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Belt numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Then I undid his belt.
2. Belt Hold line as, 21.
3. Belt Hold line in, 20.
4. Put on your seat belt.
5. Wear a belt that’s new.
6. With a belt made of the.
7. He undid his seat belt.

8. Like a belt, I said.
9. Proper way of use of belt.
10. That and a conveyor belt.
11. Belt Hold line as, 19, 20.
12. The seat belt light is on.
13. Bunty’s belt buckle on it.
14. We Were in the Bible Belt!.
15. He had a sword on his belt.
16. Still had the belt around.
17. Once clear of the belt he.
18. Even his belt buckle melted.
19. The Terai belt however, is.
20. Enzo unbuckles his seat belt.
21. He had a pistol at his belt.
22. Or loose the belt of Orion?
23. Around his waist was a belt.
25. I have them here on my belt.
26. She started to unhook her belt.
27. She wore it on her belt; she.
28. He hung himself with his belt.
29. There was a dagger in his belt.
30. Not what I saw below the belt.
31. She kissed one, stole his belt.
32. Kairo releases his safety belt.
33. He took a knife from his belt.
34. Dunk fumbled at his sword belt.
35. The sorting belt was still now.
36. I zipped up and buckled my belt.
37. The Search for the Kuiper Belt.
38. When she finally got the belt.
39. Garcia’s life belt snapped on.
40. Gimli drew his axe from his belt.
1. Stopped Lance belting into Murray once.
2. Tina Turner started belting out ‘Simply the best,’.
3. Out! Out, the woman cried, belting Emory with her spoon.
4. Not twenty seconds into it, water started belting us from the golf course.
5. As Sebastian was belting his pants, the light outside changed, getting darker.
6. They never considered belting on swords or toiling at the disintegrated walls.
7. Happiness is a great meal, a good cigar and a polished crooner belting out the old favourites.
8. Carl was belting on his bow case when a dark-eyed Guardian entered the tent to report the attack.
9. She did not wait long before belting on her sword and fastening the harness of her bow case over her breasts.
10. Elandria’s voice? He looked to where she stood near the window, belting out passionate lyrics in a loud and clear soprano.
11. Climbing in and quickly belting up, he grasped the joystick and resumed manual control, the moment Bill switched off the computer.
12. I couldn’t help but grin at Piers as we crept down the hall for the Weasel and the Padre were still belting out the horrendous zombie songs of praise.
13. Thin, tall, unkempt but dishevelled, she stripes one child at her back and another by her left, all supported with a yellow wrapper belting the two miserable kids to her tired body.
14. But as they entered the tunnel, hearing a flurry of Heils inside the stadium, they threw back their shoulders, picked up the pace, and started to sing spontaneously, belting it out:.
15. Bart wondered what it would’ve been like to have a father who loved him instead of belting him; who was interested in him, wanted to see his school reports, to know what he’d been doing.
16. I tried to picture Patsy as she had been in her heyday-country-western star, in her leather jackets with fringe and skirts and boots, with teased and bouffant hair, belting her original songs.
17. She had no time to close her door before Dalia emerged into the hallway, still belting her robe, but Dalia took no notice as she quickly moved a few steps down the hall in the opposite direction and entered her mother’s study, which she knew would be empty, as her parent’s voices could be faintly heard from the direction of the central room.
