashed to a pulp by the Frooginites.
37. He was so engrossed in his thoughts he started as someone bashed into his shoulder.
38. You don’t think anyone’s fist could have bashed the dashboard in like that?
39. In a clearing near the base of a streetlamp, a drummer bashed away, dwarfed by speakers.
40. Hobbes: They’ve all had their heads bashed in! You think they did that to themselves?
1. She verbally bashes up her husband.
2. United, all being regulars at these bashes.
3. But the gorilla breaks open the cage door and bashes the doctor over the.
4. I’ve got directions, though I haven’t looked at them yet - we take it in turns to organise these bashes, you see.
5. Cameras whirred and digital footage streamed across the closed world of conservative South London, so much so that nearly everyone in the neighbourhood wanted to invite Miss Jones to their parties, to their charity bashes and to their seasonal celebrations.

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