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Bit numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Not a bit of it.
  2. A bit of a party.
  3. A bit is its form.
  4. Just a bit of fun.
  5. I say! Wait a bit.

  6. This is a bit of a.
  7. They were a bit big.
  8. He sat up a bit then.
  9. This is a bit more.
  10. But he is a bit on.
  11. I was a bit confused.
  12. She was a bit crass.
  13. He bit his lip and.
  14. This might be a bit.
  15. It mattered not a bit.

  16. A last bit of effort.
  17. He moans a bit harder.
  18. That seemed a bit odd.
  19. I bit back my tears.
  20. I am a bit hungry.
  21. This was the hard bit.
  22. Hey, I've done my bit.
  23. And he bit his lip -.
  24. It might be a bit of.
  25. I was AWOL quite a bit.

  26. I switched gears a bit.
  27. Usually a bit of both.
  28. Alan relaxed a bit now.
  29. It was a bit confusing.
  30. He looks a bit like me.
  31. Could be a bit noisy.
  32. And perhaps a bit more.
  33. This time a bit louder.
  34. His heart jumped a bit.
  35. A Dragon bit it off.
  36. She moved the leg a bit.
  37. His eye twitched a bit.
  38. A little bit later the.
  39. It was a bit ridiculous.
  40. Ok, I cheated a bit here.
  41. This won’t hurt a bit.
  42. This for some is a bit.
  43. Robert thought for a bit.
  44. We were lucky for a bit.
  45. That was a bit annoying.
  46. The car drove off a bit.
  47. He seemed a bit nervous.
  48. Kind of a bit of both.
  49. This can be the hard bit.
  50. Bit of a gasbag, he was.
  51. Sometimes it grew a bit.
  52. And a little bit of care.
  53. I let that sit for a bit.
  54. She seemed a bit off but.
  55. I am a bit afraid of him.
  56. Frank is a bit of a flake.
  57. Okay, see you in a bit.
  58. A bit jealous of the sun.
  59. I was a bit out of line.
  60. I was on a bit of a roll.
  61. It was all a bit worrying.
  62. He bit his lip harder….
  63. A bit of smoke inhalation.
  64. He didn't like it one bit.
  65. I may have to delay a bit.
  66. Mum had settled down a bit.
  67. It's all a bit of a shock.
  68. Guess I’m a bit uptight.
  69. You know a bit about that.
  70. This hat is a bit silly.
  71. I was a little bit shocked.
  72. It had a bit of an accent.
  73. Jason bit off a chunk of D.
  74. Just a bit sarcastic there.
  75. He bit his top lip as he.
  76. She smiled and bit her lip.
  77. She was a bit disappointed.
  78. He breathed a bit relieved.
  79. He just seemed a bit too.
  80. She bit her lip in thought.
  81. It is a bit of a worry as.
  82. He looked a bit tired also.
  83. That was a bit too close.
  84. Sorry Mags, bit of traffic.
  85. Sebastian thought for a bit.
  86. There was silence for a bit.
  87. That’s a bit of a bummer.
  88. It’s all a bit confusing.
  89. I’m still a bit confused.
  90. We'll be back in a bit, Mr.
  92. She bit back her questions.
  93. Tom frowned and bit his lip.
  94. It was a bit more than that.
  95. I got a bit carried away.
  96. A bit too watchful at times.
  97. Harry, Bit out the way this.
  98. This one can be a bit tricky.
  99. A little bit surprise maybe.
  100. That’s a bit scary though.
  1. Again, a long bitting uncomfortable silence.
  1. Zamlooping the head with the loop bitted through the mouth and brutally tight rendered the person incapable of speech.
  1. Buying up bits of land.
  2. He kicked it into bits.
  3. But I love her to bits.
  4. She was thrilled to bits.
  5. Bits of flesh and blood.
  6. Our army's smashed to bits.
  7. The bits jiggle and bounce.
  8. Because I had it to bits.
  9. I touched the crumbled bits.
  10. Not bits and pieces of him.
  11. Bits of her wriggle in agony.
  12. Now for the interesting bits.
  13. He only eats the little bits.
  14. Wash wel and remove bad bits.
  15. The pain subsided, but bits.
  16. But he caught bits and pieces.
  17. Bits that really punched the.
  18. His glasses shivered into bits.
  19. Research and the bits in between.
  20. All the bits and pieces that I.
  21. We will not blast my son to bits.
