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Beak numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Kill her with your beak.
  2. She whacked my beak, my head.
  3. Harvey coughed, wiping his beak.
  4. I tore my beak through her neck.
  5. He pierced the shell with his beak.

  6. The humming-bird has beak and claws.
  7. With silver eyes and a frowning beak.
  8. Tiger�s tail was lodged in his beak.
  9. Barnes chewed his beak, studying her.
  10. He pierced my skin here, with his beak.
  11. It appears to have a considerable beak.
  12. Silas tapped on the window with his beak.
  13. It had in its beak a pair of eyeglasses.
  14. He waded over to the gem, using his beak.
  15. Flash clicked his tongue against his beak.

  16. The octopus sat with its beak on his arm.
  17. Once more I reached to snap shut her beak.
  18. Her claws came within an inch of his beak.
  19. Then it tears at them with that hooked beak.
  20. Green smoke played around its beak and eyes.
  21. Silas examined one, pecking it with his beak.
  22. Gambino’s face is dominated by a hugh beak.
  23. There were short lips on the side of the beak.
  24. It had a triangular beak, hinged below the eye.
  25. He was a little bird, but had a beak and nails.

  26. Then he tried wedging his beak into the trigger.
  27. The van takes off just inches from Tony’s beak.
  28. He was a beady little man, with a beak of a nose.
  29. My beak met his flesh, and he flung his hand at me.
  30. This liquid appeared to emanate from their beak area.
  31. Their snouts were short and tipped with a small beak.
  32. His eyes are blue ice with an eagle’s beak of a nose.
  33. Sledge felt the cartilage in the goon’s beak give way.
  34. With a reptilian beak sticking out over their foreheads.
  35. Grace leaned over and touched his feathers with her beak.
  36. There were tears in her eyes and her beak was trembling.
  37. Silas cupped his wings over his beak, shouting at Barnes.
  38. He could hardly open his beak and he could no longer move.
  39. The falcon returned to Meg’s shoulder, his beak dripping.
  40. Cornelius gently rubbed his beak against my chin and then.
  41. The humming bird then withdrew its beak out of Jessica ear.
  42. His scarlet beak blazes within the aureole of his straw hat.
  43. He kept smoothing his moustache against his beak with a wing.
  44. Silas swooped at the swarm of bees, catching one in his beak.
  45. The golden chain dangled from his beak and he held it tightly.
  46. A dove with an olive branch in his beak flew by indifferently.
  47. Then she wiped her beak on her shoulder and turned to the mare.
  48. Mitch! he shouted, his beak a blur rearranging the magnets.
  49. Again the pause, the feathers, the beak, and: ‘Home runs, sixty.
  50. She was a bit nervous having that large beak so near to her face.
  51. It bit onto Karit's leg, its serrated beak slicing into his flesh.
  52. The last thing he needed was yet another issue to dip his beak into.
  53. The beak, hooked slightly downward at the end, was strong and sharp.
  54. Become you! You would — Flash mad smacking sounds with his beak.
  55. Harvey never thought of the consequences past the end of his own beak.
  56. He jumped back just in time to avoid a quick, darting blow of the beak.
  57. Her beak jibbered, weakly, not catching enough air to craft into words.
  58. He had pulled them with his beak, had stretched them nearly over his head.
  59. Beneath the word MOTHER some feathers stirred, a beak tapped the cage bars.
  60. A hawk dives into the brush and rises again, a thin tail trailing its beak.
  61. The field is silent – no bees, no hum, no insect slash and bird beak feed.
  62. The Griffin touched Tim on his head with its beak then moved to the next boy.
  63. Weiner, Jonathan – The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time.
  64. He still had plenty of fight left in him and I had to watch out for his beak.
  65. The front of the device had a rifle looking pipe that almost resembled a beak.
  66. Ariella reached out her hand and held it a few inches from the griffin’s beak.
  67. The Emperor didn’t take hints, even if delivered on the beak of a war-hammer.
  68. It jerked weakly in his hand, its tiny beak opening and closing in the cool air.
  69. The Bennu was pictured as a gray, purple, blue, or white heron with a long beak.
  70. All octopuses have a hard, parrot-like beak, and a few can give a poisonous bite.
  71. The mind-cane drops from its beak and those great white wings fold into its body.
  72. He was a Man nearly as terrible as his Bird, with a similar Beak, Eyes, and Mien.
  73. We stand and watch transfixed as the long legged bird dips its beak into the water.
  74. Silas jumped back when his beak pulled out an arm bone belonging to a small animal.
  75. The humming bird then flew to the side of her head and put its beak into Jessica ear.
  76. He focused on the tall white bird next to him, whose beak was tap-tapping at his arm.
  77. The sharp beak broke through the hard sturdy shell and the baby bird pulled his way out.
  78. His face was aged and lined, with deep creases on either side of a great beak of a nose.
  79. The eagle only sharpened his beak on a stone and trimmed his feathers and took no notice.
  80. Rain was hammering down now, roaring in his ears as drops smacked back, beak, and wings.
  81. Carlotta was amazed by him, but was understandably concerned about his rather large beak.
  82. He walked to a sleek, silver feathered griffin who gave him a friendly peck with its beak.
  83. The bird hissed again, his black beak snapping open, dangerously close to Simon’s face.
  84. He struggled against it, desperate to keep the bird’s beak and claws away from his face.
  85. It was the squid’s mouth; as the foreskin pulled back, the beak opened and snapped shut.
  86. Under the shawl I could hear the rustle of feathers and the scrape of a beak on the wires.
  87. You're not suggesting attacking a bird that size, with a beak as thick as my front paw?
  88. They wear a peaked cap on their heads the exact shape as the beak of the red cardinal bird.
  89. Pirate looked stupid as he now tried to keep his balance with a wing and a foot in his beak.
  90. With all his might he opened his beak and started to growl at her, wanting to shoo her away.
  91. Craning his scrawny chicken neck, Edwin reached up and clamped his beak around Zach’s nose.
  92. Silas was on Larry, spearing his beak at his head, Larry barely managing to dodge the blows.
  93. His eyes were blue ice that reminded Adem of an eagle as much as the man’s beak of a nose.
  94. Simon reached up to touch his face where the raven’s beak had stabbed him, but felt nothing.
  95. He flew onto the deer’s head, shoving his beak in the deer’s ear, planting the bee inside.
  96. Barnes hopped over to the hatch in the floor, pulling the thin wooden cover off with his beak.
  97. Then it caught the end of Shooter's nose in its large beak, twisting it back-and-forth savagely.
  98. It had broken off and was lost, and only the bleeding head and beak remained sticking in his belt.
  99. The beak opened to reveal two rows of needle-sharp teeth, and the stench of rotting meat oozed out.
  100. The crow leapt from her shoulder, and in a flash, returned with the worn piece of wood in its beak.

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