1. Hunter belted out, "Quiet now!".
2. Smork as he belted out a jolly old laugh.
3. He belted out his discontent for all to hear.
4. I bet that guy you belted will need a doctor.
5. So she belted out the song with everything she had.
6. He convulsed calmly, as if the ride belted a shimmy.
7. Aspen belted the robe, feeling a little more confident.
8. The Belted Seas, by Arthur Colton, Henry Holt & Co.
9. My father would have belted me, if I stayed out all night with.
10. Dot dot dash dash, off it goes into the wires belted across Europe.
11. They seat belted in, and Emily watched her beloved island slip out.
12. Jeff introduced the melody and Thelma belted out the opening verse:.
13. Welcome to the new campsite, the flat computer voice belted out.
14. She held her breath as the new herald belted out, His Grace—.
15. She belted on the golden sheath and found her sword on the cave floor.
16. As Jeff made his way back to Duniway, he belted out the chorus of the.
17. A sword belted at his waist, how he beamed when I told him that he had.
18. The thermal belted his right wing, tipping his glider away from the ridge.
19. George and Chunt belted along the tunnel on electric scooters, headed for.
20. People are Strange and we belted out the song with such intensity you’d.
21. Of course you can ask, and you just did! She belted out a jolly laugh.
22. Hang on honey! Belted out Galloway and I found the seatbelt in a hurry.
23. In the trap sat the chubby, tightly belted clerk who served Ryabinin as coachman.
24. A sword belted at his waist, how he beamed when I told him that he had been chosen.
25. Peter gazed up at his mother's baby picture and belted out, Mother, you are so pretty.
26. As soon as they stepped before an infrared sensor, a siren belted out a loud wail, red.
27. During the closing hymn, Garret’s strong bass voice belted out a song Petra didn’t know.
28. Ares belted the sheathed sword around McAdams’s waist while Than did the same for Therese.
29. We love you, Jerry! a woman at the next table belted out when an image of him appeared.
30. I was sitting in the middle seat on the window, lap belted in and watching the scenery go by.
31. That big son-of-a-bitch of a girl, she belted me — She went off into hard crying again.
32. The lead singer belted out some words that I really couldn’t make out over the guitars playing.
33. He was dressed in a subtly patterned satin nightcoat with nothing under it, but it was belted shut.
34. She had insisted the girl take the bow, but they had come to a compromise when she belted on her sword.
35. Before it could decide what to do, Jar appeared from behind and belted it across the head with a log of wood.
36. Notwithstanding the flaws of the organist he belted out the latter with such enthusiasm, making Charly blush.
37. The driver was a young fellow in a nankeen regulation coat, belted below the waist, sitting sidewise on the box.
38. There was karaoke on and we belted out the old classics like ‘Stand On Your Man’ and I danced with a barman.
39. The CD player belted out the latest hits and Lyra swung her hips in time to the beat as she turned the meat over.
40. Belted it around my tender waist, it still hurt from the bout of puking that had left me sore in the ribs and belly.
1. We got our belts on.
2. Belts along the region dim.
3. Men come up with their belts.
4. What about the seat belts?
5. Teriz by the backs of their belts.
6. The instructors are black belts.
7. They located their seat belts and.
8. He didn’t care about getting belts.
9. Of the three asteroid belts in our solar.
10. Characteristics of the bearish big belts:.
11. Characteristics of the bullish big belts:.
12. Some of the men had eaten half their belts.
13. In both cases the belts will print on a zone.
14. I'm not sure if they had seat belts back then.
15. Several had tool belts slung around their hips.
16. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs.
17. You know, modern nylon chastity belts or some such.
18. They took a break to undo belts and kick off shoes.
19. Within these belts and zones are storm systems that.
20. One inmate returned the belts to the bed of the truck.
21. In this case, the meteorite belts hit the sun head-on.
22. There were four similarly sized belts with knives and.
23. They also had what appeared to be pistols worn on belts.
24. Unless of course one puts chastity belts on the females.
25. I now understand the whole thing about wearing seat belts.
26. If you don’t like belts, then wear a suspender at least.
27. Purses, sunglasses, belts, shoes, fancy pens, you name it.
28. So tighten your belts, and think with hope of the tables.
29. There are also belts with hidden compartments within them.
30. Each had a rifle in their arms and a pistol on their belts.
31. Belts truly achieve the level of competence and confidence.
32. Boards and skis don’t come equipped with seat belts and.
33. They buckled on their parachutes, snapped their safety belts.
34. In another area were large conveyor belts and other equipment.
35. I had used two belts to hold his ankles to the chair legs, a.
36. All belts, pulleys, gears and chains shall be properly guarded.
37. The driver and Amy slip into the car and put on their seat belts.
38. Machinery hums in the distance: pistons throbbing, belts turning.
39. Their beards were forked and plaited and thrust into their belts.
40. She could see gears, shafts, belts, and could hear water flowing.

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