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Bewilder numa frase em (in ingles)

The unexpected questions seemed to bewilder her.
In fact, it will come upon them suddenly, and bewilder them.
Dwarves, a dwarf's head will be less easy to bewilder than Elves or Men or.
Before they start to bewilder you with breathtaking calculations, call their.
They bewilder you with equations that put the fear of God into you; used simply.
A bewilder look comes over the natives faces, but his announcement is received and welcomed.
There were whole different ethnic groups over there like Megnors and Enurates instead of Elves and Trolls and a pantheon of Gods that would bewilder a Hindu.

Evil has acquired a quasi-mythical character whose ―primitive‖ notions are considered unworthy of any ―right thinking,‖ ―enlightened‖ individual whose flagging (moral) perceptions no longer seem to bewilder the imagination.
It must be bewildering to them.
It was bewildering and petrifying.
It was exhilarating, but bewildering.
There was a bewildering variety of them.
His heart leaped at her bewildering sweetness.
But what Demery and Hayes saw was bewildering.
Back then Twitter was a bewildering world of a.
She became, herself, a blur of bewildering motion.
But I do admit that being a vegetarian is bewildering.
But how in the world The difficulties were bewildering.
I had never seen such a bewildering sight in my entire life.
You see things as so bewildering and confusing, how is a wise.
Ach, Stepan Trofimovitch, it's bewildering enough without you.
He talked aroma, osmazome, juices, and gelatine in a bewildering manner.
Penrose was in a state of shock after the bewildering conversation with.
All the blood rushed to my head, bewildering me and overpowering my fears.
It was bewildering: he sensed that she still loved him, but she was adamant.
The day’s heat had come like a breath of fever, heavy and dully bewildering.
The realization that the memory of her would haunt me forever was bewildering.
It looked like blackcurrant juice, but how it got up that high was bewildering.
He had then moved on to Europe, where he was currently blazing a bewildering trail.
The whole place was a bewildering mix of strawberries and stylised rustic en-vogue.
The lips that could form smiles of bewildering sweetness; that taught me how to kiss.
Market movements can create a bewildering number of patterns and variations of patterns.
Unfortunately, I usually found his proofs bewildering and could almost never follow them.
He draws himself into a train car as it passes with bewildering ease and pulls me in after him.
The array of rounded shoulders and shallow declivities was bewildering and apparently endless.
The author remarks of his visit to the Opera House that it was almost as bewildering as it was agreeable.
As to the main incident, it was a bewildering surprise to the audience, but not, I need hardly say, to us.
Firstly, it moulded exactly to his shape; its HUD overlay was giving him a bewildering array of information.
The information and research in this book is inspirational, revealing and also bewildering, to say the least.
There was a bewildering array of divisions, subsidiaries, regional departments, franchises and foreign branches.
I find it bewildering that theologists say that we should speak the truth but, in practice, we are expected to lie.
Stifling a curse Joel realized he needed to take action to rectify the bewildering turn their conversation had taken.
Then the Baroness poured forth an endless and bewildering list with all the gusto and interest of health and leisure.
She ordered the house white, finally smiling, shaking her head at Hudson—as if he was a little hopeless, bewildering certainly.
Most people’s first encounter with mutual funds is through their 401(k), where they choose from a bewildering array of options.
Luis found my explanation of the Hanjen calendar bewildering and suggested that we should switch to his Christian calendar instead.
That any son of Adam could see her bewildering self and then give roses to Elvira was preposterous—besides, the mills would follow.
Joey found himself staring at her breasts for a moment, but soon he was captivated by the sheer intensity of her bewildering bright eyes.
I look at him bewildered.
She gave a bewildered shrug.
She looked at me bewildered.
Once again he was bewildered.
He looked at her, bewildered.
She looked at him bewildered.
Then he backed out, bewildered.
He was so bewildered that he.
He looked bewildered and asked.
Most of them looked bewildered.
I am alone and I am bewildered.
She got to her feet, bewildered.
For a moment she was bewildered.
It bewildered and depressed her.
She was startled and bewildered.
They were bewildered and dazzled.
Why? asked a bewildered Ian.
Sally asked in a bewildered voice.
For a moment he seemed bewildered.
Bewildered, he went along with her.
The surprise of it bewildered Anne.
I was bewildered and I'd lost all.
They all looked a little bewildered.
Hal put on his best bewildered face.
It left him shaking and bewildered.
Once again, I stood there bewildered.
Bewildered or not, Joe Billie saw it.
Solmund was rigid, silent, bewildered.
Nord had a bewildered look on his face.
She looked at him, slightly bewildered.
Bewildered, he brushed the tears away.
They were stunned, bewildered, afraid.
Now he’s only stunned and bewildered.
Emily turned slowly, looking bewildered.
Ingeborg clung to Ilse's arm bewildered.
They were bewildered about the source.
The lab tech shook his head, bewildered.
The people gave back a bewildered roar.
She looked bewildered and then bemused.
Bewildered, she watched the guard leave.
Although the exact nature of the novel technology bewilders me, I believe it will nonetheless launch a new phase in human history.
What will she do? The surprise bewilders me---it will put her out of her head! And you are Heathcliff! But altered! Nay, there's no comprehending it.

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