  22. Calories are tiny bits of energy.
  23. Rum idea: eating bits of a corpse.
  24. Of course, we’ll skip a few bits.
  25. Bits of leaves, sheepskin, papyrus.
  26. My mission is to share bits of.
  27. The bits were scattered by the wind.
  28. With only bits of the edges outlined.
  29. Bits of plaster fell all around them.
  30. That makes a good show of dirty bits.
  31. Shifts the bits of the 2 << 2 gives 8.
  32. Surgery: face, trachea, naughty bits.
  33. The bits about the killer’s mind.
  34. That you miss even the bad bits.
  35. Bits and pieces of the wall began to.
  36. They chewed on bits of food and waited.
  37. They get killed, maimed, blown to bits.
  38. The rest has been smashed to bits!.
  39. He collapsed among the bits of the flag.
  40. He could turn out a meal from bits and.
  41. Flaming bits of reptile flew everywhere.
  42. I felt like my body was tearing to bits.
  43. Now what about really short bits of time.
  44. Bits of stone skitter across the cobbles.
  45. Random bits of what she’d said to him.
  46. Bits of bomber were sprinkled everywhere.
  47. Not a fancy one with all the dangly bits.
  48. There are warm bits if you keep moving.
  49. Bits of grass clung to her, and her hair.
  50. Bits of it remain in spells and curses.
  51. I’ve heard the story in bits and pieces.
  52. Guess cutting it in bits is good enough.
  53. Those little green bits are baby starfish.
  54. People have glimpsed bits and pieces of it.
  55. As I wiped away the messy bits of Sue’s.
  56. Now, I have always loved playing with bits.
  57. At moments I heard bits of her conversation.
  58. Shifts the bits of the 11 >> 1 gives 5 - 11.
  59. He gathered together the bits of the stereo.
  60. Would not we shatter it to bits – and then.
  61. He’s cutting bits of his victims with care.
  62. Because Buddha was a prince, bits and parts.
  63. Now it exploded in her and shook her to bits.
  64. The facts are there but so are the other bits.
  65. Having him blown to bits really pissed a few.
  66. Suspended? and to what? To three bits of board.
  67. Along the pathway were bits of flesh and torn.
  68. He was her hero and she just loved him to bits.
  69. Made up of bits of broken glass and faded cloth.
  70. I don’t know why he told me bits of his story.
  71. Cut the tomatoes into small bits, put them into.
  72. The loose bits of the patern clicked into place.
  73. You do not want actual money; that is, bits of.
  74. They are capable of pulling bits and pieces of.
  75. Which bits of it were the most exciting to you?
  76. He hunted amongst bits of paper stuck to the wall.
  77. Their arms were full of sticks and bits of brush.
  78. All unconnected to the other bits of information.
  79. Carrie frowned as bits of a conversation floated.
  80. The other three bits are reserved for future use.
  81. Bodies and bits of bodies tumbled into the water.
  82. The physical bits were a challenge in themselves.
  83. He stood rubbing the bits of dough from his hands.
  84. Knowledge in bits and bytes reduces fear and myth.
  85. Sunlight, even the tiniest bits, were some comfort.
  86. The human servant remembered his past in bits and.
  87. NOTE An old techie saying is that 4 bits = 1 nibble.
  88. There is a group of people who love you to bits.
  89. A rock that was so hard yet it was smashed to bits.
  90. Then I covered her naughty but luscious bits with it.
  91. Tiny bits of dried blood flaked off the shiny steel.
  92. Just bits and pieces of the bones for the most part.
  93. When triggered these notes send bits and pieces of.
  94. Although I only heard bits and pieces of the story.
  95. I only see him in bits and pieces, thank the maker.
  96. Bits of stuff fell from the air, where birds circled.
  97. The window shattered, showering bits of glass all over.
  98. Ricky smiled revealing bits of flesh between his teeth.
  99. The pale green of the larches and the bits of spring.
  100. Until I heard something shred the Homestead to bits.

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