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Bent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I bent all of my.
  2. Now the old man bent.
  3. As he bent down to.
  4. The man was bent low.
  5. He bent to his dinner.

  6. I bent and grabbed a.
  7. Yeah, the bow is bent.
  8. I bent to have a look.
  9. He bent and kissed her.
  10. Soon it bent again and.
  11. The woman bent her head.
  12. She knew his bent for.
  13. He was drunk and bent.
  14. They bent over the cot.
  15. He bent over and then.

  16. She bent and picked a.
  17. She kept her head bent.
  18. Then he bent to kiss her.
  19. We bent over him closely.
  20. The coroner bent over Mr.
  21. The nurse bent her brows.
  22. He bent over to take a.
  23. She bent her head again.
  24. Godwyn bent over his body.
  25. A shadow bent over Pippin.

  26. He bent over towards her.
  27. He bent his legs stiffly.
  28. I bent on my knees and'.
  29. He bent to kiss her cheek.
  30. Mark was bent over with.
  31. Jack bent over to kiss her.
  32. She bent to kiss his lips.
  33. The gun had a bent barrel.
  34. She saw her own bent head.
  35. I bent over to start the.
  36. I bent over, feeling sick.
  37. He bent over him kissing.
  38. Roy bent and tried the lid.
  39. Finish with your knee bent.
  40. He bent over to touch the.
  41. Andrew laughed as he bent.
  42. Monte Cristo bent his head.
  43. Dad was bent over his bacon.
  44. She bent down on one.
  45. When Tragus bent over poor.
  46. At that point it bent left.
  47. But he bent and kissed her.
  48. The traveller bent over them.
  49. Then have thy bent unleash'd.
  50. The tunnel bent to the right.
  51. He sighed and bent his head.
  52. I started to walk bent over.
  53. Her body was bent with shame.
  54. She bent her head, pondering.
  55. The man bent his torso over.
  56. The young man bent his head.
  57. He bent over to inspect them.
  58. So much for her artistic bent.
  59. Cecily bent to lift the boxes.
  60. Bent to puff at his cigarette.
  61. The knees can be slightly bent.
  62. He took up a pencil and bent.
  63. Nadir bent to touch the water.
  64. He bent down, then turned to.
  65. Javert bent his head and gazed.
  66. He bent over and retrieved it.
  67. I bent over and crawled down.
  68. He bent his head, and he wept.
  69. Then I bent over and did the.
  70. He bent down and looked at her.
  71. Then he bent again to his task.
  72. Head bent over, he continues on.
  73. Liam bent down and picked it up.
  74. He bent and kissed her forehead.
  75. He bent his head close to mine.
  76. He stood still: before her bent.
  77. He bent over and examined one.
  78. I bent down and gave Bill a hug.
  79. He smiled and bent on his knees.
  80. She bent down and inspected it.
  81. I bent and kissed her forehead.
  82. They bent by the slumbering girl.
  83. He bent and kissed my hand again.
  84. Brady stood bent in the doorway.
  85. It would already be bent to him.
  86. He bent and filled in the blank.
  87. The legs bent at the knees and.
  88. Its rider was bent over in the.
  89. Bent on seeking out the source.
  90. Alicia did as told and bent over.
  91. Swann bent and touched her calf.
  92. For two minutes, his head bent.
  93. The trees lining the road bent.
  94. I stood there, bent over, gasping.
  95. Stem and head bent to the ground.
  96. They all bent over the traced map.
  97. You are still bent on going?
  98. And trees bent their heads to me.
  99. And so the willing bough was bent.
  100. Rennie bent over and picked it up.
  1. He was bending her mind.
  2. Bending the knee in sitting.
  3. Bending the knee in standing.
  4. No more bending of the rules.
  5. They were a little mind bending.
  6. The bending is done only by the.
  7. He bending whispered in her ear.
  8. Gould whispered, bending very low.
  9. Hiss laughed, bending over his seat.
  10. Bending down, I step my feet into.
  11. Smith looked at her bending over her.
  12. In a way I needed this bending over.
  13. Another method is to try bending over.
  14. Harder and harder, bending the bones.
  15. Letting it get loud and bending over.
  16. Bending the wrist while holding a cup.
  17. Candace is bending over more and more.
  18. Whoever is to live is bending over him.
  19. Where, M is the bending momentum; m is.
  20. She was bending over backwards to help.
  21. You, he said coldly, bending down.
  22. Rhone squinted through the bending flames.
  23. By bending over, one could have readily.
  24. Simon (bending his fingers in, one by one).
  25. They watched trees bending; small shrubs.
  26. His three companions were bending over him.
  27. Becky fearlessly leaps onto the bending Cass.
  28. Bending down alongside his friend, putting.
  29. Suddenly I lurch forward with a bending tic.
  30. Exhale slowly bending forward, touching the.
  31. Six cubes of a gray-white color, bending down.
  32. Leaves swallowed him up, cracking and bending.
  33. Emily, he said, bending down to help her.
  34. Atlas, weaker than Christ, bending as he would.
  35. She stopped, and bending her head back and on.
