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Baulk numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Will was with me, and both ever too well disposed to baulk an opportunity.
  2. Why should Fate baulk at such common sin as these grizzly misfits blundered into?
  3. He moved forward half crouched then right at the door he appeared to baulk at the step.
  4. The man had a confident arrogance to his step, something Frank had seen many times during his spell in prison - the signature look of a cruel man who wouldn’t baulk at inflicting pain.
  5. It was then easy to observe that he was more satisfied, more highly pleased with the supposed motives of his baulk of consummation, than he would have-been at the full attainment of it.

  6. In fact when one comes to look into it the wonder is that so many pregnancies and deliveries go off so well as they do, all things considered and in spite of our human shortcomings which often baulk nature in her intentions.
  7. Here is a contact which, in the pilot's own words, you wouldn't think could have cracked an egg; with the astonishing result of something like eighty feet of good strong wooden quay shaken loose, iron bolts snapped, a baulk of stout timber splintered.
  8. There was a faint concussion of the ground under our feet, a groaning of piles, a snapping of great iron bolts, and with a sound of ripping and splintering, as when a tree is blown down by the wind, a great strong piece of wood, a baulk of squared timber, was displaced several feet as if by enchantment.
  9. I was not very clear about how the benefit was to come to book, for the outlay I thought as likely o’ergang the profit; at the same time, not wishing to baulk Mrs Pawkie of a ploy on which I saw her mind was bent, I gave my consent to her and my daughters to send out the cards, and make the necessary preparations.
  1. Liz’d got terribly defensive, baulking at the expenditure.
  2. And we rode on, my new horse tossing his head wild a moment before settling into the movement and taking the canter side by side with Llacheu’s horse without baulking.
  3. We’d been making our way through the forest for several hours now without mishap, but the horses were growing unsettled and only the fast pace of the column and their training as creatures of war kept them from baulking and falling out of the line.
  1. Before it happened, a baulked BMW arrived next to her window, and.
  2. Rory, when he pulled up with Lida at the park the following morning, thought it a better idea than the first, but baulked at being the bait in the trap.
  3. It was hard, he thought, to be within sight of safety and almost of home, and to be baulked by the want of a few wretched shillings and by the pettifogging mistrustfulness of paid officials.
  4. Esther baulked at saying any prayer although all the girls were trying to support Sheuli and repeating after the Rabbi, she focused her attention on the beautiful piece of fabric in her hands, marvelling at the ornate stitch craft.
  5. When I baulked, she got impatient and said it was just to check I wasn"t covered in scabs and lice because she was organising an „Ancient Roman" theme party for some rich people, and needed a „slave" to hand round drinks and savouries.
  6. So that he felt baulked and thwarted, he to whom an entirely new listener was a godsend in his quiet retired life with only the Rector to talk to, and he turned over the books and papers on the tables as near to sulkiness as a Cookham ever got.
  7. He was all for activity, for immediate steps in the direction he had set himself; and refusing to be daunted or baulked he pressed the two hands he was holding tighter, shifted them to the left side of his chest, and said, "Feel that? Feel that, you bad girl? Feel it thumping?".
  1. The whole he can endure; at the parts he baulks.

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