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Become numa frase em (in ingles)

He had to become a.
If he is to become.
I think I have become.
Now it had become real.
So it has become more.
It had become a local.
It has become a rather.

The point is to become.
We become fixated on a.
But what had he become?
She has become a soldier.
You become one with the.
How did you become both?
We also will become curse.
It was to become his new.
His skin had become flame.
I may become a master too.
The rule will become void.
What would become of you?
In the sun become patient.
Become the voice of warmth.
Do not become a threat by.
I wasn't there to become a.
When Did it Become Trapped?
His stare had become a frown.
What had become a somewhat.
Become aware of the uncon-.
What would she have become?
Time has become an ice cube.
When you become the villain.
We had become close friends.
It had become his quest now.
I wanted to become a police.
We become the way He sees us.
What will become of her?
The water crates had become.
We have become reason for a.
It will soon become like ice.
You have become a better man.
In the storm become efficient.
He was becoming a man.
It was becoming a habit.
Of the new becoming C-.
The dress is so becoming.
I was becoming very afraid.
To becoming a child again.
My life was becoming hell.
He was becoming a shut in.
She is and is not becoming.
It was also becoming foggy.
Her life was becoming worse.
My life is becoming better.
It was becoming a nightmare.
He was becoming an assassin.
Also, I was becoming groggy.
Becoming all that we can be.
So he was becoming depraved.
Only those who are becoming.
Becoming the wind of the sea.
It is becoming obvious that.
With all members becoming one.
It’s all becoming too much.
He was becoming almost eager.
He was becoming the mountain.
My vision was becoming blurry.
His face was becoming flushed.
Since becoming a mother at a.
It was quickly becoming more.
We are becoming the presented.
This was becoming a nightmare.
As he found himself becoming.
We are becoming a lost people.
The screams were becoming cries.
The crowd was becoming restless.
The trees were becoming shadows.
I was becoming naked by inches.
This was becoming very tiresome.
This is becoming a habit for me.
Both were very becoming to her.
So it becomes a cycle.
It becomes a case of.
Then it becomes as if.
The One who becomes Two.
As the air becomes cold.
And love becomes a myth.
The one who becomes one.
As a Human Adult becomes.
As my brain becomes tired.
It becomes a platform for.
But now it becomes my time.
Man there becomes a dragon.
The need becomes an illness.
A wish that becomes my will.
But Heracles becomes a god.
His whole body becomes rigid.
Then it becomes a real force.
In the spring, becomes a rose.
The increase in one becomes.
She becomes ill with the flu.
The mind becomes quite blank.
It becomes taken for granted.
Salvation becomes a two step.
Thus WACC becomes similar to.
The lover becomes the beloved.
And by this encounter becomes.
He becomes a centre of energy.
Wait, till fate becomes your.
Engaged in God, he becomes a.
The end of eating becomes ate.
China rapidly becomes a very.
The sage becomes one with God.
How the formless becomes form.
He becomes a depressed sheep.
The stupidity also becomes a.
The mind becomes quite steady.
The last state becomes worse.
But it becomes apparent that.
If he or she becomes too busy.
I never became a Mason.
On the way, I became.
And my eyes became wet.
I became furious at them.
He became my role model.
And in time, we became.
And became, in some ways.
The battle became a chase.
As a result they became.
As it became clear that.
But we became best friends.
He became my great friend.
My father became very ill.
My memory became a trance.
In the end she became sick.
It soon became the process.
His tone became angry and.
He became a curse for them.
He became a great provider.
It also became clear that.
His penis became very hard.
I became terrified of trains.
Our boat became a porcupine.
It became bigger and bigger.
He became fascinated for a.
He became the rock-star of.
It became warmer and warmer.
The young woman even became.
Sari, the more wary he became.
The patient then became quiet.
It became clearer to him now.
It became, in a way, therapy.
It became my primary method.
It became obvious to people.
Behind her, the bees became.
We became friends, and soon.
The reason soon became clear.
His flight became even more.
He became worried and anxious.
They became dreamy and fixed.

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