  36. The trellis eliminates a great deal of bending.
  37. Bending down, he handed the five pounds of girl.
  38. Bending over, he threw up on the side of the road.
  39. This foundation stopped him from bending like a.
  40. Bending, she nipped a peak of skirt above her knee.
  41. He was panting heavily; stopping and bending over.
  42. He’s always bending over backwards to protect me.
  43. His mom, bending to the dishwater, didn’t notice.
  44. This causes gravitational refraction or bending in.
  45. Exhale slowly bending forward, touching the earth.
  46. Bending over the mouse he deftly nipped the ears off.
  47. With big grins on our faces, we started bending over.
  48. He was bending over his worktable and hadn't heard me.
  49. And then he was running along the stream, bending low.
  50. He had the perfect grace of a young deer bending its.
  51. Then he walked back to Sally, bending close to her ear.
  52. She clutched her stomach then, moaning and bending over.
  53. Bending forward he rested his elbows to the ground and.
  54. And, bending over him tenderly, she kissed his forehead.
  55. He pushed his horse close, and bending down, observed:.
  56. Mother Yagga yanked the chain tighter, bending me back.
  57. Emily? he asked softly, bending down closer to her.
  58. And bending down to Marius' ear, he added in a very low.
  59. Exhale slowly bending forward, touching the earth with.
  60. Repeat the movement to the other side, bending your head.
  61. J, which is referred to as beam rigidity for pure bending.
  62. Dude, I can’t believe you’re bending to the old man.
  63. At times this means bending over backwards to deliver on.
  64. Follow till the ending; it is only a little mellow bending.
  65. Bending her head, Angie tried to see what Kara was writing.
  66. Macho, Hawk said, bending over to examine his captive.
  67. As he entered the kitchen he saw Kate bending over the sink.
  68. She was stuck bending backwards with Nathan strangling her.
  69. There is also alternative bending and relaxing of the limbs.
  70. Pine was bending over Madden, feeling the pulse at his neck.
  71. Then he lifted with his hands, bending the blade like putty.
  72. With a crash of bending boughs Khosatral Khel was upon them.
  73. He thought he saw the young girl's face bending towards him.
  74. That won't stop a hungry heku, Kyle said, bending down.
  75. And bending over in the saddle she kissed him on the forehead.
  76. Both stood bending over a perambulator with a green umbrella.
  77. Bending low into the wind, they continued their upward march.
  78. The bending forward and backward of rowers in row-boats, the.
  79. She was kneeling, bending forward still to smell the flowers.
  80. Liam slammed his fist against the counter in fury, bending it.
  81. Larry landed on a branch, bending his knees to take off again.
  82. Then bending his head over her shoulder, he seemed to beg the.
  83. Trying to breathe with the spine, bending it when inhale.
  84. Bending down and angling his shoulder he made his way through.
  85. What’s in it? she asked, bending to take a closer look.
  86. She makes a lot of heavy noise as she is bending in the closet.
  87. The Queen got up and went to her, bending down and hugging her.
  88. The Official was bending over his desk, staring at the sergeant.
  89. Bending archly she reckoned again fat pears and blushing peaches.
  90. What? What did you say? He asked bending low near my mouth.
  91. And? Said Rose, bending forward with curiosity on her face.
  92. Hello, little fellow, he said, bending over to have a look.
  93. It concerns not only bending ahead (stooping in the respective.
  94. The stiff plates meant bending over was almost impossible, and.
  95. Bending forward, he spoke very softly to the sobbing young woman.
  96. Bending low, he captured her mouth with his, fusing them together.
  97. Such a society would resist bending to the Administration's will.
  98. Thou! with as now thy bending neck and head, with courteous hand.
  99. Angela picked at the paint chips bending upward on the step below.
  100. The clouds started to move, bending the lines, forming a picture.
  1. He bends over, slides his.
  2. My childhood bends beside me.
  3. He can perceive, if he bends.
  4. He bends to his walkie-talkie.
  5. Loki bends closer to the ground.
  6. She bends over a little more.
  7. He bends and kisses her stiffly.
  8. He bends over to untie his shoes.
  9. As in all the forward bends, the.
  10. With bated breath, around she bends.
  11. She bends over and picks something.
  12. He bends his head and kisses me slowly.
  13. He bends down to tie his sneaker again.
  14. Victor bends down under the table again.
  15. He bends over to kiss me before he goes.
  16. She comes over to Becky, and bends down.
  17. Then he bends to him and shakes him by.
  18. THE NYMPH: (Bends her head) Worse, worse!.
  19. She bends over and starts to fix her shoes.
  20. As in all the forward bends, the emphasis.
  21. He bends back up and walks towards Diane D.
  22. Do you ever suffer the bends? he asked.
  23. He bends down and rolls her over on her back.
  24. When roughing in waste pipes and bends it is a.
  25. He slides his arms down, bends and kisses my neck.
  26. I have the Benel i… he bends close to me again.
  27. Cass swallows as she slowly bends over the counter.
  28. He bends you with His might that His arrows may go.
  29. CHATTERING STUDENT 4 yanks his thobe up, bends over.
  30. Beyond those peaks the range bends round south-west.
  31. Then he turns and bends and wraps his arms around me.
  32. An hour and a half, three hundred hairpin bends and.
  33. She bends down and whispers her sin into the grating.
  34. The pinned anthropoid bends over and reaches for a SUV.
  35. Perception changes facts, bends or eliminates the truth.
  36. It’s just there, where the road bends to the left.
  37. She bends down to the floor and looks underneath the bed.
  38. The whole thing was too quick, it gave me emotional bends.
  39. The acceleration bends the rod and loads it like a spring.
  40. When this tip bends under pressure, then the bird is young.
  41. She opens the closet door and bends down inside the closet.
  42. Those places on the line chart with several bends are zones.
  43. After Dana finishes fastening her sneakers, she bends back up.
  44. He bends, and to my surprise, plants a gentle kiss on my lips.
  45. The body bends facing the earth like an overloaded grasshopper.
  46. He bends his head to murmur in her ear so only she can hear him.
  47. The Caribbean looking guy bends down and picks up the note pad.
  48. River as it bends south of the Gladsheim and the currents there.
  49. Thor blinks and bends over to look closer at the cassette player.
  50. By that Heaven that bends above us—by that God we both adore—.
  51. Notice that there are several bends in the line chart at this zone.
  52. He bends down and cups my chin, forcing my face up to meet his gaze.
  53. Feel the breast bone; if it bends beneath pressure the bird is right.
  54. Rather than explain, he just bends down and grabs the trunk by both ends.
  55. I hopped on the bike again and took lots of hairpin bends up the mountain.
  56. He bends over to pick it up, Ouch! What in the world just bit me?
  57. As with all forward bends, the emphasis is on moving from the hip joints.
  58. His mind made mental notes of the potentially dangerous bends in the road.
  59. You can do these bends either standing, sitting, or seated on an exercise.
  60. She bends to stroke him and, of course, he makes the most of the attention.
  61. An old man bends to touch a long match to the mound of darkness before him.
  62. Alex moves up behind him and bends down so that he can whisper in Ted's ear.
  63. Is he seeing things? Could this be right?? He bends down for a closer look.
  64. She closes her eyes as he bends his head forward and kisses her on the lips.
  65. As with all forward bends, the emphasis is on moving from the hip joints and.
  66. Leona bends forward so that she can make headway against the background noise.
  67. Form half-hitches in the outer lengths and slip them over the adjoining bends.
  68. Upavistha Konasana is a good preparation for most of the seated forward bends.
  69. BLOOM: (Bends his blushing face into his armpit and simpers with forefinger in.
  70. Don’t bother, he says, and he bends down and scoops me over his shoulder.
  71. Ava then stops the children, bends down, and then asks, Who wants to skip?
  72. The feather edge of the tissue tickles as he bends forward and brushes his teeth.
  73. Margarita bends down and quickly catches the toddler as the toddler starts to cry.
  74. No man knows what another man is about, and every man bends his energy to find out.
  75. He hammers the knife in a second time, saws away at the metal, and bends up the lid.
  76. Of grudging foes; ne favour seek of friends; Neither to one herself nor other bends.
  77. She bends down, opens the cooler and grabs an iced water bottle from out of the ice.
  78. Imagine placing a bet on a horse race and after two bends your horse is out in front.
  79. He grins at her and takes hold of her elbow as she bends to inspect the snow's depth.
  80. A tree breaks in the strong wind, where as the grass bends with it and stands again.
  81. In the third book, Spiritual Warfare, Jed bends over backwards to try to convince the.
  82. We were really in the thick of the bush as we slipped and slid around muddy bends and.
  83. Smith could not drive more than sixty mile per hour as there were some dangerous bends.
  84. She bends into the trunk and pulls out a few garments inside some plastic cleaner bags.
  85. At each spot where you see repeat bends in the line, you are probably looking at a zone.
  86. He bends, and I put my arms around his neck, burying my face between his shoulder blades.
  87. Barging in with all her weight, the door hinge bends and breaks as Victoria gets her way.
  88. Jock bends and tries to kiss her on the forehead but misses as Maggie turns her head away.
  89. The steel surface without the energy shield bends under the whip and it has a first hold.
  90. Jaden bends his knees and touches the brick ground as if he is about to run a football play.
  91. The cranking handle heats and bends, but Cass continues to squeeze it with his mighty hand.
  92. Bicorne the Hat bends over the southeast, and Mizzen the Sail stretches from east to north.
  93. He closes the car door then bends to the window and says, Okay Keyara, see you at seven.
  94. Satisfied she is dead, he bends down and with overconfident arrogance, lightly kisses her mouth.
  95. She bends over to check her back out, and blurts out a string of 4 letter cuss words from shock.
  96. He just whistles a random tune as he bends over my bed and tugs a pair of jeans up my useless legs.
  97. It smelled and gurgled like some vast wild thing as it swept around the bends on both sides of them.
  98. I’m serious! Diane D shouts as she suddenly bends her knees and lowers herself to the ground.
  99. He bends his knees and drops into a shooter’s crouch, then extends both arms and pulls the trigger.
  100. With a quirk of his eyebrows, he bends and wraps an arm around my legs, throwing me over his shoulder.

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1. Bend it and shape it.
2. Bend us to your will.
3. Do not bend your head.
4. The bend in the river.
5. Then bend your knees to.
6. I bend to smell the rose.
7. His knees wanted to bend.
8. They came around the bend.
9. Her rules we can’t bend.
10. I bend down in front of her.
11. It will never bend or warp.
12. One however, would not bend.
13. Second, the hook has a bend.
14. Travis had Sophie bend over.
15. I bend to him and touch him.
16. Got my heart set on the Bend.
17. She’s gone around the bend.
18. Then bend your knees to the.
19. She drives me round the bend.
20. Thanks, now bend up your legs.
21. That Kerry is around the bend.
22. I could bend my knee a little.
23. It will hurt when I bend over.
24. Park River Bend Horse Racetrack.
25. On his annual bend, M Coy said.
26. Wouldn’t bend to the pressure.
27. At the same time bend you left.
28. To cock the pistol; barrel bend.
30. The way will open around the bend.
31. Is she able to bend steel?
32. It’s just around the next bend.
33. Increase the amount of knee bend.
34. Around a bend and they were there.
35. Enter the bend and watch them fall.
36. My time will come to bend the sky.
37. Bend the top most section of the.
38. It’s driving me around the bend.
39. It’s impossible to break or bend.
40. At length they came to a sharp bend.
41. There, near the bend in the stream.
42. But the question is: will it bend?
43. But the question is, will it bend?
44. Then I asked Sue to bend over more.
45. No one could catch him on the bend.
46. Time seemed to bend and move slowly.
47. And bend it with a swimmer’s fears.
48. From the princess who will not bend.
49. Around the bend were more fishermen.
50. They came to a bend in the hallway.
51. Or will it drive me around the bend.
52. We rounded the next bend in the path.
53. Or it will drive me around the bend.
55. Basically, this is a simple back bend.
56. Finally he allowed his head to bend.
57. I will have to bend over to tie them.
58. There are more poems around the bend.
59. That woman sent Kira around the bend.
60. Allow the other leg to bend slightly.
61. Stopping at a bend in the river, the.
62. Lower the bend or the tee in this 3-.
63. He turned a narrow bend in the channel.
64. Limpy stopped at the bend and growled.
65. Marilyn was not going to bend, though.
66. There was a gentle bend in the hallway.
67. Thanks so much, it's just hard to bend.
68. She had to bend down to clear the 199.
69. Elowen reached another bend in the path.
70. Actually, we're more Islamic in bend.
71. Something is going on around the bend.
72. Ensure that your knees bend when landing.
73. A grief and shame made her bend her head.
74. They bend backwards to prevent bloodshed.
75. Below the fort the river made a wide bend.
76. It rounded the bend, following Penn’s.
77. It will bend to a more vertical position.
78. I’ll wager you bend over to him, too.
79. Bend your knees and set your feet on the.
80. The air seemed to fold and bend around him.
81. Turn around and bend over, Gary said.
82. Something appears around the bend up ahead.
83. And, around the next bend was a roadblock.
84. They reached the bend where Cosmicblasto.
85. He swung his blade at the lowest bend in.
86. Strive to be a good guy or gal, bend over.
87. Had been tattooed in the bend of the elbow.
88. A scream sounded beyond a bend in the trail.
89. As Laurie turned the bend, he shouted back.
90. Bend over the bench, he murmurs softly.
91. But it wasn’t Sam who came round the bend.
92. The jeep rounded an abrupt bend in the road.
93. U-shaped bend onto the drain hose and screw.
94. They went cautiously to the bend in the gully.
95. It did not soften or bend in the summer heat.
96. Round a bend, about a furlong from the main.
97. You hurdle over debris to a bend in the hall.
98. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above.
99. I tug my hair over one shoulder and bend over.
100. One prong at a time; one small bend at a time.

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